Friday, December 18, 2009


Im feeling selfish and wants to write the things I want. Spare me:
1. The lovely classic watch I've been lusting since august, wink!
2. Backyardigan stuff for althea louise
3. South Sea Pearl necklace and earrings. The notion that pearls are for the oldies aint true. I will find the perfect set one day.
4. Nice haircut. One that doesnt need a conditioner to make it smooth. No bleach please.
5. A nice girlfriend bag. Ung maliit lang na pwede pang gimmick. Though I love the mommy bag I always bring around, the one with bottle and nappy pockets, I still want to have a cutie girly bag.

These are just so me of the things in mind right now. Madami pa yan di ko lng matandaan lahat.

Eto naman mga wishes na I cant buy:
A. Dates with girlfriends. I did had one already but I want more. If only our scheds would coincide.
B. Health for everybody. Thea has been sick since monday. She's better now makulit na ulit may sipon na lang. I hope she wont get sick. Ang hirap eh, mommy worries much.
C. Safe trip for dh. And to all of us.
D. A merry christmas and happy new year for everyone.
Extra: if you are feeling stressed due to the season's rush, slow down and just enjoy december as it is. Too much commercialism about Christmas has clouded its true meaning. Have a merry Christmas to you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back in Pinas

We're now here in Pinas to celebrate chrirtmas with the fab fam!
1.wala pa ang dh malungkot
2.kapagod magalaga kagag ayaw sumama sa iba ng dk
3.hirap pa din ako magcommunicate with mil naloloka ko sa comments, too much negativity sickens me
4.busy si dm para sa card from st.lukes
5.nakakatamad lumabas ang init kasi dito rp pag tanghali lamig naman pag gabi
6. Last, as much as I want to meet the gf's they have work and I cant go out after 6pm

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

We're Going HOME?

We are headed to Bulacan, Philippines on the 5th and that means we only have 2 days left here in Seria, Brunei.

If you're keen enough to notice the title of this post has a ?, why? Just because home now for me is a state of mind. It is a place where you feel whole. I always feel whole in Bulacan, no question about that but now that the husband will have to stay behind for 2 weeks here I wonder how it feels. I have been at ease living each day with him beside us.

Oh well, its only 2 weeks right? SO see you in Manila everyone. Mwaaah mwaaah.
To Dadda, we'll wait for you there okies. SKY high phone bills here we go =)

Congrats to JD and his loving super mom Bunz for the successful operation. He has graduated already from the series of surgeries. We are proud of you JD and also of you mommy Bunz.

Super SALE here I come =D I missed a lot already tsk tsk, mossimo, mango, bench etc. If you know other sale please alert me nyaha.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Today, November 26, 2009, is Thanksgiving Day =)
Every year I find numerous things to be thankful for. GOd has been so sooo good to me and my family. I know He is in yours too.

THis year, Thea kept on surprising us. SHe grew from a merely 3.2kg to a 15kg cutie girl. I am thankful that I have been able to see her grow. I saw the growth of her first tooth and experience the tantrums that go with it. Her laughter is always a cure to a bored heart. I am glad that I am there in her first year and am looking forward to years with her.

Last February, me and Thea moved here in Brunei to be with the husband. A blessing really since more and more families today are apart due to their work. There are some families who only see their parents once a week, some once a month and to other once a year. Sad. And I even know a family who havent seen their Dad for years only because if he goes home he couldnt go back to US any longer. Why do I say all these, just so you would know how blessed you are if you you have your parents with you. Thank you dear Lord because we are together.

Ondoy had brought serious loss to many of us. But I am thankful that our country is a fighter, a survivor of many calamities. We know how to help and that was seen in a vigorous campaign to help the victim of the thypoon. With God's help and each other arms we all can weather the storm.

Me and ALvin celebrated our first year as husband and wife this year. Such a joy to know I am with the best guy God could give me. He is my bestest blessing ever. Thank you Lord for the man who understands me, for the friend who keeps on pushing me to be the best in what I do, for Thea's father who will give everything to make her life easier. Thank you Lord for my husband and for making me see how blessed I am to be with him.

Thank you for all the friends I have, near or far. God sends them to warm my heart just when it starts to get cold.
Thank you for the internet, as we are able to communicate to families and friends in an instant.
Thank you for Backyardigans =D for making Thea smile, laugh, clap, dance!!!
Thank you for all the Nicholas Sparks books that keep me company when there's nothing else to do.
Thank you Lord for the work you still give us here in this foreign country. Thanks for the extension when many are asked to go home.
Thank you for the good health of my family.
Thank you for my sisters, blood or not, they color my world!
Thank you for always being faithful to Your promise that You will keep us safe.

Salamat po.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


My facebook shoutout
"Samson succumbs to Delilah. Fame and Wealth can be destructive if you don't know how to handle them properly."

Have you heard about Manny Pacquiao and his 'not so hypothetical' love affair with another woman? It makes me sad, I bet all Pinoys are sad as well. After winning a big fight that made us all proud here he is embarrasing us all the same.

Lesson learned:
Be careful in choosing your friends. They might give you counsel you dont need and will ruin you.

Look back.

Respect the sanctity of marriage.

i want a "Team Jinkee" shirt

Monday, November 16, 2009


Wanted Girlfriend #1
Though we have friends here, they are not quite like those in Manila. There's certain inner circle here that you wont be able to penetrate unless they want you in. Not that I want to get in, I just want to have gf's whom I could talk my heart to, who I can share my jokes without even thinking how they would perceive it or if they would get offended. Girl talk are a lot different here than my comfort zone. Someone Who I can come to their house anytime, for no apparent reason.

Wanted Girlfriend #2
WHen you need someone to listen, when all you need are their ears and not their lips, sissies in Pinas come to mind first. They know when to talk and most especially when not to.

Wanted Girlfriend #3
Vanity, Hair, Period, Clothes, Lipstick shade and other girl stuff are just some of the things husband wont be able to understand fully even if he tries or google evertything. There are just things Mr. Google cant answer.

"today i just need yorur ears"

I will wean Thea, antay lang kayo wag kayo mainip.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


One of the greatest boxers in the world is a Filipino!!!
Congrats MANNY!

And you Cotto is a great fighter too, hopefully your bruises will soon be gone.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nanay went to Brunei!


Madear arrived here last October 23 a week before Thea's 1st birthday. It was her first plane ride and we are all excited for her! And I told her to wear bonggacious clothes ehhehe, gusto ko lang mag-ayos sya =) I didnt reallly knew she and my kakunstsabanga ate lalah will make extra effort to dress up! Her clothes were fab! SUper long sleeves with ruffles pa daw sabi ni ate lalah, when I saw it sosyal lang naman pala di naman OP =)

The trip would surely be an exprience she'll never forget! But first look at her very touristy pictures:

On her way home via Air Asia, her trip was cancelled. Blame it on the typhoon. We were cramming already since we dont want her to stay at KK alone for a day. The air asia rep was such a pain, DH was telling her we have a connecting flight, all she did was tell us we have to cancel or rebook. No sorry nor sad face man lang. We booked nanay at malaysian air to catch her nxt plane. Hoping that the flight to clark wont be cancelled. Nov 1 was just really not our day, turns out MA lands at a diff airport than AA thus madear has to take a cab to airport 2 to catch the nxt plane and she has to do it all by herself, in a malay speaking country with just enough ringgit on hand (we gave her all we have just in case). As we bade goodbye at the Miri airport, we were hoping that everything will go swiftly. It went well and she landed at clark 5pm the same day. Thank u Lord.

More than the happening at the airport it was her stay here in Kampung baru that should be remembered. The week of domestic lifestyle, the bruneian culture -no people stay outside after 5pm, the meals that I cook, the cakes that I bake, the decorations we prepared and most especially the bonding with the bday girl and her bunso.

Going here is the best gift she could give me and thea. Nanay had been my companion on those first sleepless nights, when colic strikes at 7pm she's there to give a hand. Never did she scold me for doing my own thing with my daughter, but she kept on telling me it's really hard to raise a baby, her way of telling me she can see how hard I work for this little girl. She values my work at the office and is my #1 fan, yet she supports my decision to be a SAHM. I am happy that in those brief 10 days she had experience being a foreigner in these little yet rich Malay country.

It was indeed an adventure we'll never forget. Thanks for coming madear. Love you.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Super October!

It was indeed a great month. With my mom and MIL coming here to visit we were able to prepare better for the princess' party. Nanay brought all the stuffs I needed for the party from the lootbag, the prizes and the Aurora gown (boys, aurora = sleeping beauty the pink princess), my dress (the katricewear matching mommy and baby dresses which dont fit to both of us and is a different story, okay the empire size is 2 inches less than mine). THe week that they have been here was quite busy. Filling the pinata, blowing the balloons, cutting the crepe paper and making sure everything will go well. We were pretty tired but in the end we had loads of fun. YOu see we dont have a coordinator here nor tons of friends to help us decorate so we do it ourselves, umayos naman tignan nyo yung pictures =D.

Our princess had grown so fast, dalaga na! waaaaah
fmily picture after the party
Update: our toddler is maarte ngayon. I think the 9th and the Nth teeth are about to show, drool galore and she likes sucking thumb which she doesnt usually does, her temp is high too. Her fuzzyness makes me fuzzy too sometimes more when she bites me, awww. But love has made me more patient with her, I dont know how it feels to have a new tooth growing so I just let her be. Hopefully, she'll feel better when all the teeth are out.

Re: Katricewear clothes that dont fit. Yep, the empire size is only 33" if I were still single maybe it would fit, but I instructed them to make it 35", darn buti na lang may reserbang damit! Nway, sabi ni Marissa they could repair it, papadala ko na lang para paguwi ni nanay a maibalik nya. Wasnt able to make Nanay e bring it home kasi it was the day after Thea's birthday and we were busy, very busy. WIll update you if the repair went well (or not). lesson learned: dont buy online when you're not in the country (Phil). =((

November na! Dream big project must start very very sooon.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy birthday thea!

Friends came to join the fun when our little princess turned One!
Yay, Thea is 1 year old already. Time flies... Wish u were at the party, we had loads of fun.
Nyt muna. It was an uber tiring yet fun fun party.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thea ko,

Dear thea,
Ilang oras na lang anak birthday mo na! Ang bilis no naaalala ko pa nung una kitang makita, dahil antok na si mommy sa gamot 'hi baby' lang ang nasabi ko sayo nung pinakita ka ng nurse. Love at first sight si mommy, si daddy din- nung nakita ka nya sa nursery 'colon d' ang ngiti nya. Love na love namin kasi ikaw.
3.2 kilo ka lang noon, ngayon 14 kg na. Ang taba mo anak! Wag ka magalala si mommy mataba din nung baby!
July 2 lumabas ang unang ngipin mo, ngayon walo na apat sa taas apat sa baba. Mas lalo kang naging cute ngayong may ngipin ka na!
Hindi ka natutong gumapang, oo hangang ngayon, ang gusto mo lang eh yung iusad ang pwet mo hanggang makarating ka sa destinasyon mo. Destinasyon= lugar na mayroong bagong bagay sa paningin!
Kanina inaayos namin yung mga decoration sa party mo, gusto mong guluhin lahat. Bukas anak mapapaglaruan mo din yun.
Last week, bigla mo na lang hinalikan si daddy. Bakit ganun? Ako nagtuturo sayo pano kumiss ah! Pero ok lang pareho naman nating love si daddy.
Ngayong buwan ka lang din nagsimulang umaction sa itsy bitsy spider saka I have 2 hands. Ang tagal ko tinuro yun, syempre kay daddy mo ulit unang pinakita!
May kiliti ka sa leeg, sa kilikili saka sa binti! Sarap mong tumawa, nahahawa lahat ng makarinig.
11pm na. Ganitong oras noong isang taon gusto mo ng lumabas, pero hinintay mo muna si daddy na dumating galing airport. Ayos talaga timing mo anak!
Ngayon nga mag 1 taon ka na!
1 taon anak! alama mo bang sobrang saya namin sa buong taon na yun? Medyo kumukulit ka na pero ok lang kay mommy, wag lang sosobra hano? Alam mo na naman ang 'No' sana paglaki mo susunod ka pa din samin.
antok na ko, ikaw kanina pa tulog, naghihilik na nga eh. Basta lagi mo lang tatandaan na mahal na mahal ka namin ni daddy ha. Happy birthday Thea ko.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Then 'ondoy' now 'pepeng'

Calamity after calamity my dear Philippines had suffered serious injuries because of the
storms. Too many flooded areas especially in northern luzon. Hubby's mom's house in sn marcos wasnt spared, the water came in twice. First was during the storm. Second when water from nueva ecija went to my dear calumpit. Our house in poblacion is ok, ate yos and lanie our ex-neighbors evacuated to our house they say they were already at the roof considering lanie has just given birth. Tragic really. Things like that make it uneasy to celebrate. I heard there's a new word for that: its Post Flood Disorder.
Climate change is frightening. However, equally frightening is the future of Malacanang. The latest news I heard was theres Erap-Binay tandem. Man, you're making a huge mistake if youre just tryng to prove you could win again. You can do better things to help the Filipinos. I really hope you wont run.
Both issues are alarming. I pray that God will spare us another storm and may He give the Philippines a president worthy to be a leader.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Why I dont Farm(ville) anymore

The rise in popularity of these FB applications is directly proportional to the decline in productivity in the workplace, and eventually leads to an inability to live a normal life > SPOT.PH

Check out this link
Peace Farmers

I am a self-confessed ex-famvillian, how do you call someone who uses Farmville application? First time I tried it I planted strawberries then it withered after 4 hours, cool I thought you got to have a strategy! I was hooked! I loved planting artichoke, whatever that veggie taste - I wouldnt know =P But yeah for me it was the most profitable veggie in the village. Why? I bet farmers know the answer, coz even if I blog it here you wont get it if your not into farming.

Anyway, there was this time I was raring to go home kasi malalanta na yung tanim ko! Yet after a while, I got bored plowing...planting, harvesting. If it were real money Id go on and on. But real money doesnt come easy, so easy that with just a few click you'll earn bucks na.

I have nothing against farmville, farm all you want, mafia all you can, type as long as your fingers burn, but dont forget to pause and mind the true things that really matter. Just look around and you'll see something much better to give your attention to.

Come to think of it, parang 'game & watch' lang yan, o 'tetris'. o 'tamagochi' it will soon fade =)

To end, just do what you think will make you happy. If its farming, so be it =)
Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Father's Love

I was still single when I saw this clip. I was so amazed of how a father could give such love and commitment to his son. Now that I am a mother, the meaning is somehow much much deeper.
Please click the video below and find how a father's love can change the life of his son.

When Rick Hoyt was 15, he communicated something to his father that changed both their lives. "Dad," the mute quadriplegic wrote in his computer after his father pushed him in a wheelchair in a five-kilometer race, "I felt like I wasn't handicapped." CNN click link

the story

Dick's love is unconditional and unwavering. Just like our Father's love for us, but HIS love is far more greater than that. HE loves you and me despite and inspite of all our shortcomings.

"For His love is unconquerable, unchangeable, unwavering and unfading. Take comfort"

When the winds are strong and when the floods are deep, remember the Footprints in the Sand "My precious son, I love you and I would never leave you. DUring your times of trials and suffering when you see only one set of footprints, thats when I carry you"

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ulan na naman

Its raining heavily here in Brunei. The sky is thick and dark. Its bagyong Pepeng. Hopefully you guys in Manila are okay. Brace yourselves for a serious storm. We are strong and we can weather that. God is mightier than all these. Pray always. God bless.

extra: a week before my birthday I saw the yearly rainbow that God usually sends me during my day. Guys, its a way of Him telling me He loves me and He'll keep His promise to keep me safe. He loves you too and will keep you safe. Hang on everyone.
Love, nyemnyem

Thursday, October 01, 2009

1 Million??? 20k na lang - Speaker Nograles

Excerpt from Inquirer:
At the House of Representatives, Cavite Rep. Elpidio Barzaga filed Resolution No. 1433 urging his 268 peers to shell out at least P1 million each from their pork barrel as their contribution to relief and rehabilitation efforts for the victims of Ondoy.
But Speaker Prospero Nograles proposed that the representatives fork out only P20,000each as their contribution to the relief efforts. link

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great men!

photo mike clarke for inquirer Police carrying an elderly couple from Pasig. Good job!!! (Nakita nyo ba si Lola nakasalo yung kamay sa palda nya certified dalagang Pilipina!)
click the link to find the story of another great young man: An 18-year-old construction worker braved rampaging floods in the Philippines to save more than 30 people, but ended up sacrificing his life in a last trip to rescue a baby girl and her mother who were being swept away on a styrofoam box. from

Celebrities can turn to real life heroes too:
Here's Gerald Anderson's pic i got from SPOT.PH:i heart the young man!
"“Gerald tried to check on us since he knows and he saw I have three small kids with me, plus the house staff. The whole ground floor of our house was affected by the water. We told him we [were] still okay, and the second time he went back to us there, he was with Cesar Montano and Bayani Agbayani, plus others. We [asked them to] check on [the street where my brother lives],” says Dr. Murao."from SPOT.PH

WHy do I like him? Well, he didnt meant to publish the good act he did for his neighbors. He's just checking on them thats it. No big rubber boat but heck he wade in the water pa din, only a brave man with a huge heart can do that. Why am I partial with the other celeb with the rubber boat? Coz he has a movie co-starring the girl he saved and there were others who needed his help on the way. I dont know if the news lack info but I hope he did save the other children who got stranded too. Enough for negative vibes.
Oh one last, if Jacque Bermejo did put that comment on Facebook, I hope she'll find a place to hide coz lots of Pinoys are angry at her right now.
Other real life heroes are unknown. Their stories would not be read in papers nor their face be seen on TV but their names will be etched on the hearts of those they've helped. God bless them.

We can be a hero too. We just have to stand up and act.

Monday, September 28, 2009

ONDOY September 26, 2009

It was a typhoon like no other. Hit Manila by surprise. Philstar says its a month worth of rain, it fell for only 6 hours. ABSCBN said it has affected more than 30 areas in Luzon including Metro Manila. Worst part is it left 73 dead and 300,000 displaced Filipinos including two of my sisters and all my in-laws in Calumpit.

I still dont know the whereabouts of Yeyeng she hasnt replied yet, but Nanay said the flood came almost instantaneously and they were only able to save their lives the rest of the things are somewhere deep in the water, now maybe in mud.

Ate Mai happened to text me just this morning and we are grateful that they too are safe. They have 2 floors so they were able to save some appliance except for the refrigerator and other heavy stuff. They found refuge at a school's 3rd floor. THe kids are now in Calumpit while the pair is busy taking the mud off their house.

Our house in Poblacion and Ate La's in La Res are safe. Thank You Lord. However, in-laws house , Nanay A, Kuya Pedo and Ate Ellen's, were all affected. Thankfuly that the gravity of the flood is not as serious as it was in Manila. Were hoping that the Dam will not release more water that might flood the areas again.

They say that UERM in Sta Mesa got flooded up to 3rd floor. I wonder what happened to patients on those floors. To let you see how serious the typhoon was here are some pics and videos.
parkway village - google says its near munoz market
park st katipunan
ayala underpass

God speed you all.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


That's Stay At Home Mom.

I will post this poem for myself. To remind me of the job that I chose is something worth more than any recognition the corporate world can give me.

A Mother's Prayer

Dear Lord, it's such a hectic day,
With little time to stop and pray.
For life's been anything but calm
Since you called me to be a mom.
Running errands, matching socks,
Building dreams with wooden blocks.
Cooking, cleaning, finding shoes,
And other stuff that children lose.
Fitting lids on bottled bugs,
Wiping tears and giving hugs.
A stack of last week's mail to read-
So where's the time I need?
Yet when I steal a moment, Lord,
Just at the sink or ironing board,
To ask the blessing of your grace,
I see then in my small one's face
That you have blessed me
All the while-
And I stoop to kiss
That precious smile.


here's another one

A woman once fretted over the usefulness of her life.
She feared she was wasting her potential being a devoted wife and mother.
She wondered if the time and energy she invested in her husband and children would make a difference. At times she got discouraged because so much of what whe did seemed to go unnoticed and unappreciated. "Is it worh it" She often wondered.
"Is there something better that I could be doing with my time?"
It was during one of these moments of questioning that she heard the still small voice of her heavenly Father speak to her heart.
"You are a wife and mother because that is what I have called you to be."
Much of what you do is hidden from the public eye. " But I notice."
Most of what you give is done without remuneration. "But I am your reward."
Your husband cannot be the man I have called him to be without your support. Your influence upon him is greater than you think and more powerful than you will ever know. I bless him through your service and honor him through your love.
Your children are precious to me.. Even more precious than they are to you. I have entrusted them to your care to raise for me. What you invest in them is an offering to me.
You may never be in the public spotlight, But your obedience shines as a bright
light before me. Continue on. Remember you are MY Servant.
Do all to please me.
by. Roy Lessin

my little girl

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am using Wendy a.k.a. The new phone. My sweethearts are already sleeping and I am now in bed bfdng while typing, nyay. So ok here are the things that transpired causing me not to blog:

1.Learning how to bake. I'm loving it big time. The first cake went to the trash though. Important lesson:if your a newbie always follow the recipe. Btw, this afternoon I made a rigatoni tuna and pizza! Love eat =D

2.Gossip girl. I guess i'll continue my hiatus a lil bit more until I finish the 1st season of GG.

3.we've found 'reader's haven' yahoo! I bought john grisham and sparks. I also bought alias, left behind and I forgot the other 1 from another bookstore, these 3 I got for $2 each. Making blogging more difficult.

4.The dear mother and MIL will come for thea's party. I am busy planning of activities, lest they'll get bored. Reason why I am sharpening my baking skills; that way I could teach them how.

5.Thea. She needs more of me now. She stands in d stroller, grabs everything and eats anything er not eat she just put everything in her mouth.

6.CHORES. Lots of it.

extras and other nonsense =P
-Kanye West is so bastos. Ganda pa naman ni Taylor Swift sa gown nya =)
-Serena Williams should take anger management seminar, hehehe.
-Kiko Pangilinan backing out of VP is a good move.
-KOrina is in the limelight now, a bad light. Is she that bad???

Losyang Meter #1. If while inside the house a surprise "posh" visitor comes in and instead of running for the door to open it you wanted to go and change your clothes and fix your hair, beware!

I learned that muffin is different from cupcakes. They look the same to me, their taste doesnt differ much either. Me thinks.

I also learned that baking soda is different from baking powder. And you cant substitute.

I have a new shades =) Now I need a nice sundress to go with it, nyahaha.

Aidilfitri on Sunday. NO WORK on Monday and Tuesday. Malaysia here we come!!! I am excited =D Selamat Hari Raya!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

2 months to go and she'll turn 1

Yahoo, my little girl who isnt so little anymore turned 10 months last Sunday. Happy birthday sweetheart. Mommy loves you so so much. The pics are taking so much time to upload, I used the new phone and it got 8.1MP - ok now I'm bragging harhar.
pic during my birthday syempre terno ulit kaming magina. nagsusungit sya nun eh ayaw magpapicture
laki na talaga ni THea and she's only 10 months
look at her arm may bandage strip. culprit:mosquito grrrr

Thea can roam around... crawling or just pushing her butt till she reaches her destination. She can stand in the stroller that's why it's really hard to leave her there. One time I was cooking and left her at the stroller a while later she's calling me "Ma" and I was like " sandali lang anak nag-aayos lang si mommy" the she said again "Ma" yung naiiiyak iyak na only then di I saw na nakalusot na yung 2 paa nya sa isang hole and malalaglag na sya. Nyaiks. Good thing marunong na syang tumawag kay Mommy!

Oh she loves backyardigans too, pero yung intro lang. Have I mentioned her clothes are for 3 years old? Yeah she's that big alryt! She likes biscuits but doesnt like rice a pain pag pinapakain especially when I cook something just for her. Heartbreaking... Oh well, she'll eat din naman eventually...

We'll celebrate her birthday here in Brunei. We booked the place already. We'll celebrate na lang ulit dyan sa Pinas when we go home on December, ok?

extra: young love is sweet love really! i had this friend request from a certain kid named "suman" who i've been ignoring until i saw a pic and thought maybe i do know who suman is. so i clicked the link and yeah i know him alright - my cousin who's 16 or 17 years old. the primary photo has his and her gf with a title "suman and puto". ahem so that's why he's suman. soooo sweeeet nakakasamid. nyahaha

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My birthday blog

For so long I've been waiting for August 31 to fall on a Monday para official holiday sa Pinas. And finally, this year is the year! You see, its the National Heroes Day every last Sunday of August and the Monday following that day is an official Holiday in the Philippines.
But the thing is we are not in Manila and there's work here in Brunei!
That doesnt mean I didnt had a great time on my day. It's my day and surely I am entitled to have a grand time! And marve time indeed. A day with my princess and my husband is always GREAT!
Its my first birthday as a mommy and I have to tell you I had a different way of celebrating my day. Yes, being a mom is life changing. No, I am not complaining as Thea changed my life in a better way.
I cooked sinigang for lunch and baked brownies for merienda, (breastfeeding and watching backyardigans in between).Hubby bought pizza too from Fratinnis. Sarap tsibog galore kami. Then we had a fancy dinner at an American resto, a little fancy than the usual meal =)
Facebook is the "in' thing now to greet friends. And I had tons of greeting from my uber friendships. here's my facebook profile Thank you everyone for remembering. I really love greetings on my day, who doesnt duh?
Salamat sa facebook greetings: Thanks to my lovely cousin Zaydee, pretty Trixie, my kaberthday Nelda, Mark T.,Kap, sweetie Bunz, Gaye, Victor, Dinah, Ate Vi, Rose, supermom CHie, monstermon, noyeen, Rodney, Jen B., Apple R., Jan Tiu, cutesy Cindy, Zennia, bestie Geng, Amie, Marivi, Moppet, Jonna, Apple H and Inets.

Friendster greeting naman from Rhea and Tina. Girls, magfacebook na din kayo. Ooops Inets greeted me there too, makulit na bata =) Love you inet!

And syempre mawawala ba ang texters? On top of the list, at exactly 12am, Inets texted me! Hehehe, then comes the texts from family: Ate lah, Ate Mai, Ate Leng, Madear, Nanay A, Lenlen, Aileen and Tatay Fred. There's a text from Udette too =) Tenchu tenchu very much!!! Mariano fam had a celebration last SUnday for my and ate lengs birthday. Haaaay, I miss them =) mwaaaah.

12am Thea woke up and was looking for milky ni mommy, hubby who's about to greet me backed out making way for Thea. A while later the baby went back to sleep, way lang nya yun para batiin si mommy! After making sure the baby's asleep Hubby gave me a kiss and a present - "the present". (Have I mentioned I chose #2? - thats another kwento)Anyway, he handed me the red box! I am still super excited when I opened it, as if I wasnt around when we bought it, hehehe! Thanks much sweetie for the gift. 3 years na natin cinecelebrate ang bday ko! Sayang walang Starbucks dito noh? Seriously, I am happy to spend the day with you and Thea. I will always want to celebrate it with both of you.

Last, thank you dear Lord for giving me another year to live and cherish. Thank you for the great new blessings You have showered me. Guide me Father as I live this new year and please help me be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and a friend. Love, nyemnyem.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

30 things you dont probably know about me

1. I love TOFU.
2. I heart beads but wonders why I am not doing any beadwork right now. Note to self: bring the beads jewelry making set on January
3. My cyber presence include Facebook, Friendster, Twitter (because I want to follow Ashton), Plurk (because I couldnt access Chie's responses), Multiply (easier to post pic), Blogspot(because I love blogspot!), Yahoo, Gmail and some others I dont really remember the password nor the username anymore =)
4. I want to learn new things e.g. baking, driving, tennis, poker hehehe
5. I am not ready to wean Thea yet.
6. I love Philippines but I am loving Brunei too. Yep I did said some boring things about the place where we are right now but yeah this place just seem good for us day by day.
7. I love numbers. Oh and btw, I am a CPA.
8. I am not the "Typing Maniac" it was the husband. My level fluctuates but husband is always an outerspace man thats why I made him play using my name.
9. Nyemnyemn always pray before she eats.
10.I watch jolog films and hearts "A Very Special Love" by sarah geronimo!
11.I love to think I look like Thea but somehow when they are sleeping and I watch her and her dad they just seem to look alike more.
12.I want to read more books. Actually I want to own them but the prices here in Brunei are double the price if I buy them at Pinas so maybe I'll borrow na lang muna from friendships.
13.I really really want to exercise. No joke. I just cant find time. Kayo din diba?
14.I love pink because I think I look good when I wear one but I love red stuff because I think theyre coool and hot! Ironic.
15.When I was young I said I wanted to get married on year 2008 and was telling everyone I will and sure thing I did!
16.Raindrops can't fall on my head, I get sick easily kasi.
17.I was a Sunday School -preschool teacher for 8 years.
18.My husband is a high school classmate and friend.
19.I got 98.7 on my PUP entrance exam. We didnt have the P350 entrance fee that's why I wasnt able to get the UP exam. In fact I wasnt able to take any other exam.
20.When I'm hungry, I methamorph to someone you wouldnt want to be with. nyaha. (that's why hubby makes sure I'm always full)
21. For some time I thought my name is boring, when I was in hig school "The Emma Salazar Case" was shown and it dismayed me big time, until I saw Gwyneth in "Emma", then saw Emma Watson in "Harry Potter" then there's "Emma Roberts".
22.Will spend hours tomorrow breaking in the new phone =D
23.In between cellphone time, I will bake something with the new oven. Nyay, sana umok naman. Kundi, andyan lang naman ang mum's bakery =P
24.I am definitely sleepy but want to finish this first.
25.I surpassed the "3-meal to learn to cook" nomination from my new year's resolution. When you don't have a choice and you need to eat you'll learn din pala how to cook.
26.I was out of Mader's tummy at 7:45pm and weigh 9.5lbs at birth. BIG, I know. With that I appreciate Nanay more, especially now that I am a mommy too.

27.Will solicit pens, crayons, paper and books on the 'BER months, (should start tomorrow) for the gift giving on December. The theme would be "Dream Big" focus on education, you'll all receive an email soon.
28.My favorite birthday card is the one given to me by my father when I was 7 years old, it has a princess picture in it and the cover says "Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who's the Prettiest Girl of All", inside it says "YOU ARE" syempre feeling prinsesa naman ako di ba?
29.Nyem loves giraffe, her giraffe =)
30. I am officially 30 years old. When I was young I thought 30's is OLD. Just so you know, I dont feel the same way. We stop getting old at some point.

This is my first birthday as a mommy! Happy birthday to me!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

to vote or not to vote

I only have 5 remaining days to register for absentee voting. Actually I only have a day because we can only go at the Embassy on Saturdays and that's 2 days to go but I have to inform husband agad so tomorrow my decision should be final.

To vote or not to vote.article from inquirer

But I still have a question eh like: When will we vote? The election day is always the 2nd Monday of May and how could we vote then if the embassy is 1 1/2 hours away from our place. We cannot take a leave because - no work no pay - oh man. I think that settles it.

So... where can we go on Saturday then?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

40km per jam I am the queen of the world!!!

Status: Husband = sleeping. Baby = sleeping. Nyemnyem is single again. A sleepy single nyemnyem hehehe but I have to type this first it will be short I hope harhar.

I've been learning how to drive. And the fastest speed I could muster was 40km/jam (jam =hour in Malay). I was like "waaah ang bilis na ang bilis na" sabay tapak sa preno! Come on arent you like that when you were beginning to know how to drive? Ok so maybe not. Any tips on how to drive? I am looking for the pic where I am "kunwari" driving but cant find it so I'd leave this pic instead.

Thea usually waits for her dad to arrive and she's so giddy everytime she sees him. Such a joy to see. Really =D

extra: (last na bago matulog) We went to Jalan Jerudong last Saturday to look for this nice bookstore I saw at the Brunei TImes and on a Malay blogspot, we drove the whole stretch but werent able to find it. So we went back, thinking we just didnt see it the first time. Still we couldnt see it, the locals doesnt even know where it is. Arrgh but nice thing happened, we were able to see this place. We couldnt leave without me having to ask the husband for a picture. Here it is:

at Pantai Jerudong, the end point of Jalan Jerudong
I think I have to google Pantai Jerudong and see if there's anything that I might fancy.

Got to sleep now, in between my lovely daughter and my loving husband. Mushy i know, tsup tsup tsup. Nytie.


Eeny Meeny Mini Mo (ganun ba spelling nun, duh whatever!)

nice no may letter "E"'
I want this for travelling! Its red and has "E" on it. Hahaha. I dont fancy it much pero that's the cutest in "The Mall", note:cutest na yan kasi naman ang meron lang dun Elle, Paris Hilton saka Guess. I dont like Paris and their Guess bags are not so ok pang matanda halos so yung Elle na lang.

I like the red one Can you guess it? Duh I am loving anything red! I am not so techie but the great thing about this cp is that it has wifi and the camera has 8mp, the card naman is 8GB coool!

these are definitely "eye love"
I want them both!!! hahaha, I think husband is fainting right now while reading this hahahah! The red one has 8 diamonds in it but it runs with batteries while the other one's a classic, whew, sooo ganda, its automatic (un ba term nun?). Plus plus plus it really looks good on me.

Weh, which one will I choose? Yesterday my cellphone malfunctioned. Grrrr. Now I think I really need the W995 =)

some cutie pics for everybody

loving barney and the car seat
at daddy's office
look UP!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mini Me ni Daddy

when she turned 9 months
cute noh? baby fell asleep at daddy's lap! close talaga sila
just to show you she likes being talked to and she talks back i mean she shouts back!
extra extra

Draco and Thea with their look a like Daddies

Funny Signs and Naughty too

Here's some funny signs I've gathered here in Brunei and the nearby Sarawak, Malaysia. The first pic puzzled me especially during my first time to cross the border - bridge. WIth an eyebrow raised I read the second one again, it has a different spelling but you'll get the idea. WHy would they name a store like that, or is it his name? Moreso when I found out they translate english by changing the spelling like kolej=college. The 3rd is a computer shop, it's where the husband bought his VAIO. Opcors, only Pinoys would laugh at the sign. When I saw the fourth pic I was really laughing, just take a look and know that my sis' name is Lala.

this sign is a disclaimer saying that the management is not liable when something happens to you as you cross the bridge, darn but you have to pay before you can use it. ugh
WARNING! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK We shall not be liable for any loss or damage personal injuries or death to any person or persons arising out of the use of the bridge for any reason whatsoever

Fock Lee is a vcd and gadgets store, it's a big store with branches in Seria and KB
yeah it is read the way you think it is
Papano sasagutin ang tanong: San nyo nabili yung VAIO? Sa TTCO!

A stall in Parkson Mall, Miri Malaysia has this name!
extra extra and these are yummy chocolate sticks, Pepero is my favorite. Meron din nyan sa Pinas pero sinama ko na din wala lang =P

Sunday, August 16, 2009

locked inside

August 12, 2009 - 22nd BF/GFmonthsary, mushy I know but I need to tell you that I'll explain later. Me with Thea and Alvin were locked inside our room at past 11pm. You see I seldom worry about this thing I have been locked inside a room three (as in 3 nyay) times already. But last Wednesday was different I was worried.

Let me enumerate the three incidents. The first one was a holiday I was inside parents room in Calumpit snoozing when I felt I need to go to the bathroom but the door cant be opened I tried will all might to no avail so I called for Ate Yos and she came with my mother. I begged them to force open it because I really as in really have to do number two.
The second incident is still in Calumpit, this time it is the bathroom door that wont budge. I tried pulling it to no avail. ANd guess what date it was? It was the morning of my wedding day, duh! My dear Tatay helped me unlock the door. After which he penned a sign in the CR saying "Pihitin maigi bago hilahin" as in sinulat nya yun sa CR huh!
Last year, AUgust 31st, I was again locked inside the bathroom. This time its in San Marcos. Twas after I did number 2 so yeah I needed to buy time muna before I called in for help. Syempre, alisin muna ang bad spirits noh? Kaso the CR is not airconditioned right? So imagine ang kapawisan ko! hahaha, I called the husband and he came with the Regalado Family. O di ba kakahiya buong familya andun! It was kuya Lito who forced open the door. And the super pawis na nyemnyem was out again.

Back to August 12, 2009, I was worried the last time I was locked inside because we now have THea. I leave her inside our room, while she sleeps, to cook lunch and do "human" things. The mommy in me immediately looked for emergency exit/entrance if ever baby (hopefully not) will be locked inside. Many things were beginning to fill my mind ... I will have to force open the door I saw this hammer near the stairs, I could go inside through the window there's a wooden stairs downstairs, I will phone Alvin right away but what if I left the cell inside too... Things like that kept on coming until the door opened. Oh I have to mention that I was about to go to the bathroom to pee when I found out the door wont budge. Imagine me worried and wiwing wiwi na, waaaah. =D Alvin was furiously unlocking the door for 15minutes to no avail so he phoned a friend. Have I mentioned we live in a sharing house? Yeah, we do and that time I am happy we live with friends. After a little OPEN SESAME tricks the door finally opened. The daddy taped the socket so it wont be locked(again).

Having been locked inside for the fourth time made me think if it is the door or was it just me? I better prepare myself on the 31st I might just find myself locked inside yet again... hopefully not. nyahaha

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Its 10:47 in the evening, we 3 are still up. The baby sleeps late again. I thought her sleeping habits had changed for good after we went home. In calumpit she sleeps at 8pm and wakes up at 6am, she'll go to Nanay and enjoy a little sun then she's off to a hectic day. She plays with her cousins and often refuses nap time, no tantrums whenever she has playmates around. But here, when its already 2pm and she hasnt taken a nap yet a struggle is impending. Mommy just have to make her sleep, often she looks for my milk to sleep and wont take a bottle.

It's breastfeeding month by the way and I am a proud mamma! But I have to admit I am starting to wean her bit by bit. It's really hard to go out of the house if she exclusively breastfeed and I am not so fond of NIP (boys, thats nursing in public). Oh I've done that alryt but only when necessary like when we were at the seria clinic and it's nap time already - I've mentioned she doesnt want to drink from the bottle during nap time right?

did you notice our terno PJ's?

We had nursing sessions, a.k.a. "show time" at the plane, at a posh SG mall, in the car, at church (no we dont nurse at the pews). At home we bond in the morning, during nap time and when everybody's sleeping (like now). We breastfeed while eating breakfast, reading a book, even texting, while facebooking, multiplying and blogging (like right now).
this one's inside the plane

I am not an advocate, I am a breastfeeding mommy because I think it is needed. With swineflu and all that serious bacteria roaming around I want Thea protected and my antibodies are what she needs. When it comes to Thea I am proprietary, and since I am the only one who can breastfeed her its a plus (I can't elaborate on that one now). Me and baby sleeps late... like now =) Its 12:59 and my baby doze off finally. Goodnight everyone este good morning na pala!

extra:Before I end this post, here's a fun ad about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

On Pres Cory pa din: MB and ABS-CBN blunders

How could they do such mistakes? What excuse did they make for these? Haaaay, wake up man.

There was another one from ABSCBNnewsonline they kept referring to Mrs.Arroyo instead of Mrs Aquino. Aaaaaw, i know its confusing but still its inexcusable.

extra: then there's this Wowowillie's comment over the live traffic feed of the wake during his show. the guy has a point, sige na nga, pero man say it properly naman or rather say it off cam. (google nyo na lang sa you tube ha)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Stir fried Pork, Brocolli and Almond

I tried making the chinese dish this afternoon but I think I failed. The sauce is not that thick and all the while I was thinking of cashew because the recipe says cashew but I was putting Almonds.

Sure it was edible and how did hubby described it ahhhhm "different' harhar. SUch a nice way to say not his type of dish but its ok its really not an A-lister dish but yeah its different.

The time comes when I am pissed off with all the dish Ive cooked and want to concoct new ones. Tomorrow I might try fish on coconut milk, I havent done that yet and hubby said he'll eat whatever naman daw.

I havent done my half year assessment I dont think I can with the time that I have. BUt one is for sure I surpassed the 3-viand nomination I did last year! Yahoo and congratulations to moi.

Happy cooking everyone.

Btw, I wish I have an oven. I will try baking next time. I think I will be a great baker! wink wink

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

9 months

Last Friday my baby turned 9 months. What a gift! She's always been a blessing and I am forever happy and thankful for having her. And though she is pretty heavy at 11.5kg she is a joy to hold.

She can pretty much navigate on her own now. She crawls and can now stand at her playpen using the rails as support. When guided she can walk, with us bending to help her launch her steps, backaches nga lang hehe. I am super excited to see her walking around the house, and surely her dad would be thrilled to walk around with "his mini me" at the mall =)

She claps her hand everytime she hears daddy says "yehey"! But walking and clapping doesnt go along kasi matutumba sya pag nagclap sya habang naglalakad hehehe.

Oooops...I have to attend to mommy duties, with this I will leave you these pictures:

yellow time

It's yellow time in Manila and maybe even around the world when last Saturday one of our Presidents died.

Sadness over the loss of one of the most loved presidents conquer the Philippines.

Goodbye Tita Cory.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Silent Mode

The whole day has been a tiring day, baby doesnt want to sleep yet and I ams super tired. I want to see girl friends who I can talk to for hours about anything over burgers and french fries. But there's no one here around only me, thea and alvin.

I hope I could use the floo powder network and fly to girl friends in Manila and talk non-stop or listen lang to their own rantings. Haaay, friends, I miss them.

I hope the architect will come back to the usual jolly self.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bedtime Story

"She thinks she owns whatever space she lands on. The bed is not the best thing you can claim"

No this entry isnt a fairy tale story nor it is Adam Sandler's movie, it is Thea's and how she occupies the whole bed. You see we have this queen size bed that we co-sleep with our little darling. Every night I move her to her "space" so we (hubby and i) can lie our backs for a nice rest. Kaso when she's hungry (baby is breastfed) she looks for mommy and moves towards me. By midnight she is already past Greenwich (hindi ung pizza, ung meridian line). I cant move her back to her space right away when she's only half asleep, with her occupying half the space alvin is squeezing himself at the other corner.

Two nights ago, I found hubby at the other mattress (there's one on the floor right beside the bed) he said there is no space left for him when he came back from the restroom and since he doesnt want to wake us up opt the mattress. No worries Thea, dadda loves you so much and he doesnt mind sleeping at the mattress, =)

Infancy is a very short and delicate period that parents should cherish. It is the only time we could really say we own as in OWN her, because her entire world comprise of only me and her dad.

For Thea we could give everything and the bed is just a portion of all there is to give.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

8 months

30 minutes ago, my lil Thea turned 8 months =D (its 12:40am)

She has always been God's precious gift to me and Alvin. Her smile never fails to melt mommy's heart. Even at those times when I feel so tired and wouldnt want to take her out yet I still find myself willing just because this cute little girl is smiling sweetly at me. And during these time when I am sick (I am having this constant headache) I find myself cuddling her the more because it makes me feel better.

Carrying Thea in my arms, 36 weeks after giving birth, I am now in awe of this tiny hand that touches mine. So grateful that God made me a mommy 8 months ago.

Monday, June 29, 2009

a movie unfolding

Last night '27 Dresses' was shown on the TV and I enjoyed it! I havent been able to sit still and watch the whole movie , start to finish, because I have to attend to my daughter wailing - apparently calling mommy. I have to bring her downstairs to watch it with me, thankful that Daddy Vhin is more than willing to carry Thea as I watch the film. The movie is about to end but I have to go somewhere I cant remember what I did, maybe chores, that I almost missed the wedding part.

It has been a while since I watched a movie - in a cinema that is. Iskul Bukol last December is not counted, we didnt even finished it. The last movie I enjoyed really was A Very Special Love - yep Jologs ako haha Certified. Anyway, yeah it will really take some more time till I can go to a real cinema to watch a movie. Transformers just have to wait for us in Manila, hopefully it is still showing late next month.

I am a movie addict. Oooops, let me correct that. I WAS a movie addict. I can even watch a movie on my own. I watch a movie when I'm sad. I watch a movie when I'm happy. I watch with friends. I watch with dates =) I watch with pamangkins. I really miss going to the movie house, eating popcorns or fries with soda on the side hehe.

I do miss movies but I have no regret on not seeing any these days. There is one grand movie unfolding in front of my eyes. A masterpiece and I got a role in it. I just hope God will help me act the role He has given me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Singapore Trip and Tips when bringing the Baby

I intentionally obliterated on previous post about my husband's gift last May 18 (our 1st year anniversary) because I dont want to preempt this post. BUt it has taken a long time for me to finish (even start) this SG post and now I am grinding my teeth to finish the series nyahhaha.

May 16, 2 days before our anniversary, in the car going to Bandar I was looking for a pen to write the things we need to buy in the mall. I found my husband giddy but I was not attentive at all that time. SO there I was searching for a pen in my bag, in thea's then in the car's compartment. Couldnt find any but I found a plane ticket and said "RBA? (royal brunei airlines)" i honestly thought it was our ticket last Feb but when he laughed in his panic tone I knew there's something in there.

I opened the ticket and found our names in it, then I looked at the destination and saw "Bandar to Singapore" and automatically a smile grew on my face, then a grin then a laugh.

That's the story (there's more to it but I cant find myself digging in the details so spare me). 13 days later we were bound to SG. Our first kaya we were both excited, takot din sa swine flu kaya bumili pa kami sangkaterbang face mask :D


Friday May 29 7pm flight to SG

1) Go to the airport early. You never know when the emergency "poop" will come so better be ready with ample of time. We arrived at the airport 2 hours before the flight. Thea didnt pooped naman but we were able to be at the gate early to get nice seats as we wait. In Manila, NAIA, there's a priority line for those travelling with infants - use it. (dito sa brunei wala nun sayang)

2) Bring lots of entertainment. While waiting and inside the plane, you would need lots of entertainment for your little one. Remember: others who doesnt have a baby yet may frown at a screaming baby.
3) Choose a window seat. If you can't at the check in counter then swap with your seatmate instead, just carry your baby and do the "kawawa naman ang baby ko pag dun kami sa aisle' eyes, prety sure they'll give way.
4)Breastfeed if you can. It helps Thea to sleep when she's breastfed rather than bottlefed so I try to make her sleep before take off, that way she wont mind the pressure. On our way to SG she couldnt sleep but kept on sucking anyway, I think it helped ease the pressure.
5)Fill out the immigration form inside the Plane. Also get out of the plane fast, that way you'll be the first to queue in the immigration. Clip the immig form in the passport.

SG at 9:00PM
1)Pacute sa Immig Officer. Me and my baby first then next si hubby. Don't give all the passports in one go, you might encounter a 'masungit' officer. DO NOT DISCARD the Departure Card. Again, do not discard. You'll need it on your way home. The only thing the immig officer asked me is where will we stay, I said we'll stay in the hotel blah blah. You might need your reservations churva, be ready just in case.
2)Google the hotel. It would be helpful if the hotel is baby friendly. Elizabeth is good, they have baby cot for baby, it would have been great but Thea wants to munch everything including the rails of the cot so we decided to co-sleep.

That's the end of day1. NEXT POST - PART II - Singapore Tour and Sentosa

Monday, June 08, 2009

11.2kg in barely 7 months UNBELIEVABLE? believe it

Yeah I know I have to blog about the SG trip but I think it would be too long and thinking about it makes me tired even if I havent typed anything yet. So now I am writing about what happened today...

This morning we went to Child health care here in SEria. As I have mentioned before the Hospitals here are free for everyone, yes even the medicines and vaccines are free. Great! So I thought. But nothing is really free right? We have a 1:30 appointment at the clinic we went there early coz we dont want to be late. Turns out many others have a 1:30 appointment with the clinic. I took a number and its #15 already. Aiyks, hubby is only supposed to be late for work now I think he couldnt go back to office

We are not adept in their language, we dont even understand a sentence. We knew how much - barapa, how old - apa bulan, what milk - apa susu and some other words but has never communicated much. We feel like we are aliens when we speak English in a Malay Hospital, so much so, we feel neglected and unwelcome because we dont speak the language. Maybe its culture maybe not. I think we got to learn how to communicate with them if we want to have the FREE services their country can give us.

So the first stop is the "Examination Room" where the parents measure baby's weight, height and head circumference. I put it in the paper, a 2" x 3" paper, height 71, head 46cm, weight 11.2kg no clothes on. I gave it to the attending nurse to put in Thea's record and we went back to the waiting area because the number in the monitor says #2. Meaning 12 more to go. I told hubby he may go back to work and fetch us later.

Minutes later after Alvin left the nurse called my name. Their diction is very different so I have to hear it twice before it would register that it really was me she was calling. She led me and Thea inside the "exam room" and asked me to weigh her again. I couldnt figure the reason at first but when she told me "You wrote 11.2kg we want to check" I almost grinned. I knew there was no mistake.

Upon knowing that she really weigh that much, she told me that she is "over over" weight. SHe asked me the routine questions I keep on getting everytime there's a check up: How big is she when she's born? Apa Susu? How much milk does she take daily? How about solid? Haaay...

Last time we went there was March, which explains why they dont know her record.

Thea is over weight for her age alright but she is healthy. Now I miss the pedia in the Philippines. Here we dont have a monthly check up. If they only check her regularly I think they wont be 'that' surprised everytime they see her.

BTW, the staff at the 2nd stop said we need to go back on August 8 for the second shot of flu vaccine we had her first at the "paying" hospital. 3rd stop was the Senior Doctor she said we should give Thea antibiotic and antibacterial cream for the ear infection ( the piercing at the right ear doesnt seem to heal) - Alvin and I decided not to give the antibiotic.At the 4th stop, the 'vaccination room' the nurse said we need to go back on June 27 for the second shot of flu vaccine. The gap should be a month from the first shot. Huh???

Now, should we go back to the FREE clinic?

Monday, May 18, 2009

feeling "sarah tancredi (prison break)" and "bella swan" (twilight)

Bloopers muna: May 17, 2009 (hours before our first wedding anniversary)
I saw three cute paper origami figures in the bed, I saw a pair in the mirror and my husband now grinning looked at the headboard and there I saw another pair.So I exclaimed "WOW DAVID SCOFIELD!" then my husband said "MICHAEL"... ay oo nga pala, David is Copperfield hehehe. So there they were the origami my husband lovingly and artfully created for nyemnyem for our first year anniversary. He told me he needs to fetch the other birds. And as if my "David Scofield" line isnt huge plop enough, I acknowledged his artistry and said the ducks were really nice, with that he told me "Cranes". OH WHATEVER =D, I am definitely blown away. This is my Sarah Tancredi moment =)

Curious me opened the 12 cutie cranes and found sweet notes in it. Then he fetched something somewhere and I was given a card! Can you give my man an applause? He has surely given these some thought since his surprise antics has never been quite successful in history. But these has pulled everything off, great great great!

May 18,2009 (365 days since we tied the knot)
It's a Monday and Dad has to go to office for work. While I usually just open my eyes before he goes out to work, that day I was able to make him a breakfast and hot choco. Lunch was fab too, what with the favorite KareKare minus the bagoong which he doesnt eat and the Camaron Rebusado which I even have to google the recipe. Afternoon came and we're set for a date, again I was clueless to where were going but he prompt me to dress up nicely. So I took the only dress I got, my pretty pleated brown dress and got myself prep for the big date. Good thing MIL is here, we could leave Thea for a while. It's been ages since we went out just the two of us.
After almost an hour ride we reached the place, to my surprise he took a bouquet of red roses in the back seat and hand it to me. :) We dined at Spaghettini, at THe Empire Hotel, the only five star hotel here in Brunei. We didnt take pictures, only memories. It was a lovely night.

On our way home around 10pm, Nanay Dolores called us. In her frantic tone she said "Di ko na mapatahan to". That being said my hubby turned into his Edward Cullen mode and drove fast at the highway. The rain has poured and the road was wet and we were driving at 160km per hour, imagine my eratic heartbeat at that moment. Moreso when I saw a road sign that says slippery when wet I felt like hyperventilating! I prayed instead, ooops Bella wouldn't do that.

me ang my thea

All the surprises left me feeling guilty of not doing much of an effort to make my greeting more special. My timing was very very off:
1.Anniversary card came 2 weeks before the date itself, blame it to the postman... the snail mail must have ran faster than I figured. (Kasi naman my valentines and birthday card were both lost in transit, I wouldnt want my anniversary card lost too.)
2.The adidas jacket was replaced with a lee jacket. Though I knew he loves the fact that I put extra effort to connive with my sister to buy this from the Phils and have it brought here by his mom still I know that his heart wants adidas and only adidas jacket...
3.Thea's anniversary shirt was only worn for a couple of minutes, at least daddy was able to see the shirt before it was thrown to the wash bin.
I promise to make "bawi" next year...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

365 days and counting...

Happy :) Happy :):)Happy :):):)
The word that describes how I felt 365 days ago when I tied the knot, i put it in here...

Today I reminisce the proposal, the walk, the exchange of vows...

It's been a year and man was it a bliss! Each 365 days is special in its own way. My husband is the best of the best of the best!

Vhin, each day is wonderful because of you! iloveyou, happy anniversary! mwaaaah

Happy :) Happy :):)Happy :):):) the word that describe how I feel each day with you!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan

I can easily relate to this one! I have a solid memory when little me and nanay were eating dinner. Nyemnyem finished her part already but she's still hungry and seeing there's only a portion left on the serving plate - she asked nanay "Nanay busog ka na?" My mom of course said yes and little me gulped the last piece.

Twas only when I got older (I was meaning to put more mature but yeah I am OLDER)and I think I saw a clip about it did I realize that Nanay gave her portion to me. How motherly, how unselfish mom's can be!Now that I am also a mom, I know now how it feels.

30th of October is the birth of a new me. I am Emmma Mariano Regalado and I am a mother.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

Cheers to all the mothers.
To Nanay E, Nanay A, Ate Mai, Ate Leng, Ate La; to all my Titas; to Chie and the rest of the N@wies; to Nin, Ellen, Neng and all the Chapter 99 moms; to Rhea, Bunz, Jen and the Tropang Kap Mommy; to Rose, Icel and I dont know who else mommy friends from college; to lovely EDC mommies Baby, Jocel, Nelda, Macs and Pam. Happy Mother's Day!!!

My Princess

Dear Thea,

Its been half a year since I first saw how beautiful you are. And you dont know how much joy you have given us since.

Baby, you've grown so fast. From a little 3.2kg baby now you weigh a big 11.5. Everyone here in Brunei can't believe you are only 6 months! You have lots of fans here. People just cant resist borrowing you for a while from mommy. You smile at everybody and you dont cry when they carry you. Mommy and Daddy is always within reach so no worry. Our eyes are on you always... always.

Daddy cant help but laugh everytime you try to lift your body and want to stand up. Such a cutie when you lift your head and look for Mom and Dad everytime you wake up and none of us is by your side - then suddenly when you see us in the table (usually in front of the computer) you lie again and play by yourself. A joy to know you are looking for both of us when u open your eyes. How I wish you'd always think of us as you grow older.

You laugh out loud now, loud enough to let people downstairs hear you! Only dad can make you laugh that hard. You are fascinated by his voice, so attuned that even a simple crack in his throat makes you laugh!

Like mommy you like going out, always giddy when Dad carries you and put you in the car seat! The car seat is now one of the most useful things you have. I can almost imagine severe backaches if I only carry you during our 1 1/2 drive to Bandar. (Oh the car seat, it deserves its own entry but I have no time). Besides Dad will get 'pakat' if the police sees you're not in a car seat. (child endagerment law they say). Pag ganun anak, iyakan mo lang yung 'polis' maawa sayo yun tyak tapos papalampasin na tayo!

Ohh, you also have to know that just like daddy you talk while in your sleep. You laugh as in as if somebody tickes you. You cry as if someones taking you away from mommy and daddy. You're a little more fussy now, I think you're teething as you always purse your lips in a different way like you want to chew it or something. We'll see. I just hope you wont get fever or diarrhea as what others had.

On your 6th month we went to the airport. Its Tito Carl's last day in Brunei and we bade goodbye to him there. But syempre before that we ate muna and we had a little Tiramisu with a little candle just for you. The tiramisu was great by the way, mommy finished it in no time!

Your into solids now! And you eat quite funny. So happy when you like the food and so 'maarte' when you dont! Potato is a 'no' 'no', Avocado is 'kinda' ok, Papaya is good, but better when we add cereals. You like Heins cereal better than any other and the milna rusk you and daddy bought at supa save, he said you chose that and you were excited when he took it from the shelf!

Sweetheart, me and daddy loves you so much. Dont ever ever forget that.



Friday, April 10, 2009

Shopping and Settling

Me and lil Thea has gone out of our liblib Seria community last Saturday! Yahoo!

How? Thea's Roravirus vaccine is due and the hospitals here doesnt have one, they referred us to Jerudong Park Medical Center which is 1 1/2 hours away from our place. Can u picture our location now? However, the upside is it's 30 min away to Bandar, the city where the malls are!

Malls here aren't like those in Manila. Nothing beats Mall of Asia! Hahaha. "The Mall" the medyo sossy one is 3-storey tall and siguro as big as Greenbelt 1. It does have nice stalls but you see I dont wear tudongs and "bulaklakin" dresses that women here fancies. But I have to say that the cinema is really nice. The lounge area has this huge TV screen for movie trailers. Would have love to go in the cinema but can't because we have Thea now.

First stop was bookstore.
"Five little ducks" and "Rainy Day Special".
Then we looked for Thea's jacket and Nyem's shirts, Nyem's shoes. Shopping really is an energy booster haha! Oh, Vhin went to the gadgets =P. Next stop was for Thea's weaning set, Thea's PJ's (those we brought from Calumpit will not fit in a couple of weeks), and other little girl stuff. After paying everything it's a little late na. Its time to go back to Seria =P

Seria might not have all the perks Manila has but I am beginning to love it. For this is the place God brought us. A place to bond as a family. A place where Vhin, Thea and I were able to rely on each other exclusively. Surely God knows what's best for us. If it has the gimmicks Manila has we might not have come to know the value of each other as much as we have learned it here in this liblib place.

Seria may not be the prettiest place but it is the best place for us...for now =D Hoping all of us may learn to love the place where we are. God bless you!


Hello! Its been a while. Alvin turned 30, Thea turned 5 mos, I had a mild case of mastitis which resulted to no blog post for several days.

Mastitis: inflammation of the breast in connection with pregnancy, breastfeeding and weaning.It is caused by blocked milk ducts or milk excess.

It was Saturday night, March 28, when I felt that my right breast was rather aching in an unusual manner. Sunday morning came, Alvin's birthday pa naman, I had fever na with chills on the side! Wahoo, I couldnt stand up and when I did I almost fell. I was rather sad not to be able to cook a meal for my husband, not to be able to post the blog I was working on for his birthday, and not to be able to do anything per se. It was his birthday, yet he did all the chores. Well, i managed to sponge bath Thea and made her wear the "Happy Birthday Daddy" shirt we prepared. So there, my doctor once again took care of his nyem nyem, putting hot compress on my right breast to unclog the duct on his birthday!


do you know this nursery rhyme?

Itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain and wash the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.

Tagalog version - Alvin's way:

Maliliit na gagamba umakyat sa sanga.Bumuhos ang ulan tinangay sila. Sumikat ang araw naputol ang sanga. Malilit na gagamba, patay lahat sila. (hehehe)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Mahal Ko!

It's my husband's birthday!!! His 30th hehehe, he'll kill me for saying his age. Well daddy u can get back at me on August!

i love love love love you.


Nagkakasakit ba si wonder woman?

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