Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ipad Camera Playtime!

Dad replaced the lost err taken Galaxy Tab with an ipad! It has a bigger screen which Thea loves. She discovered the mirror snapshot screen and we all had fun playing with it.

She and her dad had loads of playtime using them gadget! Good thing we did not trade it to an ipad mini. This is Thea's gadget anyway and my only prob with it before was its facebook app.

Now we are loving it much. What with the free apps we are getting and free books from kindle :)

Here are some snapshots. Happy happy.

Dinosaur Island - Clark

Do your kids fancy dinos? Or do they only know Barney the purple dinosaur? One of my inaanaks, Cyrus, loves them and calls them disisaurs!!! When he saw our pics at FB he said wow wow wow Disisaurs!!!

Here's the pic!
We went there last Feb 9, Saturday. It's Thea's day out and to Clark Dinosaur Island we went! We did not make prior plans for this day, no map was printed neither any idea how much the fee was. On our way to Clark we called a friend, Allan - who works there, to ask for direction. We got there alright but there's no food kiosk nor restaurant in sight so we went back to a nearby Mc Do to buy lunch. After eating, its time to see the dinos.

That's the stegosaurus. Thea struggling to go to the next ayaw papicture.

Here's the Dino Mascot who scared the hell out of ate yos when he tried to chase her. Hahaha, you should have seen her scream out loud.

Here's where Thea enjoyed the most - at the mouth of a giant Dino. She slid down the tongue haha!
 Caleb and Dad's turn. Boys naman :P

I dont know the name of this dino hehe not listening to the guide.

Now to get to Dinosaur Island, in case you dont have a friendly friend who works there hehe.
pic i got from Dinosaur Island's facebook page

The entrance fee is 350 for adults and 300 for kids. No fee for 3yo and below. The guide said I should have said that Thea is 3yo. Hahaha I said I dont lie :P

Did thea had a good time? No she didnt! She had a GREAT time!!! Next time ulit daddy!

Cheers to impromptu Thea time.


Tip 1. Wear closed shoes. unless it's okay to have dirty feet.
Tip 2. Eat first before going there. Waley restaurants.
Tip 3. Aetas are in the area. Got no issues there but the kids kept on peeking at the window. Dont park and eat in your car maaawa ka and di ka makakakain.
Tip 4. Ask the guide if you can go inside again, para sulit ang bayad. Mahal kaya ang 350 per head! 3x pumasok si Thea:)
Tip 5. Enjoy :D

Thursday, February 07, 2013

50% Cloth Diaper Convert

Why 50% you ask? Well just because I dont 'use cloth diapers, aka CDs, 100%. I use disposable alternately. I detest washing kasi when there's poop so when I know the little guy's about to poo I make him use posies - yes that what they call disposable diapers. Oh we did have accidents, I mean accident isa pa lang pala, when Caleb poop in his CD good thing I used a liner so the poop wasnt sticking in the cloth itself I just took the liner and throw them in the bin. I have to tell the househelp never to use zonrox, mental note.

Got issue lang with the bamboo liner, i think it is not absorbent and the baby can feel it get wet. How do you now avoid poop staining the CD? Or should I use a different liner na lang? Hmmmm  speaking like a mommy who just jumped in and tried something for the baby without thorough researching it. Well I knew it would be good for my kid, the environment and my bulsa! Do you know how much posies can cost you during infancy, haaay I experienced it with Thea - scratch that I should say I am still experiencing it with Thea she still use nappies when she sleeps and when we go outside and it aint cheap ha especially because she uses XXL.

So there, I havent taken a pic yet but I ordered them from Tickledmoms from a fellow N@wie. If you got questions you can probably get the answer there just click here.

Here's one of the items I bought. Got this from their website. Cute noh? They are on sale now, this particular CD cost me P250 only.

The description says:

Reusable, easy-to-use pocket diaper
Can be hand or machine washed
Can be hand dried, spin dried, or tumble dried (30°C)
With a waterproof and breathable PUL outer cover
With a soft stay-dry inner layer
Comes with a three-layer ultra-absorbent microfiber terry insert
With adjustable waist and rise snaps to fit most babies (~8 to ~35 lbs)

And no, this post is not sponsored by Tickledmoms. Hahaha. 
There are lots of online CD sellers, there's Thrifty Mama, Ethanmama etc etc but I happen to buy lang at that one because they're on sale and because I like the owners haha.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Caleb turns 3 months

And February 2 came, my lil boy turned 3 months :) He now weighs,  dun da da dan, 7.8kg. He is purely breastfed after a month of mix feeding but his weight hasnt stop shooting up. I asked his pedia if i need to lessen intake of sugar but she said it shouldnt be like that. Breastfed babies are usually not overweight. 

Well i guess mana sila ni AteThea sa kin, i was also a big baby even if i was breastfed.

Dad is present for his 3rd month birthday. Here are our pics. The first one was taken using the Ipad by our househelp the second one using my phone Samsung S3 - Alvin took the pics from the phone. 

So which camera takes better pic? Hehe. My hubby is probably grinning now because he's an android fan :P
To you little one, know that mommy loves you dearly. Continue to be mabait, You sleep straight now as in we're upstairs at 7 and you're already sleeping only asking milk every 3 or 4 hours then dozing off again. You really are mommy's son, you give mommy time to rest and you hardly cry except when you are very very sleepy. You shriek when you're hungry, not cry ha but shriek! We laugh out every time we hear you do that, so demanding yet so lovable. So little yet your place in my heart is sooo big. You mesmerize me with your cute smile. You can now lift your head (baby dont be scared hehe), you're a big healthy baby boy :)

Oh how I love looking at you! How I love nursing you, holding your hand, kissing your feet, smelling your breath! I thought before I will have two girls, but God knows I should have a boy and boy am I glad to have you Caleb.

We love you very much, Son. Happy 3rd month birthday.

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