Monday, September 09, 2013

Surprise Galore for 34

Where will I begin? Its been a week and I am still ecstatic, overwhelmed with lots of love and gifts from my dear husband, family and friends. It was definitely a day to remember, bloggable (if there's such a word) and surely unFOURgettable.

Two days before I turned 34, girlfriends Abby and Leah asked me if I want to go out with them on my day.I said yes and was excited about it,I dont have anything planned yet for the day so I immediately said yes to it and just told them one request --- that I wont drive :) They said I won't and the day was set.

On my day, my lil girl woke up past 12 to greet mommy as she usually does each year but this time she did it better she just woke up a bit and embraced momma then slept again. the lil guy woke up before 1am and drunk milk his way of greeting me on my day hehe. Husband texted me 12:01 on viber he also has an email on my inbox and an extra sweet message on my FB (he doesn't like mushy stuff in fb so that was uhmm rare hehe).

Like last year I plan for a relaxed, stress free and fun day. well last year was more relaxed I was preggy with Caleb and I cant do much. This year I can go out na with friends :) i had my nails done the day before, I did my hair this year because last year I didnt quite like how the salon did mine (parang sAme lang din ng ginagawa ko mas ok pa yung pagperm ko). Anyway, the plan was to take the kids out in the morning and go out with the girls in the afternoon, talk to dear husband in between.

Around 9:30 we were on our way to Mc Do South Supermarket to celebrate with the kulits. Thea was happily seated waiting for her fries and juice, Caleb was his usual mabait lang Leb. When food came Leb grabbed our help's juice so she just gave it to him one spoon at a time. After eating it was play time, we went inside South and bought tokens for the mini mini carousel and the car, I used one of their tokens too To play basketball had fun too but didnt score much haha!

The kids especially Thea had fun, Caleb was sleepy na by then, mommy is happy she was able to spend time with the kids on her day. By 11 we are already home. We just cooked lunch, pan fried dory, buttered veggies and served the Chooks chicken we bought at the Supermarket :) When Lunch is done, it was husband phone call time. I was telling him i am happy with my day but I am sleepy. He told me to sleep but I cant eh I will need to fix my hair pa- aka curl. He told me to stay stress free and that i enjoy my day, I promised I would.
 Inlaws came around 12pm, they'll accompany nene and our helper with the kids. Minutes before 1pm I am ready for my girl date :)
OOTD blue uniqlo top and jeans lower right - outfit with the kids. Upper left spaghetti strapped top and curly hair for my girl date.

I was fetched by the girls and we had chauffeurs hehe - abby's twin brothers are coming with us to Trinoma. Apparently they decided to take me to Trinoma as I told them sila na magdecide :) There at the mall they were asking me what I want to do. Movie? Abby asked - i declined and I said I just want to go  shopping hehe. Movie would be great too but it is time bound eh I dont want to stress out because its late na. So shopping, food and coffee is the agenda.

Where do you think I went first? Bookstore of course! ive been looking at this book and was scrimping lang thats why I didnt buy it but now I have a license to spend eh the dear husband sent me money to shop, am I a lucky girl??? 

We were going to eat na because I am getting hungry but there's this cute dress that caught my attention that I needed to stop and buy. Abby and Leah are chatting all the way I didnt pay attention much haha, I should have :p

Next agenda was food. Initially i wanted a cheesecake then I said I want Japanese pala so we looked for Sumo Sam on our way there this Abe restaurant seems familiar even the sign seems the same as the one we went last May for our anniversary. I asked them to wait so I could ask if its the same, It was!!!! Couple of days ago, I posted I want to eat suman sa lihiya by Abe's farm -pampanga, who would've known they hd a branch in Trinoma? So i ask them to scrap Sumo Sam and dine there instead. 
I ordered 2 suman sa lihiya for me and one each for the girls, we also ordered pansit - syempre birthday eh. They were still full we left home almost after lunch lang eh. That was enough meryenda na.  We waited for our food over non ending chikka, when the food came I gasped and there's my suman sa lihiya!!!! I finished my first in no time! Pancit was good for 3 or even four, i had 2 servings already and there was still some left on the plate. I was sooo takaw no? The strawberry shake was good too! Oh I just had to go back, writing this makes me hungry. The girls said the food there was great so di lang ako ang bias, i soooo love the place. It brings good memories lang to me eh.  I will take hubby there promise!

Oh wait there's more! On my second serving of pancit, there's this guy who entered the restaurant, not my husband no, I was about to tell leah some guy got flowers oh but I noticed the guy was walking towards us and then I saw a familiar face :) Alvin's high school (and even after) bestfriend Rodney walked towards our table - smiled and said "delivery galing Brunei" did he said something else? I cant remember. I was overwhelmed and my mind was racing fast I didnt even stood up nor asked him to dine with us. Oh i remember saying something about Dennis Trillo, when all I want to say is compliment him by saying he look like Dennis, for a  moment there I couldnt remember the actors' name so I said something dumb and told him wala ba ako message from Dennis, arrrgh!!! thats not a proper way to say thank you. He was rushing, may "editing" (pun intended) yata hehe so he went out and I was left with more puzzle pieces to figure out.
The girls are literally kilig (i dont have an idea whats the english counterpart for kilig)! Abby, was ready with her camera when Rodney arrived so I knew she's got something to do with it. And more kwento poured in. 

My dear husband connive with the two ladies to make my day extra special. Wednesday he messaged them on FB and asked if they are willing to take me out they said yes thursday and invited me. Supposedly it should have been a SPa date, that would hve been more predictable dad hahaha, but the girls doesnt know how to get to wensha spa at timog. So abby and leah asked me what i wanted i told them I want food then coffee then food. The place i made them decide na because i wont be driving naman.

To be honest I had a hunch, a feeling that this might be scripted. When I got the message from Abby asking me out I told husband about it just so Id know how he will react. His was not the way I expect if he doesnt know a clue but I just shrug the idea of asking if he's got anything to do with it because 1.maybe abby really wants to take me out and dyahe if I ask and doubt 2. If he wants to surprise me and make me happy why would I choose to stop him? 

The flowers however was not the way i expected, he raised the bar higher than what I imagined. Well because I also half knew i would have flowers, but nothing came in the morning so I planned on buying daisies but decided otherwise. After lunch i thought he wouldnt give me any because were about to leave na. So guess how overwhelmed I was to have nice flowers given to me in a strange plce by someone close to me from someone sooo sooo dear!

It was day well spent with my kids, family and friends and ofcourse my husband who made sure i will feel special on my day. Thank you to all family and friends who greet me on my day. Thank you Thea and Caleb for letting mommy go out and for being good to Ate and Lola. Thank you Nene, Nanay a for taking care of the kids. Thank you Roseline aka Nene for the text brigade - greetings poured in that day! Thank you Ate Lah and kids for the gift and for spending time with the kids too. Thank you thank you Abby,Leah and Rodney (Jean too for buying the flowers) for saying yes to my husband's idea and more for spending time to make this girl happy. 

Thank you dear God for all the blessings, for my family, for my friends, for another year of good memories. May this year be a good one. Please make me a blessing to others, a channel of your love to people I meet. Bless me with a happy heart that I may be able to share happiness to others.Teach me new wonderful and challenging things Lord. help me be a good parent to Thea and Caleb, a good wife to my loving husband, a good daughter, sister and a friend. Teach me to number my days right and let me see new rainbows in every storm that may come my way. Thank you Lord for everything. 

Awesome awesome day it was :)
Next year HK see yah!!!

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