Thursday, September 13, 2012

My birthday blog - 33

33 is just a number what's more important is how you live those years.

This is my second birthday being preggo and this year was rather more homey than the first. Why? Oh well because I was home mommy all day. I just want to enjoy my time and savor the day, I didnt want to cook nor bake. I still drove my lil girl to school, life went on and it was fabulous!

School started at 9am so the bday mom went to Figaro muna for breakfast
choco muffin and decaf cafe mocha!

Lunch was nilaga my lil girl enjoyed the food! Afternoon class was 12pm-2 I took the lil girl to class and I had some prettifying at artista salon! Pedicure and manicure it was, after my nails were done I still had time for my hair :D The stylist asked me where was I going, I told him waley, I just want to prettify myself for the day, didnt mention its my birthday because they might ask for a treat hehe.

After Thea's afternoon class we all went to Shakey's for a hawaiian pizza treat! No bisita were expected because day before my birthday I told everyone I dont want to cook and I sent out cassava cakes to san marcos, calumpit and ate lalah's.

My day was definitely a me day. Happy no fuss 33rd birthday for nyemnyem!

Syemps I had greeters on my day! My handsome guy tops the list and my little kulit girl who always wakes up at wee hours to greet mommy! Families and friends greet at FB and thru texts. Thanky thanky.

And most of all thank you Lord God for giving me a beautiful day and a whole new year to look forward to. May I be a channel of blessing to those that I will meet along the way.

Hope you'll have a fun unstressful birthday like I did.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh Boy

SURPRISE! We're going to have a baby boy!!!

My Dear Son,

You made a huge impact when the sonologist said we were having a boy! Parang earthquake intensity 9! Mommy said "Ano po sabi nyo?" the doctor replied "Lalaki!" Oh boy Oh boy!!!

You see, on your 6th month mommy's doctor said we probably have a baby girl then on the 7th she said it really is a girl. It was only when you were on your 8th month that I had time for your 4D ultrasound that you revealed yourself! Showbiz na showbiz ka anak, ginulat mo si mommy!

A startled mom might I be but know that I am happy! In my heart I knew I will have a boy when you were just 3 mos. My ultrasensitive nose and taste buds say so, and when I threw up quite a lot unlike when I was expecting your ate. Ate Thea knows it too, she kept on saying baby boy even though we ask her to say baby girl.

Galing mo sa surprise anak! One thing I know, you got this kind of knack not from your dad!

See you soon honeybunch! We are all excited to see you, to finally cuddle and kiss you.


Here's our little heartthrob!

And to compare here's his ate's 4D 4 years ago :D

I got videos too but there's something wrong with my connection I couldnt upload it. Better luck next time. May you all have a surprisingly beautiful day.


Monday, September 03, 2012

List of Online Shopping Sites

Hi Everyone!

Online shopping has been such a hit lately. What with the "up to 70% discount" come ons they post in their websites. I havent tried it yet because I am so conservative (hesitant) when it comes to using credit card for purchases online. Plus pa the horror stories I heard from sissies about some exclusive offers they got from online shopping sites. But with the current rave and big big discounts I just might try.

I listed here some online shopping sites available in the Philippines which offer exclusive products.








Amongst the above online shopping sites I like MetroDeal's page best. It's clear and the deals make me want to buy. Foremost because it isnt blurred like those of cashcashpinoy's page where they want you to log in or be a member first to view their products. Second because their deals comes from companies with good reputation. naman looks promising, the guess copules watch is to grab for :)

As I said earlier I heard horror stories from people who dealt with discounted products and end up with very poor service. So just check first the advertiser before going for a deal. I hope you'll have a happy online shopping.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Pregnancy Etiquette guide

From The pigeon mom

My personal favorites are pointers 8 and 10.

Pointer#1 Always offer us a seat, especially on public transport vehicles. Balancing acts in moving vehicles are not exactly our specialty during these 9 months.
Pointer#2 Please do offer to carry our things for us. We walk and carry two, so our feet and back always hurt. Any kind of help is much appreciated.
Pointer#3 Yes, you may also open the door for us. If chivalry is plus points for the ladies, you're a knight in shining armor for pregnant women.
Pointer#4 Please let us go first in the restrooms. Because the miracle of life is squeezed all inside our tummies, we tend to go more often.
Pointer#5 Lend us a hand when crossing the str and hold the elevator for us. As you may have noticed, we tend to walk a bit slower than the rest of the rushng crowd.
Pointer#6 Avoid pointing out our shortomings in the physcal looks departme. Beauty is relativ and pregnancy is a beautiul blessing
Pointe#7 Contrary to popular belief, telling pregnancy stories to expectant moms are not helpful
Pointer#8 No matter how tempting, refrain from touching our tummies unless given permission.
Pointer#9 Do not take our hormonal mood swings personally. And yes, during these 9 months we have the excuse to blame biology for our crankiness and sudden cravings in the middle of the night.
Pointer#10 Do not point out ow much weight we've gained. That, my friends, is a valuable lesson that applies even after we gave birth.

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