Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My mom and dad have four daughters. They kept on hoping they'd had a boy but the fourth and the prettiest kid came out to be a girl. My mother underwent ligation after giving birth to me (oh yes i am the youngest hehe).

That gives me three sisters! Each of them has different personality, each has her way of communicating how she feels, each has her own humor, her own heartbreaks and own triumphs, each has her own interest and her own dislikes, each has her own smile, her own laugh, each has her own way of showing their love and each one I love to bits.

Ate Mai is our eldest. She's one of the nicest, caring, thoughtful, loving, frank, methodical, achiever, goal oriented, planner, loyal, smart, frank, calculating (pun intended), focused girl I've met.

Ate Leng the second sister is on the adventurous, free spirited, trendy, loving, generous, candid, spontaneous, kikay, kind, outsopken and friendly type of person.

Ate Lah naman is the industrious, friendly, dependable, lively, lovely, winning, good humored, crafty, over tolerant, sociable and gracious girl.

nanay, ate mai, me, ate leng and ate lalah plus bulilits
Sisters are just the bestest friend you can get. You can be bad at them (vice versa) but they cannot unsister you haha. The bonding is just different. The love you can get from them will never be lacking.

My sisters played a very important part in my life that's why I am super happy when my OB told me we'll most probably have another girl! I repeat, GIRL as in sister for my little Thea! Two pretty girls roaming around the house making crazy noises, drawing castles, wearing pink tutus, sporting fancy dresses, hair in ponytails!

Ate Thea, at first you might see our coming little one as a competition. But fret not my darling because mommy's love for you wont lessen. My heart will make double the amount of love it produces so do not think I will love you less, I wont. Better if you keep in mind that there'd be another one to love you. She will be the bestesst friend you would ever have. I really think that a sister is the best sibling for you.

Baby girl, we are all excited to see you. You're now moving uncontrollably and you have a very quirky waking hours - 1-2am at that. I dont complain though as we are both hungry and pretty much need something for our tummy! We like peanut butter and honey sandwich - gumaya lang tayo kay daddy kasi healthy daw yun! But we need to control a bit ha. We cannot gain more than what we're supposed to because mommy might have a hard time pushing you out. Just continue being healthy inside mommy's tummy.We'll meet you in November. Ate Thea has loads of girly things she can share with you. We love you. - Mommy, Daddy and Ate.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Ups and Downs of July

Did I write JULY? Oh gulay, half of the year just past and now we are on the 2nd half! Feels like yesterday when everyone was busy preparing for the holidays. Now, we need to collect presents again for December hahaha. Better be early, there are loads of half year sale these days :)

Oh well its not what I want to tell you all. July has it's ups and downs for the Regalados. We started the month with a heavy heart. What with the diagnosis on Thea's urine culture - Pseudomonas Aerigunosa.

When you google it you'd better be really tough because the net is not tamed. He'll tell you the worst thing that can happen to someone infected with Pseudomanas and what is worse than - "the mortality rate with people with Pseudomanas is relatively high". Oh di ba, malelurkey ka.

Side kwento: Worse is when her teacher (SP) thought it was contagious and they isolated Thea. I didnt know it then but her yaya said she saw thea alone in the room her teacher was washing his hands and arms thoroughly and the other kids are in the other room. I just happen to know it when we were driving home na when I heard her yaya sobbing incosolably so I asked her why. Then she said the story and my temperature start to rise but I have to keep cool as I was driving. I called Thea's pedia, my OB, a nurse friend and another doctor and all of them said it isnt contagious because its the urinary bladder not the lungs affected. I know it's part of their job to keep the other children safe. But would you mind asking me first? SUrely her pedia would have told me if its contagious and leaving my daughter alone in the room is not permissible. I texted them about the range of infection and told them it is not contagious. Would have demanded proper apology but they would just drain my energy and I have to keep mine for Thea. note: hindi ito sa school

And what's worse is seeing you're daughter injected with medicine twice a day intra muscular.

Thea's thighs were punctured 14 times and 14 times my heart seems to stop. One look in her eyes as if telling me why do you let them do this make my whole body ache. But mommy has to be strong, stronger even because she needs it. Every 7 o clock we need to go to the hospital to ask the nurse to inject the medicine to our little princess. I had panuhol na doughnuts, ensaymada, pandesal, brownies, crinkles to the nurses because the task I want them to do isnt easy. And also I want them to be gentle and kinder to my daughter when we go there. Besides were just asking favors so goodies galore it is when we go to the nurse station.

After 7 days...

Urinalysis showed no improvement. My heart was beaten, crashed and stripped to pieces. How could it be possible??? I want to scream. My girl has had enough medicine in her. We did what we need to do. So text brigade started, asking all the prayers I get can from girlfriends and families. We went to her doctor here in Bulacan and she was shocked too that it didnt work. So she prescribed the next med still through IM for 7 weeks.

I was crying inside. Hubby isnt around and I have to decide what's best for my daughter. Later that day I cried my heart out to my partner and he told me when i am in doubt I had to ask for second opinion. Next day were off to St Lukes. We got a new doctor and had Thea's urine cultured and plus ultrasound test for her kidneys and urinary bladder.

The urinary bladder ultrasound is another drama in itself. We spent 3 hours in the ultrasound room to fill her bladder. But everytime it's filled the room is filled with patients too then she'll make wiwi na. And we have to repeat the process. By 4:30 we were exhausted already and Thea was cranky na. We were on the road before 8am and she's obviously tired. We went back Sunday and good thing there's not much patient and what's better is Daddy was home!

I have to type it again DADDY was home! Friday night during the drama episode he came home. And I am soooo happy. Thea was very happy during dad's stay. You wouldnt even know she's had an infection, she's in her most giddy awesome lovely girl! Dad was really relieved to have spent time with us during this time. And Thea surprised us pa with her warmest hug to her dad.

Mommy's heart recovered and was refreshed! During the ultrasound the doctors says it looks normal, what a relief! Could it been a reflux, medication might have been longer. But thank you Lord for healing Thea.

We've received the formal lab results for the urine culture and KUB ultrasound and all of them are normal. This morning we had her urine examined and urinalysis showed 0-2 pus cells which is the normal values. We just super thank God for that.

Thank you to my dearest friends who never stopped praying for Thea and me and my husband. Thank you to my family and our church mates who said prayers for us as well. You are a blessing to us and we are thankful for having all of you.

Caveat:To those who hasnt received a request for prayer please understand that I only texted a few and asked to text others na lang. It was hard for me kasi din to answer questions then when my heart was sooo heavy. Do know that I dont love u less.

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