Friday, December 18, 2009


Im feeling selfish and wants to write the things I want. Spare me:
1. The lovely classic watch I've been lusting since august, wink!
2. Backyardigan stuff for althea louise
3. South Sea Pearl necklace and earrings. The notion that pearls are for the oldies aint true. I will find the perfect set one day.
4. Nice haircut. One that doesnt need a conditioner to make it smooth. No bleach please.
5. A nice girlfriend bag. Ung maliit lang na pwede pang gimmick. Though I love the mommy bag I always bring around, the one with bottle and nappy pockets, I still want to have a cutie girly bag.

These are just so me of the things in mind right now. Madami pa yan di ko lng matandaan lahat.

Eto naman mga wishes na I cant buy:
A. Dates with girlfriends. I did had one already but I want more. If only our scheds would coincide.
B. Health for everybody. Thea has been sick since monday. She's better now makulit na ulit may sipon na lang. I hope she wont get sick. Ang hirap eh, mommy worries much.
C. Safe trip for dh. And to all of us.
D. A merry christmas and happy new year for everyone.
Extra: if you are feeling stressed due to the season's rush, slow down and just enjoy december as it is. Too much commercialism about Christmas has clouded its true meaning. Have a merry Christmas to you!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back in Pinas

We're now here in Pinas to celebrate chrirtmas with the fab fam!
1.wala pa ang dh malungkot
2.kapagod magalaga kagag ayaw sumama sa iba ng dk
3.hirap pa din ako magcommunicate with mil naloloka ko sa comments, too much negativity sickens me
4.busy si dm para sa card from st.lukes
5.nakakatamad lumabas ang init kasi dito rp pag tanghali lamig naman pag gabi
6. Last, as much as I want to meet the gf's they have work and I cant go out after 6pm

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

We're Going HOME?

We are headed to Bulacan, Philippines on the 5th and that means we only have 2 days left here in Seria, Brunei.

If you're keen enough to notice the title of this post has a ?, why? Just because home now for me is a state of mind. It is a place where you feel whole. I always feel whole in Bulacan, no question about that but now that the husband will have to stay behind for 2 weeks here I wonder how it feels. I have been at ease living each day with him beside us.

Oh well, its only 2 weeks right? SO see you in Manila everyone. Mwaaah mwaaah.
To Dadda, we'll wait for you there okies. SKY high phone bills here we go =)

Congrats to JD and his loving super mom Bunz for the successful operation. He has graduated already from the series of surgeries. We are proud of you JD and also of you mommy Bunz.

Super SALE here I come =D I missed a lot already tsk tsk, mossimo, mango, bench etc. If you know other sale please alert me nyaha.

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