Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I viewed my blog and read about politics and election, whew, and I paused "Is this my blog?". So I am posting this cutie pic of my daughter taken last Sunday after going to the church! She really knows how to smile for the camera =D
love love
The next pic was taken last week during Sunday School, she likes the little girl's lollypop so she took it making the girl a little teary eyed so mommy to the rescue gave the lolly back=)

last pic was taken here in our sala. The boy is our housemate's son Miguel vacationing from Manila. Thea likes watching the cartoons by my side at the sofa but when she saw kuya sitting at the mat she insisted she'd sit there too =)
happy we have playmates here in the house kahit 1 month lang!

2010 automated ballot TIPS

I got this email about the new automated ballot we'll be having for the first time in the Philippines. I really hope everything will go well.

I attended my barangay's seminar on the 2010 elections today, arranged by the captain, Ralph Diaz. I learned a few things from Mr. Diaz about the election ballot that could be informative for all of us:

1. Mr. Diaz said that the ballot is very, very sensitive to marks, ink, H20, stains, scratches, folds, sweat, etc. If, say, you have grime on your hands, or your hands are wet, or your sweat drops onto the ballot, the PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) Unit will not read it. So, keep your hands very clean before voting. That is why the indelible ink will be put on your finger after you're done voting, and not before, and why you will be given your ballot in a folder, a "Ballot Secrecy Folder", so that you can lessen the actual handling of the ballot with your hands.

2. Shade the egg-shaped hole beside your chosen candidate fully (you will be provided with a marker). Don't check, line, X, dot, or half-shade it, because the PCOS Unit will not read it. Try not to go beyond the lines also (well, not too much).

3. Mr. Diaz said that there will be a barcode going around the ballot. If this is marked, even scratched, in any way, the ballot will be spoiled. He said that if anyone else handles the ballot, watch them well, in case they intentionally scratch the barcode with a fingernail to prevent your ballot from being counted. He used as an example that if you're obviously for a candidate that, say, a precinct official is against, that official may scratch your barcode to prevent your vote from being counted. 4. You will have four tries to put your ballot through the PCOS Unit. You can pforward, backward, front side up, back side up, whichever, but only four tries. If after the 4th try it doesn't read properly, goodbye ballot.

5. You will get one chance to have your ballot changed if you don't like it. That's when they first hand it to you. Inspect it right away. If you see any folds, scratches, or marks, you can ask for a change (which may lengthen your voting process, Mr. Diaz added).

6. Bring a list of your chosen candidates on a piece of paper so that you won't spend too much time filling out the ballot. If you make your decisions on the day itself without a list, you could spend a long time filling it up.

7. Watch the readout on the PCOS Unit when you insert your ballot into it. Mr. Diaz said that if successful, it'll read, "Congratulations! Your ballot has been scanned." If not, it'll say why (improper shading, etc.) Get that "Congratulations" message before leaving to make sure your vote is counted.

8. Bring an ID (Voter's ID is best, but if you don't have one, driver's license, passport, etc. any valid ID with your address and preferably a photo is all right) to present to the BEI (Board of Elections Inspector). If you can find out beforehand through your barangay, also get your Voter's ID number, precinct number, and your sequence number (the number beside your name in the voter's list). This'll speed up your voting process.

9. The ballot you are given will only be readable by one specific PCOS Unit. In other words, only one machine will be able to read your ballot, because it's pre-registered there, so when you're ready, line up at the proper machine. Don't line up at the wrong machine; your ballot won't be read, and it may spoil your vote.

10. Polls open on May 10, 2010, at 7 a.m. and end at 6 p.m.

11. Mr. Diaz said that the Comelec told him that with the PCOS Units, we will know the winner of the elections in 5 days. Otherwise, the PCOS Units will allow for a manual count since all votes will be recorded inside the machines (let's hope it doesn't come to that, because it's going to take the usual weeks and weeks to finishthe count).

12. The PCOS Units have internal batteries that can last 16 hours in case of power outages. Since the voting period only lasts 10 hours, there's a 6 hour buffer. But still, let's hope for no brownouts on May 10, 2010.

13. The PCOS Unit will print out the vote count in what looks like a very long cash register receipt, which will be put into a sealed box that'll be sent to the Comelec for proper counting. Also, the PCOS Unit will count the number of voters who are voting based on the ballots inserted into it, so again, watch the screen on the machine to make sure of voter count, as well as other important messages.

14. Mr. Diaz said that you should vote only the exact number you should vote for. So, vote for only 1 president, 1 vice president, 12 senators, 1 party list, 1 mayor, 1 vice mayor, 1 member of the House of Representatives, etc. (the limit will be there on your ballot as a "Vote for not more than ____"). If you vote for more than the stipulated number, that particular portion of the ballot is spoiled. You may,however, vote for less (as in, if you can't find 12 worthy senatoriables to vote for, it's all right to vote for less than 12).

15. Mr. Diaz stressed repeatedly that in voting this time, one should not make mistakes.It's asking a lot from us, but he said that over and over again. His words: "Don't make mistakes, otherwise, you'll spoil your ballot".

16. Of course you'll also be asked to do the usual signing of forms and making of thumbprints.

extra: I personally dont know Mr DIaz =D

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Philppine Politics Drama Comedy Action


Acting Justice Secretary Alberto Agra, in the eye of a storm over his decision to clear two members of the powerful Ampatuan clan of murder charges in what has come to be known as the Maguindanao Massacre, was in tears Thursday as he spoke about the public criticism that was hurting him and his family.excerpt from inquirerclick here for Inquirer Article

got this from GIBO's facebook
for jejemons meaning here

GMA's manicurist is now one of PAGIBIG's Board of Trustees. The issue here is not her capability but rather GMA's power to appoint. GMA article
Why under "Action" category? You tell me! And guess how much does a trustee get?
"Columnist Jarius Bondoc, who first exposed the appointments of Carpon and Macapagal, belied FabiaƱa's statement.
That P1,000 is a big lie. They make P130,000 a month. In their first meeting last Wednesday, the new trustees asked that it could be doubled to P300,000," Bondoc said in a text message to radio dzMM".

In a few days, we'll see more action as election is getting nearer! Hopefully no bloodshed naman.

so let me leave you with this quote from my shirt
you gotta love Philippine election!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

N@W blog roll

Hi everybody! THere's a new blog roll on the right side. This are for the N@wie girls that has kept me company, well-at least online. I am still halfway in listing everyone and clicking the entire list but yeah I am having fun!

One of the girls share the same birthdate with me, one is building her house and is having trouble with the contractor, most have babies and are proud mommies like moi.

There are tons of kwento! I will hop to each of your blog, see you soon in cyberlandia girlies =D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

all about being RICH

Been reading lately and yeah the cover all has the word "RICH" in it. 8 Secrets of the Truly RICH, RICH Dad poor Dad and Think RICH Quick!

And wHy do I read them?

Simply because I want to give more because if I earn less or none just like this moment I couldnt give any right?

I want to provide for my parents if they are old and gray and cant work anymore, well they are old already ayt but sadly they are still working like mad and the pressure the PNR is putting on them regarding our house - our home - is so much for them.

I want assurance that Thea will go to a good school - no I dont want her to go to a good school I want her to go to the BEST school and bests school are often expensive.

I want to spend more time with my hubby after retirement and by retirement I mean 50.

These four are not the only reasons why I want to be rich but these are some of the major ones.

Here are the books I am telling you, Pictures from Amazon and the Truly Rich website.
8 secrets of the truly rich by Bo Sanchez

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

by Trace Trajano

All these books are keen in giving back. TITHING had a different meaning to them. But for me it remains the same. It is not the universe that gives the money back to you in thousandfold, its GOD. Well that's a different topic altogether.

now this one I want to read, Trace has been bragging about it in his book Think Rich Quick plus he is one of Bo Sanchez's mentors in money making. We all know that Bo has lots of charity organizations where does he get the money? We'll you read the book ayt? by Larry Gamboa

Paano Ko Sasabihin Movie

Now here's an indie film i wanna watch!
Makes me wonder how Erich er Erhyl (daming Er) will eventually tell Enchong that she can really talk without making him feel less of a man.
Somebody know what's Enchong's real name? Kulit ng nickname nya eh =)

here's ria limjap's blog about the indie movie click here

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun at the Beach

beach = happiness
twas Thea's first time to step into the water and she loves it. She was so brave and walks towards the wave, giving me a heart attack. She wants to let go of our hands to that we say "No you dont"! But it was a fun fun beach time!

Hubby's parents were here for a week kaya we 3 had pics together! Yey

So when are you hitting the beach? Kami we just might go there again since its just a 15-minute ride from the house and its free =D But no swimming here, just a lovely sunset and beachcombing.

extra:Swimsuit daw? Di ka nga pwede magsuot ng sleeveless sa street kasi huhulihin ka, pano pa kung swimsuit sa beach?
Last March I saw a local girl swimming in the Rizqun Hotel she still wears her headdress and her swim wear is her jogging pants and a red shirt! Culture culture galore =D
Then if you go to Empire Hotel naman where the caucasians go, you'll see women wearing skimpy two-piece - eye feast for lots of Pinoys working at the poolside.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a licensed driver i am!

This year part of my goals is to know how to drive and to have my license. Last December, moi got my student driver's license and this March I applied for my non-pro and got it!

one of the requirements is your TIN. haaay, my dear tatay wanted to have his license too but he doesnt have a TIN but a TAN, you know what's that? TAN is the prehistoric TIN hahaha, and LTO doesnt recognize that so he needed to go and have his TIN pa hassle.
lto requirements click here

My driving is a different story =P My fastest is 60kph and if I feel that I am that fast(yes that's fast for me ayt) I'll go back to 40kph! All it takes is practice and lots of lakas ng loob!

So there! I'll update you of my driving as soon as I hit 70kph!

Friday, April 09, 2010

The BlowUpBabies Experience

I got a 500 peso pass for a free photoshoot plus a P200 discount on printing, I am a sucker for freebies. Next thing I knew me and Thea with yaya went to BlowUpBabies Serendra branch.
Happy with the photos. It wont be long till my little girl grows up and this will surely be a treasure for both her and us parents.

Here are the pictures: (these arent the raw pics I've edited them already)

BlowUpBabies facebook account

Here's the catch:
Printing per picture is taaadaaaa P900 =)
Unedited 15 soft copies of your shoot will cost you 1500 bucks. The edited version is like 3000 yata di ko sure di na nagregister kasi sabi ko ung unedited na lang duh!
If you print 3 pictures naman you'll get the 15 unedited softcopies for free.
Thing is the digital copies are low resolution and small. Can't blame them it's business alright, you have to go there to print your pics =D

all in all its a 3 star experience, could have been 5 except I find them a bit pricey. Buti na lang I have a P600 debit din on my HSBC card so that's P1300 less for my pocket!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Baby James shouts "VILLAR!"

then mommy Kris said "NO" "GO NA"


i guess baby james must have loved this commercial just like my little thea

and he must have forgotten his line in his tito noynoy's commercial. ngayon ko lang to napanood para nga pala nag-rarap si noynoy!

MVP borrowed part of his speech, yep its true

this is sad, really sad. one of the country's top businessman borrowed parts of his Ateneo 2010 graduation speech from Oprah, Rowling, Conan and, would you believe, Pres.Obama.

This is an excerpt from the GMA.TV news click here for the entire article
GMANews.TV also verified that some lines in Pangilinan’s address were nearly identical to passages in Rowling’s commencement address at Harvard University in 2008.

"I had no idea then how far the tunnel extended, and for a long time, any light at the end of it was a hope rather than a reality," Rowling said in her speech.

In Pangilinan’s address, this line appears: "I had no idea how far the tunnel of failure extended. And any light at the end of it seemed more hope than reality."

Rowling: "The knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you are, ever after, secure in your ability to survive."

Pangilinan: "The knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you can be secure in your ability to survive."

He said that he did had help in drafting the speech. I bet whoever helped him is in HUGE trouble now. And MVP should look too at his other speeches.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Our short Pinas Vacay

we started it with a splash in the pool with ate lalah's kids and nanay!
after the swim the kids told me we should do that again next time, yep they did have fun!

a trip to pinas wont be complete without a starbucks coffee! and another discovery was pepper lunch... yumminess really

a fun fun time with a girlfriend made this vacation special! looking forward to more girl time with you bunz =D

had to take time to meet my friends in EDC i soooo miss them! i took thea along pero wala sya sa pic, busy paglakad sa resto.

but ofcourse i should have a date with my favorite guy! we could only do that in Pinas where a yaya is available hehehe!

bonded with the beauties too at 'whereelse' bahay na tisa! sayang ninin wasnt there to bond with us it would have been twice fun!

then minette took some pics of me at the coffee house we went after the dinner! thanks cuz

at 9:30pm thea got sleepy and asked for mommy's hug!

day after that dinner and coffee night we're headed back to the airport na. it was short but we did had a great time. thanks to all of you.

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