Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My birthday blog

For so long I've been waiting for August 31 to fall on a Monday para official holiday sa Pinas. And finally, this year is the year! You see, its the National Heroes Day every last Sunday of August and the Monday following that day is an official Holiday in the Philippines.
But the thing is we are not in Manila and there's work here in Brunei!
That doesnt mean I didnt had a great time on my day. It's my day and surely I am entitled to have a grand time! And marve time indeed. A day with my princess and my husband is always GREAT!
Its my first birthday as a mommy and I have to tell you I had a different way of celebrating my day. Yes, being a mom is life changing. No, I am not complaining as Thea changed my life in a better way.
I cooked sinigang for lunch and baked brownies for merienda, (breastfeeding and watching backyardigans in between).Hubby bought pizza too from Fratinnis. Sarap tsibog galore kami. Then we had a fancy dinner at an American resto, a little fancy than the usual meal =)
Facebook is the "in' thing now to greet friends. And I had tons of greeting from my uber friendships. here's my facebook profile Thank you everyone for remembering. I really love greetings on my day, who doesnt duh?
Salamat sa facebook greetings: Thanks to my lovely cousin Zaydee, pretty Trixie, my kaberthday Nelda, Mark T.,Kap, sweetie Bunz, Gaye, Victor, Dinah, Ate Vi, Rose, supermom CHie, monstermon, noyeen, Rodney, Jen B., Apple R., Jan Tiu, cutesy Cindy, Zennia, bestie Geng, Amie, Marivi, Moppet, Jonna, Apple H and Inets.

Friendster greeting naman from Rhea and Tina. Girls, magfacebook na din kayo. Ooops Inets greeted me there too, makulit na bata =) Love you inet!

And syempre mawawala ba ang texters? On top of the list, at exactly 12am, Inets texted me! Hehehe, then comes the texts from family: Ate lah, Ate Mai, Ate Leng, Madear, Nanay A, Lenlen, Aileen and Tatay Fred. There's a text from Udette too =) Tenchu tenchu very much!!! Mariano fam had a celebration last SUnday for my and ate lengs birthday. Haaaay, I miss them =) mwaaaah.

12am Thea woke up and was looking for milky ni mommy, hubby who's about to greet me backed out making way for Thea. A while later the baby went back to sleep, way lang nya yun para batiin si mommy! After making sure the baby's asleep Hubby gave me a kiss and a present - "the present". (Have I mentioned I chose #2? - thats another kwento)Anyway, he handed me the red box! I am still super excited when I opened it, as if I wasnt around when we bought it, hehehe! Thanks much sweetie for the gift. 3 years na natin cinecelebrate ang bday ko! Sayang walang Starbucks dito noh? Seriously, I am happy to spend the day with you and Thea. I will always want to celebrate it with both of you.

Last, thank you dear Lord for giving me another year to live and cherish. Thank you for the great new blessings You have showered me. Guide me Father as I live this new year and please help me be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and a friend. Love, nyemnyem.

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