Friday, December 07, 2012

Thea's 4th Birthday

Wasnt able to plan ahead for her birthday because I was preggo. I was thinking I might have given birth on her day so it would be very difficult for me to coordinate a party while carrying a newborn. In my mind we would just cook something special for our ate thea and blow a cake! But our little baby boy doesnt want to stand in his ate thea's birthday. Two days before my beautiful girl's day I texted my ever reliable sister if she could cook spaghetti for Thea, also asked her to buy pabitin and kung pwede lagyan na din nya ng mga laruan hahaha abuso lang :D Then I asked Nanay if she could buy ice cream for the girl. On that day I just bought 3 boxes of Chooks chicken and cooked a kilo of hotdog and party party na! Nanay A also bought suman for our bday girl.

Here are some pics
 our birthday girl :)  ang laki mo na anak!
 chocolate fountain, suman, hotdogs, fried chicken, spaghetti, blueberry cheesecake and cupcakes. may icecream pa sa ref! (yep that's Christmas wreath on our window, early kami magdecorate eh)
 games with the lolo and lola's :)
 pabitin!syempre sya una noh!
my girl and her friend poleng. fun time with their balloons. they're trying to reach thea's.

My firstborn,

You are God's gift to me and your dad. Your contagious laugh will always make my heart leap. Your wholehearted hug na may tapik tapik pa has touched me in sooo many ways. The way you look at me melts my heart. Your sweet kiss will always captivate me .  

I love love love you sooo sooo much I couldnt even quantify. I will always find ways to make you be the best you can be. I will be here when you need me and even if you dont. I will make things happen for you even if it seems impossible for some. I will continue to be your teacher, your greatest fan, your alalay, your driver, your hairdresser, your playmate, your researcher, your therapist, your manager, your mom.

Happy birrthday anak.

Lots of love,

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