Saturday, May 25, 2013

Caleb @ 6 months

Half a year? Agad?

6 months went by fast and everything changed for the better because we had you. Your father, me and Ate Thea are very happy to have you. You add joy to this family, you bring hope and you exudes love.

Did I say 6 months? Oh boy had it been really? Sometimes it feels like yesterday when you were still in my tummy but everytime I hold you it feels like I have always been your captive.

I am still your number one source of food, mama's milk is still the best for you (hehe) but yes you've started solids na even before your 5th month. I am betting you wont be picky, please dont be. Your first tooth erupted last May 6 it was your front lower right tooth that showed first followed by the left the next day! You've been droolling a lot since. Btw, can you stop biting after feeding babe? Masaket kasi eh :p

I love you to bits Leb. You will always be my baby boy. Remember that always.


Our Brunei Vacation

I waited 2 years to be able to go back to the Abode of Peace! And last March 31 to April 21 my wish was granted!

Three weeks pure family experience is something to be treasured. I love how we help each other out albeit the late night sleep of our little call center agent who always log in on graveyard shifts.

Everyday we go to either Supasave or SoonLee, hobby ang mag supermarket! In fairness Supasave has improved a lot after the renovation, it looks more like SnR now with Coffee Bean and Tea leaf and Crocs outlet, Panbright travel has a branch there too. Happy for the residents of Panaga area and the KB district for a fancy supermarket hehe. Oh I think a year ago the Seria gym and OGDC movie house opened also. The Seria town is really improving they now have KFC, excapade and Mums bakery too. I know thats not much for a town but if you lived in the place for a while and you came back and see improvements wont you feel extra happy?

Well I guess I am just super happy that I was back! We did not live at the same house as we rented a bigger one since the family got bigger. The little boy and his dad need bigger bed space what with the position that both of them likes when sleeping. Here's some pics of my men having father and son moment even as they sleep!

On our first weekend, Alvin's team at BSP had a day out at the beach! All of them Bruneian except for my husband. They scheduled it in time of our vacation so we could get to meet them. Their day out, or what they call 'away day' is an activity to refresh, reunite or just go away. Families are sometimes included, so they timed it on our vacay. I guess they are excited to meet us, put face on the name. I was pretty much excited to see them too. Lamb and chicken barbeque, baked potato with tuna plus some malay food are set for lunch. Here's my picture with the cantik (beautiful) girls of IBA team! Bossing sukinah, lovely azzy, beauty laila, gracious and sometimes Tagalog speaking izzat and bubbly dayah. Cant forget Dayah calling me out saying "Alvin's wife Alvin's wife!!! hahaha and they hushed her and said it's Emma!

Thea and her dad at the beach. Away day was over when Thea wanted to swim, her dad sweating much needed to carry her out of the beach to the car. I had the following picture edited BUT couldnt find it so here's the orig pic from my phone, science ;p

After beach we went to Gadong to check in at the Rizqun Hotel, its the hotel attached to The Mall. But shopping is not the reason for checking in, dear husband is going to participate at Standard Chartered's Run for a Reason and call time is 4am. We were anxious because he hasnt slept much. Was tired the day before from carrying thea and wasnt able to practice the whole week we were there. Yet I have faith he'll finish, my only prayer is hopefully no injuries. He came back around 8am with a medal for finishing the race! It was his first half marathon and I am very glad he did it! Cheers to more half marathons and marathons next year.

On our second Sunday we went to the Beach again for a fun day with our BTN family. Someone volunteered to hold Caleb, thank you Lala, I was able to eat lunch. We werent able to finish the program because it was toooo hot. The kids are sweating so bad. After which husband asked if I want to go to Bandar and I said yes! Good thing we did. How I miss those long drive chika with my man. Caleb was asleep and Thea was probably exhausted too she wasnt fuzzy much that time. Jalan jalan ( jalan means walk) at Yayasan, buy some toys then off to coffee bean to grab some coffee and food then off to the road again we went to head home. There might not be much to do at Brunei but those chika during long drive has always been memorable. We passed by the famous gold plated Mosque, some streets that were renovated and a collegue's house err mansion - she even offered us to use their Spa building, oh btw they have Spa, Recreation, Main and Amah's building sossy no?

We were able to spend time at Billionth Barrel monument. After office, 4pm, husband goes home for merienda then we'll all head out to some place usually to supermarket but one fine afternoon we headed to the Billionth Barrel! The weather was nice for jalan jalan, it took a while for Thea to feel the place but when she finally decided to roam around she just couldnt stop. The little jolly boy and me needed to go inside the car before them because hunger atttacks - he needs mama's milk. Thea had so much fun she didnt want to go home her dad had to carry her to the car (agaaiiin) because its getting dark na :) It was a fun fun time for all of us, mostly because Ate Thea joined in and had fun too herself!

Thea wasnt at ease yet on her first and half of second week, she spent our afternoon dates inside the car looking at the window but after her billionth barrel monument moment our afternoons were waaay much fun as she gamely goes down the car to play or go shopping. Here she is at the KB playground.

We were also able to cross country, nyahaha as if its a big thing noh?, to Miri as we needed to had our passports chopped because our tourist visa is going to lapse after day 14. At Miri the only place we went to is Parkson - Miri's Megamall :) Got no pics there haha but at least I was able to buy a pair of pants and went a lil shopping at their dept store.

Our last week went by soo fast. Next thing we knew we were preparing to go home. I was feeling sad that we had to go home where I'd be an OFW wife again, that I cried when we left the house we stayed in for 3 weeks. Husband appeased me by saying we could always go back but I knew it wouldnt be that easy with all the things needed to be finished back in Bulacan. 

Good thing my dear hubby planned well for our last 2 days, he took us to the Empire Hotel in Gadong. Going there we saw welcome signs to ASEAN delegates, turns out they will be hosting this year's summit. We were 3 days early for the summit but you can tell that there were delegates already checking in. At the hotel we were greeted by a note from the manager and chocolates! Yumminess yung chocolate ha :)

It was drizzling when we came so we ordered food lang. Then when the rain stopped Ate Thea slept na. So basically we were just inside the room except when we sneaked out to have a photo by the fountain and when it was time for brekky. Still our stay was great, it was a great way to end our vacation to the place I fell in love with, the place where me and hubby will always consider second home.

Brunei might notbe the place "somewhere only we know" but it is definitely the place "where our family has bloomed". We miss you na Brunei. Till we see you again. Always be good to us eh? We love you.

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