Friday, December 07, 2012

Thea's 4th Birthday

Wasnt able to plan ahead for her birthday because I was preggo. I was thinking I might have given birth on her day so it would be very difficult for me to coordinate a party while carrying a newborn. In my mind we would just cook something special for our ate thea and blow a cake! But our little baby boy doesnt want to stand in his ate thea's birthday. Two days before my beautiful girl's day I texted my ever reliable sister if she could cook spaghetti for Thea, also asked her to buy pabitin and kung pwede lagyan na din nya ng mga laruan hahaha abuso lang :D Then I asked Nanay if she could buy ice cream for the girl. On that day I just bought 3 boxes of Chooks chicken and cooked a kilo of hotdog and party party na! Nanay A also bought suman for our bday girl.

Here are some pics
 our birthday girl :)  ang laki mo na anak!
 chocolate fountain, suman, hotdogs, fried chicken, spaghetti, blueberry cheesecake and cupcakes. may icecream pa sa ref! (yep that's Christmas wreath on our window, early kami magdecorate eh)
 games with the lolo and lola's :)
 pabitin!syempre sya una noh!
my girl and her friend poleng. fun time with their balloons. they're trying to reach thea's.

My firstborn,

You are God's gift to me and your dad. Your contagious laugh will always make my heart leap. Your wholehearted hug na may tapik tapik pa has touched me in sooo many ways. The way you look at me melts my heart. Your sweet kiss will always captivate me .  

I love love love you sooo sooo much I couldnt even quantify. I will always find ways to make you be the best you can be. I will be here when you need me and even if you dont. I will make things happen for you even if it seems impossible for some. I will continue to be your teacher, your greatest fan, your alalay, your driver, your hairdresser, your playmate, your researcher, your therapist, your manager, your mom.

Happy birrthday anak.

Lots of love,

Friday, November 30, 2012

Birthing Story - Vince Caleb

Last February when I found out I was preggo I counted right away the due date :) I knew it would fall last week of October till first week of November. My first ultrasound said I'd give birth on November 8. Kept telling my baby you can come out any day but can you not pick November 1?

Didn't I tell you that this little boy is full of surprises? I was in labor November 1 at 1am. I started counting the intervals and measuring the intensity of the pain. Morning came I went to my OB and she said I'm just 1-2 cm dilated, asked her if I should ask my hubby to come home from Brunei and she said it can still take a week for a 2cm dilation so it's kinda premature to ask hubby to come home right away. That was 10 in the morning.

My dear husband was elated already, I couldnt decide and tell him to come home because we might be wasting his leave credits for a false alarm. So we waited for the pain to escalate. My dear son leaves us clueless. I knew the pain I'm having is not normal but I was hesitant to tell him "Uwi ka na" coz I dont want to pressure myself to give birth once he's home. By mid afternoon we finally decided he'll go home, that's a Thursday and flight is Friday morning, thanks to Cebu Pacific for cheap flights! He booked and we decided if I wont give birth till Sunday he'll have to go back to work by Monday.

The pain was tolerable from 10am till 7pm - that coming from a girl who's pain tolerance is high ha (didn't have epidural so I think mine is high). I FB message my girlfriends and told them I am in labor and I wanted to have a normal delivery. Told them too that I am having contractions every 10 minutes and ask that they pray for me. I left FB and rested didnt know the girls got tensed with my message and were asking me to go to the hospital na. By 11am Thea woke up and she was crying as in 30min crying inconsolably and I knew its me she needs. I am having contractions then much painful than 8pm but I was still able to tolerate.

By 12am my girl slept and I was left contemplating if I should press the buzzer to wake the team or should I still rest. I tried to sleep to no avail. I knew I had to go to the hospital. I went to the bathroom first to brush teeth and sponge bath. I already took a bath around 7pm. Felt I should because I knew the 'thunders' wont allow me to take a bath days after I give birth. 1am I pressed the buzzer.

Buzzer - husband bought a doorbell and gave the buzzer to me while placing the other end on the other room. The other room is where my niece sleeps, that night my MIL, FIL and even my BIL were there. Let's call them 'Team'. Team 1 - Nanay and Tatay will take me to the hospital. Team 2 BIL 1 & 2 will fetch Alvin at the airport. Team 3 Niece and her mom will watch over Thea while we are in the hospital.

When they heard the buzzer they all jumped out of bed. MIL who doesnt have her teeth on yet hehe asked me if its time. I said yes ;) and they were all in their post. To Santissima Hospital we went and I was IEd by the resident doctor and found I am still 2cm dilated. I was like,"Huwaaaat??? It cant be. The pain is worse and my husband is on his way. I should be at least 4cm." But no I was 2cm and the doctor said I'm leaking. My OB called me up and said we'll do trial labor and if it wont progress by 2pm next day i am due for CS. I got scared and texted family to pray coz I really dont want to undergo an operation. Had dextrose IVd on me with a dosage of sleeping something which didnt make me fall asleep. The doctor said she'll check on me by 6am to see if the cervix opened.

2am-6am I couldnt sleep. The pain had escalated twice as much. Alvin was in the hospital by 6:30. He brought a starbucks coffee that I couldnt even drink because no food nor drink was allowed grrrr. Doctor came in 7am and said I was 4-5cm already!!! Yey, that means I will have a normal delivery! But I could still smile then hehe so she didnt suggest an epidural yet. She came back around 8:30 and found me on 7cm. She said I could do it without epid and asked the nurses to take me to delivery room. She said she'll help me out.

(Continued only today Nov 30 I tell you newborns require lots of your time :)

So I was pushed to the delivery room by by 9am. Once there they put something on my IV to help induce labor, but contractions came at 5 or 8 min interval, so we were there for almost an hour till the doctor said tI am on 10cm. During the 1 hour on and off contractions I was told to push like I was about to poop. The pain, i mean the PAIN, the EXCRUCIATING PAIN was unlike any other. I couldnt compare it with Thea's birth because I was sedated then, Caleb's birth was different - I was awake and concious the whole time. I know everything I even asked the nurse what she's applying on my vajayjay :p  Yep thas how awake I was!

At first there was only me, the OB and the nurse inside the delivery room, around 9:45 the pedia came and I knew any moment I will give birth na. By 10am I am 10 cm already. Two more nurses came in (male nurses) to help out. They were only a few nurse because most of them are on leave, it was a loong weekend. So i wasnt able to ask anyone to take pictures, my husband wasnt allowed to go inside the room and besides I didnt even thought about it anymore when labor pains were shooting in. OB said "kaya mo yan Emma" and in my head I was like "Ano pa nga ba eh kakayanin ko lang talaga no!". I even asked if there's anything to help lessen the pain but since its too late na for an epid only a vaginal anesthesia can be given but that would only be for the stitches for episiotomy na lang yata.

On cue I pushed, keeping in mind that I have to take breathing back in slowly so my baby's head wont be like that of Adam Sandler - egg shaped. I pushed and pushed so very hard. Three nurses on my tummy helping me push the baby down.  Then on the final push I was told to give my all -  I scream out loud, I wanted my husband to hear it hahaha.  And then he pops!!! My mind got lost in thoughts. I saw my son on my belly with cord wrapped around his waist. I heard double coil but didnt know what that implied. I just said "Hi Baby!" The doctor said "Happy birthday"

I forgot if I said happy birthday to Caleb but I know I was happy, I still am, that I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy on that Friday November 2, 2012.

***up next -- pictures***

Our lil boy born at 10:16am, 3.4 kg. Picture at the nursery.

With mom and dad at our hospital room. Ate Thea isnt allowed inside but they were able to sneak her in that morning. When I got inside the room my lil girl was waiting for me :) They brought her home din agad because mommy needed rest. Mommy is happy because I saw my girl on the day I gave birth to her lil brother.

Here he is now at 4.7kg :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

38 weeks

Going 38 weeks preggers tomorrow and yes I can feel it. The little guy has been kicking my ribs and pushing my bladder too. No worries though I know I will miss all these once he gets out of there.

I've been nesting for a month now. Bought stuff for the munchkin and fixed the blue room too. Got some wall stickers from youji and me last August, good thing they dont have the princess castle I wanted to buy ( i thought im having a girl) instead I bought the twigs and lion and monkey set. The crib has been setup. Baby and Mommy go bags are both ready. The name for the lil boy keeps on changing haha! But now it seems like my sweetheart has chosen na so we'll reveal na lang when I give birth.

Excited is the number one feeling that goes around the house now. I kinda feel he's about to come na, some signs ang false alarms now and then. I go to the bathroom often just to stay there for sometime and find I dont have to go. TMI haha.

Still preparing Ate Thea for her big sister role. She's big na naman and hopefully she wont be jealous much. Waaaah my heart breaks pag naiisip ko na baka magselos. Thea, I love you sooo much babe and having a brother doesnt mean I will love you less.

The husband gets a lil anxious when I call him in the morning. He thinks I'm about to give birth na haha. Excited ang father :)

To our baby boy, see you soon sweetheart! As much as I love you inside my tummy I want you to come out when dad goes home this weekend. But if you're not ready yet just take your time, dad can go home anytime to meet you. We are all eager to see, hold and kiss you. Love you much.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

On Thieves and House Security

Men broke in our house last Sunday, October 14, 2012.

They forced open the kitchen window. Going to the kitchen window you have to pass through our gate, then another gate going to the laundry area where the kitchen window is. That's the only window without grill Our househelp forgot to close one of the gates to our laundry area, the thieves climbed the gate and went straight to the laundry area. How they knew it was open and how they knew that the only entry point is the kitchen window is a mystery. And why there were no security - roving guards at that time is another question. Our gate is like 6 feet with horizontal lines so they could easily climb it but it will take a while to go to the other side. Lights in the garage and garden are all on too.

We are still thankful that no one got hurt. Only me, my niece and my lil girl is in the house that time. (Apparently, they knew that too.) Good thing we didnt woke up when they got inside the house nor when they entered our rooms. Worse might have happened if we woke up and saw their face,  some say burglars tie the residents and goes through all their belongings, some even commit murder and a lot of other things. They might have gotten our gadgets - iphone, ipod, tablet, 3 more phones, my niece's bag, but we still have our lives and we are thankful for that.

Our God is good! Amidst all these things we know that God will send His angels to watch over us.

What we did after: Grills were installed at the kitchen window, locks were replaced, and other security measures were done. We'll install CCTV too, i know it's not preventive but at least they might think twice now that they'll get caught since we have a recorder. Relatives sleep over our house now nightly to    accompany us.

I am 37 weeks pregnant and am in an emotional wreck that morning. At first I am calm and called the guards and relatives but after they're gone and saw the whole thing I cried. Because I know things might have been worse. I hugged Thea tightly and am soooo ever thankful she's very much okay. She has been waking up on wee hours lately as in 2-6am she's awake but on that day she slept away until 7am! Had she been awake, haaay I dont want to think about it na.

I hope you guys take house security highly. Praying that this wont happen to anyone or to us again. God bless you and please keep safe guys.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy 5th!

BF-GF anniversary that is :)

Happy 5th Anniversary Sweetheart!

Thank you for coming home to be with me on that day! I knew that much will change henceforth and indeed it has. 

Cheeers to more years. See u soon.

Today all I want is to be with u on a place that only we know :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012


It was a nice number!
I declare today "a neighbor-girlfriend day"! 
Morning, while Thea was at school and me cooking lunch, I heard someone calling from outside. "Tao po" I saw a red car and thought why the heck did the insurance agent go back when I already said Im not buying? Then when I peaked I saw Abby Nuque one of the Tropang Kap wives outside our house trying to figure out if somebody's inside hehe. She's holding something and I immediately knew she got food! Wow food! And it's an Oreo Cheesecake! Was at Starbucks yesterday and about to get one pero na-guilty. Now na andito sa doorstep and libre bawal na maguilty!!! Ubos agad :) Thanks Abby!!!

Pero syemps I got something for her too, well not exactly for her but for her unico hijo - a gift from ninong! A Toy Story book :) There's Babuzz no Cyrus? Sarap bigyan ng regalo pag alam mo ang gusto. Her mom said he was dancing all the way to their destination.

Afternoon came and I saw my phone's missed calls list and saw Leah and Virgie (our Cedar Crest agent) in it. And who do u think did I texted first? Si Leah syempre hahaha. Though Im desperate to sell na our condo I wouldnt miss going out with a girlfriend on a sunny Thursday afternoon as she usually goes to office pa. Oh well she had a tough time finding a good and lasting yaya but she did eventually hired someone and now she goes na to office daily, there was a time kasi she couldnt report for more than 2 weeks. I really thought she'll end up being a SAHM too but God has other plans for this sexy momma! Haaay sana I'll get back in shape as fast as she did no? Her son will celebrate his 1st birthday tom and if you can see her she's back to her pre-pregnancy weight and has gotten even sexier because she's breastfeeding. So take that, I'll breastfeed din naman my second just like what I did with my first. Here's hoping I'll go back in my pre=pregnancy weight din as fast as her.

Oooops sa kadaldalan ko di ko pa nasabi text nya. Do I want to go to the supermarket daw with her? opcors!!! So she fetched me and off to South we went. It was just a supermarket date but I got excited haha.

 2 gf's in one day :) Now that's rare.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My birthday blog - 33

33 is just a number what's more important is how you live those years.

This is my second birthday being preggo and this year was rather more homey than the first. Why? Oh well because I was home mommy all day. I just want to enjoy my time and savor the day, I didnt want to cook nor bake. I still drove my lil girl to school, life went on and it was fabulous!

School started at 9am so the bday mom went to Figaro muna for breakfast
choco muffin and decaf cafe mocha!

Lunch was nilaga my lil girl enjoyed the food! Afternoon class was 12pm-2 I took the lil girl to class and I had some prettifying at artista salon! Pedicure and manicure it was, after my nails were done I still had time for my hair :D The stylist asked me where was I going, I told him waley, I just want to prettify myself for the day, didnt mention its my birthday because they might ask for a treat hehe.

After Thea's afternoon class we all went to Shakey's for a hawaiian pizza treat! No bisita were expected because day before my birthday I told everyone I dont want to cook and I sent out cassava cakes to san marcos, calumpit and ate lalah's.

My day was definitely a me day. Happy no fuss 33rd birthday for nyemnyem!

Syemps I had greeters on my day! My handsome guy tops the list and my little kulit girl who always wakes up at wee hours to greet mommy! Families and friends greet at FB and thru texts. Thanky thanky.

And most of all thank you Lord God for giving me a beautiful day and a whole new year to look forward to. May I be a channel of blessing to those that I will meet along the way.

Hope you'll have a fun unstressful birthday like I did.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh Boy

SURPRISE! We're going to have a baby boy!!!

My Dear Son,

You made a huge impact when the sonologist said we were having a boy! Parang earthquake intensity 9! Mommy said "Ano po sabi nyo?" the doctor replied "Lalaki!" Oh boy Oh boy!!!

You see, on your 6th month mommy's doctor said we probably have a baby girl then on the 7th she said it really is a girl. It was only when you were on your 8th month that I had time for your 4D ultrasound that you revealed yourself! Showbiz na showbiz ka anak, ginulat mo si mommy!

A startled mom might I be but know that I am happy! In my heart I knew I will have a boy when you were just 3 mos. My ultrasensitive nose and taste buds say so, and when I threw up quite a lot unlike when I was expecting your ate. Ate Thea knows it too, she kept on saying baby boy even though we ask her to say baby girl.

Galing mo sa surprise anak! One thing I know, you got this kind of knack not from your dad!

See you soon honeybunch! We are all excited to see you, to finally cuddle and kiss you.


Here's our little heartthrob!

And to compare here's his ate's 4D 4 years ago :D

I got videos too but there's something wrong with my connection I couldnt upload it. Better luck next time. May you all have a surprisingly beautiful day.


Monday, September 03, 2012

List of Online Shopping Sites

Hi Everyone!

Online shopping has been such a hit lately. What with the "up to 70% discount" come ons they post in their websites. I havent tried it yet because I am so conservative (hesitant) when it comes to using credit card for purchases online. Plus pa the horror stories I heard from sissies about some exclusive offers they got from online shopping sites. But with the current rave and big big discounts I just might try.

I listed here some online shopping sites available in the Philippines which offer exclusive products.








Amongst the above online shopping sites I like MetroDeal's page best. It's clear and the deals make me want to buy. Foremost because it isnt blurred like those of cashcashpinoy's page where they want you to log in or be a member first to view their products. Second because their deals comes from companies with good reputation. naman looks promising, the guess copules watch is to grab for :)

As I said earlier I heard horror stories from people who dealt with discounted products and end up with very poor service. So just check first the advertiser before going for a deal. I hope you'll have a happy online shopping.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Pregnancy Etiquette guide

From The pigeon mom

My personal favorites are pointers 8 and 10.

Pointer#1 Always offer us a seat, especially on public transport vehicles. Balancing acts in moving vehicles are not exactly our specialty during these 9 months.
Pointer#2 Please do offer to carry our things for us. We walk and carry two, so our feet and back always hurt. Any kind of help is much appreciated.
Pointer#3 Yes, you may also open the door for us. If chivalry is plus points for the ladies, you're a knight in shining armor for pregnant women.
Pointer#4 Please let us go first in the restrooms. Because the miracle of life is squeezed all inside our tummies, we tend to go more often.
Pointer#5 Lend us a hand when crossing the str and hold the elevator for us. As you may have noticed, we tend to walk a bit slower than the rest of the rushng crowd.
Pointer#6 Avoid pointing out our shortomings in the physcal looks departme. Beauty is relativ and pregnancy is a beautiul blessing
Pointe#7 Contrary to popular belief, telling pregnancy stories to expectant moms are not helpful
Pointer#8 No matter how tempting, refrain from touching our tummies unless given permission.
Pointer#9 Do not take our hormonal mood swings personally. And yes, during these 9 months we have the excuse to blame biology for our crankiness and sudden cravings in the middle of the night.
Pointer#10 Do not point out ow much weight we've gained. That, my friends, is a valuable lesson that applies even after we gave birth.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daddy's home!!!

Loong weekend in celebration of Hari Raya or the end of fasting in Brunei also meant daddy will be home! And he was :)

My dear husband was here for 5 days! Why with exclamation point? Because the usual time he spends here is just 3 days (weekend plus 1 day leave), the additional 2 days are really bonus we were all happy to take!

This lil girl misses his daddy much. See?

She went to her dad and called him "Diday Diday", played horsy and then when she got tired she rested and this picture was taken.

The other girl who misses him much is this. See?
Saltimbaco by Cirque du Soleil August 19, 2012 - matinee Last day of performance.
I wanted to go and see something new for my birthday (yes it was my advanced birthday date), and Saltimbaco fitted the bill. It would be a new experience since I havent actually gotten to see a live circus act in my 33 years.

I had a blast! It was my first time to go to SM MOA Arena and the place looks promising! With big events coming up Im pretty sure next time they'll have more place to eat, ahahaha. THe show was 1pm and I havent eaten lunch yet. We did had a meal at 10am but you know me that wasnt enough. So my husband bought food to satisfy my grumbling stomach for the 2 hour show. From doughnuts, burger, popcorn and nuggets how could I get hungry. NOT. I was hungry at 3pm. Good thing restos are near and we were able to eat agad.

The entire time he was here was dedicated to moi and the lil girl. We had a thea day, day after Mommy day haha. To SM pampanga we go and the kid loved the ferris wheel. She was in the ride 4 times. And who else will she take with her during those four times? Her dad ofcourse :)

Here are they in a pink egg! Can't see thea? Look at dad's right side and you'll see her foot on the rail. Enjoy ang bebe!

To end here's a kulit pic. Thea wearing my undergarment over her shirt. Waaah dalaga ka na anak?

Thursday, August 09, 2012

August 2012 Habagat

First, I want everyone to know we are safe. We are here in LaResidencia and thankfully the flood hasnt reached our street. But yes it reached our community. One of my friends house is flooded, their street is knee-deep. We are blessed we live in Phase 2 our streets here are dry.

Anyhoo, I dont know who to credit for the photo below. I just took it from Facebook. I posted it here just so we can remember how terrible Habagat has brought to our town.

We are trapped inside the house. The streets going out of the subdivision are all flooded. Good thing we had stock of food here. Water and electricity hasnt been cut down. But we still filled all our containers with water just in case.

SO there friends I hope everyone is okay. Flood is getting bigger today August 9, Thursday. Good thing naman the sun is shining not as bright but its promising. I am waiting for my rainbow.

Keep safe and dry everyone. We can do this!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Working Out

Age and metabolism are inversely proportionate to each other. Metabolism is the amount of energy (calories) our body burns to maintain itself. When we age our metabolism slows down. When you reach 3-0, every cube of chocolate, cup of rice, or a spoon of ice cream you eat will manifest and unsightly show on your tummy (or cheeks if you are more unfortunate). While exercise is not a requirement when we were err younger now we need to exert a little more effort to stay fit.

Though some have better genetics inherited from their parents, most of us are stucked in our not soooo Jessica Alba'ish body. I mean how could she possibly fit in that two-piece sexey bathing suit after giving birth in 5 months, no fair really!!!

When I was 26 I tried going to the gym, what with the noticeable "bilbil" i got from eating 2 cups of rice. Along with gym time I also cut down my rice consumption, half na lang please!. Well that worked out for like uhmmmm 2 months??? Going to gym takes a lot of determination and will to persevere, a primary goal is very well needed if you wish to attain something - that's just not what happened to me! Besides I can still tuck my tummy then hahaha, Vhin hasnt noticed it quite much until we got married - gotcha there sweetie ;P

Hubby's story is different. He was fit when we started going out, then he gained lil by lil when we got together. Uhhhm a little more heavier when we got married then when we moved back in Pinas his BMI has become a little more alarming. He made a pact that he needs to be fit for himself and for his growing family.

When he went back to Brunei, everyone were telling him he gained a lot of weight. He enrolled in the newly built gym in Seria and started his 4-5x a week workout. Every month his weight will go down! But it was on his 3rd month that his co-workers noticed his clothes are getting lousy. Now on his 5th or is it 6th, he just keeps getting fitter. Wife is definitely proud of you!

BEFORE - Dec 2011

AFTER June 2012

While I am proud I am also pressured. At least I wouldnt need to workout until the bun has gotten out of the oven. I hope breastfeeding will take all the fats this pregnancy has given me, pwede pati na din ung fats ng first pregnancy?!?

Friday, August 03, 2012

For Sale Cedar Crest Condo


Hi Everyone!

With a heavy heart we are selling our Cedar Crest condo.

FIrst, why with a heavy heart? Kasi naman when we went there to look at the place we were mesmerized, awed and we fell in love with the community. We had to rethink of our position to sell or should we just rent it out. But we cant have two homes right now. Siguro in the future we can own two or more houses(dream on di ba nga?), but for now we just had to be content with our house here in Bulacan.

The unit we had is big enough for a family of 4-6 (oh di ba tamang tama?)! It has 3 bedrooms, 1 master then 2 for the kids. There are 2 bathroom din. Hindi sya yung typical na nakikita sa movies na studio type (talagang movie no?). It is an end unit with back view. Though some might want a good view of facilities i prefer kasi yung hindi para di maingay. What's good pa is may space dun sa baba pero cedar crest pa din so sure ka na di mabablock ung air going to the unit.

The toilet and bath aint cheap! You can customize pa din naman if you want to have a grander comfort room but for me the materials they use are quite nice na! Save na lang your money for other needs or appliance.

The community is pleasant! Cedar crest has a kiddie pool (Thea would have love that soo soo much sigh), it has lap pool (mommy loves that!) and it has a very fine gym (daddy would have surely spend much time there!). But wait there's more. It has a nice playground (can i just sigh again?), a picnic area, basketball court and many more.

Click here for the website of Cedar Crest. There are 10 midrise buildings in Cedar all with only 5 floors, our unit is in Marigold.

So there friends if you are interested or knows someone who might be interested please send me a mail at ***.

Some more pics for you.

Lastly, here's the layout of a typical 3 bedroom unit.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My mom and dad have four daughters. They kept on hoping they'd had a boy but the fourth and the prettiest kid came out to be a girl. My mother underwent ligation after giving birth to me (oh yes i am the youngest hehe).

That gives me three sisters! Each of them has different personality, each has her way of communicating how she feels, each has her own humor, her own heartbreaks and own triumphs, each has her own interest and her own dislikes, each has her own smile, her own laugh, each has her own way of showing their love and each one I love to bits.

Ate Mai is our eldest. She's one of the nicest, caring, thoughtful, loving, frank, methodical, achiever, goal oriented, planner, loyal, smart, frank, calculating (pun intended), focused girl I've met.

Ate Leng the second sister is on the adventurous, free spirited, trendy, loving, generous, candid, spontaneous, kikay, kind, outsopken and friendly type of person.

Ate Lah naman is the industrious, friendly, dependable, lively, lovely, winning, good humored, crafty, over tolerant, sociable and gracious girl.

nanay, ate mai, me, ate leng and ate lalah plus bulilits
Sisters are just the bestest friend you can get. You can be bad at them (vice versa) but they cannot unsister you haha. The bonding is just different. The love you can get from them will never be lacking.

My sisters played a very important part in my life that's why I am super happy when my OB told me we'll most probably have another girl! I repeat, GIRL as in sister for my little Thea! Two pretty girls roaming around the house making crazy noises, drawing castles, wearing pink tutus, sporting fancy dresses, hair in ponytails!

Ate Thea, at first you might see our coming little one as a competition. But fret not my darling because mommy's love for you wont lessen. My heart will make double the amount of love it produces so do not think I will love you less, I wont. Better if you keep in mind that there'd be another one to love you. She will be the bestesst friend you would ever have. I really think that a sister is the best sibling for you.

Baby girl, we are all excited to see you. You're now moving uncontrollably and you have a very quirky waking hours - 1-2am at that. I dont complain though as we are both hungry and pretty much need something for our tummy! We like peanut butter and honey sandwich - gumaya lang tayo kay daddy kasi healthy daw yun! But we need to control a bit ha. We cannot gain more than what we're supposed to because mommy might have a hard time pushing you out. Just continue being healthy inside mommy's tummy.We'll meet you in November. Ate Thea has loads of girly things she can share with you. We love you. - Mommy, Daddy and Ate.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Ups and Downs of July

Did I write JULY? Oh gulay, half of the year just past and now we are on the 2nd half! Feels like yesterday when everyone was busy preparing for the holidays. Now, we need to collect presents again for December hahaha. Better be early, there are loads of half year sale these days :)

Oh well its not what I want to tell you all. July has it's ups and downs for the Regalados. We started the month with a heavy heart. What with the diagnosis on Thea's urine culture - Pseudomonas Aerigunosa.

When you google it you'd better be really tough because the net is not tamed. He'll tell you the worst thing that can happen to someone infected with Pseudomanas and what is worse than - "the mortality rate with people with Pseudomanas is relatively high". Oh di ba, malelurkey ka.

Side kwento: Worse is when her teacher (SP) thought it was contagious and they isolated Thea. I didnt know it then but her yaya said she saw thea alone in the room her teacher was washing his hands and arms thoroughly and the other kids are in the other room. I just happen to know it when we were driving home na when I heard her yaya sobbing incosolably so I asked her why. Then she said the story and my temperature start to rise but I have to keep cool as I was driving. I called Thea's pedia, my OB, a nurse friend and another doctor and all of them said it isnt contagious because its the urinary bladder not the lungs affected. I know it's part of their job to keep the other children safe. But would you mind asking me first? SUrely her pedia would have told me if its contagious and leaving my daughter alone in the room is not permissible. I texted them about the range of infection and told them it is not contagious. Would have demanded proper apology but they would just drain my energy and I have to keep mine for Thea. note: hindi ito sa school

And what's worse is seeing you're daughter injected with medicine twice a day intra muscular.

Thea's thighs were punctured 14 times and 14 times my heart seems to stop. One look in her eyes as if telling me why do you let them do this make my whole body ache. But mommy has to be strong, stronger even because she needs it. Every 7 o clock we need to go to the hospital to ask the nurse to inject the medicine to our little princess. I had panuhol na doughnuts, ensaymada, pandesal, brownies, crinkles to the nurses because the task I want them to do isnt easy. And also I want them to be gentle and kinder to my daughter when we go there. Besides were just asking favors so goodies galore it is when we go to the nurse station.

After 7 days...

Urinalysis showed no improvement. My heart was beaten, crashed and stripped to pieces. How could it be possible??? I want to scream. My girl has had enough medicine in her. We did what we need to do. So text brigade started, asking all the prayers I get can from girlfriends and families. We went to her doctor here in Bulacan and she was shocked too that it didnt work. So she prescribed the next med still through IM for 7 weeks.

I was crying inside. Hubby isnt around and I have to decide what's best for my daughter. Later that day I cried my heart out to my partner and he told me when i am in doubt I had to ask for second opinion. Next day were off to St Lukes. We got a new doctor and had Thea's urine cultured and plus ultrasound test for her kidneys and urinary bladder.

The urinary bladder ultrasound is another drama in itself. We spent 3 hours in the ultrasound room to fill her bladder. But everytime it's filled the room is filled with patients too then she'll make wiwi na. And we have to repeat the process. By 4:30 we were exhausted already and Thea was cranky na. We were on the road before 8am and she's obviously tired. We went back Sunday and good thing there's not much patient and what's better is Daddy was home!

I have to type it again DADDY was home! Friday night during the drama episode he came home. And I am soooo happy. Thea was very happy during dad's stay. You wouldnt even know she's had an infection, she's in her most giddy awesome lovely girl! Dad was really relieved to have spent time with us during this time. And Thea surprised us pa with her warmest hug to her dad.

Mommy's heart recovered and was refreshed! During the ultrasound the doctors says it looks normal, what a relief! Could it been a reflux, medication might have been longer. But thank you Lord for healing Thea.

We've received the formal lab results for the urine culture and KUB ultrasound and all of them are normal. This morning we had her urine examined and urinalysis showed 0-2 pus cells which is the normal values. We just super thank God for that.

Thank you to my dearest friends who never stopped praying for Thea and me and my husband. Thank you to my family and our church mates who said prayers for us as well. You are a blessing to us and we are thankful for having all of you.

Caveat:To those who hasnt received a request for prayer please understand that I only texted a few and asked to text others na lang. It was hard for me kasi din to answer questions then when my heart was sooo heavy. Do know that I dont love u less.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Visual Schedule - toddler :)

We are on our 2nd week of school tomorrow. However the little girl still doesn't want to wear her uniform nor her shoes. And since she needs to get used to her new routine too I decided to push myself and do this visual schedule that for sooo long was in the "to do list'.

Here's her schedule. She loves looking at it. Hopefully tomorrow she'll love following the schedule too. So help us God :)

i blurred one of the pics for obvious reason. :p

Hey little girl!
We are happy that you were pretty good on your first day. You didnt cry a single bit and was happy to enter your room without hesitation. Teacher April said you were very good but you need to practice mingling with your classmates more. They are nice boys (oh yes I know boys na naman), hopefully when they include you sa nursery you'll meet girls naman your age. We are sooo proud and happy for you.
Daddy is working hard to send you to the best school possible. Mommy is doing her best to provide you with the home management and follow ups. Your ate's are trying hard to make you eat and help mommy follow your schedule. And we can see that you are making best effort to be the best you can be. We love you and we'll always be here to support you.
Hugs and lots of kisses, Mommy

Happy Father's Day '12

Were very grateful that we were able to celebrate Father's day with the man of our home!

And because he deserves a fancy gift from the princess we took on a project and made a sunflower for daddy.

Im new with this phone. I dont know how to place them properly. So bare with me.

Following are the pictures. The sunflower, thea and me doing our project and daddy happy to receive his gift!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thea's Summer Program

Well this is an overdue post but I'd rather do it now while I still remember the details

April 16 when Thea started her 5-week summer program. Supposedly, they'd be a group of 5 but one backed-out and so she only got 3 classmates - all boys. The lone princess is surrounded by 3 cutie boys from 2-4 in the afternoon for more than a month!

Did she cry? Oh you bet she did?
Did I ask myself if the summer class is a right decision? Oh sure I did!
Did it went well in the end? Thank God it did!

For more than a week the princess cries from half to one hour. Until the teachers changed the routine. Apparently, she avoids an activity and her teacher noticed she becomes fidgety when they do that so they altered it and somehow it worked for her because after that no more tears errr loud wails comes from our girl!

Her activities include singing, dancing, painting - color recognition, numbers, writing names, big and small, girl and boy. Here, Thea is being taught how to clean her placemat!

On her 3rd week, she kept on saying one of her classmates name! Then later she sings "Where is Joshua?" He's the cute boy on the left.

During their end of program event, the kids are in their not so behave selves :D Dancing and jumping around while their teacher talks to parents.

Here, they are suppose to give us the paper flower they made during class. She was awed by them and started plucking the petals :D Apparently its her 2nd flower, she plucked the 1st one she made so she needed to make another one, teacher hid the 2nd after they finish it.

Thea received the Orange princess award, Best in craft and Nursery Rhyme Diva! Teachers say she likes orange but at home she likes blue, I wonder why. They also says she's very structured in their activities, finishing the whole sheet of paper to color/paint! She also likes to sing (that's not new to us) but they say she usually sings their nursery rhyme in a new tone she makes - composer in the making ang bebe ko!

We're proud of you anak. And we know you're ready na for the next level. 1st day of class on June 20 :D

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Let me reminisce a bit.
Dec 24 he proposed, it was indeed a night to remember

May 18 2008
Wedding location: Bulacan our wedding announcer
Then Brunei after the wedding

May 18, 2009
Location: Brunei / SG blogged here: part 1 and part 2
ayan kasi walang tripod!

May 18, 2010
Location: Brunei 2nd anniv dinner

and KK

May 18, 2011
Location: Brunei love love love
Me and Thea are residing in Pinas then and we flew to Brunei to be with the 'dad'.

May 18, 2012
Location: Philippines
Status: Alvin is working in Brunei while me and Thea lives here in Pinas.
I am 3 1/2 months pregnant, OB hasn't allowed nyemnyem to fly. Has she given me the go signal, perhaps we had celebrated it again in Brunei! But spending it here in the Philippines is no less special than those spent in the Abode of Peace. It was a day to remember here's why.

Hubby went home last May 17 to be with us on our 4th Year Wedding Anniversary! We are really blessed that he is in a near country, that way we could spend each year together. Not all OFW couples can celebrate anniversaries together and with that alone we are very thankful!

I had a lovely bouquet! He also gave me the 2nd & 3rd book of Hunger Games! Then there's this new phone I am now loving -- note hindi Android hihi!

But wait there's more!
I cooked a hearty meal for the dearest husband! Cheesecake, baked mussel in garlic and butter, sinigang (by request) and cranberry juice hehe I had UTI (that's another kwento). Lunch at home for the king :)

Fun time with the little girl!

And some alone time with the dear husband! Here is the lobby of the hotel we checked in on our anniv. Near St.Francis church Pasig :)

Thank you dear Lord for giving us another year to make new memories. And we thank you for Ate Thea (love typing Ate) and bunso!

Has it been 4 years? Indeed it was!

Bonus: My little princess giving wafer stick to her dad! --love--

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