Thursday, June 26, 2008

Halfway There!

Hi Friends! We are on the halfway mark of 2008 - congratulations!

July is fast approaching. We hardly realize the closure of the first half of the year. Now the second half is near and unfolding. Have u ever thought how the January to June were for you? Were u able to accomplish the goals you've set? How was your new years resolution?

hahaha serious?

Okay let's shift mood and let me talk about myself. hehehe. Nyemnyem had accomplish some part of my to do list esp the Love part hehehe. click here for my to do list 08

Let me start with School - Nyemnyem is on leave this term, its because I am pursuing a Family career as of the moment =). Treasury Operations and Derivatives and Options Pricing classes went well. I got 4 on my classcards for both subjects, can u believe it? However, I failed to learn the Portfolio Management on my own. Its just too tiring to self study something halfheartedly. Besides I have lots of things in mind that time, first on the list was the wedding.

For Family, Church, Finances and Office sections lots of the to do is still in progress. I was too biased and concentrated in the Love part that I failed to do much for the said sections. =D Well at least I have attended the Microsoft Excel 07 training for 'Office', have gone to outings for 'Family', have reimbursed my tuition fees for 'Finances' and have gone to church regularly when I am in calumpit. Franchising seminar and desktop publishing training will have to make way for the cooking class I am planning to attend.

Then there's the "Love section". The only part Ive aced for the 6 months, hehehe. Ive gotten to know Vhin better, Ive said "I DO" last May 18 and lastly I am now on the halfway mark of pregnancy! Geez, be really careful for what u wish for it just might come true. Read my answer in the question: What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007? here read the 6th Q&A

we're preggers

Nyemnyem is super excited to take this path because i have a great husband to accompany me on my journey, wonderful family to make life easy and a marvelous God who never forgets His promises.

Thank you to everyone who has made the first half of my 2008 extraordinary!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To the one I Miss

At times, I get preoccupied with routine things I do,
And somehow fail to let you know how much I think of you.

But, Dear, if you could read my heart,then you would surely see
With every day that passes by you mean still more to me!

I love u Dad. I miss u.

Happy Monthsary! Love u

Davao Escapade - May 2008

Day after the wedding, May 19, me and hubby went to Davao City to rest for a while and spend 3 days away from the stress the wedding brought us. Some call it "honeymoon".

Our trip was scheduled at 12:05 in the afternoon but delayed to 1:00 and further delayed to around 2pm. Upon arrival to Davao City, we were greeted with smiles by locals and were fetched by Kuya ___, Ate ___'s brother in law. We were grateful that we have connections in Davao coz taxis for tourist might cost us huge amount. He then took us to a port where a banca will take us to our ultimate destination "The Pearl Farm Resort". Kuya still have work that day so he has to leave us at the reception area. I was tired na from the long ride and wanted to just lie on bed and sleep but sad news came to us once more when the receptionist told us that the banca just left and the next one will come at 6pm, we were there at 4:15 the banca left at 4pm. The plane got delayed then we failed to ride the banca leading us to the room where we could rest. What a fortune huh? But through all these we have remained calm, why bother eh we have each other naman. Besides the main agenda is to destress ayt? Well we got some nyemnyem's hungry tummy problem, but were solved by ordering a meal at the port's medyo pricey cafeteria.

So at 6:45pm we arrived at the island! So glad. Yey yey! Nyemnyem who gets tired easily, slept upon reaching our bed. But before that, we had our pictorial first
with the swan shaped towel adorned with flowers in our bed! What a welcome treat. The room is cozy and nice! The perfect room to relax!

So snooze it was for me, (to my hubby's disappointment hehe), till 11pm when my tummy calls for food. Buti na lang tinotolerate ni duds ang tummy calls ko siguro gutom na din sya. So before midnight we were munching our adobo, yum yum!

May 20 was spent eating (as i never get tired of eating), roaming the place (which we found super quiet and relaxing, hopping to the nearby Malipano Island to again unwind and last swimming! Pearl Farm is best for couples who want to stay away from their busy routine, it is for people who doesnt need live bands to cradle them at night.

Btw, after lunch we went up to our room to rest a little. To our surprise our room was clean, bedsheets in place and a little turtle shaped towel was on our bed to welcome us back. Funny thing was all our clothes which were scattered all over the room were now neatly placed beside our bed. Hahaha, dyahe sa room service kasi pati panty and brief inayos nya hahaha! Oh well, that's their task and besides di naman namin alam na mag-ruroom service pala sila. Buti na lang our valuables were kept in the locker!

We have to bid bye bye to the island on May 21st. We will have to catch our plane due to depart at 4pm. Kuya once again fetched us and there in the back seat was a box of suha for our pasalubong and consumption. Gustong gusto ko na sya kainin sa kotse pa lang, ang bango kasi. Pero syemps shy girl ang lola mo di muna kumain.

So we were at the airport at around 1:30pm just in time for our 2:20pm flight back to manila. To our dismay, though we were not surprised, Cebu Pacific plane got delayed again for an hour. hahaha. So there at Davao Airport we lounged and almost fell asleep. Nyemnyem enjoyed the cashew nuts we bought at the airport, yummy!

We landed in Manila grounds around 5pm and arrived in San Marcos at 7pm. Three days spent alone with my hubby, I could not ask for more!

back to work!

I am now here in the office. My third day actually after a long hiatus to wherever my feet and my hubby takes me. Well My leave started May 12 and ended June 13. Havent seen my desk and valen for a month. I didnt miss 'em though. Hehe!

I was having so much fun being a new wife that I really was hoping vacation could last longer. But days pass by equally to all of us and nyemnyem is back to work. I did not have a hard time going back, my boss is too kind to give me a hard time!

Have written this entry to say thank you to all my officemates and friends for their love and support. Mwaaah mwaaah. Thank You all big time!

Friday, June 06, 2008

unbelievably happy!

hi there! its been a while since my last post. and yes it has been a bliss! a wonderful bliss has dawned on me and nyemnyem is unbelievably happy. Why? There are lots of reasons for my happiness. Let me start making kwento about May 18, 2008. Syempre with lots of pictures!

May 18, 2008 12pm
The day is full of excitement. HMUA got lost, my bouquet is not the way i wanted it to be, some souvenir melted and tantrums of little boys. But booboos here and there were not able to succeed in ruining my day. Why fuss if everybody you love is there to celebrate your wedding day with you!
Oh and the pictorial, I didnt know modeling is a hard task. Mahirap palang umismile ng smile sa camera! By 4pm I thought my jaws are locking. Hehehe. But when I saw my groom, my handsome groom, waiting for me I just cant help but grin. I am so so happy!
During the ceremony, I let go of m bouquet and hold my hubby's hand instead. Mas masaya kaya na may kaholding hand kesa maghawak ng mabigat na bouquet. Btw, i eventually like the bouquet because it look great sa pictures. Hehehe. Besides, May and Anne were hardworking enough to make it look like the picture I gave them.
Mahirap nga lang talaga kumuha ng wild flowers na gusto ko. Hehehe. We were thrilled to see our friends attending to us during the rights. Ate lala is super gorgeous, so were the rest of the bridesmaids. The kids are so charming I wanted to hug each of them but we were so busy. Tropang kap friends were great, support to the max ang mga pare and mare! Girmy friends were fab that day, huge thanks guys!
Nways, the ceremony lasted for an hour, me thinks. Twas the pictorial after the ceremony that made it 2 hours long. The wacky ones are my favorite. Look at the cute little kids, aren't they fun to look at?
Around 6pm we were at Las Ninas and people were already hungry. Pica picas were not served but nyemnyem cares not. Si hubby ang super concerned, he wanted the caterer to serve the maki's to the guest. Oh well, there was no perfect wedding anyways and ours is no exception.

At the end of the day, it was our relationship blessed by the church which truly matters. A start of a new journey together has just begun. And yes, nyemnyem is unbelievably happy!

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