Thursday, October 15, 2009

Then 'ondoy' now 'pepeng'

Calamity after calamity my dear Philippines had suffered serious injuries because of the
storms. Too many flooded areas especially in northern luzon. Hubby's mom's house in sn marcos wasnt spared, the water came in twice. First was during the storm. Second when water from nueva ecija went to my dear calumpit. Our house in poblacion is ok, ate yos and lanie our ex-neighbors evacuated to our house they say they were already at the roof considering lanie has just given birth. Tragic really. Things like that make it uneasy to celebrate. I heard there's a new word for that: its Post Flood Disorder.
Climate change is frightening. However, equally frightening is the future of Malacanang. The latest news I heard was theres Erap-Binay tandem. Man, you're making a huge mistake if youre just tryng to prove you could win again. You can do better things to help the Filipinos. I really hope you wont run.
Both issues are alarming. I pray that God will spare us another storm and may He give the Philippines a president worthy to be a leader.

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