Thursday, February 25, 2010

welcome ROUGE

Comment allez-vous?
Pas mal, merci.
Et vous?

Uhmmm that's French. I dont even know if I am pronouncing it right. Translation in English is at the end of this post. I am Filipino but I dont want to name my new toy "PULA" so pardon my Frechies - haha parang french fries!

Everybody please welcome the newest member of the group
ROUGE isn't she pretty? Oh my she is fabulous and fast and mine! Wahaha!

Cheers to years of friendship. May you be healthy always as you were today. May no virus attack you forever and ever =p Thank you to my dear husband for this gorgeous red Sony Vaio CW26. Mwaaah <3

Here's the English translation
How are you?
Not bad, thanks.
And you?

bunny you were absolutely right, my new pal is RED as in bloody RED loveit!

ROUGE is red in French as in Moulin Rouge which literally mean "Windmill Red"

Not to be mistaken as Rogue the X-men character.
ROUGE is pronounced /roozh/
ROGUE is /rog/ with long 'o'

Byahe Tayo!

I know there's a bunch of holidays coming in Pinas and they're like 5 days for holy week. I bet people in Manila has tons of plans for the coming 5-day holiday! How I wish Brunei celebrates Holy Thursday and Friday too. One friend is going to KK after which they will head to Jakarta and 2 other cities I forgot what.
If I were in Manila here are some places I'd like to go.

1st on the list is Camayan Beach Resort in Subic See that sunset? How lovely aint it? ANd it is in Subic, dun lang sobrang lapit sa Bulacan. Tara na!

2nd will be Corregidor. My family has gone there already and I am soooo inggit I wanna go there too and take tons of pics para sila naman inggitin ko nyahaha! You can stay there overnight and scare yourself =P or just have a day tour and be back at Manila by 5pm. Cool di ba?

3rd on the list is Villa Escudero it is in Tiaong Quezon thus you can go back again to Manila if you feel like driving if not you can stay there overnight and be with nature a little longer. Hopefully walang masyadong mosquito hehehe.

4th This place needs planning as you can't go there by land you had to fly then a yatch will take you to their place. It is so private and will make you feel you're in Santorini! Rates however is 20+k therefore you need to save too for the trip that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for a 3day 2 nights stay. However plane fare is still excluded. So where in the world is this fab place? Bellaroca is in the heart of Marinduque!

It's the Muhammad's birthday tomorrow! wahoo - NO WORK ulit!!!
I wonder where can we go?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Update on Johnny Dep

If you're not a reader of this blog you'd think I misspelled the hunk actor's name but nah I aint referring to the scurvy pirate, arrrh maties! Nyaha, I am in fact updating you about my laptop. Here goes:

Remember the new 40'' S4 Samsung tv? Haha, i'm bragging! Darn its lcd not led ha, so its not expensivo. Ok back to story, me and hubby were excited to watch a dvd. We put Thea in the playpen and johny on the drawer. Halfway through the film my baby got bored and asked to go out of her crib. Her loving mama pulled her out and viola she's free again. The forgetful me wasnt able to pull johnny out of the drawer. Next thing we heard is a loud BANG! The rest is history.

His life was well lived. He got 5 fruitful years to boast. DH used it in Mla for several projects that brought money. From Mnl he flew to Bwn and worked at Shell. When hubby got a Vaio he was tranferred to me. And thats when he got his name.

So why that name eh? Well, he is a Dep - as in Depreciated.

To you Johnny, may someone bring you back to life when we get back to Pinas. Hopefully your motherboard isnt broken else you're doomed.

I am eyeing for a new one. Guess what color do I want to have? =D

lesson learned the hard way:
back up back up especially treasured files such as pics

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gong Xi Gong XI

Wishing everybody good health, good wealth and a good relationship to their loved ones and to God!

(i did not intend to make it a photo album hehehe but memories are best described by pictures. so there, enjoy!)

So many things had happened and here are some of the highlights:

I was elated(actually I still am) when I read (at facebook stat)that Kap's Abby is now preggo! Yahoo!!! Let's all pray for a safe nine months for Mommy Abby and the little baby. Babies really make me happy.

Our little girl had so much fun in the water at Eastwood Country Club at Miri Malaysia yesterday. Good thing that there werent much guest in the club and the pool is not crowded. We enjoyed it as if we rented it for ourselves. Thanks to Caloy for introducing the place to us we really enjoyed it and your company too.

My sweethearts having fun at the pool

Picture taken on a hill! Love it when you have photographer friends around! Thanks Joey =D

We celebrated our Valentines at Empire Hotel for a lovely dinner near the beach. Empire is pretty with the colorful parasols upside down from the ceiling.

And oh, I had a pretty rose and a box of chocolate from the hubby. BUt the bestest Valentine gift is this nyahaha, nah this is for THea. So she can watch Mickey or Tasha or Barney in a big monitor. We love you sweetheart and yes, we know you like it.

The MWF exercise hasnt been exactly an MWF thing, sometimes it's MF or WF, sometimes we can only exercise at F. Atleast we still go to the park to walk, run or basket ball! partly for thea to lose some weight hehehe

and lastly, johnny (the laptop) is in ICU. he had a major shock when he fell on the floor so now he doesnt boot. i am using goobly (don't laugh you silly i do name our laptops). i dont know if johnny will still resurrect it has been 3 days and he hasnt woke up yet nyahaha, lapit na maglenten season thing is wala nun dito sa brunei =P

Friday, February 12, 2010

buzz buzz here goes Google Buzz!

What's the latest buzz? Who's buzzing! She buzzed whaaaat???

Oh well, that's just some of the phrases you'll hear in the future as Google launched their new Google Buzz community. It's like twitter and facebook, a social network that brings people together. It is built in your Gmail (assuming you have one), meaning you do not need to build new friends everyone from your Gmail account is automatically following you vice versa.

And because it is integrated with the Gmail, you dont have to switch to another window to look if you have a mail, you'll see updates real time. I wonder if fellow Facebook friends will try these out. Let's wait and see =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

project dreamhouse: build a house in the Philippines

I have this big dream to build a house in the Philippines. In the 192 sqm lot in La Residencia to be exact. Thing is, we are not in Pinas to build our house and it is such a headache to meet contractors via online, meeting them in person is the a better option. That's the reason why we are now contemplating whether we'll build a house or buy na lang.

Build a House
-we'll have the preferred house that we want
here's the floor plan project dreamhouse plan
- we'll have a garden (the BIG one) which is exactly what i want
- i'll have the BIG kitchen, perfect for me!
- the open living and dining
in short everything is US because it's our house
-it's in Calumpit meaning near the relatives

-it's in Calumpit meaning near the relatives - oh yeah i am not mistaken, being near the relatives has its pro and cons and if you are Filipino I bet you'd understand that
-real estate in the province depreciates faster than in Manila
-no one will live on it (yet)

Buy a house
- no more headache due to construction
- if we buy a house in Manila, we could rent it out while we arent in the country yet( yep there's a prob there too but money wise PRO yan)
- if we go back to Pinas we'll work in Manila, a house nearby would be convenient plus toll would be high if we'll have to go home pa sa Calumpit
- the house is not the house we wanted
- its expensive to buy a house in Makati, FOrt or Pasig unless we'll settle for a condo which is pre-sellin still

I am beginning to have a headache. I will have to pause first and THINK, PRAY and HOPE that at the end of the day (say year 2010) we'll still have our own house to celebrate new year at.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

New Decade New Things

New things to learn:
1. DRIVE a car
2. BAKE a fabulous, mouth watering, "cant wait for the next serving" cake =D
3. BUSINESS to run, hopefully I could start one within the first quarter of the decade =)
4. A SPORT to bring the 27" back hahaha

New things to acquire
1. DREAMHOUSE - the dream hopefully will turn into reality this year (oh please Lord)
2. PEARL earrings, the 'boinga' party earrings hahaha
3. CAR in Pinas - well of course this one comes after paying all the bills for the dreamhouse hahaha
4. PARTY DRESS so fabulous that they will have to look twice nyaha

1. Blogs and blogs that earn (oh yeah!)
2. Girlfriends - party, movies, spa and coffee whew iniimagine ko pa lang nangingiti na ko!
3. Baby boy mga 2 years pa siguro =p
4. Trip to some place new - yearly, ok ok fine after the house pwede na ba?

Didnt imagine thinking of new things would be tough hahaha. But yeah these are some of the major things I want to have this decade.

extra: my little girl is holding her snow white book a while ago and looks pretty intent reading it, naka kunot noo pa kunwari hahaha! such a joy to see. ok na sana kaso baligtad yung book hahaha
(written last jan17 posted only today feb 8 darn)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

ME time

My hands smells like 'clorox' because I need to clean the sink, I didnt want to see these dark spots but then I should have had worn gloves =P

My shirt smells like baked cupcakes. My hair smells like sauteed ginger, garlic, onion plus tomatoes, chicken and tamarind soup in short I smell like 'sinampalukang manok'.

I hear the hotdog dance by Mickey mouse and friends, I could listen to Beyonce but nah the kid wont like that besides I like the hotdog dance just the same! It's a great exercise too.

I watch 'Backyardigans' instead of the "Tayong Dalawa" DVD's I have 70 episodes more to watch. Well, David Garcia Jr can give way to Tasha, Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone and Austin!

In between all these, EM still find some ME time. Mine comes when I am in front of johny (the laptop), blogging. ME time = blogging time. Being a SAHM can be a chore sometimes, a chore that you'll get bored if you don't find time to be just yourself. Last year ME time spells B O O K. Problem is when I read books I get to travel to another dimension so when I need to go back to mommy mode ASAP it's a little hard to come back to the real mommy needs to wipe poop or mommy needs to cook life.

If I could only post a picture of me and thea this very moment, she watching Tasha and me blogging! We share johnny and the little girl doesnt mind. It may be a little hard to type with only one hand but darn its harder when you lose yourself in the midst of doing your mommy work. So multi-task if I should, because being a MOMMY doesnt mean I have to let go being ME!

Happy day everyone! God bless you and may He leads you to the path He wants you to be. Mine is staying here with the little girl and her handsome dad!

Monday, February 01, 2010


Oh I am watching Grammy's right now! I am soooo loving it and I want to watch it live but for now I wanted to watch it in a new big TV because this little TV here (which the Landlady owns) is just not so good for these kind of show.

It doesnt have to be as grand as this Samsung 55" LED TV that costs $11,088 at qqestore

this sony 32" LCD will do, its only $758! again at qqestore

but yeah the samsung can perfectly fit at the living room of our dreamhouse

back to Grammy's: I super love Taylor Swift, she rocks! She won 4 awards! taylor swift fab gown at grammy's

Beyonce rocks too with her 6 trophy's she now holds a record for having this much in a single night!

COngrats Queen B and Princess T!

watch Grammy's on Star World!

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