Friday, October 31, 2014

Random response to FB posts

When people grow sometimes they grow apart...
For friends, hmmm maybe.
For married couples, NO.
You have to choose to love your partner every single day even if it feels like you are the only one exerting effort.
Marriage is a commitment and growing up is not a ground for annulment.
So choose who you will marry wisely because if you make that 'till death do us part" oath you are binded for life.
And if for some reason you feel like you have chosen the wrong man /woman, know that God, who doesnt like divorce, will work on your marriage.
- this i didnt posted. Too much i think for a 22yo to grasp besides there are too many audience announcing this might mean word war and that i dont want.

Friend's kids asked for a bible to put where it physically hurts. I saidang kulet ng kids pero friendly reminder Bible is not an anting anting that it is God
who had power to heal. Labyu. , I edited it later removing anting2× thinking it might sound harsh.

How and when do you correct? I know FB is not the place but if you just let it there without saying a word doesnt it mean you agree?

I am not trying to sound like I look at posts act as police and give memos to those I.think violates the law. No, it's not that. I try to be kewl but sometimes there are non negotiables out there that needs some commenting.

Just my two bentesinko.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

turning 6!

Later, my not so little girl will turn 6. How gracious God is, for giving her to us. She is a blessing more than any other. She gives immense joy whenever she hits a new development. She's a sight to behold everytime she smiles. Oh you have to hear her laugh, contagious just contagious. Not so many get to see it though, you have to be close as in real close to this pretty girl to make her smile - more so laugh.

Thank God for the 6 years of being this close to such a precious gift. For being able to parent someone special means a lot. I may not fully understood it at the start of our journey together but by the grace of God I now am thankful for the girl that she is. I can now see the gift I have in her.

I appreciate my husband more because of her. What I lack in patience, he lends me or he shows me how. Now am not saying I am full of patience ha, I still struggle, but He who strengthens me makes me able to do impossible things. For 6 years her dad has shown her so much love and I just thank God for giving me a wonderful husband.

Thea is a gift to her little brother, I know it will take more guidance and intentional parenting to let him see this gift. I pray for God's help, for only he could speak to the heart.

If a person knows someone with special needs he is changed for life. What more if that person is part of the family. He will be more sensitive, more loving, more caring, not judgmental but compassionate. He will exhibit generosity not only by gifts but of patience and understanding. He will be more thankful that he can do with ease some people struggle to do. He will embrace his uniqueness and appreciate the differences of everyone.

My dear Thea, you made me a better person. My strength has been  tested, over and over,  I stumbled, gotten up, stumbled again and fell but you kept on loving Mommy. My heart sometimes felt like it was stabbed and got broken but your hug and your kiss mends all heartaches and heartbreak.

"Here I am to worship, Here I am to bow down, Here I am to say that you're my God"

That's the song I heard you sang. I pray that one day God will grant the desires of our hearts that you will able to worship with us and say that to Jesus. We love and will continue to pray for and with you. May He continue to use you in the purpose He has for you. Me and your dad are holding on to the promise that the greatness of the Lord will be revealed in you in His time. Know that we love you very much.
Oh have i mentioned she can now read? Thank you Lord!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


What was that? I am 35? Come on, I still feel 20 haha. Seriously though I think my body is 35 already what with the aching knees every so often, bulging belly who hasnt been a prob when I was younger. BUT hey my spirit is still young, wanting to explore, to know new things, to travel, to eat and eat a lot, to watch movies and have some popcorn. I guess my wants hasnt matured enough eh? Well at least I know the difference of wants and needs and know how to prioritize. Because there are a lot more better things to do than watch a movie, travel and eat. Like equipping oneself to be a better person :) A better Christian, wife, momma, daughter, sister and neighbor.

My special day started August 30 when hubby treated me for a whole day out, only us! We went to the leaders training first at CCF and got acquainted with other DGroup leaders. See we are starting a group with the Regalado kids and though we still find ourselves not mature enough to disciple others God has given us a responsibility, maybe this will lead us to the maturity that we wanted. Besides growing doesnt stop, right?

So after the training we were off to BGC for some time alone. Hubby asked if I want to go to Dad's buffet, he said that's 1500 each he wasnt sure. The  accountant in me started computing and I said I want Ramen. Well I did want Ramen haha, the well reviewed Ramen of our awesome planet and some other food bloggers but hey I will have graciously go to Dad's if not for the presumed price. We went past Dads when I googled it - only to find out that birthday celebrators are free of charge when you dine there with at least one companion. Arggh. And the cost per plate isnt 1500 it's only 700+-. If I only submitted and let him lead me I would have had a sumptuous.meal and a free lunch. The Ramen btw from Ikkuoryo eklavu (I forgot na) was not at all to rave for. Anyways at least we were able to eat something new.

We just went window shopping lang at SM aura the boutiques there were really uhmmm pricey except for Uniqlo.and forever 21 where I was able to buy a pair of pants for 400 bucks! Then we went to Makati for a play, The Last Five Years starred by Nikki Gil. Alas, the available seats were apart, I wouldn't like that so we beg off and went to Greenbelt instead - a place I have missed. Then we got lost haha. The place was new and we haven't been to Makati for a looong time. Though we got lost we still had a fun time looking around, the  boutiques are even pricier so we just looked around hahaha.

Meryenda at MaryGrace saved my tired feet. Then there was still enough time to go to Pasig for our friend's son 7th bday party. So we were out again to buy a present, then off to Pasig we went.  Traffic was sooo bad I was losing my spirit. But good things come to those who obey their husbands hehe, there were good food, great party and most of all we were able to attend the bday and see our friends.

On my day, we went to the first service. Then Mariano peeps went to our house for lunch. Regalado kids at 1:30. Our Dgroup at 3pm, well at least I invited them at 3 but yeah we started 4pm na. We invited Nanay and Tatay Fred over and the Regalado couples too. It was intentional yes. And we were happy because Nanay and Tatay A opened their hearts to Jesus that day. A day to remember eh?

Days past after my birthday I still remember how loved I am. By God who presents me with a very unique celebration, by hubby who gives me the time and attention I need, my kids who loves me dearly, family who supports me, spiritual family that keeps me attuned to God.

Thank you dear Lord for the 35 years of pure greatness. I see your love for me in everything and when sometimes my eyes get clouded you put me right back on track. You are faithful. You are Sovereign. You know my past and my future. Help
 me to always trust in your unfailing love.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Oh Ghost na!

It's August 1!

SEGUE: Happy birthday Inets :) She's one of my favorite cousins. Being the closest one as in kapitbahay -that close- cousin who I grew up with. May God's grace be upon you today and always.

For stocks, August is spelled as AuGHOST because the stocks usually dive down, lesson learned the hard way. I havent been very keen into stock trading until lately because I needed to raise some funds. So I read and subscribed to some groups about trading and I can say I am learning. Investing is still the way to go but trading has a different game, not for the faint hearted ha. One should be ready to lose. I am sooo not encouraging anyone to trade, I want you to invest and I am still doing that. I just took a little of my portfolio to trade so I can gauge if I have a gift for it.

Apparently, trading needs training and I dont have that. I didnt know that August is no trading month for Chinese peeps. And they dominate the the A class of this country and if they are not willing to spend money on this month there would be no trading thus no gain. Good thing I was able to read about it by July and was able to liquidate some of the green (gaining) asset. Now that the costs of stocks are dipping low, in investing that;s the time to buy, I am happy that I have some pennies to buy some stocks. Those that werent liquidated are left on the red side and iiiyak ko na lang hahaha.

Lesson: Learning new tricks is a process. You cannot be good at it overnight.

In other news: It's AUGUST and it is my month!!! I wonder what's in store for me? I bet it is awesome :) I can feel it.

Have a wonderful month peeps.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Respond don't React

I did this to our wall the other day.

We'll have a new TV and me wants it to be mounted on the wall. So I did this genius idea, NOT!

I was pretty  impressed with it, I even sent a photo to my husband. I felt I  was helping scale the wall  so it would be easier for the hubby to mount the telly. I did look at the tape first, it isnt as sticky as the other tape with decor i plan to put first . The scotch  tape wont be do any good because  it cant be seen - was I so wrong.

This morning I tried taking it off, hubby was there just looking in at first. I had a notion that the electric  tape might have damaged the wall, alas, it did. It scraped  the paint and stress is creeping  in and I almost want to cry. Hubby was just quiet and smiling.

Actually, the moment he saw the picture on his viber message, he knew  what will happen to the wall but it was done and reacting wont help a bit so he didnt react :) 

When he saw my rising agony he stood up and helped me took the tape off with minimal damage to the wall. But I was more thankful that he didnt blame me one bit. I, in my low point, even said it wouldn't  have been like that if he has mounted the TV right away. And that if he told me right away we would have lessened the damage. My reaction  was immature, something  I  haven't  thought of carefully.  I hurt my husband but he kept on helping me take the tape off with patience. He was pretty  much responding  the right way and I was doing the opposite.  Blaming and not  accepting  responsibility  is very very low and downright foolish.

Proverbs 29:11
A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.

My journey toward building my Automatic Habitual Christlike Response is still long but with the help of my dear husband and the grace of God, I will one day know how not to react and how respond correctly. So we are all work in progress aren't we? Hmmm so many things to learn yet thankful that there are people whose patience is worth acknowledging, like this man waiting for me at the nearby coffeehouse.

The dear husband on our date last Tuesday.
 The title of this post came from one of the messages we have listened from church. Do click the link below and let's all learn how to Respond properly. God bless us!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Baby Love

The first pic was taken a year ago. Our first pictorial with a pro, ImagineNation. At 8 months, with barely 4 teeth, he was very cooperative with the photographers - smiling ang making pacute haha.
But the little boy grew and grew, he grew and grew until he was 1 year old. Here he is in his cub scout uniform, printed by momma for a photshoot we scheduled for his birthday. On his birthday he hasnt mastered walking alone yet, few steps yes but he'd rather be carried. Until one day when he found freedom with walking and then running and jumping.
Then the little cutie boy grew and grew , he grew and grew until he was 1 year and 8 months old. This kid is driving me crazy, madly in love with him everyday. He has his own way of making you love him, superpower that melts the heart.

He calls me "Mama" that alone, yes just calling me "Mama" melts my heart. You probably know how long it took til Thea calls me Mom right? So this is no drama, it is super special to hear that magic word.

He knows shapes now, we don't force him, no pictures on the wall to remind him often just books that he loves to read. He calls triangle "Atang" i dont know how it happens but he does, we correct him and say triangle then he'll say triangle, but whe we point it again he'll say "Atang".

We have more than allowed time TV viewing. Ate Thea knows how to open the tube and we struggle to find ways to keep them busy we need something more fun than Disney Junior to make her turn off the TV without much struggle (stress at the much).  But know that we make it a point to teach them and have study/play sessions. Here he is matching pictures, yes he knows Mickey mouse and the rest of the gang :) Cars he hasnt watched but he loves it when I show him pictures of Mcqueen. I guess we now know what to give him next time.

And the little boy grew and grew. he grew and grew. He now knows how to refuse. AYAW is his favorite word. I showed him Mcqueen his answer "aaaay car!", I showed him puzzle - Buzz lightyear, "Ayaw Buzz he said , showed him slippers with another character I forgot what then he said "Ayaw shoes". Take him to the table for dinner and you'll probably hear Ayaw for at least 10 times :) He'll say "Ayaw" when he doesnt like the clothes you want him to wear. Oh little buddy, so I taught him to answer "Ako" he'll say Atu when I ask sino makulit? Para-paraan lang anak.

There was also a time when he likes saying BoomPanes something he learned from his cousins. He repeats until you notice. When he laughs he bends backward, ala Pilita Corales bending, sometimes I had to push him back so he could stand straight ;)

When it's time to read to Ate Thea he'll find ways to join. It wasnt easy as Ate is jealous when Leb is around. But I know this will pass, and I just have to savor the moment when both kids are competing for my attention.

He loves pleasing mommy, like it is the ultimate thing to do. Oh joy to see you baby doing extra things for mommy. Like this pose for instance hahaha.
I'll end with the song from I Love You Forever. 

I love you forever.
I like you as always.
As long as Im living.
My baby you'll be.

And baby even when I grow and grow, grow and grow until I am soo old and might not be able to sing that song to you anymore, know that Mama loves you forever and ever.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

2014 Half Year Report

2014 turn of events is like a click of the remote control so instant it feels like 2013 was just yesterday. But the truth remains that half of the year is done and we cannot change any of it. We can't change but we can remember the things that transpired, new places seen, friendships that blossomed, wounds that healed, relationship that grew. Remember also the hurts, the bad times, the wrong things done, the ill decisions made and learn from it.

So what happened on my first half? Let me think...

January: We spent the first day of the year without the man of the house. Fast forward 5 months later hubby got a work here in Pinas. Ironic isnt it? He spent his first away from us but he is meant to spend the entire days of his life with us save from his soon UK trip, arrrrgh Im sooo inggit.

It was also January when the measles scare broke and I was scared for Leb because he doesnt have vaccine for MMR. Well you know we wont give the kids MMR but since there was a scare, I had him vaccinated for measles only not those 3 in 1 vaccines that can cause permanent disorder (not claiming it was proven but I dont want to gamble the boy's future eh).

February: Vaccine for the Pets. It's a yearly thing that's why I find it useful to put it here so I can remember ;) Good thing the Vet do home service and better because he is Leah's (Leb's Ninang) nephew!

Also in February was Thea's team conference which her new Dev Ped Dr. Jack Herrin called. It was held so we could have our goals alligned and do some reporting too. The teachers and therapists were present, each with a report about how the lil girl faired. Its not cheap and it aint for the faint hearted. Good thing my husband was there with me. The meeting was held in our house and I felt robbed and punked. As if they are all pointing on me, each one were saying Thea complies with them etc.For an instance I want to tell them they only have an hour or two with Thea. And usually I, the one they are pointing the blame at, preps the lil girl before she goes to therapy or school so she would perform, act better. Because sayang the fee that I'll give them if she'll just cry the whole time noh. And an hour, an hour???, let me tell you that a day has 24 hours. Go figure.

Oh sorry it took a while for me to write about it I almost forgot it na nga but then this is clearly something to learn from, something I wouldnt do again hahaha. Unless, unless, the doctor will give me a report after of what shall be done because what I need is structure, a written planned course of what each of the team should and not do, a plan to coordinate each member and not 7 heads pointing to me that I need to do this and that. People whose attendance I need to pay.

March: Alvin's bday month! Planning ang pepping for Sweetwater outing with the whole Regalado gang. It was a blast as everyone was there and no one said they didnt have fun. Tatay Fred even commented that we should have stayed for a week, arrgh, maybe someday Tatay when every financial thing has been put in place :)  It was also this month when we acquired Elcie, meant for Alvin's bday, father's day, Christmas for 5 years! Ayan ha may gift ka na 5 years.

April: Guess where we went next? Eh di Sweetwater ulit, but this time with the Mariano peeps :) To the smaller house we went and we still had a grand time save from the neighbor who sung their heart out till past midnight. Seriously, if I get power I will ban videoke. Unless you own the whole place you cannot sing at the top volume not minding if other's people ears are already bleeding. But the singers woke up late naman so the morning was quiet and we all had peace. Everyone had fun too and swam, we even rented out a boat, well Tatay did for 200/hour, and we had fun rowing!
Last day of April, one of our kasambahay fainted on her way home. It was her last day with us. She wasnt tired at all (there's 3 of them in the house that time) and we bid farewell without bad feelings. She said "Di ko po kayo makakalimutan" and she was crying while bidding farewell to my son. Then we found out what happened before midnight and so we went to the hospital to help out. Apparently she had a stroke on her way home but there was no sign of it while she was with us. 3 weeks later she passed away. Very moving episode, life taken away so young. Make us value our lives more. 

May: The month when we got the news that Brunei is a no go. We asked for God's plan and this was His :)
 "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways," declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8
--There are bigger and grander plans ahead and we are excited.

It was also swimming lesson month for our dear Thea, 10-day one on one lesson with Teacher Ethel. She had an eye infection on her first day, teary red eyed for days, maybe due to the children's pool where they practiced first, weewee filled pool I guess.2nd training day (2 days later) they moved to the other pool.  She was able to swim alright, no floater at 6feet lang naman at the end of the 10-day lesson ;)

I tried selling toasted pastillas too in May but got hmmm what's the appropriate word -- dejected? haha i dont know either, basta I'm not selling it na  "Tanungin ba naman ako if I gain from the transaction eh syempre naman", a little lang but yes :) But they're friends so let it be, will find na lang ng ibang pagkakakitaan. It wasn't easy though because that was the time I wanted to help out sana sa finances sa house (kahit maliit lang) and that's how I thought I could help, not a good idea hehe. So there.

May was also the Couple's retreat I blogged before this entry, that which renewed our marriage and many more.

That month I learned that you have to forgive. Forgiveness is a process, it will hurt you but it you wont give it it will make you sick. So forgive and let the wound/s heal, in time things will be better.

June: Alvin started working at this new company. Having my husband here with us daily is a blessing. Two heads are better than one, when one falls the other will lift him up. Not saying that we live in a fairy tale life huh, we got our ups and downs but since God is the center of the relationship its mostly ups, then down haha then up again. One step backward two steps forward is still onward eh?  It was also Father's month! And we are all glad that he's here with us finally every waking hours , errr except for some UK trips.

Oh half year how wast you flew. In a few days I'll hear "Pasko na Sinta Ko" oh men. But before that allow me to be thankful for all the people God used to bless us this half year. 

Thank you:

Siblings and parents and family - for being ever supportive to us. Extending your hand, time even resources to help us out. Thank you for your love to our little girl and to our unico hijo. Thank you for staying at our house when we needed people to sleep here. Thank you for lending us money when we needed it :) Thank you for your weekly visits for Leb and Thea. For the favors big and small we thank you.

Friends: Thank you for sending your kids to play with ours. You are a blessing. Thank you for sending out food- baked goodies and fruits. Thank you for inviting us in your home. 

Dgroup - We thank God for your life. For being patient to us as we try to learn His word more. Thank you for your time and for the treats too :) May we all grow in Christlikeness together.

Father we cannot thank you enough for the first half of this year. You are the God who provides, You have plans for us and it is always for our good. Thank you for bringing our family together this year. Thank you for guiding our marriage and for keeping our family safe. 
Please remind us always to be grateful and to be patient and humble. Teach us to know you more and love you more. Help us surrender our isaacs and to always put you first. Guard our hearts and mind. Help us be a blessing ;) 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Couples Retreat "You Are The One"

May 31-June 1, 2014

Those were 3 days to remember. Dates when we, Vhin & I, attended the couple's retreat organized by CCF Malolos, entitled  You Are The One at Green Valley Baguio City, with a western theme ala Woody and Jessie of Toy Story.

We signed up on the 1st week they announced about it. Hubby was persistent that we should go. He was fresh from the Men's retreat he attended last April and was really looking forward to joining a couple's retreat, he asked his group leader about it and was told maybe there might be one. When we went to church and the pastor announced about it, he signed up immediately. I was hesitant and even asked him if he would still be around by then, the Brunei contract is still cooking then and I was expecting a ticket from the company anytime soon.

We were meant to go to the retreat:

Brunei contract was cancelled for some reason. We were so sure that he'll get the contract, edit that, I was pretty sure as I am holding on to His promise that He will provide for the family. God is faithful, He provides but His ways are not my ways, my thought are not His thoughts (isaiah 55:8). In short the contract didnt materialize. Fast forward to first week of May we claimed it was His leading that kept him from coming back to Brunei, days after praying for direction, husband got a call and was asked for an interview for a company (Manila) he hasnt even applied to, next day he got interviewed next week he signed for a contract. They asked him to start right away but if he'll start he might not be able to attend the retreat so he asked if he could start on June they agreed and got the job :) 

Two weeks ago hubby went back to Brunei to sell his things and get his remaining stuff from his room. That was the moment when we bid bye bye to Brunei. On to the promise land we go.

Turns out we are really destined to attend the retreat. Days before May 31, I was still undecided whether we leave the kids home or bring them with us. I submitted and trust God to take care of the kids and thank God we did. The sessions take till night time and my kids who are routine kids will go cranky by 6pm because they need Mama, and I wouldnt be able to listen some of the lessons if the children are with us.

To tell you the details of the retreat would spoil the fun once its your turn to join. So I will leave you with photos from the retreat. We were blessed and we want friends and families to get to experience this kind of treat for their marriage too.

On our way home, we saw a rainbow in the sky. What a way to culminate the retreat. A very good reminder of God's promise for our marriage.  Hmmm, can you see it? Can you? Can you? Haha malabo pero andyan yan. Just like some great things, sometimes bomalabs talaga and we get clouded with negative things but the promise is always there you just need to see it... to intently see it and seek.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1 Million Education Fund only 2000/month

With the tuition fee increase per year I am betting the tuition fee for our children's college would be > 1 Million.

But let's keep it simple shall we? Say you need a million only to pay for your child's tuition fee.

Here's how you can compute how much you need to save per month so you could attain your kid's Educational Fund.

First go to this link compoundcalcu

Then type in a value in the additional annual addition I put in 24000 that's 2000 per month.

Before buying that P10,000 toycar make sure to save first for your child's tuition fee. I am not being kj here, just making sure you do your planning for their future. Not that we had saved a million for either the kids fund ha, no we are on the same boat here wishing and dreaming that one day we can send our children to the school they choose.
is it worth it? if you saved an equal amount of money for the child's future then go buy the car but if you haven't yet isip isip muna

Years to grow means the years you will put in P2,000 a month, I put in 16, well my peg is the bunso's age, he is 2 now, so by then he'll be 18.

The interest rate I compute at 12% per annum, if you are going to put it in a Mutual Fund, that's more or less the rate of return.

Then it will compute the future value, mine had P1,149,208.

Now, what do you need to do to have a Million fund? Well I guess you just need to start saving now and do some homework. Dont just put it in banks because hmmm they dont give a 12% interest, the going rate now on banks is taaadaaa 1.5% even less. 

Opening a mutual fund may need some paperworks but what's a little bit of homework to fund your kid to college eh?

Oooops am I talking French, so you don't know what Mutual fund is eh? Hmmm, then you need to do a little bit more researching. Here are some links you may need to consider reading here and here.  Philequity and Fami are the two top performing mutual funds. Check it out.... NOW.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Sweetwater Fun in Morong Bataan

Summer time started last March for all of us.  And what fun way to have it than go to the beach. 3 years ago we went to Morong at Phi Phi Beach, I already suggested that we go to Sweetwater but my sibs opted to go to PhiPhi so I just kept the idea for next time. Next time came years later when hubby wanted to go to the beach for his birthday with the Regalado peeps. It was Alvin's 35th birthday and he has promised to bring his family to the beach, since uhmmm ewan matagal na hahaha, and there's no greater opportune than this year because his kuya went home to visit.


I got the number from their FB site, I inquired about their rates and how to get there. Following is the direction I got from Paolo, the one who answered my queries, he gave me a number - 09182981078 to call or text but when I needed some answers she - Rose- cant be contacted so i decided to bug him instead. Apparently the one I am communicating is the owner of the resort, I hope she didnt get a reprimand.

Here's his text verbatim:


1. Either you take the more scenic route, via San Fernando and along the National Highway (you'll pass through San Fernando, Bacolor, Guaga, Lubao and Dinalupihan), or via the SCTEX which pretty much gets you to Subic quicker. 
2. From Subic, follow the signs pointing to Ocean Adventure. This road will take you past the airport, FedEx, and lead you towards the Morong Gate. The drive towards the Morong Gate will see you passing a fire station to your right. 
3. Exit Morong gate and drive straight through, following signs for Anvaya Cove. You will encounter a fork in the road, with the main road going up the mountain, and the road to Subic Sweet Water (and other small resorts) will be going down to your right. The Tarp they have at this juncture is torn so keep your eyes peeled. You'll pass a small church to your right, and come upon a gate with the Subic Sweet Water resort tarp. Enter the gate, drive straight through. There you are!

Now that I've seen some of the blogs about the place, it is pretty much the same as the direction from JCBulatao's blog. Errr it's not pretty much the same, it is uhmmm the same!!!

For Subic first timers, you might be needing some more help for directions, here you go:
- You have toll fees at NLEX which will depend what gate you will enter. We went into Pulilan toll gate and our fee was 140 more or less.
- Go Exit at the last Gate, you need to get past Dau, then go straight to SCTex gate. DO NOT turn right to the flyover as that will take you inside Clark Airbase.
- SCTex toll from clark north to Tipo is 161. Once you reach Tipo exit, you are 30 minutes away from your destination. Note: You'll find civilization (haha) and a crossing where one goes straight and one goes right leading to Duty Free shops area, just go straight as that road is easier, but if you need to buy food or chips then turn right and  drop by Puregold :)
- Now you will just need to follow road signs that will lead you to Morong Gate or yes Ocean Adventure until you find a path that leads to both Ocean and Morong, choose Morong path

Today is May and I prolly forgot all those tips I had in mind when we were going there. So just relax and enjoy the ride dont stress too much. Oh btw DO NOT overspeed, at crossroads you need to STOP the car they follow first stop first go rule and follow the speed limit!

Also, you will have to look out for this church. I was looking for a typical spanish inspired (baroque?) older church so I missed this, thinking it's just a simple building and not a church. My bad for not reading, lumampas kami tuloy haha.
Some 5 - 10 meters (I am no engineer so dont shoot me if my estimate is not accurate) away from the church is this gate to your right that's the path to the haven. No tarp on it, we just asked the passing manong, ehem management! And btw, the picture below was taken while we are going out of the gate.

Oh, I haven't told you any about the place. We went there March 30 then went back again April 9, so that meant we had a great time. The place is private and the shore is wide, the kids had sooo much fun. Us, the adults, had a fun fun time too. If you come during peak seasons the rates are non-negotiable, so if it's non peak... go figure :)


no signal for globe subscribers, they only have signal for Smart and on certain areas only.

bring mosquito repellant for babies, the biggest house got so many but the next big house doesnt.

aircon on the big house is good, the ac at the next house arent working well.
the water ain't sweet haha :)

sand is fine and kid friendly

there were sheep pen in the area, fun for the kids to see

if you plan to ride a boat that's P100 per head for the big boat, it can carry 15 people but you can also opt to rent a small boat for 300, make tawad and you can have it at 200, per hour, that's what we did and we had fun rowing the boat.

do not park under a coconut tree ;P


And we are 6!

I am blessed with a man who can put up to my crazy quirks, while last year was planned and a lil fancy, this year was spontaneous and fun. We head to Manila Saturday May 17 a day shy of our anniversary because we go to church on Sundays. On the way we settled we'll go to Luneta, yep the park hahaha. But first I asked him to stop at Philippine Christian Bookstore in West Avenue, I bought a Casting Crown CD for my guy. I got ecstatic too seeing all those beautiful books, some are on sale for only P10! Some books, I took mental note to search in the web or libraries as they can be uhmmm pricey.

Time after PCBS was 12:00, guess where we needed to go? Lunch ofcourse (a hungry stomach will spoil the fun so fill my tummy first will yah). So we headed to timog to look for a resto, good thing we had eaten at home because most of the restaurants are full, no parking until we reached Tramway! There's available space and it looks promising. But promises are made to be broken hahaha. The place is a buffet eat all you can for 200 (?) or was it 180. Alvin was leading me to the other restaurant - italian  - hmmm they dont have rice except for risotto so i refused and decided to stay at the waiting area. Besides it feels like HK Tramway, The Peak, they must be nice (so i thought). Oh well, we felt like we went to a fiesta, coz we have to line up to the buffet area, but I got my rice and I had watermelon shake and I'm happy! Verdict by both of us: Not for anniversaries hehe.

Off to Luneta after eating lunch. Waze ON to ask for direction and it didnt fail. Saw places I havent seen for quite some time, Espana, Quiapo, Manila, felt good to see them again. My request was to ride a Kalesa, horse drawn mini size carriage and a picture at Rizal Shrine. Did I get it? You bet. Major ooopsy, kalesa ride is 250 per 30 minutes. That's 500 an hour. You need to be clear on that one, as they will scheme and take you to places and tell you history so you'll spend more time riding. It was 2 in the afternoon and we probably added more melanin in our skin. It was hot but I didnt complain how could I when the husband who I know was suffering from the unpleasant smell of the horse that pulls us was even eager to give my request. Make that requests, as he also took a picture of me in front of Rizal's monument kahit mainit na mainit!!!

We thank our dear Lord for blessing us with 6 years of marriage. A partnership to parent two beautiful and awesome kids. A union of two individuals whose goal is to live a life for Christ.

To my husband,

(No words can describe how I feel for you. Haha corny ba? )

extra photo for yah

Next day, we went to Hapag Restaurant at Malolos to have merienda. It was featured at KrisTV and we got curious. Verdict: Nice place, good food, service wasnt fast but crew was pleasant, value for money is excellent.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Our Family's Leader!

Sometimes you will just realize that things in your life has been perfectly orchestrated by your Creator in answer to your prayers.

I prayed for a husband who will love me and accept my family as is. I prayed for a man who will be strong to whom I can depend on. Someone who will take responsibility for our family's spiritual growth - a Christian and will be a good father to my children (back then I was thinking of the number 4, preference changed btw hahaha).

Before we got married, I had my list, that was during no bf days. (The guy must have read and and one day found the gap on his front teeth repaired, hahaha.)The nice teeth part is a criteria all right but that's not everything why I married him. We dated a lot, as in every night A LOT! Doesnt want to take chances eh? But really he's about to go abroad for work and he cant waste time. I was happy to have company but was scared to say yes to a relationship especially to an LDR. Also I came from a previous one and I dont want him to think he's just a rebound, besides I was like 27 then and the next relationship should be THE ONE.

Midweek service at Bread of Life Ministries in Greenbelt 1 helped me a lot to get myself going.  We were dating then and he asked if he could come. I said yes and was pretty much sizing him up if he's really doing it to seek Christ or if he is just doing it to please me. Sorry naman but I need to guard myself too. But  I remember Ate Mai told me years before tht if it will make someone know Christ, the initial reason for attending church wouldnt be an issue, - a bystander, sabit lang o naligaw doesnt matter, - as long as he will hear God's word and open his heart.

Here's a man who has received Christ as Saviour when we were still in college (not through me) the seed was there and bit by bit it grew, he met Christian friends -God led him to Christian programmer friend Dennis who told him to read the book of John-, some setbacks here and there but little by little he found himself searching.

Fast forward we got married had a baby, moved to Brunei and it was there where his spiritual life blossomed. Didnt I tell you I love Brunei??? There he was baptised, there he longed to hear His word and there his relationship with Jesus grew.

I thank God for a giving us a man who leads us to Him, who strives hard to understand His Word and keep it.

Yes, he's still a work in progress but aren't we all?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tagaytay 2013


December out of town destination should be somewhere cococo coooold. We scheduled our 3day 2 nights vacation a day after Christmas. We were still high from the festivities yet the next day we were off for some more bonding time. Who wouldn't love December eh?

So 7am of December 26th the Regalado's were bound to SLEX Sta Rosa with a little help of technology aka "waze"we were able to get to our hotel at around 11am. That was hours before check in time the hotel is packed and they couldn't accommodate us immediately. So we went ahead on our "to go list" and checked Picnic Grove because that's the one near the hotel. We had lunch already so that would have made us all ready but the little girl was a little disoriented with the change of routine, it took a while before she became at ease with the area. Thanks to the bouncers for rent, do u call it bouncers haha those big air filled castles you jump on? We left after an hour because it was sooo hot and we thought we're going to a cold place! Alvin was already thinking if he will be able to use his jacket, the newly bought blue nike jacket hahaha! It is still 2 hours before we could check in, and hubby asked me what else was on the list. I haven't diligently planned for the trip. I just made bullets where I want to go and see but I dont know which one is located near each other. So I just ask him to drive.

On the street "Puzzle Mansion this way" signs were plenty. And it was on the list! Hubby said the reviews says it is not quite nice but I insisted - how could you not miss THE SIGNS, haha parang I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes lang yan. Each sign made me wonder what's with this mansion with super dami advertisement saying it was now in the Guiness Book of Records! Going there hubby had a hard time driving, we don't know the place and we're just following 'the signs' hahaha.

This way to Puzzle Mansion it says then there was this steep road I can't give you a proper picture but it was waaaay steep I had to ask Nene to hold the kids tight. There were men guarding the way so traffic wont be a problem, driving na lang! With all the driving challenge I was really hoping the Mansion would be great kahit good na lang. We got there and no Mansion in sight just an array of jigsaw puzzles on a building structure which I think was small to fit the collection. In fairness to the lady her stuff were awesome but showcasing them like that understates their value. Plus plus plus naming it Mansion is not appropriate, it just dont fit,even a Manor wont do. "Sangkaterba Puzzle" would be best haha but that won't be good for marketing eh? We stayed for like 30 min and went back to hotel. Off to the steep road again haha.

On our way to hotel we dropped by at Bag of Beans for some pastries and Banana Chips. That made the trip because the bread was good and I was feeling hungry na din! Past 1 we arrived at One Tagaytay Place and I asked if we could check in, we could! yipityyey!!!

The theme of the trip is to Recreate and Relax. So Relax it was at the hotel's suite :) The kids enjoy the spacious room, add to the fun was the receiving area where they could watch whatelse but Disney junior! My tummy asked for a little food so we ordered from the resto. We had adobo and was that beef??? Yummy both! Hunger relieved.

Around 4:30pm we got ourselves ready for our Taal Vista coffee trip :) Non hotel guests need to go (drink) to the coffee shop to go to their viewing area. Thea had FUN!!! Making Alvin more regretful that we didnt checked in there. I just have to remind him that our 2 nights stay in one tagaytay place is equivalent to one night at Taal Vista and that's not even a suite. His argument was clear naman once you look at the delightful girl's face, it was priceless.
Day 2 was Sky Ranch and Caleruega day! The plan was to go to Sky Ranch early that way we can avoid long queues but lo the girl had a different plan. I went ahead to buy the tickets while they wait inside the car- Sky Ranch doesn't have a ride all you can ticket yet so you need to buy tickets for each ride (imagine that), also understand that there were only two ticket booths for all the rides (IMAGINE THAT!) that explains the EARLY i planned ahead to save time. When I told them they could go in and play around the area while I line up the girl doesnt want to enter the gate. Thinking piggy back would save the day the daddy offered his back to his daughter but the girl just doesnt want to go inside the amusement park. I was still hopeful though and bought the tickets, 1300 worth tickets and went back to the car fingers crossed. Inside the car the air was stiff haha, the tired guy with an aching back wants to go somewhere else, and I was like "Sayang ang 1300" . Change of plans, we'll go back to the park once its dark na  and the dancing lights are on, that way (hopefully) Thea would go inside.

To Caleruega then we went as planned. Good thing I asked the mommy forum about it, they were raving about the place and reminded me to bring lunch on our way because there's nowhere to buy food. Caleruega is in Nasugbu batangas, a 45-60 minute ride from Sky Ranch. The place was far alright, we passed by Antonio's and vowed we will eat there on our way back. Waze helped us find the place - btw this is not an ad for waze hehe. So there almost an hour later we reached the place. It is a Dominican retreat center with a beautiful church on the hill and a very nice garden perfect for weddings if you were a Catholic. The church looks nice - the old not scary feel nice. We didnt go in but went straight to the park/garden with sorta maze to view those big fish haha what do u call them again - the anaconda type fish bigger than Leb? Thea had sooo sooo much fun in Caleruega. Not much people, big garden and the place is cold enough for her. And there wasnt any entrance thing for each of us just a minimal fee for our car, isnt it great tipid na enjoy pa si Thea! Did Caleb enjoy the place? Oh yes he did, he can walk a little by then and he had fun walking/running at the garden too.

Caleruega check now we are off for some fancy food, Breakfast at Antonio's, Caleb was sleeping and Thea was tired and they were inside the car so I and hubs went down to see the place. It was full packed and he was like can we order for take out instead? And I didnt like the idea because the food i bet is pretty expensive because of the place itself if we'll order for take out i think it isnt worth it. So we left and I had in my mind that next time we will be able to eat there with Thea and Caleb sitting quietly eating their food and not us following them around or taking turns which one will eat first - the parents of Toddlers and kids dillemma.

To our hotel room we were at 4pm. The kuripot in me was like " Sayang P1300" hahaha, I just couldnt get over it! But the kids and all of us are tired na. Caleb slept, one baby down! The girl was busy coloring, oh she has crayons courtesy of the hotel. Night before she wasnt feeling sleepy as she wasnt use to the place we were up till late night or early dawn I guess, me drawing the backyardigans characters who I thought I already know how to draw. On one of the papers I draw Pablo and pointed it out to her and said "Who's this" and she said matter of factly "Snowman" her dad cracked up big time, and I was like "Sige nga ikaw magdrawing" with that he tried not to laugh na but yes he just couldnt stop hahaha. Looking at my drawing, yes pablo was chubby and sure look a lot like snowman. Lesson? Do not ask a child with people around if you arent sure your drawing isnt worth an A+

Around 6pm we were thinking where we could eat. Made a deal that if Thea wants to go inside Sky Ranch we'll go but if she doesnt then we'll have to give away the tickets. On our way to the park I was praying, sana pumasok sana sumakay kahit sa Eye lang! And was my prayer answered? Oh yes it was and more! We were able to ride the plane, the carousel, the ship and the Eye of course! We had to go home because it was getting cold and dark besides the mission was already accomplished. We had 4 more tickets left the not so expensive ones and that I am willing to let go. I saw a girl and gave it to her, we made a girl and her family happy!

Next day, our last in Tagaytay was pasalubong buko pie "Colette's" specifically requested by Tatay E and fruits. We also bought a Sunflower plant (died after a month), but it was really pretty and it was calling me asking me to buy her since day 1. We are on our way home by 11am, traffic going to Tagaytay was getting heavy it was a Saturday and maybe they will spend the entire holiday till New Year there but us - we were glad to go home!

A fun family bonding it was for all of us. The last travel hurrah of our family for 2013.

(dont know what happened with the background. sorry i cant fix them na. i already used my time writing. havent even edited haha. so there )

Monday, January 06, 2014

Goodbye 2013 :) Hello 2014!

Today's the second day of the new year.
Today's the fifth day of the year, was suppose to write something last January 2 but life took place so I'm writing now. Christmas season has come and gone without a proper post so here's a quick rundown of December highlights.

  • December 7 was "Girlfriends since Sunday School" Christmas get together. Who wouldnt have fun with these kulit girls and their minime's? Nin + Yayi, Udette + Eumie, Neng and Kuya Boy + Hobie and Tres, Ellen + Eram and Xyler plus one on the way
  • my little guy seems to have his eyes on Eumie girl hahaha
    • Dec 8 was with CI bacthmates to give back at an all-boy orphanage in Malolos 
    • Dec18 was Thea's Christmas big day at school and something big happened they left my kid at the room. I was upset, super upset that led me to write the guidance counselor to make the incident known. I am much better now, I plan to be more pro active next time and see to it that my little girl is taken best care of.   Here's part of my letter  
    Yesterday, I was in the front row camera-ready, eagerly waiting and praying that my child will participate. The SPED kids were already at the stage and my daughter was not. I was looking at her teachers to ask where she is but they aren’t looking at me so I went at the side of the stage to fetch her, thinking she was throwing a tantrum, but she wasn’t there. I ran to her Sped room and there she was alone in the room, no teacher nor aide to look at her. She was standing probably waiting for someone to fetch her, she looked at me and I took her immediately then we ran to the stage to catch the last minute of their number.
    how can they forget? yes, my heart still breaks each time I see this :(
     I was and still am upset that she was left with no supervision, a child should never be left like that, moreso a child with special needs. I know that the teacher had a hard time with my daughter and her hands are full that time, but that I still find insufficient to leave a child. 
    • Dec 20 I signed up Thea for the Habilities kids carolling, one of the mothers told me it would be fun ako naman sige try lang. After her therapy Thea's routine is to go home so she insisted to go to the car, carolling would be an hour later. I made her eat drink milk hoping and praying she'll sing. Time of carolling came and the girl doesnt want to go out of the car :) Dont want to force her so we followed the gang and was showing thea they are doing carolling. That didnt convince her a bit to join the group, we were convoying the carollers for like 5 houses on the 6th I said we tried na and went home hahaha. Well lets see next year maybe she'll join na!
    • Alvin was supposed to be here Dec 12- Jan 5, then sched changed to Dec 19 - Jan 7, then things changed again and finally he was on vacation Dec 19 - Dec 29 due to immigration visa chuchu
    • December 20 we went to DFA Robinsons Pampanga for Thea and mine's passport. We were through after 20 minutes, thank you to Thea's PWD card. Speaking of passport, it still hasnt arrived.
    • December 21 was family bonding time at the newly opened even still smells cement Robinsons Malolos. The kids had fun at the train and cart, no big play area yet but that's good enough na for us at least we dont have to go to SM Pamp to take Thea out.
    • December 24 was prep day for Christmas! Prepped the meal in the morning because the yaya's will leave at noon then relax na after. Mariano fam exchange gift at 5-6pm then 6:30 naman ang Regalado's. 
    changed my FB's profile pic to this! each year we have a picture near the tree but the tree's trunk was broken, I just dont know if I will change the tree next year let's see :)

    A very merry Christmas to your family from ours!

    • Dec 25 Christmas Day lunch is at Frances with the extended Mariano family then afternoon we were supposed to visit a friend but on the way he wasnt replying so we just headed home and peaceful Christmas it was.
      Pink team for Christmas reunion 2013. lower left pic we were shouting coz Kuya got 99 sa videoke
    • Dec 26-28 was our post Pasko getaway at Tagaytay and it was GREAT!!! Yes, Pagod, pagod si alvin, but it was really awesome. A blog for that hopefully soon
    • love Tagaytay
      • Dec 29 Alvin had to go back to Brunei. Me and the kids came to send him off, heartbreaking it was because the kids are extra clingy to their dad. Thea was hugging and kissing him on the way to the airport.
      • how can it not break your heart
      • Then its New Year and all three of us were sleeping! Uhhhm make that the two of them are sleeping while I tap the boy because the loud bang of fireworks wakes him up. But syempre before the New year fireworks Mariano fam went to our house to keep us company and welcome 2014 with us!
        Happy New Year everyone!

      Sunday, January 05, 2014

      2013 the year that was

      What did you do in 2013 that you'd never done before?
      Join a fun run, Milo at that, 5k for me. Hubby joined the Marathon 42k J

      Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
      Some I did but some next year ulit haha

      Did anyone close to you give birth?
      Cousins Aunee, Jelo’s Mira and Kristine gave birth to Mandee, Jazz and twins Nica and Julia.
      Chie gave birth to cutie Noah.

      Did anyone close to you die?
      None.  Thank you.
      But a friend’s husband died before Christmas and it was really sad and ang sobrang sudden kasi

      What countries did you visit?
      Brunei and Malaysia last March to April

      What would you like to have in 2014 that you lacked in 2013?
      I don’t find my 2013 lacking I hope we wont lack on anything this 2014.

      What date from 2013 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
      March trip to the abode of peace where we spent 3 weeks of quality family time!
      May trip to a place we both haven’t been for our anniversary.
      60th birthday of Nanay Ellen
      My birthday surprise from my husband!
      October barangay election when Tatay won 2nd for Brgy. Poblacion Kagawad.
      November 2, first birthday of our little boy also his and Thea’s joint party at Jollibee where Thea wouldn’t want to leave Jollibee off her sight, poor mascot pawis na pawis na siguro hahaha.

      What was your biggest achievement of the year?

      Being a mom to two kulit kids.
      Running too.
      What was your biggest failure?
      Failure to plan some things ahead of time, hmmm like Christmas presents hahaha, but all things work well naman in the end so ok na.
      Failed to wean thea sa bottle, but that I know will take time mahirap talaga yun so try try ulit this year.

      Did you suffer illness or injury?
      Yes. February last year I had this UTI and it was insanely difficult to pee. Traumatized after that, I fear it would sting every time I pee. Good thing it never happened again.

      What was the best thing you bought?
      Flowers and plants, they prettify my garden.
      Books too! I still love having the paper on my hand, not so techie here when it comes to books, had downloaded quite a number of books but they are just emergency e-books those that I read when there’s nothing handy.

      Whose behavior merited celebration?
      As always My girl, his dad, my lil boy!
      Thea for achieving a lot this year, you have worked so hard dear and I know inch by inch we are moving forward. To God be the glory!
      Caleb for bringing so much joy to this house with his kulit antics, gigil, laugh, pacute smile, babye, flying kiss, ear splitting shout and basically everything he is.
      Alvin for being such a supportive husband. For knowing me and taking care of me on those down times. For the love and all those surprises J thank you.
      My parents for showing us that old age doesnt matter if you want to glorify God in your life.
      MIL for taking good care of FIL and still being there to help us.

      Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?

      The Yaya's. Following is a transcript of the drama. This is gonna be looong so skip to the next question because it may give you heartattack.

      Not naman depressed but our Yaya of 4 years left us because she became preggy by a man not his husband. She carefully planned her departure, we are about to go to Brunei so she asked if she could make ‘bale” P2000  plus her sweldo of  half a month, so we gave her the money. Then enrollment was coming and we want to help her child go to college, hubby gave her $100. A week after we went to Brunei my sister said our yaya left na her family and 2 kids with her new boyfriend. She didn’t give the money for tuition fee to her daughter. Kapalmuks.

      Oh and there was yaya woes too, trial and error sa mga yayas. The first two we got had a fight. Yaya 1 was  madaldal and kept texting me about yaya 2 ‘nabasag ito” “wala daw kayo alahas” “ang mura daw gamit nyo” “aalis na daw sya”  etc. So I asked the one who referred me yaya2 is she really was okay. Girl who referred texted Yaya2 and the drama started. Yaya2 cried from 9pm to 12am, drama queen ang peg? She texted her previous amo saying she wants to go back, doesn’t have money daw, her previous amo the one she said who locks her in the house etc. I wonder what horror story she made up about me naman. Yaya1 was asked to quit because I couldn’t handle her kadaldalan sakit sa ulo and feeling close agad asking for the things in the house na she thinks we aren’t using. Arrrgh.

      Then YayaBru came she was sent to me by my mother and she said she was okay, former yaya of my sister but I knew she wasn’t that efficient before. But I was desperate and I need one asap so I took her in. Then 2 or 3 days after her stay she was insinuating she would make bale to buy a washing machine, I smiled lang. Then when we are about to get a stay-in helper she said she wanted a two-day day-off per week, I just said let’s see I was just keeping my head cool ha, kapal eh. Then on my back pala she was talking na to my MIL saying I don’t want to make her ‘bale’, how bossy I was, and telling her about things in the house aka sumbong etc. One day a neighbor came here and asked for her, she asked me pa where is Bruha, I didn’t thought anything bad about it I called her and she went to this neighbor and they talked a bit lang naman. Weeks later she said she needs to stop working na because she needs to take care of her kids etc etc pero that was all a lie because neighbor pala pirated her already, increasing her salary by 500 pesos. Good thing MIL told husband about her making kwento and said she was offered a higher pay and she would leave na, we would have offered her the same but with all the kwento she said its better to say goodbye, good riddance. #ayawkonangahas - bossy daw eh ano ba trabaho nya ditto supervisor ko? End of rant –

      YayaMali came and was mali-mali, spacey, always smiling/grinning even if I was serious explaining to her about things. Her mom asked for 1k bale agad ha, I think she knew I might give her back agad so she asked na for bond money haha (bumale agad). Well this girl naman isn’t fast enough to take care of Leb, my boy’s finger got caught in the fan because she wasn’t looking and she’s right behind Leb. I asked her to clean the CR and after several minutes she said she’s done when I entered there was a pool of water on the floor. While there are tons of things to do I saw her lying on her room asked why, she said because I didn’t tell her what she should do. Then the other yaya complained na she was taking all the light work. Then I was watching a movie on TV maybe she likes it too so she watched hindi silip lang while doing her task ha, she sat down on the sofa and watched. So the next she made a mistake I gave her her money and asked her na to leave. Di ko carry ang stress na dala nya sa buhay ko hahaha.

      Good thing come August and September things has gotten pretty cool with the yayabelles I got. They are still here and though they have their own quirks I can manage them, some I let go some I tell them so it wont happen again. This year is definitely a yaya search year, hoping 2014 wont be anything like that.

      Where did most of your money go?
      School, therapy, ABA – but It was worth it.

      What did you get really, really, really excited about?
      Christmas. Our Brunei vacation. Tagaytay break!

      What song(s) will always remind you of 2013?
      I’m into You!

      Compared to this time last year, are you:
      i. happier or sadder? Happy happy happy
      ii. thinner or fatter? Thinner I was even more thinner than last year 55kg now
      iii. richer or poorer? Richer syempre
      J with friends and all things worth counting mwaaah

      What do you wish you'd done more?
      Uhmmm blog more? But yeah life with two babies took place and it was harder to blog na eto nga I had to ask them lang for some time.

      What do you wish you'd done less of?
      I don’t know. FBing maybe, well doesn’t everybody????
      What was your favorite TV program?
      Got no TV addiction lately but I have my dvd player and I go to movie house when I can for some me time, squeezing it in between Thea’s 1-3pm therapy. So if the movie is more than 2 hours I need to go out the cinema before the movie ends like what happened with Iron Man3, Superman,Hunger Games and that Bea movie I forgot the title. After that I will ask friends what happened, buhay mommy driver.

      Would you believe I wasn’t able to start the Hunger Games movie then I had to go out at 2:50 but the movie will end at 3:30 how awful is that :P But I still love the film, the book more though.

      Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
      Hate is a very strong word. But I have someone I’d rather not see muna.

      What was the best book you read?
      Last quarter I reread hunger games just because I want to and because it was such great read. But the new ones Ive read are the perks of being a wallflower, Mark of Athena, that new book of Sparks oh gulay I cant remember the title haha.

      What was your greatest musical discovery?
      That thea can sing Jingam Bells hahha then Leb will say Hey! hahaha
      Thea can play twinkle twinkle on the xylophone!!!

      What did you want and get?
      ABA for thea.

      What was your favorite film of this year?
      Hunger Games for the win!!! Sige na nga sama na yung Iron Man 3.

      What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
      Turned 34. I had a blog about it and it was a great one.

      What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
      Expecting less meant having more, haha weird no.

      How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2013?

      I was skinnier this year but tops and jeans pa din whole year just this time I can wear more sleak jeans na hahaha.

      What kept you sane?

      My family.
      Alvin as always J

      Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
      Hirap! Waley hahha

      What political issue stirred you the most?
      PDAF – pork barrel issue Janet Lim Napoles.

      Who did you miss?
      Hubby goes home frequent pero I miss him much pa din everytime he goes back to Brunei tulad ngayon di sya dito nag new year huhuhu and I miss him heaps.

      Who was the best new person you met?
      The nawie girls esp csn, this family-like group has been a huge help to me especially to being a good mom to my little girl Thea

      Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2013:
      In running I learned Determination
      In challenges I learned to keep my Faith
      Love I learned from the eyes of my little girl and arms of my husband.
      Joy I learned from my son, simple things simple joys.

      What was the nicest thing someone told you about yourself:
      Good job!

      The most touching experience you've had this year?
      Alvin about to leave for Brunei, me and the kids will bring him to the airport, Thea is super clingy to her dad kissing and hugging him.
      Apathetic??? Not my Thea, she knows how to make lambing and she shows love! Thank you Lord.

      What did you like most about yourself this year?
      February was a challenge but God gave me strength to cross the hurdle and manage the pain. It wasn’t pain alone eh it was a puzzle too but thank God I got past it.

      What did you hate most about yourself this year?
      Post partum

      Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
      You say it best when you say nothing at all.

      Was 2013 a good year for you?
      Surely! Blessings abound and even if there were challenges I have seen how God works through it.

      What was your favorite moment of the year?
      Each month we celebrate Leb’s birth!
      Everytime Thea learns new things.
      When Alvin goes home from Brunei.

      What was your least favorite moment of the year?
      ulit ulit?

      Where were you when 2013 began?
      La residencia

      Who were you with?
      Regalado family. The kids and I at the bedroom while the boys are having their time. This year no boys time as 2 of them had to fight an episode of ill health and avoid alcohol. Plus my guy is not home for New Year’s.

      Where were you when 2013 ends?

      Who were you with when 2013 ends?
      Mariano fam was here 6pm-9pm they left and had some fun time at Ate Lala’s house then us three, me Leb and thea went sleeping na haha. Woke up 12midnight to call hubs in Brunei.

      Do you have a new years resolution for 2014?

      What was your favorite month of 2013?

      Did you lose anybody close to you in 2013?

      Did you miss anybody in the past year?
      wala naman masyado

      What was your favorite record from 2013?
      hmmm not much pero Hubs like Bruno Mars

      How many concerts did you see in 2013?
      haven’t watched any

      Did you drink a lot of alcohol in 2013?

      Do a lot of drugs in 2013?

      You do anything you are ashamed of this year?

      How much money did you spend in 2013?
      tama lang

      What was your proudest moment of 2013?
      Juggling things to do things for the two kids and making it work. Juggler momma nyem!

      What was your most embarrassing moment of 2013?
      cant think of any now,

      If you could go back in time to any moment of 2013 and change something, what would it be?
      I don’t know if I want to change it eh but yes I remember the date but I don’t remember the feeling anymore hahaha.

      What are your plans for 2014?
      definitely start a business waaaah naku naman sana itong taon na yun

      How are you different now that the year has ended?
      I am more calm now, me and Alvin has gotten to know more about each other now. I have become stronger, the challenges has made my heart stronger. Body stronger too as I have now a sport/hobby which is running.

      What are your wishes for the new year?
      That we may know Jesus more and each day celebrate His goodness to us.
      May each waking day reminds us how richly blessed.
      May we be grateful in everything giving thanks for the good and the bad.
      That we may see awesome and wonderful things courtesy of our very awesome and wonderful God.

      Let us all claim His blessings this coming year, a year of love, of peace, of joy, of abundance, of Christlikeness, of seeking His desire for us rather than our own, of helping, of being willing to help, of learning new things, of togetherness, of kindness,  of grace and of hope.

      Happy 2014 friends!

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