Friday, October 31, 2014

Random response to FB posts

When people grow sometimes they grow apart...
For friends, hmmm maybe.
For married couples, NO.
You have to choose to love your partner every single day even if it feels like you are the only one exerting effort.
Marriage is a commitment and growing up is not a ground for annulment.
So choose who you will marry wisely because if you make that 'till death do us part" oath you are binded for life.
And if for some reason you feel like you have chosen the wrong man /woman, know that God, who doesnt like divorce, will work on your marriage.
- this i didnt posted. Too much i think for a 22yo to grasp besides there are too many audience announcing this might mean word war and that i dont want.

Friend's kids asked for a bible to put where it physically hurts. I saidang kulet ng kids pero friendly reminder Bible is not an anting anting that it is God
who had power to heal. Labyu. , I edited it later removing anting2× thinking it might sound harsh.

How and when do you correct? I know FB is not the place but if you just let it there without saying a word doesnt it mean you agree?

I am not trying to sound like I look at posts act as police and give memos to those I.think violates the law. No, it's not that. I try to be kewl but sometimes there are non negotiables out there that needs some commenting.

Just my two bentesinko.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

turning 6!

Later, my not so little girl will turn 6. How gracious God is, for giving her to us. She is a blessing more than any other. She gives immense joy whenever she hits a new development. She's a sight to behold everytime she smiles. Oh you have to hear her laugh, contagious just contagious. Not so many get to see it though, you have to be close as in real close to this pretty girl to make her smile - more so laugh.

Thank God for the 6 years of being this close to such a precious gift. For being able to parent someone special means a lot. I may not fully understood it at the start of our journey together but by the grace of God I now am thankful for the girl that she is. I can now see the gift I have in her.

I appreciate my husband more because of her. What I lack in patience, he lends me or he shows me how. Now am not saying I am full of patience ha, I still struggle, but He who strengthens me makes me able to do impossible things. For 6 years her dad has shown her so much love and I just thank God for giving me a wonderful husband.

Thea is a gift to her little brother, I know it will take more guidance and intentional parenting to let him see this gift. I pray for God's help, for only he could speak to the heart.

If a person knows someone with special needs he is changed for life. What more if that person is part of the family. He will be more sensitive, more loving, more caring, not judgmental but compassionate. He will exhibit generosity not only by gifts but of patience and understanding. He will be more thankful that he can do with ease some people struggle to do. He will embrace his uniqueness and appreciate the differences of everyone.

My dear Thea, you made me a better person. My strength has been  tested, over and over,  I stumbled, gotten up, stumbled again and fell but you kept on loving Mommy. My heart sometimes felt like it was stabbed and got broken but your hug and your kiss mends all heartaches and heartbreak.

"Here I am to worship, Here I am to bow down, Here I am to say that you're my God"

That's the song I heard you sang. I pray that one day God will grant the desires of our hearts that you will able to worship with us and say that to Jesus. We love and will continue to pray for and with you. May He continue to use you in the purpose He has for you. Me and your dad are holding on to the promise that the greatness of the Lord will be revealed in you in His time. Know that we love you very much.
Oh have i mentioned she can now read? Thank you Lord!

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