Friday, October 09, 2009

Why I dont Farm(ville) anymore

The rise in popularity of these FB applications is directly proportional to the decline in productivity in the workplace, and eventually leads to an inability to live a normal life > SPOT.PH

Check out this link
Peace Farmers

I am a self-confessed ex-famvillian, how do you call someone who uses Farmville application? First time I tried it I planted strawberries then it withered after 4 hours, cool I thought you got to have a strategy! I was hooked! I loved planting artichoke, whatever that veggie taste - I wouldnt know =P But yeah for me it was the most profitable veggie in the village. Why? I bet farmers know the answer, coz even if I blog it here you wont get it if your not into farming.

Anyway, there was this time I was raring to go home kasi malalanta na yung tanim ko! Yet after a while, I got bored plowing...planting, harvesting. If it were real money Id go on and on. But real money doesnt come easy, so easy that with just a few click you'll earn bucks na.

I have nothing against farmville, farm all you want, mafia all you can, type as long as your fingers burn, but dont forget to pause and mind the true things that really matter. Just look around and you'll see something much better to give your attention to.

Come to think of it, parang 'game & watch' lang yan, o 'tetris'. o 'tamagochi' it will soon fade =)

To end, just do what you think will make you happy. If its farming, so be it =)
Have a great day everyone.

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