Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Percy Jackson Addiction

The reason I havent written for a while are these...

I read in twitter that its a nice film so I bought a DVD. I find it interesting but I didnt fell in love with it until I read these...

I still have to buy the first book and the last. My gulay, mamumulubi ako dito 1 book is almost 600 pesos sa Pinas 300 lang yata isa. Still I need to buy it I cant sleep, I need to know what happened to Percy and who will he end up with, Rachel or Annabeth.

Oh I watched the movie again last night, Annabeth is super pretty.

I think we'll be going to the city later, hmmmm I would miss GLEE. I am heartbroken. But a book (two books pwede din) can heal a broken heart, ehem ehem. Can I buy the first and the last book na tonight? Puhlease???? :* mwaaah mwaaah

Eureka!!! Treasure at the End of the Rainbow!

If you have been reading my post for a long time you probably know that I am fascinated with rainbows. Rainbows are special. Rainbow reminds me of God's promise that he will always provide, always protect and always love me. I have never seen as much rainbows in my life until we mmoved here in Brunei. ALmost everyday I see one around 5pm after a drizzle a beautiful rainbow will appear.

There was a time my hubby encountered a rainbow, as in within reach rainbow. He was driving when he saw a fab sight, a rainbows end right at Shell's parking lot! He drove the car right through the rainbow!

I've seen two rainbows at once, WikiANswer says If sunlight is passing through a thin stratum of clouds and a stratum of rains simultaneously then you can get 2 rainbows at a time. Not only that their colors are reverse one would have ROYGVIB and the other BIVGYOR! I havent noticed that when I saw them. Below is a pic I got from google.

However, the best of the best rainbow picture ever for me is this:

My treasure at the end of the Rainbow! My wonderful hubby and my lovely girl! I heart rainbows!

Pad Thai is not a spoilt Spaghetti

Pad Thai sauce is really just a spicy version of sweet and sour sauce. Instead of vinegar, however, the sourness is derived from tamarind juice. Shaved palm sugar (panocha) is traditional but brown sugar will do the trick too. from

Our wedding reception was held in a Thai inspired hall, my caterer suggested it might be good if we serve Pad Thai rather than the baked macaroni, I said okay. The day of the wedding a relatives from the province didnt like the pasta but those from the city likes and ate it. You know why? They thought that the pasta is spoiled. "Maasim na daw." Nyay, Pad Thai madammes and monsieurs are supposed to be a litle spicy and I think they thought we served them Spaghetti which should be sweet.

Worse, the story about the spoiled pasta reached another caterer, who btw is a batchmate who now likes to tell our wedding pasta story. Reunion came and he kept bugging my husband that he made a huge mistake not getting his service for our wedding. Mr., I didnt get you as our wedding caterer because I once went to a wedding you did and the service was super duper poor. There were no utensils at the table (soup is served and we didnt even have a spoon what do you want us to do sip it up?), the food is not good, the setup is for a debut not a wedding. Your service might have improved since but I wouldnt bet on it on my wedding day, ayt?

So there, Pad Thai is not a spoilt Spaghetti.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Week Day 7

A daddy is man who used to be a no-brainer in Disney and Nicklelodeon cartoons but after having an adorable little girl he now knows almost every cartoon there is!
Happy Father's Day Sweetheart! Me and THea love you much much!

have a happy special wonderful beautiful father's day from your playhouse disney and nick jr. friends

Father's Day

And to my own Tatay on this special day I pray for more years of good health, more love and a great relationship with Madear and God. God bless you more each day. We love you.

A dad’s someone to turn to
When you need a helping hand —
He’s someone
you can count on
To advise and understand —
A dad’s someone
to laugh with,
Someone kind,
whose smiling face
Convinces you
that no one else
Could ever take his place!

For all your love
and kindness, Dad,
For all your thoughtful ways,
For all your help
and good advice,
For every word of praise,
For doing all the special things
That you find time to do,
This message brings
a world of thanks
And lots of love to you!

Happy Father’s Day ---Emma & Alvin +little Thea

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Week Day 6

What Is Father's Day?

It’s celebrating fathers
and all it means to be
The one who gives
the family strength
and brings security.
It’s celebrating all the love
unspoken through the year
And finding just the perfect way
to really make it clear...

It’s celebrating someone
and that loving way of his -
And knowing in your heart
that he’s the very best there is.

Father’s Day,
and all it stands for,
is a good time to remind you
that warmest thoughts and wishes
are always with you.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father's Week Day 4

Thank you Daddy,

For showing me that there's a big world I can conquer...

Different cultures to study and respect...

And rhythms to dance.


Baby #2: Yes or Not yet?

Me and hubby are contemplating if I will take the depo injection after Thea's 2nd birthday. What say you? Please leave a comment =)

Concern 1: Thea doesnt talk much we believe it is because she seldom see children her age. I mean weekly Sunday Schools is seldom right? A playmate would surely be nice.

Concern 2: I think I want to stop using Depo Injection because of its health and "weight" risk. My waistline is still in its 30+ stage, sure I can wear my fab 29" jeans (fab because my butt and legs looks nice when I wear it) but man the measuring tape still says otherwise (my heart breaks), I think Levis uses a different measure.
Why oh why is it soooo hard to lose those extra pounds in your belly. Super FAIL.

Concern 3: I will turn 31 this August. On my 50th birthday THea will be 22, if I will give birth next year her sibling will be 19. In short I am not so young anymore to buy time.

Concern 4; Geographical. We are not in the most comfortable place to be preggy and give birth. But we do wish to be extended here "forever" hahaha. Maybe I can be preggy here then go home to Manila at the 7th month to give birth. Hospitals here (since it is an 'almost' Muslim country ) doesnt allow husbands to go and see their wives during operation worse he cant even be with you at night at your room (so they say)? WHY? Because he is a male specie, I think the building is a women's only building Huwaaat?

Concern 5: I am a SAHM as in I do the cooking etc and take care of my cutie little girl. I would probably need a permanent helper when I get preggy. Slash big time on budget for the salary and the lodging. Landlord wants us to pay extra 200+ for the maid's room downstairs. Add that to the salary which is 300-400, then ofcourse the food budget will shoot up too :-( SIGH

Concern 6: (Biggest concern)After Birth situation. Where will I lodge after giving birth? I had serious post partum (yeah I didnt tell you that before huh) when I gave birth to Thea. I was okay until hubby left for Brunei and I was left in my in-laws house. Before he left he asked me what I want and where I want to be but I want to please him because I knew he would love Thea to be with her lola so I stayed at their house. HUGE MISTAKE. I was crying all day, they dont see me because I was usually alone in the house with the TV on. No one to talk to. No internet either. (I have to say that they do ask if I'm okay, I always say I am. Well physically I am all healed but emotionally it was still a roller coaster ride) Hubby calls but it is really different when he's around.

Now I know that if you just gave birth your major concern is yourself. Dont underestimate post partum. Back to my story I prayed as in prayed hard then I texted my sister and my mom. I was super feeling low because the only time i see people are during mealtime then at around 8pm when MIL's store is closed. They do give me the food I need, bottles are already cleaned, clothes already washed but dear I wasnt still feeling well all because I dont have my usual girlfriend or sister talks. GF's can only visit on weekends. My sister cant go there daily since children have school. A week after hubby left I asked to be moved to my sister's house.

SCARY or should I say traumatic? I dont know but I would really want to recuperate with my husband next time I give birth because he's the only one who knows how to pamper, errr spoil?, me.

So what say you? Baby #2: Yes or Not yet?

extra: I was,(still am), moved by this statement made by a fellow N@wie:
It's so hard for moms to take care of themselves...we tend to always put our needs and issues last. But when we do, we also end up compromising those that we are trying to protect and care for. by mec ni jojo

Lastly, I do really wanna have another baby though I still dont know when. With all these concerns my heart is really breaking. Should I or shouldnt I. It would be alright if I will just take care of one little girl muna. She's a lovely girl and mommy is always happy to just be with her.

I think I'm lost or maybe I am just scared.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tom Cruise and JLO at MTV

This is hilarious! Love TOM here. Watch and roll in laughter =D

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cebu Pacific Brunei to Manila

hey hey hey have you heard the good news? Cebu Pacific link
And yeah they are a lot cheaper than Royal Brunei Air or Philippine Airlines, the catch is you will have to fly in the wee hours but that's fine with me since your savings is almost 70%! Bargain right?
So what are you waiting for? Book now before all the seats are taken.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

2nd Anniversary Part2

So here goes the 2nd Part =D
We had a fun loong weekend since there's no work yesterday as it is Brunei Armed Forces Day.
Friday: Off to airport we go, thanks to low cost plane fare via Air Asia to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia. That's only a 40 minute ride, one moment the pilot says were taking off then another we hear him say fasten your seatbelts were about to land at KK.

Here's a pic while we are checking in, waiting at the plane's gate and last is at the plane where I saw another rainbow! I just love it when I see one

Next is our pic at ShangriLa Rasa Ria Resort. They will bang the gong when a visitor enters that's the cue for the kumintang guy to play. The 3 of us waited forever for our room, Thea obviously is super bored na but mommy is always ready for her camera smile, dad however is near boiling point here good thing Thea always makes his day and yeah me too!!!

We were given a room alright but not quite the way we expect it coz we reserved for a king size bed and we were given twin beds. So hubby phoned the reservation again and ask for another room, if boiling point is 100 he is at that time 99 - pag kinagat sya ng lamok malamang kukulo na hahaha! What's great is they upgraded us, that's just fair since they made us wait forever for a room right? Anyway we were given an ocean view room and that's good news especially when the sunset is nearing our little girl fell asleep. The view from the room is awesome enough to ease all the stress. Peace!

Thea likes swimming is an understatement, she super duper loves the water. Great thing the resort has a 1 foot pool with slide, Thea walked and played with us on the pool even took the slide with her dad. Her face always lit up everytime they take the slide making the daddy super tired. The girl slips and drank water but she just brushed it off and played again. We waged war when we asked her to stop and change.

The beach looks nice but its very hot and with baby it is just hard to take a walk under the scorching heat. So after taking the tourist's shots we went back to the pool and swim to the delight of the little girl.

So that's the 2nd Part of our Anniversary cum Summer outing! Hope you all had a great summer time!

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