Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Today, November 26, 2009, is Thanksgiving Day =)
Every year I find numerous things to be thankful for. GOd has been so sooo good to me and my family. I know He is in yours too.

THis year, Thea kept on surprising us. SHe grew from a merely 3.2kg to a 15kg cutie girl. I am thankful that I have been able to see her grow. I saw the growth of her first tooth and experience the tantrums that go with it. Her laughter is always a cure to a bored heart. I am glad that I am there in her first year and am looking forward to years with her.

Last February, me and Thea moved here in Brunei to be with the husband. A blessing really since more and more families today are apart due to their work. There are some families who only see their parents once a week, some once a month and to other once a year. Sad. And I even know a family who havent seen their Dad for years only because if he goes home he couldnt go back to US any longer. Why do I say all these, just so you would know how blessed you are if you you have your parents with you. Thank you dear Lord because we are together.

Ondoy had brought serious loss to many of us. But I am thankful that our country is a fighter, a survivor of many calamities. We know how to help and that was seen in a vigorous campaign to help the victim of the thypoon. With God's help and each other arms we all can weather the storm.

Me and ALvin celebrated our first year as husband and wife this year. Such a joy to know I am with the best guy God could give me. He is my bestest blessing ever. Thank you Lord for the man who understands me, for the friend who keeps on pushing me to be the best in what I do, for Thea's father who will give everything to make her life easier. Thank you Lord for my husband and for making me see how blessed I am to be with him.

Thank you for all the friends I have, near or far. God sends them to warm my heart just when it starts to get cold.
Thank you for the internet, as we are able to communicate to families and friends in an instant.
Thank you for Backyardigans =D for making Thea smile, laugh, clap, dance!!!
Thank you for all the Nicholas Sparks books that keep me company when there's nothing else to do.
Thank you Lord for the work you still give us here in this foreign country. Thanks for the extension when many are asked to go home.
Thank you for the good health of my family.
Thank you for my sisters, blood or not, they color my world!
Thank you for always being faithful to Your promise that You will keep us safe.

Salamat po.

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