Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bedtime Story

"She thinks she owns whatever space she lands on. The bed is not the best thing you can claim"

No this entry isnt a fairy tale story nor it is Adam Sandler's movie, it is Thea's and how she occupies the whole bed. You see we have this queen size bed that we co-sleep with our little darling. Every night I move her to her "space" so we (hubby and i) can lie our backs for a nice rest. Kaso when she's hungry (baby is breastfed) she looks for mommy and moves towards me. By midnight she is already past Greenwich (hindi ung pizza, ung meridian line). I cant move her back to her space right away when she's only half asleep, with her occupying half the space alvin is squeezing himself at the other corner.

Two nights ago, I found hubby at the other mattress (there's one on the floor right beside the bed) he said there is no space left for him when he came back from the restroom and since he doesnt want to wake us up opt the mattress. No worries Thea, dadda loves you so much and he doesnt mind sleeping at the mattress, =)

Infancy is a very short and delicate period that parents should cherish. It is the only time we could really say we own as in OWN her, because her entire world comprise of only me and her dad.

For Thea we could give everything and the bed is just a portion of all there is to give.

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