Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nanay @ 60

We do not celebrate her birthdays in a bonggacious way but this year was different because she turned 60!

And 60 is a significant number as almost every tens after 50 naman is. So the Mariano siblings went out to give her a party hmmm similar to a debut hehe because she hasnt had a debut celebration as she was married when she was just 16 :)

Here are some pics ;)

She got 6 gifts and 6 roses/dance. Yes she is 60 but hey if we'll put 60 gifts and 60 roses baka umaga na di pa tapos ang party! So here she is with her last dance, her husband, my dad who loves her sooo much. You know when someone loves a person di ba? They glow and there's spark? That's tatay when she is with nanay vice versa. Few more years and the couple will celebrate 50th anniversary. Tay, ipon ipon lang pag may time!!!
 Me and my sisters were asked to give a short message. Each of us had our turn to make her cry hahaha nope really we were only telling stories and we all end up crying. Our stories were simple, real, heartfelt, memorable and full of love and sacrifices that each of us melted with tears when we realize how great a mom she is to us. Hoping and praying to dear God that we may be able to be at least a portion of what she is to us. Here's my turn, mine is the shortest and my mom had to look me with her "why did u say that look" when I told everyone I was her favorite. It was meant to be a joke but only me gets it siguro, hehe me and my jowk walang nakakagets.

Oh I told them about the story of sardines when we were eating dinner and there was this last piece and I know it's hers but I still asked her if she's busog na, syempre Nanay the generous woman she is said Yes busog na ko sayo na yan when in fact she hasnt eaten much yet nagkasya na sya sa sabaw ng sardinas! I told them now I know two things. 1 is how much she loves me that she is willing to give her piece for me even if she's still hungry. Second is I am really a matakaw kid back then!
(Note to self, stand properly when  you give talks especially now that there are cameras everywhere. Pangit ng tayo di pwedeng pang beauty queen hehe. Oh and also can you please buy a new pair of shoes?)

It's Ate Lala's turn. She told about how Nanay worked a whole lot for us. That she even sold Yakult - driving a bike with side car to places and even near school. She said that when Nanay's about to come she'll hide because classmates will tease her, Nanay said "Nahihiya ka" I had to defend Ate here because I do hide too not because nahihiya kami but because our classmates are bad and they call out 'jacult' when our mom pass by and it hurts us. If I could go back I'd probably be stronger and fight those boys that are teasing her but we are taught not to fight so there.
Ate Leng naman told everybody that she is the most sakit ng ulo amongst us and cried buckets. You know Ate we are all sakit ng ulo and it is not a contest hehe. We gave her wrinkles here and there and I bet she doesnt even know na who to account for most of it. So chill na! Narinig tuloy ni Yaz and told her mom "Ma ikaw pala pinka pasaway sa inyo?" hahaha
 And the panganay syempre is the last one, Ate Mai a professional that she is has a ready card to read in front of the crowd 'kadaya' hahaha. I know you're reading this :P She told everyone how great a mom she is carrying her in her young years of 17 and having her on her 18th birthday. She was young yes but that did not stop her from being a great mother to all of us.
And here she is, our debutant, a beautiful mom, a faithful Christian, a beloved wife, a true friend, a loving sister.  Pretty pretty noh? Bili ko yang blouse na yan! Haha ayaw ko kasi yung dress na pinatahi nya hahaha peace!!!

Present on her birthday were her siblings, Tita Myr, Tito Jessie, Tita Cel and Tita Belle. She has other sibling across the globe somewhere in California we alll hope that one day they can be together again in one place - that would surely be wonderful!
 Syempre me, Ate Lah, Tatay, Ate Leng and Ate Mai are there to be with the super Nanay!
 While the birthday girl is busy with her guests the kids posed for a picture. My kids werent there :( Someday soon Caleb and Thea will come and pose for pictures too.
Happy birthday Nay! Wishing you more years, good health, good life and more means to help people. You are an inspiration to many. We love you to bits.

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