Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daddy's home!!!

Loong weekend in celebration of Hari Raya or the end of fasting in Brunei also meant daddy will be home! And he was :)

My dear husband was here for 5 days! Why with exclamation point? Because the usual time he spends here is just 3 days (weekend plus 1 day leave), the additional 2 days are really bonus we were all happy to take!

This lil girl misses his daddy much. See?

She went to her dad and called him "Diday Diday", played horsy and then when she got tired she rested and this picture was taken.

The other girl who misses him much is this. See?
Saltimbaco by Cirque du Soleil August 19, 2012 - matinee Last day of performance.
I wanted to go and see something new for my birthday (yes it was my advanced birthday date), and Saltimbaco fitted the bill. It would be a new experience since I havent actually gotten to see a live circus act in my 33 years.

I had a blast! It was my first time to go to SM MOA Arena and the place looks promising! With big events coming up Im pretty sure next time they'll have more place to eat, ahahaha. THe show was 1pm and I havent eaten lunch yet. We did had a meal at 10am but you know me that wasnt enough. So my husband bought food to satisfy my grumbling stomach for the 2 hour show. From doughnuts, burger, popcorn and nuggets how could I get hungry. NOT. I was hungry at 3pm. Good thing restos are near and we were able to eat agad.

The entire time he was here was dedicated to moi and the lil girl. We had a thea day, day after Mommy day haha. To SM pampanga we go and the kid loved the ferris wheel. She was in the ride 4 times. And who else will she take with her during those four times? Her dad ofcourse :)

Here are they in a pink egg! Can't see thea? Look at dad's right side and you'll see her foot on the rail. Enjoy ang bebe!

To end here's a kulit pic. Thea wearing my undergarment over her shirt. Waaah dalaga ka na anak?

Thursday, August 09, 2012

August 2012 Habagat

First, I want everyone to know we are safe. We are here in LaResidencia and thankfully the flood hasnt reached our street. But yes it reached our community. One of my friends house is flooded, their street is knee-deep. We are blessed we live in Phase 2 our streets here are dry.

Anyhoo, I dont know who to credit for the photo below. I just took it from Facebook. I posted it here just so we can remember how terrible Habagat has brought to our town.

We are trapped inside the house. The streets going out of the subdivision are all flooded. Good thing we had stock of food here. Water and electricity hasnt been cut down. But we still filled all our containers with water just in case.

SO there friends I hope everyone is okay. Flood is getting bigger today August 9, Thursday. Good thing naman the sun is shining not as bright but its promising. I am waiting for my rainbow.

Keep safe and dry everyone. We can do this!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Working Out

Age and metabolism are inversely proportionate to each other. Metabolism is the amount of energy (calories) our body burns to maintain itself. When we age our metabolism slows down. When you reach 3-0, every cube of chocolate, cup of rice, or a spoon of ice cream you eat will manifest and unsightly show on your tummy (or cheeks if you are more unfortunate). While exercise is not a requirement when we were err younger now we need to exert a little more effort to stay fit.

Though some have better genetics inherited from their parents, most of us are stucked in our not soooo Jessica Alba'ish body. I mean how could she possibly fit in that two-piece sexey bathing suit after giving birth in 5 months, no fair really!!!

When I was 26 I tried going to the gym, what with the noticeable "bilbil" i got from eating 2 cups of rice. Along with gym time I also cut down my rice consumption, half na lang please!. Well that worked out for like uhmmmm 2 months??? Going to gym takes a lot of determination and will to persevere, a primary goal is very well needed if you wish to attain something - that's just not what happened to me! Besides I can still tuck my tummy then hahaha, Vhin hasnt noticed it quite much until we got married - gotcha there sweetie ;P

Hubby's story is different. He was fit when we started going out, then he gained lil by lil when we got together. Uhhhm a little more heavier when we got married then when we moved back in Pinas his BMI has become a little more alarming. He made a pact that he needs to be fit for himself and for his growing family.

When he went back to Brunei, everyone were telling him he gained a lot of weight. He enrolled in the newly built gym in Seria and started his 4-5x a week workout. Every month his weight will go down! But it was on his 3rd month that his co-workers noticed his clothes are getting lousy. Now on his 5th or is it 6th, he just keeps getting fitter. Wife is definitely proud of you!

BEFORE - Dec 2011

AFTER June 2012

While I am proud I am also pressured. At least I wouldnt need to workout until the bun has gotten out of the oven. I hope breastfeeding will take all the fats this pregnancy has given me, pwede pati na din ung fats ng first pregnancy?!?

Friday, August 03, 2012

For Sale Cedar Crest Condo


Hi Everyone!

With a heavy heart we are selling our Cedar Crest condo.

FIrst, why with a heavy heart? Kasi naman when we went there to look at the place we were mesmerized, awed and we fell in love with the community. We had to rethink of our position to sell or should we just rent it out. But we cant have two homes right now. Siguro in the future we can own two or more houses(dream on di ba nga?), but for now we just had to be content with our house here in Bulacan.

The unit we had is big enough for a family of 4-6 (oh di ba tamang tama?)! It has 3 bedrooms, 1 master then 2 for the kids. There are 2 bathroom din. Hindi sya yung typical na nakikita sa movies na studio type (talagang movie no?). It is an end unit with back view. Though some might want a good view of facilities i prefer kasi yung hindi para di maingay. What's good pa is may space dun sa baba pero cedar crest pa din so sure ka na di mabablock ung air going to the unit.

The toilet and bath aint cheap! You can customize pa din naman if you want to have a grander comfort room but for me the materials they use are quite nice na! Save na lang your money for other needs or appliance.

The community is pleasant! Cedar crest has a kiddie pool (Thea would have love that soo soo much sigh), it has lap pool (mommy loves that!) and it has a very fine gym (daddy would have surely spend much time there!). But wait there's more. It has a nice playground (can i just sigh again?), a picnic area, basketball court and many more.

Click here for the website of Cedar Crest. There are 10 midrise buildings in Cedar all with only 5 floors, our unit is in Marigold.

So there friends if you are interested or knows someone who might be interested please send me a mail at ***.

Some more pics for you.

Lastly, here's the layout of a typical 3 bedroom unit.

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