Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Fujiwhara effect:
in jologs term vocabulary eto ibig sabihin nyan:
Crush ni Bagyong Mina si bagyong Lando. Kaso si Lando tsumugi na ng Pinas nagtago na itech sa Taiwan. Dinaan ni Mina sa lakas at balik itech si Lando sa Pinas. Yan ang Fujiwhara effect. haaay ang tanda ko na pala... dati puro babae lang ang name ng bagyo eh, madalas pa nga ung may 'ing sa dulo.
Cge nga paramihan ng "ning" sa pangalan:
Alin sa sumusunod ang may pinakamaraming "ning" =>
Nening, Luningning, Trining (hahaha corny)
fujiwhara @ wiki

Manila was shaken by an earthquake. Hala, nagising kami lahat. ooops di pa pala ko tulog nun, inaantok p lang. Intensity 6 pala un. Hala. Sana wala namang nasaktan at walang bahay na nagiba.
earthquake in manila

now one of the beautiful faces in showbiz left aaaaay. Gusto ko pa naman si Cindy =(
cindy kurleto

excited na ko! pupunta kami dito sa december 22.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

What are you thankful for?

Today would be Thanksgiving day in the US!

And while the Americans celebrate it on a Thursday, our church celebrates the annual Thanksgiving Service every last Sunday of November. We’ve only been celebrating the annual affair for 4 years but it’s quite fun. Everybody’s anticipating the event. Actually I am more excited with it than the church’s anniversary. I mean, its more like a community celebration, where everybody participates and everyone brings food (potluck galore) contrast to the Church Anniv which is more commercialized; Thanksgiving is very casual whereas Anniv is a formal event, just imagine the choir in their choir gown! Wala lang, I think Thanks giving is fun fun fun without staking the true meaning of the celebration. (Don’t get me wrong I do love celebrating Anniversaries but Thanksgiving services give more soul.)

Anyways, as the topic says, “What are you thankful for?” What transpired during the year that makes you more happy, more intelligent, more fruitful, more creative, more closer to God! (Post a comment if you can!)

On the other hand, “What am I really thankful for?” let me count the ways…
I thank God for my family! Kay Tatay, Nanay, Siblings Mai, Leng, La and their hubbies, Pamangkins – Gail, Simon, Mik, Kiel, Kean, Jed, April. They all make me super happy, they are my core, the ones that keep me going.
I am thankful for my work that brings food on my table and money for the rent!!!

Thank you Lord for the school that pays for my studies. Studying kept me sane through my worst times. It kept me busy and made me meet new lovely friends, I’d surely treasure for life. I thank God for Aera, Sha, Leah, Jan and the rest of my classmates. My horizon expanded and with that I thank thee Lord!
I am absolutely grateful to God for handing me with friends that are there when I needed them. I thank you Lord for Inets, Udet & Rhea. For Vhin who had understood and given me the time I needed for myself. They are the living reminder that God cares for me much more that I can imagine. With them I fully comprehend that God has plans for me and that His timing is perfect!

For the good health, wonderful places I’ve been, amazing people I’ve met, scary matters that I have hurdled and for those times that I am tired and You carried me Lord, thank you!!!

May each of us take some time to appreciate the things God has bestowed upon us.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Collosians 1:11-14

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Puff the Magic Utot!!!

i hope i will succeed in uploading this. Kiel will kill me when he turns 7 and sees this. hehehe. love u kiel!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

bonifacio high street is just meters away from office but i was only able to go there last friday november 16. and i wasnt even able to roam around but its ok, the only reason naman why i went there is for me to see this lovely 4-storey bookstore!!!

hay, sana i could bring home all the books i want! kaso medyo expensive sila kaya dun na lang ako magbabasa!hahaha, tipid pa.

Friday, November 09, 2007

katie holmes

if i were mrs.cruise i really have to work hard to keep up with my uber husband right? but this girl just rock! i love her and this pic is just one of her best pic ever!!!

chek out people.com too for other lovely pics =)

if i cut my hair this short babagay kaya sa kin? and if i do cut my hair may magagalit kaya? hahaha? ano sa tingin mo mark?


aaaay...i really wanna watch a movie =( lalo pa wala na naman ako kasama sa boarding house =( and kahit na super dami ko pa kailangan aralin.

i am super moody mula pa kahapon so don't make anything that will irritate me because darn you'll be in big trouble (if you do so).

basta, i want to watch GamePlan and Lions for Lambs pero mas gusto ko ung GamePlan kasi si the Rock un, funny huge man =D besides its from disney... aaaaay

here's the site

Friday, November 02, 2007

wow the 50 peso videoke challenge

Yesterday I lost my voice over a 50-peso videoke challenge with my siblings, my brother in-law, my pamangkin 'mik' and tatay.

The goal of the game is to get the hightest score in Mikelle's wow magic sing microphone. It was tough because the outcome will be determined by the microphone's scoring criteria which is relatively unpredictable.

Yesterday we started singing at 11am and the last person left singing (around 4pm) was ate leng who came back to avenge her throne. hehehe.

At first i tried singing the experiment songs but when tension started rising i have to position myself and sang Crazy for You, the song I knew I could master with ease (lalakasan mo lang boses mo mataas na score!), with that I got 94!

Kuya Khyl then took the list and scan for a song he knew would give him a higher score, I forgot what he sang but we both tied up at 94.

Us siblings are all competitive with regard to our singing careers, hehehe. Well, except for ate mai (if you're family you'd know)! :)

Ate La cant join much coz her four kids need lots of attention, especially the eldest (his husband!). But when she came down and sang "IF" she got 96 which makes her top 1.

This time ate leng had to come down even though her super kulit son, Jed, was following her. She said she had to win and started singing. But only when she sang "my heart will go on" was she able to get 97. after which everybody stopped singing. She won.

PostScript: The day that followed I lost my voice. =)

here's tatay singing Hey Jude! But the most memorable song he sang was "Peggy Sue", with matching stomping of feet!

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