Friday, March 15, 2013


I dont have enough time so I'll just make bullets.

CALEB turned 4 months last March 2! 
Here he is on the sofa. Will try to take same pic every month pero di  promise yun ha hehe. 

Yes he is BIG alright! 8.7kg big.
He can now rollover and clasps his hands. You are a big strong and makulit kid Leb. Mommy and Dad are sooo fond of you.

Picture below with cousins and Ate Thea. Antok ang bebe ko :) Wapakels sa cake and candles.

Cutie boy CALEB. He said 'De", "Me' and "Ate" and we're like did he really said that? Awww bebe you are sooo adorable. :* Kisses from Mommy!

My angels who lights up every waking day of my life. I love love you both!

Here's Ate Thea during rehearsal for moving up day. Not wearing uniform haha pasaway lang ang mommy :)
During the program. Tabachingching sa damit. ahaha in denial ako. 

A lil SAD news:
Husband was here last week for a short visit. FIL had a stroke and was hospitalized. Here he is with the princess. Friday when he came home, me and Thea were bound to school while her dad is hospital bound. When her dad went down at the village's gate Thea cried a bunch. Since then the princess doesnt want to let go of him. Everytime she sees him she makes it a point he never leaves the door. It was hard when he has to go back to Brunei. 

With the lil prince :D  When Thea is busy the daddy gets to play with his lil guy.

Thea and Caleb's time to visit Tatay Fred. Tatay is now undergoing physical therapy for his right arm and leg. By God's grace he will walk in 2 weeks time and his arms will be well in a month or two.

Yan na muna. March isnt over yet. I hope it will take a new turn before the month ends.

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