Monday, August 30, 2010

31 Ways to be a Better SAHM

1. Dont fuss the small stuff - by that I mean the small things lying on the floor
that the little one played with.
2. Get a good rest.
3. Have a "ME" time. As in uninterrupted "ME" time, installment "ME" time is not exactly it.
4. Love your husband and treat him like a king. (Waaah sisingilin ako ni Alvin nito) Have you watched Charlene's interview with Aga? When the husband treats his wife as a queen, she(wife) will treat him like a king. (nagexplain???)
5. Find happiness in simple things. E.G. watching barney, backyardigans, even the boring Tomas the Train which surprisingly the children loves (i wonder why, may gayuma?)
6. Reinvent yourself. If you traded your professional career to being a sahm dont fret, it still is a career. You may not have a salary to buy that fancy bag you sooo like but you are well compensated because your time invested with your kids is more precious than you could imagine.
7. Be proud to say you are a MOM. Whenever someone asks you, what do you do? Say that you are a Stay at home MOM, with much pride like when you say you are a Lawyer, a CPA or an Engineer.
8. Do not regret your decision. I think everyone will want to work less when their children are little if they could afford it.
9. Be connected with your girlfriends. Do not cut off yourself with your friends especially your sisterhood.
10. Sign up at N@w (plugging) a social network for wife and moms from the Philippines. You will gain new friends there and loads of tips to any problem.
11. Play with kids. Learn how to value time like they do.
12. Manage your time. cooking, dirty dishes, clothes have to have their own time otherwise you'll go nuts with chores.
13. Hire a help sometime. You need to rest remember?
14. Learn new things. Driving, baking, photo-editing are the new things I learned this year, oh and ofcourse cooking :D
15. Dance! Yes, dance like no one's watching.
16. Know your role. You are NOT there to pay the bills, you are there to keep the home. Both are difficult but they are different roles. Know yours and do not compare.
17. Do not brag about how hard you have to work at the house. You do not know how hard he is working at the office.
18. Have a financial budget. A good SAHM need not be a CPA to know how to plan their finances. Dont be content to meet ends,save and save for the future, invest for education and insure yourself.
19. Write a book, paint,make a scrapbook release your creative side.
20. Forgive and forget. Storms will come your way and you need to know how to forgive darlings.
21. Sense of humour is a must. What is a house without laughter.
22. Write a journal. And see how great the Lord is to you every single day.
23. Buy a big box for toys. Forget about sorting it they will end up in a big box anyway. Sort them when they get older hehe.
24. Be generous in giving compliments.
25. Dress up. You will feel great and so does your hubby.
26. Have a mani-pedi now! I am soooo guilty. I always forget to have my nails done esp my toes, (feeling ko hindi naman nakikita). Remember: when you were still single and you dont want your bf or gf's see your nails undone. If you cant have a pedicure, keep it clean sister!
27. Bawal magkasakit. If you ever get sick, dont fuss about the dishes nor the laundry just rest and enjoy the attention haha!
28. Dont compare your family with others nor your children with others. Children have their own pace and families differ from each other. So dont compare, just dont period.
29. Be thankful.
30. Make a dream list. List down your dreams. Being a SAHM doesnt mean you cant dream, nor being old can stop you from dreaming. Strive to reach your goals and inspire your children to dream and believe (and survive Starstruck! aayayay)
31.Pray and pray a lot. Only Him can give you the strength you need to be the best Mom and Wife you can be.

extra: In a few hours I will be turning 31! Thank you dear Lord for the wonderful years you have given me. I pray for more great happy years ahead with my loving husband and my sweet little girl.

Motherhood is every woman's greatest God-given gift - and challenge. Be inspired and delighted that God will help you find the strength and wisdom you need to be the best mother you can be. A Cup of Comfort - Devotional for Mothers
note to self: dont forget to jump at new places and always have fun in everything you do.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My favorite "me time"

is when I woke up and the little girl is still sound asleep, husband in the office and there is silence in the air. The room might still be in a chaos from last night's mess (oh this girl can mess the room in 60 seconds, how she do that i dont know), but i am alright. You know why? Because it will always be like that, I'd rather see it untidy than not see my little girl happy (Oh I can say that again). Last time she was sick, she doesnt want to play only wants us to carry her, toys are invisible they have no appeal, we are heartbroken - very, really.

Back to this moment, my girl is sleeping and its 10am already. She (well we) slept at around 1am na. She was still in "play mode" at 12am, oh my gulay, while me and hubby are in our "antok mode". This morning I woke up before 9am and went to my usual morning things, breakfast, boil water for thea's bath, clothes into the washer then I opened Star world, hoping there's a replay of yesterday's Ms.U that I soooo missed (that should be another story though i seriously think I cant tell it na walang time), and saw Julia Roberts with David Letterman.

Julia Roberts = EAT PRAY & LOVE! So I just sat there never mind if I still got chores to do, I just sat and watch. SHe is just as lovely as she was before, she always is lovely period, how old is she again 40+ aaaaaw. David asked her again about the Pretty Woman remake, and she said not with these varicose veins. Nyahaha, though I honestly think she doesnt have any I can sooo relate. One Pretty Woman movie is enough. Ayt, so Eat Pray and Love, this is what I've been reading lately. Did I mention I dumped the book after 10 or less pages when I first read it. I felt it was an insult for Christianity she has written so so things about Yoga and churvah. But when I saw in that Julia has already done filming and its about to be released in cinema I just have to finish the book. In the first place I bought the book just because I read that Julia is going to do the movie and I always want to read the book before I watch it in film. So there, I think the movie is now showing everywhere (as if we could watch a movie), we'll probably buy a DVD once a good copy comes out.

Time check: 10:19am. Oooooh I really so very had to wake the girl up. Otherwise it would take a hundred years to let her sleep again later.

Goodbye me time, see you again tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fresh Perspective

I read today's "Cup of Comfort" its a devotional for Mothers and read two words that stuck to the heart > "FRESH PERSPECTIVE"

These past week was, hmmm what adjective best fit lets try, an anxious filled week. Stressed, worried, wanting,

But first Facebook

Joanne's status: I wish i can be a FULL time MOM...

Ivy said: hi joanne. i agree with you. kung kaya naman financially why not? i've been a counselor for years. believe me most problematic kids have parental issues, either their parents are working abroad or they don't spend too much time with their mom and dad. no career would ever compensate that kind of situation right?

Felt like an arrow went straight to my heart. This is what I've been telling myself, my goal is to be a good mom and wife the best mom and wife - and this should always be clear to me.

Being a sahm requires much more than I thought it would take from me but fret not my soul for today God has given you a thing to ponder. You are blessed to be with your family 24/7, many are not as blessed as you are. Be happy and pray for guidance and have a fresh (and better) perspective when you look up to see God's bigger picture

Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 habits of happy couples from Psychology Today

1.Go to bed at the same time
2.Cultivate common interests (at the same time cultivate an interest of your own)
3.Walk hand in hand or side by side
4.Make trust and forgiveness your your default mode
5. Focus more on what your partner does right than what he or she does wrong
6. Hug each other as soon as you see each other after work
7. Say “I love you” and “Have a good day” every morning
8. Say “Good night” every night, regardless of how you feel
9. Do a “weather” check during the day
10. Be proud to be seen with your partner

Friday, August 13, 2010

My little bookworm Thea

My little girl had a book love affair. Here she is last January with 2 disney princesses books. Look closely at the second picture, ok na sana eh seryoso sya magbasa kaso baligtad yung book :D

Thea reads in the car. Here she is reading Baby Jesus books and Little EInstein colors and shapes. These two books plus Jonah are always in the car to keep her entertained during long trips. Di pa naman siguro lalabo mata nya kasi pictures lang tinitignan nya ;)

SHe also loves reading her body parts book. Side kwento, I tried a shirt and I asked Thea if it looks good on me I said "YES or NO", she didnt say a thing she just pointed to her nose, ayayay kala nya NOSE.

But of all the pictures of her reading I sooo love these. Meet the youngest investor in town!!! Graphs and Guide to Investing book, whoa when I saw her reading the book I just have to take a pic. Good thing before she got bored and put it down I was able to take a good photo.

I really hope she would continue to love reading when she gets older. I will definitely not hesitate spending money for books. Excited much for her to use her imagination when she's ready to read Alice in Wonderland or maybe even Percy Jackson hehe.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blessed Ramadhan!

I heard that you shouldn't say "Happy Ramadhan" but "Blessed Ramadhan".

Moon was sighted last night and the fasting began this morning, no food till the moon is up again. Practicing Ramadhan is also their way of living the life of an unfortunate, with this they will know how blessed they are and sharing their blessings will be honed in their character.

No, I will not fast but I will count my blessings just the same. Thank you Lord for the following:

The food, shelter and clothes.

Good health for our little girl Thea, my love and me.

Work for Dadda and friends in the office.

Our community church here in Brunei and our brethrens who welcomed us wholeheartedly.

Families and friends who we miss and love.

Places we've seen and will see.

And most especially for our little family, my loving husband and my sweet girl. thank you very much.

Thank you too for the kind reader who will leave a comment and share a blessing or two.

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