Saturday, August 29, 2009

30 things you dont probably know about me

1. I love TOFU.
2. I heart beads but wonders why I am not doing any beadwork right now. Note to self: bring the beads jewelry making set on January
3. My cyber presence include Facebook, Friendster, Twitter (because I want to follow Ashton), Plurk (because I couldnt access Chie's responses), Multiply (easier to post pic), Blogspot(because I love blogspot!), Yahoo, Gmail and some others I dont really remember the password nor the username anymore =)
4. I want to learn new things e.g. baking, driving, tennis, poker hehehe
5. I am not ready to wean Thea yet.
6. I love Philippines but I am loving Brunei too. Yep I did said some boring things about the place where we are right now but yeah this place just seem good for us day by day.
7. I love numbers. Oh and btw, I am a CPA.
8. I am not the "Typing Maniac" it was the husband. My level fluctuates but husband is always an outerspace man thats why I made him play using my name.
9. Nyemnyemn always pray before she eats.
10.I watch jolog films and hearts "A Very Special Love" by sarah geronimo!
11.I love to think I look like Thea but somehow when they are sleeping and I watch her and her dad they just seem to look alike more.
12.I want to read more books. Actually I want to own them but the prices here in Brunei are double the price if I buy them at Pinas so maybe I'll borrow na lang muna from friendships.
13.I really really want to exercise. No joke. I just cant find time. Kayo din diba?
14.I love pink because I think I look good when I wear one but I love red stuff because I think theyre coool and hot! Ironic.
15.When I was young I said I wanted to get married on year 2008 and was telling everyone I will and sure thing I did!
16.Raindrops can't fall on my head, I get sick easily kasi.
17.I was a Sunday School -preschool teacher for 8 years.
18.My husband is a high school classmate and friend.
19.I got 98.7 on my PUP entrance exam. We didnt have the P350 entrance fee that's why I wasnt able to get the UP exam. In fact I wasnt able to take any other exam.
20.When I'm hungry, I methamorph to someone you wouldnt want to be with. nyaha. (that's why hubby makes sure I'm always full)
21. For some time I thought my name is boring, when I was in hig school "The Emma Salazar Case" was shown and it dismayed me big time, until I saw Gwyneth in "Emma", then saw Emma Watson in "Harry Potter" then there's "Emma Roberts".
22.Will spend hours tomorrow breaking in the new phone =D
23.In between cellphone time, I will bake something with the new oven. Nyay, sana umok naman. Kundi, andyan lang naman ang mum's bakery =P
24.I am definitely sleepy but want to finish this first.
25.I surpassed the "3-meal to learn to cook" nomination from my new year's resolution. When you don't have a choice and you need to eat you'll learn din pala how to cook.
26.I was out of Mader's tummy at 7:45pm and weigh 9.5lbs at birth. BIG, I know. With that I appreciate Nanay more, especially now that I am a mommy too.

27.Will solicit pens, crayons, paper and books on the 'BER months, (should start tomorrow) for the gift giving on December. The theme would be "Dream Big" focus on education, you'll all receive an email soon.
28.My favorite birthday card is the one given to me by my father when I was 7 years old, it has a princess picture in it and the cover says "Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who's the Prettiest Girl of All", inside it says "YOU ARE" syempre feeling prinsesa naman ako di ba?
29.Nyem loves giraffe, her giraffe =)
30. I am officially 30 years old. When I was young I thought 30's is OLD. Just so you know, I dont feel the same way. We stop getting old at some point.

This is my first birthday as a mommy! Happy birthday to me!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

to vote or not to vote

I only have 5 remaining days to register for absentee voting. Actually I only have a day because we can only go at the Embassy on Saturdays and that's 2 days to go but I have to inform husband agad so tomorrow my decision should be final.

To vote or not to vote.article from inquirer

But I still have a question eh like: When will we vote? The election day is always the 2nd Monday of May and how could we vote then if the embassy is 1 1/2 hours away from our place. We cannot take a leave because - no work no pay - oh man. I think that settles it.

So... where can we go on Saturday then?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

40km per jam I am the queen of the world!!!

Status: Husband = sleeping. Baby = sleeping. Nyemnyem is single again. A sleepy single nyemnyem hehehe but I have to type this first it will be short I hope harhar.

I've been learning how to drive. And the fastest speed I could muster was 40km/jam (jam =hour in Malay). I was like "waaah ang bilis na ang bilis na" sabay tapak sa preno! Come on arent you like that when you were beginning to know how to drive? Ok so maybe not. Any tips on how to drive? I am looking for the pic where I am "kunwari" driving but cant find it so I'd leave this pic instead.

Thea usually waits for her dad to arrive and she's so giddy everytime she sees him. Such a joy to see. Really =D

extra: (last na bago matulog) We went to Jalan Jerudong last Saturday to look for this nice bookstore I saw at the Brunei TImes and on a Malay blogspot, we drove the whole stretch but werent able to find it. So we went back, thinking we just didnt see it the first time. Still we couldnt see it, the locals doesnt even know where it is. Arrgh but nice thing happened, we were able to see this place. We couldnt leave without me having to ask the husband for a picture. Here it is:

at Pantai Jerudong, the end point of Jalan Jerudong
I think I have to google Pantai Jerudong and see if there's anything that I might fancy.

Got to sleep now, in between my lovely daughter and my loving husband. Mushy i know, tsup tsup tsup. Nytie.


Eeny Meeny Mini Mo (ganun ba spelling nun, duh whatever!)

nice no may letter "E"'
I want this for travelling! Its red and has "E" on it. Hahaha. I dont fancy it much pero that's the cutest in "The Mall", note:cutest na yan kasi naman ang meron lang dun Elle, Paris Hilton saka Guess. I dont like Paris and their Guess bags are not so ok pang matanda halos so yung Elle na lang.

I like the red one Can you guess it? Duh I am loving anything red! I am not so techie but the great thing about this cp is that it has wifi and the camera has 8mp, the card naman is 8GB coool!

these are definitely "eye love"
I want them both!!! hahaha, I think husband is fainting right now while reading this hahahah! The red one has 8 diamonds in it but it runs with batteries while the other one's a classic, whew, sooo ganda, its automatic (un ba term nun?). Plus plus plus it really looks good on me.

Weh, which one will I choose? Yesterday my cellphone malfunctioned. Grrrr. Now I think I really need the W995 =)

some cutie pics for everybody

loving barney and the car seat
at daddy's office
look UP!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mini Me ni Daddy

when she turned 9 months
cute noh? baby fell asleep at daddy's lap! close talaga sila
just to show you she likes being talked to and she talks back i mean she shouts back!
extra extra

Draco and Thea with their look a like Daddies

Funny Signs and Naughty too

Here's some funny signs I've gathered here in Brunei and the nearby Sarawak, Malaysia. The first pic puzzled me especially during my first time to cross the border - bridge. WIth an eyebrow raised I read the second one again, it has a different spelling but you'll get the idea. WHy would they name a store like that, or is it his name? Moreso when I found out they translate english by changing the spelling like kolej=college. The 3rd is a computer shop, it's where the husband bought his VAIO. Opcors, only Pinoys would laugh at the sign. When I saw the fourth pic I was really laughing, just take a look and know that my sis' name is Lala.

this sign is a disclaimer saying that the management is not liable when something happens to you as you cross the bridge, darn but you have to pay before you can use it. ugh
WARNING! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK We shall not be liable for any loss or damage personal injuries or death to any person or persons arising out of the use of the bridge for any reason whatsoever

Fock Lee is a vcd and gadgets store, it's a big store with branches in Seria and KB
yeah it is read the way you think it is
Papano sasagutin ang tanong: San nyo nabili yung VAIO? Sa TTCO!

A stall in Parkson Mall, Miri Malaysia has this name!
extra extra and these are yummy chocolate sticks, Pepero is my favorite. Meron din nyan sa Pinas pero sinama ko na din wala lang =P

Sunday, August 16, 2009

locked inside

August 12, 2009 - 22nd BF/GFmonthsary, mushy I know but I need to tell you that I'll explain later. Me with Thea and Alvin were locked inside our room at past 11pm. You see I seldom worry about this thing I have been locked inside a room three (as in 3 nyay) times already. But last Wednesday was different I was worried.

Let me enumerate the three incidents. The first one was a holiday I was inside parents room in Calumpit snoozing when I felt I need to go to the bathroom but the door cant be opened I tried will all might to no avail so I called for Ate Yos and she came with my mother. I begged them to force open it because I really as in really have to do number two.
The second incident is still in Calumpit, this time it is the bathroom door that wont budge. I tried pulling it to no avail. ANd guess what date it was? It was the morning of my wedding day, duh! My dear Tatay helped me unlock the door. After which he penned a sign in the CR saying "Pihitin maigi bago hilahin" as in sinulat nya yun sa CR huh!
Last year, AUgust 31st, I was again locked inside the bathroom. This time its in San Marcos. Twas after I did number 2 so yeah I needed to buy time muna before I called in for help. Syempre, alisin muna ang bad spirits noh? Kaso the CR is not airconditioned right? So imagine ang kapawisan ko! hahaha, I called the husband and he came with the Regalado Family. O di ba kakahiya buong familya andun! It was kuya Lito who forced open the door. And the super pawis na nyemnyem was out again.

Back to August 12, 2009, I was worried the last time I was locked inside because we now have THea. I leave her inside our room, while she sleeps, to cook lunch and do "human" things. The mommy in me immediately looked for emergency exit/entrance if ever baby (hopefully not) will be locked inside. Many things were beginning to fill my mind ... I will have to force open the door I saw this hammer near the stairs, I could go inside through the window there's a wooden stairs downstairs, I will phone Alvin right away but what if I left the cell inside too... Things like that kept on coming until the door opened. Oh I have to mention that I was about to go to the bathroom to pee when I found out the door wont budge. Imagine me worried and wiwing wiwi na, waaaah. =D Alvin was furiously unlocking the door for 15minutes to no avail so he phoned a friend. Have I mentioned we live in a sharing house? Yeah, we do and that time I am happy we live with friends. After a little OPEN SESAME tricks the door finally opened. The daddy taped the socket so it wont be locked(again).

Having been locked inside for the fourth time made me think if it is the door or was it just me? I better prepare myself on the 31st I might just find myself locked inside yet again... hopefully not. nyahaha

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Its 10:47 in the evening, we 3 are still up. The baby sleeps late again. I thought her sleeping habits had changed for good after we went home. In calumpit she sleeps at 8pm and wakes up at 6am, she'll go to Nanay and enjoy a little sun then she's off to a hectic day. She plays with her cousins and often refuses nap time, no tantrums whenever she has playmates around. But here, when its already 2pm and she hasnt taken a nap yet a struggle is impending. Mommy just have to make her sleep, often she looks for my milk to sleep and wont take a bottle.

It's breastfeeding month by the way and I am a proud mamma! But I have to admit I am starting to wean her bit by bit. It's really hard to go out of the house if she exclusively breastfeed and I am not so fond of NIP (boys, thats nursing in public). Oh I've done that alryt but only when necessary like when we were at the seria clinic and it's nap time already - I've mentioned she doesnt want to drink from the bottle during nap time right?

did you notice our terno PJ's?

We had nursing sessions, a.k.a. "show time" at the plane, at a posh SG mall, in the car, at church (no we dont nurse at the pews). At home we bond in the morning, during nap time and when everybody's sleeping (like now). We breastfeed while eating breakfast, reading a book, even texting, while facebooking, multiplying and blogging (like right now).
this one's inside the plane

I am not an advocate, I am a breastfeeding mommy because I think it is needed. With swineflu and all that serious bacteria roaming around I want Thea protected and my antibodies are what she needs. When it comes to Thea I am proprietary, and since I am the only one who can breastfeed her its a plus (I can't elaborate on that one now). Me and baby sleeps late... like now =) Its 12:59 and my baby doze off finally. Goodnight everyone este good morning na pala!

extra:Before I end this post, here's a fun ad about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

On Pres Cory pa din: MB and ABS-CBN blunders

How could they do such mistakes? What excuse did they make for these? Haaaay, wake up man.

There was another one from ABSCBNnewsonline they kept referring to Mrs.Arroyo instead of Mrs Aquino. Aaaaaw, i know its confusing but still its inexcusable.

extra: then there's this Wowowillie's comment over the live traffic feed of the wake during his show. the guy has a point, sige na nga, pero man say it properly naman or rather say it off cam. (google nyo na lang sa you tube ha)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Stir fried Pork, Brocolli and Almond

I tried making the chinese dish this afternoon but I think I failed. The sauce is not that thick and all the while I was thinking of cashew because the recipe says cashew but I was putting Almonds.

Sure it was edible and how did hubby described it ahhhhm "different' harhar. SUch a nice way to say not his type of dish but its ok its really not an A-lister dish but yeah its different.

The time comes when I am pissed off with all the dish Ive cooked and want to concoct new ones. Tomorrow I might try fish on coconut milk, I havent done that yet and hubby said he'll eat whatever naman daw.

I havent done my half year assessment I dont think I can with the time that I have. BUt one is for sure I surpassed the 3-viand nomination I did last year! Yahoo and congratulations to moi.

Happy cooking everyone.

Btw, I wish I have an oven. I will try baking next time. I think I will be a great baker! wink wink

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

9 months

Last Friday my baby turned 9 months. What a gift! She's always been a blessing and I am forever happy and thankful for having her. And though she is pretty heavy at 11.5kg she is a joy to hold.

She can pretty much navigate on her own now. She crawls and can now stand at her playpen using the rails as support. When guided she can walk, with us bending to help her launch her steps, backaches nga lang hehe. I am super excited to see her walking around the house, and surely her dad would be thrilled to walk around with "his mini me" at the mall =)

She claps her hand everytime she hears daddy says "yehey"! But walking and clapping doesnt go along kasi matutumba sya pag nagclap sya habang naglalakad hehehe.

Oooops...I have to attend to mommy duties, with this I will leave you these pictures:

yellow time

It's yellow time in Manila and maybe even around the world when last Saturday one of our Presidents died.

Sadness over the loss of one of the most loved presidents conquer the Philippines.

Goodbye Tita Cory.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Silent Mode

The whole day has been a tiring day, baby doesnt want to sleep yet and I ams super tired. I want to see girl friends who I can talk to for hours about anything over burgers and french fries. But there's no one here around only me, thea and alvin.

I hope I could use the floo powder network and fly to girl friends in Manila and talk non-stop or listen lang to their own rantings. Haaay, friends, I miss them.

I hope the architect will come back to the usual jolly self.

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