Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank You Thank You Lord =)

I had this in my draft folder for more than a month now. This is meant to be a thanksgiving entry. Today is January 7 but I'll post this anyway.

This year had been a year of transformation. From girlfriend to wife. From singlehood to mommyhood! I just want to thank you God for all the wonderful things You have been showering me since day one. Life has been more meaningful this year.

I am deeply grateful Lord for my husband. If being loved so much could kill, I should have been dead by now =) Really Lord, I didnt know then why you brought me to pain last 07 Independence Day but now I know that You surely are in control and You have plans for me. Alvin could only be the bestest friend and husband for me. Thank you thank you Lord.

For the food on our table, good job for me and vhin, money for the rent, health of my family, wonderful new friends I met and the new lessons I learned this year Lord, Salamat po. Everyday is beautiful because of You.

I wont be able to enumerate everything that God has given me, but one thing I am deeply deeply grateful. Thank you Lord for this beautiful girl whose smile always melts mommy's heart. I couldnt explain how happy I am for having her.

Thea, mommy and daddy are thankful for having you

And this is one of the songs I sing for my baby. Reminds me to be thankful every single day for every single thing be it good or bad, sickness or health.

Salamat sayo o Panginoon ko
Sa lahat ng nangyari sa araw na ito
Lungkot man o ligaya
Sa sakit at ginhawa
Sa bawat oras ay kasama kita

Dalangin ko sanay Iyong pakinggan
Na sa pagtulog akoy bantayan
At sa aking paggising
lagi kong iisipin

Munti kong panalangin ay iyong dinggin
Munti kong panalagiy dinggin

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

be strong nyemnyem

those were the exact words daddy vhin left me when he was about to leave for brunei. and true that i really have to be strong, for being a mommy requires great love, patience and strength.

when hubby left, i started crying buckets. i miss his skill in changing thea's diapers, i miss him spoiling mommy nyemnyem, i just missed him sobra sobra na di ko mapigilang umiyak ng imiyak. being at my inlaws house make me miss him more.

maybe it was post partum, maybe not. a note to daddies, mommies need extra care too.

(note: nyemnyem is typing with 1 hand, im carrying althea with the other)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mommy notes

I havent been online for some time but journalizing is my second nature and here are my mommy notes before and after giving birth. See my excitement, happiness and pain in my journey towards being a true blue mommy!

October 29, 2008

Any moment everything will change. I will be a mommy in less than 24 hours and nyemnyem is super excited. Cant help but daydream of baby althea and the wonderful feeling of having her around with her daddy.
I was in the hospital this morning to check if the brown spots in my undies are normal. Found out I was in my early stage of labor. 2-3cm per Doc Robles. This should progress, doc says, in 24 hours and if not I shall check her again tomorrow to find out if there's something wrong.
Good thing althea is still ok. I am having contractions every so often but not as painful as what was described to me. So I think baby is still waiting for daddy before her grand show.

November 1, 2008

3rd day. Being a new mom is a fab experience. I knew all along the toil of having a baby entails but i figured i wasnt really ready. Well, who does?(Ang hirap kaya maglabor ng ilang oras tapos iire ng walang kasing lakas, hahaha).
i had a fever this afternoon. Milk supply came out faster than althea's demand. Thus, the culprit of the high temp. I drank panadol, started pumping breast and rested. Mommy nyemnyem was ok in a few hours. My stitches are not as painful as before. Thank you Lord! !
We have to commend daddy vhin for all the effort! he changes Thea's diapers and (would u believe) mine too! he even cleanses my wound, burps bay and kept track of my medicines. He and thea are my angels. i love them both so dearly.

November 6, 2008

Happy 1st week Thea!
Yes me and daddy vhin did greet her at 12:10 this morning.
Thea, me and dadda are super happy to have you. Mwaaah.

November 8, 2008

Daddy vhin will leave in 3 hours to work at Brunei. Nyem is super sad to see him go but life has to bring him ther for my and baby thea's future. i have to be strong too coz I know hubby is sad as much as i do or even worse coz he has to leave his two babies here in the philippines.

November 9, 2008

Nyemnyem after dark. Althea is usually awake at 2am till 4am, making me zombielike. But its ok, its part of being a mom. Next May, I shall embrace mother's day to the max. A note to daddy vhin, anniv and mom's day un, isip ka na ng gift ko. hehehe

Today, November 11, 2008

At last, I was able to connect after 10 years!
Will update u again next time. Althea owns my time and she needs it right now. Will write again soon. Mwaaaah.
Meanwhile enjoy her pics at my friendster. Will upload more next time. =*

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