Saturday, April 07, 2012

Activities Galore

Its summer and cousins doesnt have classes! That's good news for me because now Roseline aka Ate Nene has time to do activities with my darling Thea. Less work for this preggy mommy whose baby bulilit inside the tummy seems to be acting very lively, so much that I gag all the time with whiff of perfume, scent that I can tolerate before but now can't and the awful smell seems to be double awful, or triple even. (Will blog about those next time.)

She wasnt able to start right away we waited until she could observe Teacher Ben and Teacher Camille do their work! I made her sit in Thea's OT and SP classes. Then I made some guidelines and goals for her to follow. Lastly before we begin her activity time we looked up for new activities that Thea will enjoy. You know naman Thea, she gets bored with the usual toys. So everyday we got new things for her to do and the rest are old stuff she just need to master.

We saw this sheep here and went to the craft store to buy some materials. Wasnt able to snap pic after the activity so after 2 days the poor sheep has only a lil wool left.

Next day they made a dog puppet! I saw it somewhere I couldnt remember where but Roseline put some lashes on the doggie making her a girl hehe. Thea was able to recognize it naman and even said Arf Arf. Ate Nene worries much because it doesnt look like a dog at first. Hihi.

Yesterday me and thea were playing with wires, searched and found out pipe cleaner pala tawag dun, to make shapes, numbers and letters. They are very manageable and you can disassemble everything after each try. These are star, circle, number 5 and letter E.

We finally made letters after exhausting all shapes and numbers that i could make out of the wires. Suddenly we took the letter B and pretend it was a pair of glasses. So I took letter B and put braces on it and this is the result.

A fun fun time for Thea. She loves it and wore it for the next 30 minutes.

Fun fun and productive time with the lovely girl. More activities coming. Meantime she busies herself with crayons coloring every book she could get. Almost all her backyardigans books were colored. Mental note: I need to print some pages from nick.jr. Got to go peeps.

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