Monday, May 11, 2009

My Princess

Dear Thea,

Its been half a year since I first saw how beautiful you are. And you dont know how much joy you have given us since.

Baby, you've grown so fast. From a little 3.2kg baby now you weigh a big 11.5. Everyone here in Brunei can't believe you are only 6 months! You have lots of fans here. People just cant resist borrowing you for a while from mommy. You smile at everybody and you dont cry when they carry you. Mommy and Daddy is always within reach so no worry. Our eyes are on you always... always.

Daddy cant help but laugh everytime you try to lift your body and want to stand up. Such a cutie when you lift your head and look for Mom and Dad everytime you wake up and none of us is by your side - then suddenly when you see us in the table (usually in front of the computer) you lie again and play by yourself. A joy to know you are looking for both of us when u open your eyes. How I wish you'd always think of us as you grow older.

You laugh out loud now, loud enough to let people downstairs hear you! Only dad can make you laugh that hard. You are fascinated by his voice, so attuned that even a simple crack in his throat makes you laugh!

Like mommy you like going out, always giddy when Dad carries you and put you in the car seat! The car seat is now one of the most useful things you have. I can almost imagine severe backaches if I only carry you during our 1 1/2 drive to Bandar. (Oh the car seat, it deserves its own entry but I have no time). Besides Dad will get 'pakat' if the police sees you're not in a car seat. (child endagerment law they say). Pag ganun anak, iyakan mo lang yung 'polis' maawa sayo yun tyak tapos papalampasin na tayo!

Ohh, you also have to know that just like daddy you talk while in your sleep. You laugh as in as if somebody tickes you. You cry as if someones taking you away from mommy and daddy. You're a little more fussy now, I think you're teething as you always purse your lips in a different way like you want to chew it or something. We'll see. I just hope you wont get fever or diarrhea as what others had.

On your 6th month we went to the airport. Its Tito Carl's last day in Brunei and we bade goodbye to him there. But syempre before that we ate muna and we had a little Tiramisu with a little candle just for you. The tiramisu was great by the way, mommy finished it in no time!

Your into solids now! And you eat quite funny. So happy when you like the food and so 'maarte' when you dont! Potato is a 'no' 'no', Avocado is 'kinda' ok, Papaya is good, but better when we add cereals. You like Heins cereal better than any other and the milna rusk you and daddy bought at supa save, he said you chose that and you were excited when he took it from the shelf!

Sweetheart, me and daddy loves you so much. Dont ever ever forget that.



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