Friday, August 01, 2014

Oh Ghost na!

It's August 1!

SEGUE: Happy birthday Inets :) She's one of my favorite cousins. Being the closest one as in kapitbahay -that close- cousin who I grew up with. May God's grace be upon you today and always.

For stocks, August is spelled as AuGHOST because the stocks usually dive down, lesson learned the hard way. I havent been very keen into stock trading until lately because I needed to raise some funds. So I read and subscribed to some groups about trading and I can say I am learning. Investing is still the way to go but trading has a different game, not for the faint hearted ha. One should be ready to lose. I am sooo not encouraging anyone to trade, I want you to invest and I am still doing that. I just took a little of my portfolio to trade so I can gauge if I have a gift for it.

Apparently, trading needs training and I dont have that. I didnt know that August is no trading month for Chinese peeps. And they dominate the the A class of this country and if they are not willing to spend money on this month there would be no trading thus no gain. Good thing I was able to read about it by July and was able to liquidate some of the green (gaining) asset. Now that the costs of stocks are dipping low, in investing that;s the time to buy, I am happy that I have some pennies to buy some stocks. Those that werent liquidated are left on the red side and iiiyak ko na lang hahaha.

Lesson: Learning new tricks is a process. You cannot be good at it overnight.

In other news: It's AUGUST and it is my month!!! I wonder what's in store for me? I bet it is awesome :) I can feel it.

Have a wonderful month peeps.

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