Sunday, August 16, 2009

locked inside

August 12, 2009 - 22nd BF/GFmonthsary, mushy I know but I need to tell you that I'll explain later. Me with Thea and Alvin were locked inside our room at past 11pm. You see I seldom worry about this thing I have been locked inside a room three (as in 3 nyay) times already. But last Wednesday was different I was worried.

Let me enumerate the three incidents. The first one was a holiday I was inside parents room in Calumpit snoozing when I felt I need to go to the bathroom but the door cant be opened I tried will all might to no avail so I called for Ate Yos and she came with my mother. I begged them to force open it because I really as in really have to do number two.
The second incident is still in Calumpit, this time it is the bathroom door that wont budge. I tried pulling it to no avail. ANd guess what date it was? It was the morning of my wedding day, duh! My dear Tatay helped me unlock the door. After which he penned a sign in the CR saying "Pihitin maigi bago hilahin" as in sinulat nya yun sa CR huh!
Last year, AUgust 31st, I was again locked inside the bathroom. This time its in San Marcos. Twas after I did number 2 so yeah I needed to buy time muna before I called in for help. Syempre, alisin muna ang bad spirits noh? Kaso the CR is not airconditioned right? So imagine ang kapawisan ko! hahaha, I called the husband and he came with the Regalado Family. O di ba kakahiya buong familya andun! It was kuya Lito who forced open the door. And the super pawis na nyemnyem was out again.

Back to August 12, 2009, I was worried the last time I was locked inside because we now have THea. I leave her inside our room, while she sleeps, to cook lunch and do "human" things. The mommy in me immediately looked for emergency exit/entrance if ever baby (hopefully not) will be locked inside. Many things were beginning to fill my mind ... I will have to force open the door I saw this hammer near the stairs, I could go inside through the window there's a wooden stairs downstairs, I will phone Alvin right away but what if I left the cell inside too... Things like that kept on coming until the door opened. Oh I have to mention that I was about to go to the bathroom to pee when I found out the door wont budge. Imagine me worried and wiwing wiwi na, waaaah. =D Alvin was furiously unlocking the door for 15minutes to no avail so he phoned a friend. Have I mentioned we live in a sharing house? Yeah, we do and that time I am happy we live with friends. After a little OPEN SESAME tricks the door finally opened. The daddy taped the socket so it wont be locked(again).

Having been locked inside for the fourth time made me think if it is the door or was it just me? I better prepare myself on the 31st I might just find myself locked inside yet again... hopefully not. nyahaha

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