Monday, June 29, 2009

a movie unfolding

Last night '27 Dresses' was shown on the TV and I enjoyed it! I havent been able to sit still and watch the whole movie , start to finish, because I have to attend to my daughter wailing - apparently calling mommy. I have to bring her downstairs to watch it with me, thankful that Daddy Vhin is more than willing to carry Thea as I watch the film. The movie is about to end but I have to go somewhere I cant remember what I did, maybe chores, that I almost missed the wedding part.

It has been a while since I watched a movie - in a cinema that is. Iskul Bukol last December is not counted, we didnt even finished it. The last movie I enjoyed really was A Very Special Love - yep Jologs ako haha Certified. Anyway, yeah it will really take some more time till I can go to a real cinema to watch a movie. Transformers just have to wait for us in Manila, hopefully it is still showing late next month.

I am a movie addict. Oooops, let me correct that. I WAS a movie addict. I can even watch a movie on my own. I watch a movie when I'm sad. I watch a movie when I'm happy. I watch with friends. I watch with dates =) I watch with pamangkins. I really miss going to the movie house, eating popcorns or fries with soda on the side hehe.

I do miss movies but I have no regret on not seeing any these days. There is one grand movie unfolding in front of my eyes. A masterpiece and I got a role in it. I just hope God will help me act the role He has given me.

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