Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy birthday Caleb!

Has it been a year since I rang the bell to wake everyone in the house up to send me to the hospital? Hahaha, I can still see their antok and gulat face asking me if its time and I just have to nod because eventhough I was in pain I just had to smile because MIL hasnt put her teeth on :)

Every month there on we celebrate your day, to give thanks to God for sending you to us. He has done great and wonderful things to our family and one of the greatest is giving you to us. 

You have been a ray of sunshine to mommy on a cloudy day. A rainbow when clouds are gray. A happy thought when all else are naught.

You have 8 teeth now and can eat, a lil picky yes but when you want the food you extend your hand and say na na. You still drink momma's milk and you grin that grinnest smile of yours when your done but you go and throw a fit when you're still hungry.

You can now stand alone and have taken a few steps. You still want to be carried but baby you need to practice a little more ha. You like eating haha when you see momma's midnight baon you would ask me to open it so you could share. You can turn book pages too and say "du" when you see a dog. You call me Mama, dad  Dadda, ate Thea, Tita lala Yaya.  You say 'na' when you want to get something. You say "ba" when you peek a boo us.

You love your slide and motorcycle, love dancing when you watch Fresh Beat "Luau" episode. We try to limit your TV exposure but since Ate watches you tend to peek too, that's why you  also love Backyardigans hehe. 

You now express your wants with gusto and throws tantrums when we dont do what you want, but please know that you cant get everything and we cant give you all the things that you want not because we dont love you but more so because we do. Er like you cant eat the crayon, you cant climb the stairs alone, you cant watch the TV, you cant bite mommy or ate.

You grab phones and pretend you're talking to daddy. You've memorized how to properly go down the bed with your feet first, now I dont need to worry about you bumbing your head. You climb well, you take the stairs with ease and your slide too. You lift your foot whey you see your shoes. You comb hair when you get the brush. You pretend to drink when you get a cup.

Know that in all these things mom and dad are proud and happy. 
We love you dear son. Happy birthday baby boy!

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