Friday, November 30, 2012

Birthing Story - Vince Caleb

Last February when I found out I was preggo I counted right away the due date :) I knew it would fall last week of October till first week of November. My first ultrasound said I'd give birth on November 8. Kept telling my baby you can come out any day but can you not pick November 1?

Didn't I tell you that this little boy is full of surprises? I was in labor November 1 at 1am. I started counting the intervals and measuring the intensity of the pain. Morning came I went to my OB and she said I'm just 1-2 cm dilated, asked her if I should ask my hubby to come home from Brunei and she said it can still take a week for a 2cm dilation so it's kinda premature to ask hubby to come home right away. That was 10 in the morning.

My dear husband was elated already, I couldnt decide and tell him to come home because we might be wasting his leave credits for a false alarm. So we waited for the pain to escalate. My dear son leaves us clueless. I knew the pain I'm having is not normal but I was hesitant to tell him "Uwi ka na" coz I dont want to pressure myself to give birth once he's home. By mid afternoon we finally decided he'll go home, that's a Thursday and flight is Friday morning, thanks to Cebu Pacific for cheap flights! He booked and we decided if I wont give birth till Sunday he'll have to go back to work by Monday.

The pain was tolerable from 10am till 7pm - that coming from a girl who's pain tolerance is high ha (didn't have epidural so I think mine is high). I FB message my girlfriends and told them I am in labor and I wanted to have a normal delivery. Told them too that I am having contractions every 10 minutes and ask that they pray for me. I left FB and rested didnt know the girls got tensed with my message and were asking me to go to the hospital na. By 11am Thea woke up and she was crying as in 30min crying inconsolably and I knew its me she needs. I am having contractions then much painful than 8pm but I was still able to tolerate.

By 12am my girl slept and I was left contemplating if I should press the buzzer to wake the team or should I still rest. I tried to sleep to no avail. I knew I had to go to the hospital. I went to the bathroom first to brush teeth and sponge bath. I already took a bath around 7pm. Felt I should because I knew the 'thunders' wont allow me to take a bath days after I give birth. 1am I pressed the buzzer.

Buzzer - husband bought a doorbell and gave the buzzer to me while placing the other end on the other room. The other room is where my niece sleeps, that night my MIL, FIL and even my BIL were there. Let's call them 'Team'. Team 1 - Nanay and Tatay will take me to the hospital. Team 2 BIL 1 & 2 will fetch Alvin at the airport. Team 3 Niece and her mom will watch over Thea while we are in the hospital.

When they heard the buzzer they all jumped out of bed. MIL who doesnt have her teeth on yet hehe asked me if its time. I said yes ;) and they were all in their post. To Santissima Hospital we went and I was IEd by the resident doctor and found I am still 2cm dilated. I was like,"Huwaaaat??? It cant be. The pain is worse and my husband is on his way. I should be at least 4cm." But no I was 2cm and the doctor said I'm leaking. My OB called me up and said we'll do trial labor and if it wont progress by 2pm next day i am due for CS. I got scared and texted family to pray coz I really dont want to undergo an operation. Had dextrose IVd on me with a dosage of sleeping something which didnt make me fall asleep. The doctor said she'll check on me by 6am to see if the cervix opened.

2am-6am I couldnt sleep. The pain had escalated twice as much. Alvin was in the hospital by 6:30. He brought a starbucks coffee that I couldnt even drink because no food nor drink was allowed grrrr. Doctor came in 7am and said I was 4-5cm already!!! Yey, that means I will have a normal delivery! But I could still smile then hehe so she didnt suggest an epidural yet. She came back around 8:30 and found me on 7cm. She said I could do it without epid and asked the nurses to take me to delivery room. She said she'll help me out.

(Continued only today Nov 30 I tell you newborns require lots of your time :)

So I was pushed to the delivery room by by 9am. Once there they put something on my IV to help induce labor, but contractions came at 5 or 8 min interval, so we were there for almost an hour till the doctor said tI am on 10cm. During the 1 hour on and off contractions I was told to push like I was about to poop. The pain, i mean the PAIN, the EXCRUCIATING PAIN was unlike any other. I couldnt compare it with Thea's birth because I was sedated then, Caleb's birth was different - I was awake and concious the whole time. I know everything I even asked the nurse what she's applying on my vajayjay :p  Yep thas how awake I was!

At first there was only me, the OB and the nurse inside the delivery room, around 9:45 the pedia came and I knew any moment I will give birth na. By 10am I am 10 cm already. Two more nurses came in (male nurses) to help out. They were only a few nurse because most of them are on leave, it was a loong weekend. So i wasnt able to ask anyone to take pictures, my husband wasnt allowed to go inside the room and besides I didnt even thought about it anymore when labor pains were shooting in. OB said "kaya mo yan Emma" and in my head I was like "Ano pa nga ba eh kakayanin ko lang talaga no!". I even asked if there's anything to help lessen the pain but since its too late na for an epid only a vaginal anesthesia can be given but that would only be for the stitches for episiotomy na lang yata.

On cue I pushed, keeping in mind that I have to take breathing back in slowly so my baby's head wont be like that of Adam Sandler - egg shaped. I pushed and pushed so very hard. Three nurses on my tummy helping me push the baby down.  Then on the final push I was told to give my all -  I scream out loud, I wanted my husband to hear it hahaha.  And then he pops!!! My mind got lost in thoughts. I saw my son on my belly with cord wrapped around his waist. I heard double coil but didnt know what that implied. I just said "Hi Baby!" The doctor said "Happy birthday"

I forgot if I said happy birthday to Caleb but I know I was happy, I still am, that I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy on that Friday November 2, 2012.

***up next -- pictures***

Our lil boy born at 10:16am, 3.4 kg. Picture at the nursery.

With mom and dad at our hospital room. Ate Thea isnt allowed inside but they were able to sneak her in that morning. When I got inside the room my lil girl was waiting for me :) They brought her home din agad because mommy needed rest. Mommy is happy because I saw my girl on the day I gave birth to her lil brother.

Here he is now at 4.7kg :)

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