Sunday, September 14, 2014


What was that? I am 35? Come on, I still feel 20 haha. Seriously though I think my body is 35 already what with the aching knees every so often, bulging belly who hasnt been a prob when I was younger. BUT hey my spirit is still young, wanting to explore, to know new things, to travel, to eat and eat a lot, to watch movies and have some popcorn. I guess my wants hasnt matured enough eh? Well at least I know the difference of wants and needs and know how to prioritize. Because there are a lot more better things to do than watch a movie, travel and eat. Like equipping oneself to be a better person :) A better Christian, wife, momma, daughter, sister and neighbor.

My special day started August 30 when hubby treated me for a whole day out, only us! We went to the leaders training first at CCF and got acquainted with other DGroup leaders. See we are starting a group with the Regalado kids and though we still find ourselves not mature enough to disciple others God has given us a responsibility, maybe this will lead us to the maturity that we wanted. Besides growing doesnt stop, right?

So after the training we were off to BGC for some time alone. Hubby asked if I want to go to Dad's buffet, he said that's 1500 each he wasnt sure. The  accountant in me started computing and I said I want Ramen. Well I did want Ramen haha, the well reviewed Ramen of our awesome planet and some other food bloggers but hey I will have graciously go to Dad's if not for the presumed price. We went past Dads when I googled it - only to find out that birthday celebrators are free of charge when you dine there with at least one companion. Arggh. And the cost per plate isnt 1500 it's only 700+-. If I only submitted and let him lead me I would have had a sumptuous.meal and a free lunch. The Ramen btw from Ikkuoryo eklavu (I forgot na) was not at all to rave for. Anyways at least we were able to eat something new.

We just went window shopping lang at SM aura the boutiques there were really uhmmm pricey except for Uniqlo.and forever 21 where I was able to buy a pair of pants for 400 bucks! Then we went to Makati for a play, The Last Five Years starred by Nikki Gil. Alas, the available seats were apart, I wouldn't like that so we beg off and went to Greenbelt instead - a place I have missed. Then we got lost haha. The place was new and we haven't been to Makati for a looong time. Though we got lost we still had a fun time looking around, the  boutiques are even pricier so we just looked around hahaha.

Meryenda at MaryGrace saved my tired feet. Then there was still enough time to go to Pasig for our friend's son 7th bday party. So we were out again to buy a present, then off to Pasig we went.  Traffic was sooo bad I was losing my spirit. But good things come to those who obey their husbands hehe, there were good food, great party and most of all we were able to attend the bday and see our friends.

On my day, we went to the first service. Then Mariano peeps went to our house for lunch. Regalado kids at 1:30. Our Dgroup at 3pm, well at least I invited them at 3 but yeah we started 4pm na. We invited Nanay and Tatay Fred over and the Regalado couples too. It was intentional yes. And we were happy because Nanay and Tatay A opened their hearts to Jesus that day. A day to remember eh?

Days past after my birthday I still remember how loved I am. By God who presents me with a very unique celebration, by hubby who gives me the time and attention I need, my kids who loves me dearly, family who supports me, spiritual family that keeps me attuned to God.

Thank you dear Lord for the 35 years of pure greatness. I see your love for me in everything and when sometimes my eyes get clouded you put me right back on track. You are faithful. You are Sovereign. You know my past and my future. Help
 me to always trust in your unfailing love.

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