Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy birthday Caleb!

Has it been a year since I rang the bell to wake everyone in the house up to send me to the hospital? Hahaha, I can still see their antok and gulat face asking me if its time and I just have to nod because eventhough I was in pain I just had to smile because MIL hasnt put her teeth on :)

Every month there on we celebrate your day, to give thanks to God for sending you to us. He has done great and wonderful things to our family and one of the greatest is giving you to us. 

You have been a ray of sunshine to mommy on a cloudy day. A rainbow when clouds are gray. A happy thought when all else are naught.

You have 8 teeth now and can eat, a lil picky yes but when you want the food you extend your hand and say na na. You still drink momma's milk and you grin that grinnest smile of yours when your done but you go and throw a fit when you're still hungry.

You can now stand alone and have taken a few steps. You still want to be carried but baby you need to practice a little more ha. You like eating haha when you see momma's midnight baon you would ask me to open it so you could share. You can turn book pages too and say "du" when you see a dog. You call me Mama, dad  Dadda, ate Thea, Tita lala Yaya.  You say 'na' when you want to get something. You say "ba" when you peek a boo us.

You love your slide and motorcycle, love dancing when you watch Fresh Beat "Luau" episode. We try to limit your TV exposure but since Ate watches you tend to peek too, that's why you  also love Backyardigans hehe. 

You now express your wants with gusto and throws tantrums when we dont do what you want, but please know that you cant get everything and we cant give you all the things that you want not because we dont love you but more so because we do. Er like you cant eat the crayon, you cant climb the stairs alone, you cant watch the TV, you cant bite mommy or ate.

You grab phones and pretend you're talking to daddy. You've memorized how to properly go down the bed with your feet first, now I dont need to worry about you bumbing your head. You climb well, you take the stairs with ease and your slide too. You lift your foot whey you see your shoes. You comb hair when you get the brush. You pretend to drink when you get a cup.

Know that in all these things mom and dad are proud and happy. 
We love you dear son. Happy birthday baby boy!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy 5th Baby!

When I see you smile
I can face the world, 
Oh oh, you know I can do anything

When I see you smile
I see a ray of light, 
Oh oh, I see it shining right through the rain

When I see you smile
Oh yeah, baby when I see you smile at me.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

He's turning One!

Just dropping by to send you pics of my handsome baby boy who's about to turn one in 2 weeks time.  All taken by Mr. Nino Valencia of Sights Photography.
I had this formal attire concept for the whole family but I had a difficult time looking for Caleb's outfit. Even asking FB friends in a shoutout if they could lend me. My mission sent me to trinoma's department store his vest is 350, pants is 150, terno white polo shirt and shorts is 350 and bow tie is 49. That is still cheaper than the one her ninang saw at Robinsons it was 4k for the whole set daw, eh what can u expect Onesimus yun. Babe, Mom will give you onesimus when you graduate sa college promise :)

The SUPERBOY! Photos sent to me were chosen by the photographer, he likes this coz he seem like flying but momma in me likes the smiling superboy eh. He only sent 4 pics for the invitation we still have to wait for the others. Excited me posted it here na!
This is just plain love <3! Concept and styling by her mommy hahaha! Isnt he cute. There wasnt a cub scout shirt small enough for his size the saleslady kept on saying the boys enter scout at age 6. So i bought a plain white shirt printed the scout logo "laging handa" and colored the sleeves green with just plain colored pen! And here he is - all cuteness. 
Another one from the formal shots. I'm excited to see the family pic, hoping he got smiling face of our lil girl who was more willing to play than pose for a picture.

Btw, The pogi boy had his first haircut today! The baby look was gone and my heart melt when I saw him transform into a handsome boy. I guess thats why oldies doesnt like to give a haircut until they turn one. 

Little guy, mommy loves you to the moon and back.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Surprise Galore for 34

Where will I begin? Its been a week and I am still ecstatic, overwhelmed with lots of love and gifts from my dear husband, family and friends. It was definitely a day to remember, bloggable (if there's such a word) and surely unFOURgettable.

Two days before I turned 34, girlfriends Abby and Leah asked me if I want to go out with them on my day.I said yes and was excited about it,I dont have anything planned yet for the day so I immediately said yes to it and just told them one request --- that I wont drive :) They said I won't and the day was set.

On my day, my lil girl woke up past 12 to greet mommy as she usually does each year but this time she did it better she just woke up a bit and embraced momma then slept again. the lil guy woke up before 1am and drunk milk his way of greeting me on my day hehe. Husband texted me 12:01 on viber he also has an email on my inbox and an extra sweet message on my FB (he doesn't like mushy stuff in fb so that was uhmm rare hehe).

Like last year I plan for a relaxed, stress free and fun day. well last year was more relaxed I was preggy with Caleb and I cant do much. This year I can go out na with friends :) i had my nails done the day before, I did my hair this year because last year I didnt quite like how the salon did mine (parang sAme lang din ng ginagawa ko mas ok pa yung pagperm ko). Anyway, the plan was to take the kids out in the morning and go out with the girls in the afternoon, talk to dear husband in between.

Around 9:30 we were on our way to Mc Do South Supermarket to celebrate with the kulits. Thea was happily seated waiting for her fries and juice, Caleb was his usual mabait lang Leb. When food came Leb grabbed our help's juice so she just gave it to him one spoon at a time. After eating it was play time, we went inside South and bought tokens for the mini mini carousel and the car, I used one of their tokens too To play basketball had fun too but didnt score much haha!

The kids especially Thea had fun, Caleb was sleepy na by then, mommy is happy she was able to spend time with the kids on her day. By 11 we are already home. We just cooked lunch, pan fried dory, buttered veggies and served the Chooks chicken we bought at the Supermarket :) When Lunch is done, it was husband phone call time. I was telling him i am happy with my day but I am sleepy. He told me to sleep but I cant eh I will need to fix my hair pa- aka curl. He told me to stay stress free and that i enjoy my day, I promised I would.
 Inlaws came around 12pm, they'll accompany nene and our helper with the kids. Minutes before 1pm I am ready for my girl date :)
OOTD blue uniqlo top and jeans lower right - outfit with the kids. Upper left spaghetti strapped top and curly hair for my girl date.

I was fetched by the girls and we had chauffeurs hehe - abby's twin brothers are coming with us to Trinoma. Apparently they decided to take me to Trinoma as I told them sila na magdecide :) There at the mall they were asking me what I want to do. Movie? Abby asked - i declined and I said I just want to go  shopping hehe. Movie would be great too but it is time bound eh I dont want to stress out because its late na. So shopping, food and coffee is the agenda.

Where do you think I went first? Bookstore of course! ive been looking at this book and was scrimping lang thats why I didnt buy it but now I have a license to spend eh the dear husband sent me money to shop, am I a lucky girl??? 

We were going to eat na because I am getting hungry but there's this cute dress that caught my attention that I needed to stop and buy. Abby and Leah are chatting all the way I didnt pay attention much haha, I should have :p

Next agenda was food. Initially i wanted a cheesecake then I said I want Japanese pala so we looked for Sumo Sam on our way there this Abe restaurant seems familiar even the sign seems the same as the one we went last May for our anniversary. I asked them to wait so I could ask if its the same, It was!!!! Couple of days ago, I posted I want to eat suman sa lihiya by Abe's farm -pampanga, who would've known they hd a branch in Trinoma? So i ask them to scrap Sumo Sam and dine there instead. 
I ordered 2 suman sa lihiya for me and one each for the girls, we also ordered pansit - syempre birthday eh. They were still full we left home almost after lunch lang eh. That was enough meryenda na.  We waited for our food over non ending chikka, when the food came I gasped and there's my suman sa lihiya!!!! I finished my first in no time! Pancit was good for 3 or even four, i had 2 servings already and there was still some left on the plate. I was sooo takaw no? The strawberry shake was good too! Oh I just had to go back, writing this makes me hungry. The girls said the food there was great so di lang ako ang bias, i soooo love the place. It brings good memories lang to me eh.  I will take hubby there promise!

Oh wait there's more! On my second serving of pancit, there's this guy who entered the restaurant, not my husband no, I was about to tell leah some guy got flowers oh but I noticed the guy was walking towards us and then I saw a familiar face :) Alvin's high school (and even after) bestfriend Rodney walked towards our table - smiled and said "delivery galing Brunei" did he said something else? I cant remember. I was overwhelmed and my mind was racing fast I didnt even stood up nor asked him to dine with us. Oh i remember saying something about Dennis Trillo, when all I want to say is compliment him by saying he look like Dennis, for a  moment there I couldnt remember the actors' name so I said something dumb and told him wala ba ako message from Dennis, arrrgh!!! thats not a proper way to say thank you. He was rushing, may "editing" (pun intended) yata hehe so he went out and I was left with more puzzle pieces to figure out.
The girls are literally kilig (i dont have an idea whats the english counterpart for kilig)! Abby, was ready with her camera when Rodney arrived so I knew she's got something to do with it. And more kwento poured in. 

My dear husband connive with the two ladies to make my day extra special. Wednesday he messaged them on FB and asked if they are willing to take me out they said yes thursday and invited me. Supposedly it should have been a SPa date, that would hve been more predictable dad hahaha, but the girls doesnt know how to get to wensha spa at timog. So abby and leah asked me what i wanted i told them I want food then coffee then food. The place i made them decide na because i wont be driving naman.

To be honest I had a hunch, a feeling that this might be scripted. When I got the message from Abby asking me out I told husband about it just so Id know how he will react. His was not the way I expect if he doesnt know a clue but I just shrug the idea of asking if he's got anything to do with it because 1.maybe abby really wants to take me out and dyahe if I ask and doubt 2. If he wants to surprise me and make me happy why would I choose to stop him? 

The flowers however was not the way i expected, he raised the bar higher than what I imagined. Well because I also half knew i would have flowers, but nothing came in the morning so I planned on buying daisies but decided otherwise. After lunch i thought he wouldnt give me any because were about to leave na. So guess how overwhelmed I was to have nice flowers given to me in a strange plce by someone close to me from someone sooo sooo dear!

It was day well spent with my kids, family and friends and ofcourse my husband who made sure i will feel special on my day. Thank you to all family and friends who greet me on my day. Thank you Thea and Caleb for letting mommy go out and for being good to Ate and Lola. Thank you Nene, Nanay a for taking care of the kids. Thank you Roseline aka Nene for the text brigade - greetings poured in that day! Thank you Ate Lah and kids for the gift and for spending time with the kids too. Thank you thank you Abby,Leah and Rodney (Jean too for buying the flowers) for saying yes to my husband's idea and more for spending time to make this girl happy. 

Thank you dear God for all the blessings, for my family, for my friends, for another year of good memories. May this year be a good one. Please make me a blessing to others, a channel of your love to people I meet. Bless me with a happy heart that I may be able to share happiness to others.Teach me new wonderful and challenging things Lord. help me be a good parent to Thea and Caleb, a good wife to my loving husband, a good daughter, sister and a friend. Teach me to number my days right and let me see new rainbows in every storm that may come my way. Thank you Lord for everything. 

Awesome awesome day it was :)
Next year HK see yah!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Run- Milo Marathon

Like his half marathon he didn't sleep well, for the full mary he thought he could plan his sleep but run jitters kick in. His wife knowing he needs full rest gave him massage but still sleep was waaay elusive. He slept maybe 3 or 4 hours only but his energy shoot up due to excitement for his first marathon .

We were at the venue an hour and a half ahead of time.  Alvins plan was to take a nap but when he heard the drums, saw the crowd,  met his friends there was no way he could takesome zzzzzs.Donning the green singlet, he ate his pre-race meal - gardenia bread lang hehe, he tied his shoelace, stretched,  run a lil to warm up and he's all ready. of course the cheerleader he brought is also his photographer, here are some of his pre race 

3am gun time the Marchian friends (birthdays fall on March) run together with 2 thousandso running enthusiasts,  some qualifiers and vying for the chance to represent Milo on that prestigious Paris Marathon next year. While the husband ran, the wife sleeps until 4:30 gun time for the 5k.

Actually I was up at 4 ate some, drink some, went to the loo, bought water and ran na to the 5k line. Should have known there were waves during races - meaning batches- I should have lined up earlier. I was on the 3rd wave that was 10 minutes after. No pics for me I tthought there'd be photogs hahaha eh sa 42k pala yun. Some are doing selfie but Id rather finish with a good time record than a good photograph.Twas only then did I realize that the feeling was really different when you ran with super dami crowd wearing the same singlet aiming the same goal. I saw LJ Reyes, the starstruck avenger, hheard Karylle was there and so are Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero but I didnt see them na. Was busy running hehe feeling marathoner din.I finished after 46minutes not bad for a first. My next goal however is 10k and I want to have a good record there. Why 10k? Well 5k was sisiw ahahah ang yabang noh?! after  my kwento about how I prepared? Pero really I think I could do 10k next time, more challenging yes but one factor also is there was no photographer on 5k. I font have a single photo running ano beh.

After my run I immediately change outfit because I get sick easily. I didn't change to a new shirt and short but a dress primarily because that was easier to wear and well because I am my husband's cheerer that day what apt to wear than a tiny green dress! Off to the finish lune I went 4hours after the start of their run. Some are crosing the finish line and I had to check if he's there na rin - feelingera din eh no? Turns out the runners who pass the finish line sub 4 qualifies for the finals in December. Hubs is not on that level yet hehehe. More minutes past I was anxious,  excited na nervous,  where he's at hoping no injuries for him and his friends, I prepped my cheer hehe,  took the towel out and the water bottle for my marathoner. Camera ready I waited and waited and waited. Been looking if he's near na but couldn't see him until Jen said 'Si Alvin" and there he was past me, no cheer, no towel, no water, no picture either. So I ran past the men waiting and went past the finish line so I could greet him there. Apparently he was looking for me too  but some crowd went to the track to greet eh I wasn't there he thought I was sleeping in the car. Duh I went there primarily to cheer for him second lang ang 5k.

So there he is all smile and giddy and most especially no injury! My marathoner husband whom I am very proud of.

**posting  from phone ang hirap ilagay sa tama.position ang pics. will edit next time sa.laptop. meantime enjoy the kwento.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The training - Milo Marathon 2013

(if you want to see the marathon story jump to the next post this is the pre marathon entry and its kinda loong hehe)

When the Marchian friends (hubby, Allan and Butch) decided to join the 42km Milo run, my husband asked me if I wanted to join too. He said there'd be a fun run for 3k and 5k. Allan's wife will be running 10k, I knew I couldn't do 10k yet so I opted to join 5k. Actually was dyahe to join naman 3k because Allan's son who is barely 8yo or is he 7 ran 3k so I forced myself to get out of bed and practice for that fun run while the boys are seriously doing their training for their full mary.

We were registered as early as May I think and there's ample of time to train for my first 5k. I went walking then jogging then running, oh at first I'd finish 1km and I am happy already :) But when I heard my phone, I use it for tracking, started saying "One Mile Completed" it changed the game plan. My goal for every run is to reach that 1 mile then I kept running and walking ... by first week of July I can do 2 miles na! I need more to reach that 5k so I ran longer, my problem was that the sun is already up when I start jogging so afer 20 minutes I get tired na. One fine morning err dawn I woke up early and ran for 40 minutes and reached the 2.80 miles, after that I knew I will finish the 5k challenge.

My husband on the other hand was much serious in his training because 42km is not a joke. He ran his first 21k last April and I told him he could run a full marathon pero next year pa. But his friends whose birthday also fall on March enticed him to run too. All I could think is they might get injured due to lack of training, some marathoners train for a year eh these guys doesnt have a year to train much soo my husband who has only 1 half mary to boast. But I know my man if he wants it he'll train and work hard till he get it, he knows my apprehensions but I also send my trust that he could do it I was just hoping he wont get any injury. June came and he was almost always on the road trying to push his limits. 10km was a breeze his goal is to reached it sub 1, he did. Next is to run another 21k around Brunei, well he's 2 or 3km short because of his sore knee. He rested his knee a bit and run 2 or 5k then early July he ran again his target was 31km, during those time I here in Pinas was just praying he wont have to be carried home. He didnt bring his phone, there's no taxi nor pedicab in Brunei he could hail eh. 3 or 4 hours after I received a call, he's back home O thank GOD!!!  He said he was still 5km (?) short till he reach home that he felt sooo tired and wanted to quit. It was a mental battle he said,  to conquer the last 5k he kept talking to himself that he could do it - over and over and over until he reached home! Mind really is powerful!

Back to me, When I reached that 2.80mi barely 4.5km I knew I could finish 5k so I relaxed and didnt run as much na. Add to that is the scheduled photoshoot of me and the kids a week before the run eh I dont want to get darker my friends had been telling me 'umiitim ka na' waaaah I cant really dark during the shoot no. After the shoot that's barely a week before I made sure I would tick off that 5k on my list which I did 4 days before the run!

Running is something new to me. I am Em the girl who gets pretty tired agad when I walk the aisle of SM Megamall. I dont jog, I dont wake up early because in my mind I'd get tired and wont have energy to do the mommy duties I am more willing to do than jog. But when I started running it was the other way around. I had more energy to play with the kids and do mommy duties. I was more happy and it lessens stress. I thought it was just a challenge my husband want me to take but this is more of a lifestlye change. I need to keep fit for my children, for my husband and for my self. I am sure my husband is grinning while reading this post but yeah you got me hooked, so keep the challenge coming.

It is also a good motivator when clothes doesnt fit anymore! They are bigger now :) And I am 5lbs lighter. Ohhhh I almost forgot, before I started running I told my hubs I wont run without a nice outfit and good shoes - aka shopping!!! He said yes and I ran to Nike store and bought a kikay Nike free pink running shoes, a pink drifit shirt and 2 jogging pants. When i was signing the tab it reached 5 digits and I didnt care hahaha in my mind I was telling my husband you think you tricked me? Now, after the run I still jog, I even signed up for the communities 3k run, I read runner's magazine and get tips, i drink Fish Oil supplement for my joints well I guess all I am saying is I am pretty much hooked too. The question now is : Who tricked who???

More Milo Marathon kwento and pictures next.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Fifth Year Anniversary

Yes I know it was 2 months ago and I have sooo many backlogs already but how can I not share the day when my husband and I turned 5?  I asked hubby to take me to a place we have never been and he did, here's the story:

It was a lovely Saturday of May, I was asked to prepare early because it will be a loong drive - something both of us love doing. I was prepared with jokes! Good thing I was able to screenshot the jokes submitted by FB friends for someone else. It was a habit before kasi that we will search for jokes and tell it to each other during looong drive, aka Seria to Bandar, but my dear husband hasnt prepared any because he was busy preparing our date to a place we have never been :)

When we were at NLEX I had a feeling I've searched for the place that we are heading but I didnt ask. Well not until we reached San Fernando hehe! Actually he asked if I already knew where we're going and I said "Abe's?" and he confirmed with his colon D smile, my heart leaped! He knows na how to do surprises!!! I am a blessed girl.

Abe's farm is in Magalang Pampanga, It opens 10am to 8pm. There are several rooms but the unique rooms are the Ifugao huts and that's where we stayed. The room was air conditioned by the way so it was perfect hahaha. Bahay kubo na aircon san ka pa!!!

The food was superb :) I love the sisig, plapla and the dessert is awesome awesome I could go back for the dessert alone - Suman sa lihiya!!! Husband had Ube something, twas great too but I super love the suman that I had to ask for another one hehe.
After lunch we walked to look at the place and there it was the tallest/longest swing I've ever saw. Scary for the kids but we werent kids and we werent scared so we tried and it was looove. Just dont let go and hold on tight. 

And because we knew we wouldnt be able to go back any time soon we tried the pool too. Wapakels to
the rest of the guest who can see us from the restaurant who think we were crazy swimming at 12pm hahaha.

Abe's Farm is a must see. It is serene, cozy, simple. It's a place you will fall in love with. Oh it is relaxing too what with the 30 minute Spa we availed before we went home! Awesome eh?

We allowed ourselves to have a day date only because of the kids but it was well worth it. A day with my favorite guy is something I have always treasured. When I think of a happy place and a happy time, I always think of the places and times I have with you. 

Happy 5th dear! Cheers to forever. Love you.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nanay @ 60

We do not celebrate her birthdays in a bonggacious way but this year was different because she turned 60!

And 60 is a significant number as almost every tens after 50 naman is. So the Mariano siblings went out to give her a party hmmm similar to a debut hehe because she hasnt had a debut celebration as she was married when she was just 16 :)

Here are some pics ;)

She got 6 gifts and 6 roses/dance. Yes she is 60 but hey if we'll put 60 gifts and 60 roses baka umaga na di pa tapos ang party! So here she is with her last dance, her husband, my dad who loves her sooo much. You know when someone loves a person di ba? They glow and there's spark? That's tatay when she is with nanay vice versa. Few more years and the couple will celebrate 50th anniversary. Tay, ipon ipon lang pag may time!!!
 Me and my sisters were asked to give a short message. Each of us had our turn to make her cry hahaha nope really we were only telling stories and we all end up crying. Our stories were simple, real, heartfelt, memorable and full of love and sacrifices that each of us melted with tears when we realize how great a mom she is to us. Hoping and praying to dear God that we may be able to be at least a portion of what she is to us. Here's my turn, mine is the shortest and my mom had to look me with her "why did u say that look" when I told everyone I was her favorite. It was meant to be a joke but only me gets it siguro, hehe me and my jowk walang nakakagets.

Oh I told them about the story of sardines when we were eating dinner and there was this last piece and I know it's hers but I still asked her if she's busog na, syempre Nanay the generous woman she is said Yes busog na ko sayo na yan when in fact she hasnt eaten much yet nagkasya na sya sa sabaw ng sardinas! I told them now I know two things. 1 is how much she loves me that she is willing to give her piece for me even if she's still hungry. Second is I am really a matakaw kid back then!
(Note to self, stand properly when  you give talks especially now that there are cameras everywhere. Pangit ng tayo di pwedeng pang beauty queen hehe. Oh and also can you please buy a new pair of shoes?)

It's Ate Lala's turn. She told about how Nanay worked a whole lot for us. That she even sold Yakult - driving a bike with side car to places and even near school. She said that when Nanay's about to come she'll hide because classmates will tease her, Nanay said "Nahihiya ka" I had to defend Ate here because I do hide too not because nahihiya kami but because our classmates are bad and they call out 'jacult' when our mom pass by and it hurts us. If I could go back I'd probably be stronger and fight those boys that are teasing her but we are taught not to fight so there.
Ate Leng naman told everybody that she is the most sakit ng ulo amongst us and cried buckets. You know Ate we are all sakit ng ulo and it is not a contest hehe. We gave her wrinkles here and there and I bet she doesnt even know na who to account for most of it. So chill na! Narinig tuloy ni Yaz and told her mom "Ma ikaw pala pinka pasaway sa inyo?" hahaha
 And the panganay syempre is the last one, Ate Mai a professional that she is has a ready card to read in front of the crowd 'kadaya' hahaha. I know you're reading this :P She told everyone how great a mom she is carrying her in her young years of 17 and having her on her 18th birthday. She was young yes but that did not stop her from being a great mother to all of us.
And here she is, our debutant, a beautiful mom, a faithful Christian, a beloved wife, a true friend, a loving sister.  Pretty pretty noh? Bili ko yang blouse na yan! Haha ayaw ko kasi yung dress na pinatahi nya hahaha peace!!!

Present on her birthday were her siblings, Tita Myr, Tito Jessie, Tita Cel and Tita Belle. She has other sibling across the globe somewhere in California we alll hope that one day they can be together again in one place - that would surely be wonderful!
 Syempre me, Ate Lah, Tatay, Ate Leng and Ate Mai are there to be with the super Nanay!
 While the birthday girl is busy with her guests the kids posed for a picture. My kids werent there :( Someday soon Caleb and Thea will come and pose for pictures too.
Happy birthday Nay! Wishing you more years, good health, good life and more means to help people. You are an inspiration to many. We love you to bits.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Caleb @ 6 months

Half a year? Agad?

6 months went by fast and everything changed for the better because we had you. Your father, me and Ate Thea are very happy to have you. You add joy to this family, you bring hope and you exudes love.

Did I say 6 months? Oh boy had it been really? Sometimes it feels like yesterday when you were still in my tummy but everytime I hold you it feels like I have always been your captive.

I am still your number one source of food, mama's milk is still the best for you (hehe) but yes you've started solids na even before your 5th month. I am betting you wont be picky, please dont be. Your first tooth erupted last May 6 it was your front lower right tooth that showed first followed by the left the next day! You've been droolling a lot since. Btw, can you stop biting after feeding babe? Masaket kasi eh :p

I love you to bits Leb. You will always be my baby boy. Remember that always.


Our Brunei Vacation

I waited 2 years to be able to go back to the Abode of Peace! And last March 31 to April 21 my wish was granted!

Three weeks pure family experience is something to be treasured. I love how we help each other out albeit the late night sleep of our little call center agent who always log in on graveyard shifts.

Everyday we go to either Supasave or SoonLee, hobby ang mag supermarket! In fairness Supasave has improved a lot after the renovation, it looks more like SnR now with Coffee Bean and Tea leaf and Crocs outlet, Panbright travel has a branch there too. Happy for the residents of Panaga area and the KB district for a fancy supermarket hehe. Oh I think a year ago the Seria gym and OGDC movie house opened also. The Seria town is really improving they now have KFC, excapade and Mums bakery too. I know thats not much for a town but if you lived in the place for a while and you came back and see improvements wont you feel extra happy?

Well I guess I am just super happy that I was back! We did not live at the same house as we rented a bigger one since the family got bigger. The little boy and his dad need bigger bed space what with the position that both of them likes when sleeping. Here's some pics of my men having father and son moment even as they sleep!

On our first weekend, Alvin's team at BSP had a day out at the beach! All of them Bruneian except for my husband. They scheduled it in time of our vacation so we could get to meet them. Their day out, or what they call 'away day' is an activity to refresh, reunite or just go away. Families are sometimes included, so they timed it on our vacay. I guess they are excited to meet us, put face on the name. I was pretty much excited to see them too. Lamb and chicken barbeque, baked potato with tuna plus some malay food are set for lunch. Here's my picture with the cantik (beautiful) girls of IBA team! Bossing sukinah, lovely azzy, beauty laila, gracious and sometimes Tagalog speaking izzat and bubbly dayah. Cant forget Dayah calling me out saying "Alvin's wife Alvin's wife!!! hahaha and they hushed her and said it's Emma!

Thea and her dad at the beach. Away day was over when Thea wanted to swim, her dad sweating much needed to carry her out of the beach to the car. I had the following picture edited BUT couldnt find it so here's the orig pic from my phone, science ;p

After beach we went to Gadong to check in at the Rizqun Hotel, its the hotel attached to The Mall. But shopping is not the reason for checking in, dear husband is going to participate at Standard Chartered's Run for a Reason and call time is 4am. We were anxious because he hasnt slept much. Was tired the day before from carrying thea and wasnt able to practice the whole week we were there. Yet I have faith he'll finish, my only prayer is hopefully no injuries. He came back around 8am with a medal for finishing the race! It was his first half marathon and I am very glad he did it! Cheers to more half marathons and marathons next year.

On our second Sunday we went to the Beach again for a fun day with our BTN family. Someone volunteered to hold Caleb, thank you Lala, I was able to eat lunch. We werent able to finish the program because it was toooo hot. The kids are sweating so bad. After which husband asked if I want to go to Bandar and I said yes! Good thing we did. How I miss those long drive chika with my man. Caleb was asleep and Thea was probably exhausted too she wasnt fuzzy much that time. Jalan jalan ( jalan means walk) at Yayasan, buy some toys then off to coffee bean to grab some coffee and food then off to the road again we went to head home. There might not be much to do at Brunei but those chika during long drive has always been memorable. We passed by the famous gold plated Mosque, some streets that were renovated and a collegue's house err mansion - she even offered us to use their Spa building, oh btw they have Spa, Recreation, Main and Amah's building sossy no?

We were able to spend time at Billionth Barrel monument. After office, 4pm, husband goes home for merienda then we'll all head out to some place usually to supermarket but one fine afternoon we headed to the Billionth Barrel! The weather was nice for jalan jalan, it took a while for Thea to feel the place but when she finally decided to roam around she just couldnt stop. The little jolly boy and me needed to go inside the car before them because hunger atttacks - he needs mama's milk. Thea had so much fun she didnt want to go home her dad had to carry her to the car (agaaiiin) because its getting dark na :) It was a fun fun time for all of us, mostly because Ate Thea joined in and had fun too herself!

Thea wasnt at ease yet on her first and half of second week, she spent our afternoon dates inside the car looking at the window but after her billionth barrel monument moment our afternoons were waaay much fun as she gamely goes down the car to play or go shopping. Here she is at the KB playground.

We were also able to cross country, nyahaha as if its a big thing noh?, to Miri as we needed to had our passports chopped because our tourist visa is going to lapse after day 14. At Miri the only place we went to is Parkson - Miri's Megamall :) Got no pics there haha but at least I was able to buy a pair of pants and went a lil shopping at their dept store.

Our last week went by soo fast. Next thing we knew we were preparing to go home. I was feeling sad that we had to go home where I'd be an OFW wife again, that I cried when we left the house we stayed in for 3 weeks. Husband appeased me by saying we could always go back but I knew it wouldnt be that easy with all the things needed to be finished back in Bulacan. 

Good thing my dear hubby planned well for our last 2 days, he took us to the Empire Hotel in Gadong. Going there we saw welcome signs to ASEAN delegates, turns out they will be hosting this year's summit. We were 3 days early for the summit but you can tell that there were delegates already checking in. At the hotel we were greeted by a note from the manager and chocolates! Yumminess yung chocolate ha :)

It was drizzling when we came so we ordered food lang. Then when the rain stopped Ate Thea slept na. So basically we were just inside the room except when we sneaked out to have a photo by the fountain and when it was time for brekky. Still our stay was great, it was a great way to end our vacation to the place I fell in love with, the place where me and hubby will always consider second home.

Brunei might notbe the place "somewhere only we know" but it is definitely the place "where our family has bloomed". We miss you na Brunei. Till we see you again. Always be good to us eh? We love you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Caleb turns 5 months in Brunei

Hey little boy! Thank you for bringing more happiness to me and daddy. Thank you for your generous smile and your cute laugh, they are definitely the stress busters mom and dad need during challenging times.

I dont know how big you are Im tamad to weigh you eh. Pero you are definitely still bigger than your peers. I usually say 9 kg thats how u weigh 2 weeks ago. Oh and u have sipon and ubo hopefully the garlic I've been eating take effect na. Do u know bane, mom doesn't like garlic? Also weve been drinking oregano juice eeeew I know but that's our only option. You're still young to take meds eh. So far you're feeling better naman and no fever.

Btw, you sing when you want to sleep. You shout when you want attention.  You pinch us when we fall asleep hehe. You call ate thea mre frequent than you call mom and dad. But when you're hungry your eyes are only set n mommy! Those kawawa eyes you you do on an expert level melts my heart.  Kaya even if I dont want to stand up yep I just had to.

Know that mommy loves you. And the pictures tell how much dad cares and adore you. Remember that always. Ate thea loves you too babe. Happy 5th month. We are blessed to have you.

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