Thursday, November 05, 2009

Super October!

It was indeed a great month. With my mom and MIL coming here to visit we were able to prepare better for the princess' party. Nanay brought all the stuffs I needed for the party from the lootbag, the prizes and the Aurora gown (boys, aurora = sleeping beauty the pink princess), my dress (the katricewear matching mommy and baby dresses which dont fit to both of us and is a different story, okay the empire size is 2 inches less than mine). THe week that they have been here was quite busy. Filling the pinata, blowing the balloons, cutting the crepe paper and making sure everything will go well. We were pretty tired but in the end we had loads of fun. YOu see we dont have a coordinator here nor tons of friends to help us decorate so we do it ourselves, umayos naman tignan nyo yung pictures =D.

Our princess had grown so fast, dalaga na! waaaaah
fmily picture after the party
Update: our toddler is maarte ngayon. I think the 9th and the Nth teeth are about to show, drool galore and she likes sucking thumb which she doesnt usually does, her temp is high too. Her fuzzyness makes me fuzzy too sometimes more when she bites me, awww. But love has made me more patient with her, I dont know how it feels to have a new tooth growing so I just let her be. Hopefully, she'll feel better when all the teeth are out.

Re: Katricewear clothes that dont fit. Yep, the empire size is only 33" if I were still single maybe it would fit, but I instructed them to make it 35", darn buti na lang may reserbang damit! Nway, sabi ni Marissa they could repair it, papadala ko na lang para paguwi ni nanay a maibalik nya. Wasnt able to make Nanay e bring it home kasi it was the day after Thea's birthday and we were busy, very busy. WIll update you if the repair went well (or not). lesson learned: dont buy online when you're not in the country (Phil). =((

November na! Dream big project must start very very sooon.

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