Thursday, May 27, 2010

2nd Anniversary Part1

Why Part 1? Because there would be part 2, tomorrow were off for a date, I will tell you about it next week. For now let me share with you pics from our May 18 date:
Seldom do we three have decent pics together either I took a pic of them first then copr it using photoelement or set the timer and run to be with them. Good thing the kind staff of Empire Hotel lend us a hand to have these pics taken
Next picture is me with my first date, my super loving uber handsome husband, woot woot!Thanks to Noy who took the pic, medyo blurry but its alryt. We both have pics with our second date our cutie luvydoodles sweetiepie Thea, syemps mine is when she's drinking milk.
side kwento, Noy's real name is Jesus making me gasp and hubby told Aldrin, the manager (they are both Filipinos), that he musnt curse Noy and to that Aldrin said "pinapaguilty nyo naman ako Sir, lagi kong minumura yan eh" Hahaha, i guess that's the reason why his nickname is Noy so they feel less guilty.

The little girl walked around the hotel lobby and stopped at one of the mini tables with carnations on it and guess what she did...

Last pic goes to my roses! lovely dozen red roses for moi from my uber sweet hubby!
I said last year I will make bawi this year for our anniv. So here's what I did:
For 2 weeks I've been cropping and editing pics. I had several pages but I was holding back coz the ink might not be enough. SO there, a 7 page photobook with only the two of us in it - courtship stage, engagement, wedding, honeymoon, preggo stage, and recent pics. .

Happy anniversary again luvy! I am super excited na for tomorrow, my bags are already packed woohoo =D

Friday, May 21, 2010

Filipina in Brunei

This entry is for my n@wie sissies mavic and andrea. Mavic's husband is working here in Brunei so I bet she'll be very interested about the type of life we have here. Andrea will soon be moving in this country and I hope this entry will be helpful for you.

It has been a year and 3 months since me and my babe moved here in Brunei to be with the husband. It wasnt an easy transition from a working girl to a stay at home mom, actually it was a challenge not only for me but also for hubby. I am just so thankful that he is patient enough till I learned the ways how to be a mom and a wife (or just be me) at the same time, I am still learning and everyday is a different journey. Thank God for the many rainbows He has been sending us a reminder of His promise that He will protect and He will provide.

Enough about us muna, the general things you need to know about the country is here

If you are coming from the Philippines and moving to Brunei you better bring the following:
-Clothes and lots of it because if you were planning to just buy new clothes here you will be very disappointed with the few choices (the locals dress differently that's why and the brands that are available are few and a little costly better buy the clothes from Pinas).
-If you're bringing children bring the most effective medicine you think there is for every sort of sickness possible because the famous pharmacy here which is the "the guardian" is nothing compared to our "mercury drug". I suggest you bring disudrin for kids, the vitamins, the insect repellant the organic one, if you are using lactacyd for bath bring lots of it - we had a really hard time finding them here that's why we switched muna to cetaphil which is by the way $30+ and that's a lot.

Q. How would you compare the cost of living dito sa Pilipinas?
A. For us, except for electronics and gasoline everything else are more expensive here.

Q. Do you like it there? Is it a place you would consider staying for good?
A. For a young family like ours Brunei is a good place, we have lots of time together. If we will still have a contract after next year we would definitely stay.

Q. Which stuff to bring. Is it worth to ship things from Manila.
A. Usually the houses for rent here are fully furnished. We didnt bring things other than our personal stuff when we went here

I blogged here things we did when we were new in this country.
So there, i hope this entry helps. Hope to see you here soon, settled and happy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Number 2

2 is the smallest and the first prime number.
An integer is an even number if it is divisible by 2.
2 is the atomic number of helium (whatever atomic number means)
2 is a lucky number in Chinese.
from Wikipedia
In the Philippines
2 = ABS CBN, they claim they are the biggest network (GMA7 claims the same way)
Number 2 is also associated to the other woman/man
Number 2 is also a slang term for you know "gotta go go go" urbandictionary

But for today I will define number 2 in a more personal way
2 = 730 days, 104 weeks
2 = lots of fun night chats, long drive talks, walk at the beach, funny jump shots
2 = expertise in changing nappies, preparing milk, "tomorrow" repertoire before bedtime
2 = being preggo, birthing, quiting work, fulltime mom, fulltime wife, moving to Brunei, vacation in Pinas, back to Brunei

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my hubby! Last 2008 I wrote this and I still feel the same way this day.
At the end of the day, it was our relationship blessed by the church which truly matters. A start of a new journey together has just begun. And yes, nyemnyem is unbelievably happy!

Life is beautiful! Really... really

anniv quotes:
Spouse: someone who'll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn't have had if you'd stayed single. ~Author Unknown

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. ~Mignon McLaughlin

Monday, May 17, 2010

bangkok trip cancelled

Last February during the travel fare in OGDC I we wanted to buy the Bangkok tour but lo and behold the date that we want is not on sale? I was brokenhearted. The trip should have been this month.

This proves that our Bangkok trip was not really meant, thank you Lord.

Click here for the yahoo news about bangkok rampage.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Charice does Justin Bieber's "BABY" loveit

And the girl has finally become a lady! Nice makeup and hairdo, kudos to your stylist =D OOOh she raps like a pro, her manager is really trying to make her a big star (even if she didnt win the "Little Big Star" title before nyaha).

Everyone can dream, so dream big little girls! You never know when your little star will shine big time.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vice President Result: MAR wins over BINAY (Diding Boding Dibodibodi))

just in june 6, 2010 Binay wins VP race.
read it here, I dont wanna talk about it further, it breaks my heart.

update 5/14/10: seems like many doesnt know what does "Diding Boding Dibodibodi" mean, this is what Dibo the gift dragon will ask you to say if you have a wish!
As of today Binay is still leading the race click here for the recent news.

Election has ended and were all looking at the tally board. Question: What's taking the Cebu, Bohol, Capiz, Antique, Guimaras, Iloilo, Negros, Siquijor votes to come to PICC? Are they using RORO? Are the votes from these provinces enough to surpass the 800,000 lead of Binay?

Just for Laughs
Here are some of the jokes I gathered mostly from twitter:

"Why mar roxas is losing: voters thought mar's real name was jejoMAR."

"i am not CONCEDING. I AM JOSEPH ESTRADA! dko klala yang CONCEDING na yan! wag nyo ko pagbintangan!!-ERAP"

"Kaya daw natalo si Villar, supporters niya nag-check, hindi nag-shade. =P"

“A birthday greeting for Mar Roxas who is celebrating his birthday today: "eOw poh sEnAdOR! kMi p0Wh ANG mgA jejeMOn Ng eaSt RemBo, Mkti cItY P0wh.~ ky BiNay,~ gGNDA aNG buHay L0lZ! mAligYng Bati na Rin~ pow! JEjej3! by the Professional Heckler

"If I find out that they're actually having an outing in Antipolo and I wasn't invited, somebody gonna get a hurt real bad." by the @PCOSMachine referring to the news about 65 PCOSmachines in a house of a certain Mr.De Leon here's the link
"PGMA always seems a step ahead of her foes. I wonder what they fed her as a kiiiidddding ;)" - Karen Davila's tweet regarding PGMA's choosing the next CHief Justice

THE BIGGEST JOKE however was: ERAP in 2nd lead for the presidency. Come on, you gotta be kidding me Philippines

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CONCEDE is such a sweet word!

Presidentiables Manny Villar, Dick Gordon, JC DelosReyes and Gibo Teodoro has all conceded.

Villar said "Humaharap ako sa inyo ngayon upang tanggapin ang pasyang ito. Upang igalang ang boses ng sambayanang Pilipino (I now face you all to admit my defeat). from GMAnewsTV
JC DelosReyes said “I will support his government in other reform efforts we have in common." from GMANewsTV
Gordon said "I wish him well and I hope the country wins this time." from INQ
GIBO said "I am very happy insofar as the result of the race is considered"from ABS-CBN
Meanwhile Gibo's immediate plans: "Go back to being a good husband and a good father." tweet by ANC Alerts That's great =D
(just in Eddie Villanueva has conceded as well)

Merriam Webster dictionary defines concede = v. to accept as true, valid and accurate.
My definition Concede = GRACE
When you lost an election and started bad mouthing the winning opponent, you are actually making a bigger mistake. It's more noble to accept defeat and not retaliate. Refrain from saying silly bad words and you'll regain your dignity and respect.

Just so you know, I hate it when my Twitter home page is flooded (because usually they're nonsense) but today I click the refresh button every 15 minutes to check if there's any update and yes it is flooded and I love it!ANCALERTS rocks!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to me

and to all you Mommies out there!

Read from a retweet today
"Today is for my mother. Tomorrow is for my motherland."

Today is a blast! I say it again its a blast! I LOVE MOTHER'S DAY!!!

There'll be another blast tomorrow in Pinas because its election day.

Dear God,
Please help the Philippines.
Love, Nyem.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mama Sita versus Connie Veneracion

Last night, I started tenderising the beef for today's lunch. I've googled the ingredients and the ref said I have everything I need. This morning, after taking out all the veggies I opened the drawer to take out Mama Sita's Kaldereta mix, AYAYAY my stock of kaldereta mix is used up, oh boy!

GOOGLE to the rescue. But first let me tell you about these ladies:

Who is Mama Sita? She has always been associated for fab Filipino foods and now she has become a brand for Filipino Dish ready Mix. Big help for newlyweds starting to cook for their husband or wants to impress in-laws. Who is Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes?

Who is Connie Veneracion? She is the woman behind and house on a hill. She is, by the way, a lawyer and she is the sassylawyer at twitter. Her recipes are easy to follow some even have pictures and tabs so you could follow it easily. Magaling sya! I suggest you follow this link and try one of her recipes, you'll impress your hubby betcha. Click here to know more about her.

So I typed Beef Kaldereta and found myself at Connie Veneracion's site I followed it and added some cheese.

The meal was a hit! Hubby's comment was "Mas masarap pa kay Mama Sita".

But really, Mama Sita was a huge help for me but I just have to let her go on my Kaldereta recipe. However I will still have to use her other products especially for KareKare, (Naku ha ayaw ko nga maggawa ng asuete sauce noh!)

Verdict: Both love the kitchen and their dishes are loved by many! Cheers to Connie who shares with us the meals she cooks for her family. ANd to you Mama SIta, i bet if you were alive you'll have your own food blog too =D

Are you a MamaSita or Connie fan too?

Monday, May 03, 2010

Recipe: Cashew Chicken

Got this recipe from Copycat magazine. And since I have all the ingredients (so I thought) I tried the recipe this morning.

I began tenderising the chicken thigh(the recipe said breast but I like boneless thigh better try it, its yummier)with baking soda, the first step was rather easy =)
Then I started gathering all the ingredients, holy cow I have rice vinegar not rice wine which the recipe requires. I started thinking about the SPAM I bought maybe I could just open it up if the meal I'm cooking isnt edible enough hehehe.

So I put a little rice vinegar in the marinate hoping and praying that it will go well, then I followed the rest of the method.

I didnt have to open the SPAM, that means the meal was edible and not only that its yummy! Wasnt able to take pic because the boss arrived before 12 and was hungry already, hopefully next time I could take a picture and show it to you.

Here's the recipe.


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