Monday, September 28, 2009

ONDOY September 26, 2009

It was a typhoon like no other. Hit Manila by surprise. Philstar says its a month worth of rain, it fell for only 6 hours. ABSCBN said it has affected more than 30 areas in Luzon including Metro Manila. Worst part is it left 73 dead and 300,000 displaced Filipinos including two of my sisters and all my in-laws in Calumpit.

I still dont know the whereabouts of Yeyeng she hasnt replied yet, but Nanay said the flood came almost instantaneously and they were only able to save their lives the rest of the things are somewhere deep in the water, now maybe in mud.

Ate Mai happened to text me just this morning and we are grateful that they too are safe. They have 2 floors so they were able to save some appliance except for the refrigerator and other heavy stuff. They found refuge at a school's 3rd floor. THe kids are now in Calumpit while the pair is busy taking the mud off their house.

Our house in Poblacion and Ate La's in La Res are safe. Thank You Lord. However, in-laws house , Nanay A, Kuya Pedo and Ate Ellen's, were all affected. Thankfuly that the gravity of the flood is not as serious as it was in Manila. Were hoping that the Dam will not release more water that might flood the areas again.

They say that UERM in Sta Mesa got flooded up to 3rd floor. I wonder what happened to patients on those floors. To let you see how serious the typhoon was here are some pics and videos.
parkway village - google says its near munoz market
park st katipunan
ayala underpass

God speed you all.

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