Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Eeny Meeny Mini Mo (ganun ba spelling nun, duh whatever!)

nice no may letter "E"'
I want this for travelling! Its red and has "E" on it. Hahaha. I dont fancy it much pero that's the cutest in "The Mall", note:cutest na yan kasi naman ang meron lang dun Elle, Paris Hilton saka Guess. I dont like Paris and their Guess bags are not so ok pang matanda halos so yung Elle na lang.

I like the red one Can you guess it? Duh I am loving anything red! I am not so techie but the great thing about this cp is that it has wifi and the camera has 8mp, the card naman is 8GB coool!

these are definitely "eye love"
I want them both!!! hahaha, I think husband is fainting right now while reading this hahahah! The red one has 8 diamonds in it but it runs with batteries while the other one's a classic, whew, sooo ganda, its automatic (un ba term nun?). Plus plus plus it really looks good on me.

Weh, which one will I choose? Yesterday my cellphone malfunctioned. Grrrr. Now I think I really need the W995 =)


Chie Vallesteros said...

I'd go for the watch Em :-) Yung automatic. It's a classic.

em said...

thanks Chie =D

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