Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back in Pinas

We're now here in Pinas to celebrate chrirtmas with the fab fam!
1.wala pa ang dh malungkot
2.kapagod magalaga kagag ayaw sumama sa iba ng dk
3.hirap pa din ako magcommunicate with mil naloloka ko sa comments, too much negativity sickens me
4.busy si dm para sa card from st.lukes
5.nakakatamad lumabas ang init kasi dito rp pag tanghali lamig naman pag gabi
6. Last, as much as I want to meet the gf's they have work and I cant go out after 6pm


Anonymous said...

Mommy Ems, i wish we all lived i can hug you in times that you need it, so i could share a watermelon shake with you and Theapot, to share a day reading while the kids listen. to listen and listen. To love and love more and be the girlfriend that u need =)

Mommy Bunz

em said...

Hey mommy bunz! I almost cried when I read that, was just being careful not to ruin my make up hehe.
Seriously though, I am touched. Super touched. Its great to know someone understands how it feels to be a full time mom. The need to be heard, to rest and to have girlfriends around are what SAHM require to stay sane.
Thanks much. Hopefully, we'll find time to bond dito pinas. See you soon.

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