Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ephesians 6:1
Children, Obey your parents in the Lord for this is right.

I’ve struggled with obeying my parents yesterday. I got so many errands to do, have to accompany hubby in the project he’s currently doing the whole morning and I got to go and pay her Meralco bill and she also requested me to go to the doctor’s clinic to ask about Tatay’s  condition and ask for a medical certificate. 
I was able to pay the Meralco bill with a help of a friend. But I almost gave up and did not go to the hospital because there wasn’t enough time to do it, well so I thought.  It was almost 12pm and hubby needs to go to the office to make it on time, time in is 2pm. My human brain calculated (the accountant in me rules), the time going to the clinic, the waiting time, the travel time going back at the house, and I figured we wont make it.

I told my husband it doesn’t seem possible. I already called the clinic but the phone is not ringing. I felt like Ive already done my part.  I wanted to call Mom and tell her to go to the clinic herself and ask the doctor maybe they’ll be more accommodating to her since -- she’s well a senior citizen already and she might be able to bypass the line in the doctor’s clinic. I however was still calculating and I knew we do not have enough time to line up. Hubby suggested we go to the clinic first and see if we could ask the doctor but if it will require so much time then we would go there next time. I bit my tongue, I was hoping he was correct but I knew ( with my calculator mind ) it will take a while. So we went to the hospital where the doc holds clinic.

I was told to hurry so I did. I ran to the elevator, and waiting for the lift to open feels like hours, so I went inside and pressed 4 where the clinic is. When finally the door opened I rushed outside, then I saw a familiar face, heard that familiar voice. Doc Glenn Gatchalian was talking to a woman and he was about to hop inside the elevator. I rushed right in the lift and called DOC GLENNN!!! I caught his attention alright J

I told him my Tatay’s situation, his urine is still reddish and they don’t know if they should continue his meds and that they are anxious already. He told me to continue the meds until the next hospital visit and drink lots of water. He said Tatay should be restricted and be on bed rest they had to be very careful because the operated part needs healing. The certificate, I still need to know what kind to cert Tatay needs but the urgent thing really was the medicine so I thanked him for his time. And run to our car where my husband waits. I sooo thank God for a supportive husband :)

The time I spent inside the hospital was less than 10 minutes and waaaay waaaaay less than the amount of time I calculated. In God all things are possible. He allowed me to see his greatness in that situation. He is in control. He holds the time. He sets everything in place. Had I said my piece and told my husband that it wouldn’t do good to even try going to the clinic I would have missed having experience His greatness. Submitting is still a long way for me but I thank God that he allows little things like this to remind me of his promises.

Obeying our parents can sometimes seem hard, okay okay that’s often hard. But the verse said we must obey our parents for this is the right thing to do. This will always remind me to look at it in a different way, na if God wants me to obey my parents He will surely make things possible for me to do their request.

Tomorrow, is my dad’s birthday.  No party for him even if he will turn 70. The doctor said he needs rest – bedrest even. But that doesn’t mean we will not celebrate God’s goodness in our Tatay’s life. We are thankful for the successful operation, for the doctors who treated him, for the finances He provided for the not so cheap hospital and doctors fees and for the love of all the people who prayed with us.

Lastly, let's be reminded of this verse. Got to look sideways nga lang because I dont have time to fix the video :)

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Cruise by the Bay - Birthday Date

So on my hubby's night he chose to take me out on a cruise by the bay dinner date :) Was pretty excited but I chose to stick to pants and blouse rather than don a dress just because takot ako and mahirap magswim ng nakapalda lang!

Here's the voucher my hubby got! The face value is P1000 but it was discounted through Ensogo - OrientCraft deals for only P588.

Russian cuisine? Hmmm before we head there we went to a burger stop and ate because the serving might not be big and because we don't know what russian food were. Will I even eat it? Mabubusog ba ko? But we are on for some surprise and we are even excited, even  googling what russian cuisine was. The schedule was 6:30, we were there at the port at 6pm which is a good thing because passengers got to choose their seat on a first come first seat (hehe) basis.

Here's us before boarding. Excited di ba?

 We took turns taking pic. Well. I was taking pictures and he knew I wanted him to take mine too hahaha so he obliged ;)
Here he is reading his 36th birthday letter from the wifey.

It was a double decked craft same as advertised. We were served with red wine and it did made it romantic!

The "Russian" food however is very similar to our Filipino dishes :P They looked the same and yeah tasted the same too! Pansit, Fish Fillet and Rice. 
We were like, "Baka mali basa natin it shouldnt be russian it's rush yan! After eating we were given this! GOTCHA!!!


They should have sticked to roses, one will do. I bet this "tupperware" would have cost them the same.

Overall, it wasnt the "russian" food, nor the souvenir that matters. We did had a great time. Laughing. Catching up. We havent done that in a while. And we were out without kids and it felt so different but we loved it. Read somewhere we shouldnt feel guilty when we go out on dates without our kids, we need those time and the kids need to learn too to be independent. But yeah someday we hope to bring them with us on cruise, kid friendly craft maybe and Filipino food would be fine!!!

Here's our pictures from their facebook website. We hid the "tupperware" for more pleasant and romantic pictures :)

Dear hubby, 
Happy birthday. May God give you the desires of your heart. 

And thank you for taking time for me.

p.s. will we recommend orient craft cruises, well yes. but don't expect much and yeah don't dress up too much too. a fellow passenger was dressed to the nines - in heels and mini dress i bet she expected a lot from the "cruise". lower your expectation sisterettes. xoxo

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