Sunday, December 18, 2011


Here's to finding ways to make learning with Thea fun.

I've been invited to try Time4Learning for a month in exchange for a candid review. Their online program can be used for homeschool, as an after school tutorial and for summer learning. My opinion will be my own, so come back and read about my experience. You can write your own curriculum review, too!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let Em Drive

With Em I mean Me!

This year my driving got a huge leap. I did get my license in 2010 and I did drive at Seria and KB ( oh man I miss those places) but only in 2011 was I able to drive in the streets of Calumpit and other nearby towns even city :D

The adventure started last August 31 2011. Weeks after I received Alta (yes she has a name too, the one we had in Brunei was named Britney), I was able to drive Thea to school, then I tried going further to Malolos, Tabang came next.

Last December 6 we were running late, hubby's got a flight 7am and we woke up 4:30. The best choice we have is to drive till Manila and I would tag along to bring back the car. Going to Manila all I did was pray whenever me and hubby pause in our conversation. Yep i was nervous, scared even but excited too. I knew I couldnt blow this opportunity because I might restrain myself from going to Manila if ever something went wrong ( i am more scared of myself - if i busted my courage to drive no amount of encouragement can make me go to Manila again), so pray I did until he hailed a taxi once we reached SM west. I then took the wheel and drive back to Calumpit.

I thought I would be nervous but all throughout the ride back home my smile was so big my cheeks hurt ;p Trying out something new has never fail to make me happy.

I am a SAHM and this is my call. Let Em Drive. With Em I mean Me!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dolphin Again

Thea pointing to a picture
Ate Yos: Shark
Thea points to picture again
Ate Yos: Shark
(ang kulit ni ate yos and teacher, dolphin nga yun eh!)

Friday, December 09, 2011


Good thing I had my printed map on me, it says if you want to go to Ocean Park go to Admiralty MTR Station.Exit signs abound at the MTR and they are very tourist friendly. There's this exit going to Ocean Park buses all we had to do was follow the sign!

I got loads of jump pics but nothing is bloggable enough! ;p So if jumping shots fail I do plan B pose - let's call it The X pose haha.
Lined up for like 30 or 45 minutes at the oceanarium, i think Manila is better! Next stop the Pandas. No looong line - Yahoo.
Panda was sleeping, kaya pala walang pila nyaha! After that we pledged not to do the kiddie stuff but try the scary rides instead.
We tried
Ocean Tower - super fail haba pa pila,
Turbo Drop - the best ride for adults not suitable for very young audience :D A+++
dont ride if you have heart disease or hypertension super yes for those who want to terrify oneself!
The Eagle - so so but I still shout sooo loud the earth shook :) have you noticed how silent hongkies - they dont scream at these craaazy rides
The Dragon - their rollercoaster, it got 4 or 5 loops, I enjoyed this ride but only second to Turbo Drop in terms of level of thrill.
After the self imposed torture I declare that it was time to rest. My feet are swollen from all the walking. We werent able to take the cable car we took the ocean express to and from the rides, the line was extremely long at the cable car.

Glad to have a few decent shots together :)

We took the same bus route to the MTR station a two decked bus :) Got to take a pic wala nyan sa Pinas.

This lil girl made me miss mine. Isnt she cute?

Ticket H$280 each
Bus HK$21 roundtrip

Travelling To HongKong

I wanted to name this post Travelling to Hongkong Alone to Meet the Handsome Husband but its waaaay too long so I cut it short to 3 words.

I have never been scared to travel alone, it was something I never was afraid to do. I was alone when I first went to an international airport! Yep I did felt a lil nervous especially at the immigration but going through all of those alone was an experience I proudly took. I did my research ofcourse, I am a planner remember?

So two weeks ago I was bound to HK via PAL. There was a loooong line at the check in counter, what's new? Finished checking in 30 min before boarding and I was starting to feel hungry. No decent meal at Terminal 2 just sandwich and coffee, that would make do should there be no line at the counter, haaaay.

I boarded the plane and it was a relief that I was at the big plane with this touchscreen tv for every seat - I played chess while I was waiting for the meal. I was that hungry that I had to take Advil for headache. When the stewardess served the food, it was gone in seconds! MAGIC!!!

I arrived in HK with printed maps and my "to do list" care of hubby
1. after immig, go to currency exchange for hkd and buy airport express ticket to hongkong station. round-trip

2. it costs around 180hkd

3. go to airport express terminal. its just inside the airport, no need to go out. may hagdan na aakyatan. wait for the train going to hongkong station

4. inside the train, there is luggage area where you can put your bag before going to your seat. no seat number assigned - travel time is 25minutes

5. at hongkong station, a handsome guy is waiting for you. around 5,7", dark hair, singkit eyes, smiling at you

HK immig was a blur, he didnt asked me any question other than my name. I dont have itinerary nor do I have a hotel booking with me. Maybe curling my hair helps and dressing up too!
At the airport, I found this sign. Since almost all arrows says forward I followed the arrow and stopped when I saw the Trains to the City sign!

Hopped inside the train that says -> HongKong. Once inside the train, look at the line chart - the red arrow will tell you the destination of the train. The blue line indicates where you are. Airport express experience - Pretty Smooth and there were plenty of seats.

Upon arrival I head to the apple store where I'll meet the gwapong singkit guy!
Peso Power:8k plus 1600 airport tax
Airport Express: Hk$180

Next entry Ocean Park

Friday, December 02, 2011

2011 Travel presents HongKong ;)

I am born during Jackie Chan's era so when I saw the wax figure doing kungfu I said uuuy si "Jackie Chan" with that my husband said in a lower voice "Si Bruce Lee yan" hahaha eh malay ko di ko nga kilala si Bruce Lee Jet Li pwede pa ;p

Just one of the things I enjoyed during my 4 days 3 nights stay in Hongkong.

Jackie Chan este Bruce Lee's figure is located at "the entrance" of Madame Tussauds wax Museum at The Peak Tower. I said the entrance because we didnt go in (yep we just took pictures hehe), instead we went to Sky Terrace 428 it offers the highest 360degrees viewing terrace in HK!

It was 20 degrees (how do u put the degree symbol?)cold and it was freaking windy, makes it really hard to take a decent picture with my long (should have been wavy because I curled it) hair.

Clockwise: The view from sky Terrace, Me and alvin pose at I dont know how you call it hehe, few decent solo pics the wind was crazey, my silhouette, alvin with the sky terrace background, us papicture sa kapwa pinoy!

I grade this tourist spot a A-, it has - because there's nothing else to do than to take pictures and grasp at how great they made Hongkong as it is right now. It is still and very much an A because I really wanted to get out of the Philippine heat and go somewhere cold, SkyTerrace is perfect not freezing cold but definitely not hot :p

first night:
Destination - Peak Tram
Money Power - HK$65 each

Oooh but I have to tell you my travel details because I went there alone to meet the handsome guy with chinky eyes :) Will write at my next entry.

Pasko ng Pilipino kasama ang COKE


I saw this video at Facebook and tears fell down. I have to say thank you to Coke for touching Filipino lives with commercials like these.

Here's another one.

Kudos Coca Cola. Til the next one.


Iphone Explodes!

just when I am thinking of buying one has here comes the news:

photo from
yahoo report

It says that an Iphone4 recently explodes and emit smoke alerting passengers of an airline which landed at Sydney Australia.

Report says that the phone started to emit a "significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow" after landing

Trip to Hongkong na lang ulit Daddy :P

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