Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Caleb turns 5 months in Brunei

Hey little boy! Thank you for bringing more happiness to me and daddy. Thank you for your generous smile and your cute laugh, they are definitely the stress busters mom and dad need during challenging times.

I dont know how big you are Im tamad to weigh you eh. Pero you are definitely still bigger than your peers. I usually say 9 kg thats how u weigh 2 weeks ago. Oh and u have sipon and ubo hopefully the garlic I've been eating take effect na. Do u know bane, mom doesn't like garlic? Also weve been drinking oregano juice eeeew I know but that's our only option. You're still young to take meds eh. So far you're feeling better naman and no fever.

Btw, you sing when you want to sleep. You shout when you want attention.  You pinch us when we fall asleep hehe. You call ate thea mre frequent than you call mom and dad. But when you're hungry your eyes are only set n mommy! Those kawawa eyes you you do on an expert level melts my heart.  Kaya even if I dont want to stand up yep I just had to.

Know that mommy loves you. And the pictures tell how much dad cares and adore you. Remember that always. Ate thea loves you too babe. Happy 5th month. We are blessed to have you.

Brunei Week 1

Last Sunday 3 in the morning we are busy preparing ourselves for our 7am flight. We were anticipating a not sooo cooperative Thea since we'll be waking her up waay early than her supposed 7am routine. The husband is also a bit anxious on the plane ride because it has been 2 years since Theas rode a plane.

Checking in was fast as they were done online for Thea and Alvin. travel tax and immigration were fast too, thanks to a friend who sent 4 immig forms so we could fill them out in advance.

Waiting at the gate went well, what with our entertainment showcase in tow, aka ipad and dvd player. Desperate measures. I also brought the pictures I prepared, good thing going inside the plane was a breeze. Keeping her in her seat is a different story. Plan A was Mommy with caleb will seat at the middle chair while our girl at the window seat, hubby at the aisle. We did plan A alright but end up with seating plans b and c too. It was as if we're part of rigodon de amour dance because we kept on changing seats.

Thankfully our plane ride went fine. Not as hard as we thought but not easy either. Caleb was his usual you can take me anywhere as long as mommy will keep me full mode - buti na lang! Below is a pic of the princess looking out at the window! The red circle thing is a sticky sort of clay na hindi naman clay given by the stewardess to keep the toddlers busy. On Theas part it kept her interested for less than 10 minutes, but were still thankful

Once in Brunei we still need to travel for 2 hours. Backyardigans welcomed Thea home, yey right?, until it backfired because the girl doesnt wantnto turn it off.

Our morning here were spent taking a bath, cooking lunch and i had to squeeze my head for some creative juice for Thea's activities.

Caleb who has been a very cooperative jolly cute little boy is such a joy to see. Thank you Papa God for these happy faces that makes us feel really good!

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