Wednesday, August 26, 2009

40km per jam I am the queen of the world!!!

Status: Husband = sleeping. Baby = sleeping. Nyemnyem is single again. A sleepy single nyemnyem hehehe but I have to type this first it will be short I hope harhar.

I've been learning how to drive. And the fastest speed I could muster was 40km/jam (jam =hour in Malay). I was like "waaah ang bilis na ang bilis na" sabay tapak sa preno! Come on arent you like that when you were beginning to know how to drive? Ok so maybe not. Any tips on how to drive? I am looking for the pic where I am "kunwari" driving but cant find it so I'd leave this pic instead.

Thea usually waits for her dad to arrive and she's so giddy everytime she sees him. Such a joy to see. Really =D

extra: (last na bago matulog) We went to Jalan Jerudong last Saturday to look for this nice bookstore I saw at the Brunei TImes and on a Malay blogspot, we drove the whole stretch but werent able to find it. So we went back, thinking we just didnt see it the first time. Still we couldnt see it, the locals doesnt even know where it is. Arrgh but nice thing happened, we were able to see this place. We couldnt leave without me having to ask the husband for a picture. Here it is:

at Pantai Jerudong, the end point of Jalan Jerudong
I think I have to google Pantai Jerudong and see if there's anything that I might fancy.

Got to sleep now, in between my lovely daughter and my loving husband. Mushy i know, tsup tsup tsup. Nytie.

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