Monday, August 17, 2009

Funny Signs and Naughty too

Here's some funny signs I've gathered here in Brunei and the nearby Sarawak, Malaysia. The first pic puzzled me especially during my first time to cross the border - bridge. WIth an eyebrow raised I read the second one again, it has a different spelling but you'll get the idea. WHy would they name a store like that, or is it his name? Moreso when I found out they translate english by changing the spelling like kolej=college. The 3rd is a computer shop, it's where the husband bought his VAIO. Opcors, only Pinoys would laugh at the sign. When I saw the fourth pic I was really laughing, just take a look and know that my sis' name is Lala.

this sign is a disclaimer saying that the management is not liable when something happens to you as you cross the bridge, darn but you have to pay before you can use it. ugh
WARNING! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK We shall not be liable for any loss or damage personal injuries or death to any person or persons arising out of the use of the bridge for any reason whatsoever

Fock Lee is a vcd and gadgets store, it's a big store with branches in Seria and KB
yeah it is read the way you think it is
Papano sasagutin ang tanong: San nyo nabili yung VAIO? Sa TTCO!

A stall in Parkson Mall, Miri Malaysia has this name!
extra extra and these are yummy chocolate sticks, Pepero is my favorite. Meron din nyan sa Pinas pero sinama ko na din wala lang =P

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