Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Look Who's Here

And look who's extra happy!

But ofcourse I am super happy too!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lemon Squares

Want some lemon squares?

How much does it costs? Actually I dont know. BuT I dont think this is the time to sell these stuff since sugar costs are waaaay waaay up at P63/kilo this recipe requires 2 cups of granulated sugar and 2 cups of confectioners sugar for the crust. This squares are definitely not for diabetics, to think that the recipe even suggested sprinkling powdered sugar on top for decoration.

The kids and well Ate lah who has sweet tooth liked it, I however didnt. I love baking and I love watching them eat it but eating swet stuff is not really me.

So there, lemon squares check! Next on the list is blueberry cheesecake. I am seriously hoping that this time my cheesecake will turn out great. Bain Marie (google it na lang ha) will be used this time and I expect better result.

Saturday, December 04, 2010


Dear Santa, I want bigger cookie cutters this Christmas and that beautiful Willton magazine about decorating at "Cooks exchange" in Megamall. Oh I also want those fancy stainless icing decorating set, my cheap (as in 19 peso) plastic decor set burst open when I wast trying to put icing, I bought 2 just in case but then both of them burst. And did I mention I also want pyrex bowls for melting chocolates? There are tons more Santa but I dont think Rudolf will be able to carry them here, maybe you'll need all the reindeers to carry my gifts :D

Hi! This is the only batch I took a pic of because it took 3 hours to make. I wasnt even able to finish putting fondant to each cookie because I got tired na. Anyway, I can still use the fondant next time I prepare a cake.



Btw, they are marshmallow fondant. Kneading is the most dreadful thing in baking, me thinks. Next time I bake I'll use icing na lang, hopefully by then I have a nice decorating set na, wish wish :D

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thea turned 2

I know I know this is a month late but hey I wrote this Nov 1 pa I was hoping you could see the video. Unfortunately the video cant be uploaded, file too big I think, and then I forgot about it. So here are the pictures during my little princess' birthday.

October 30, 2010 9:00-11:00Am at Jollibee Puregold Malolos we held Althea's bday. It was a blast. Me and Alvin are bunso (youngest child) so we have lots of pamangkins already. We are sorry we couldnt invite everyone due to tight budget. You can see naman sa pictures na ang dami naming kamag-anak plus some ninong and ninangs.
Mommy and Birthday Girl Thea before the party

Kids had fun with the face painting, Kean (right side) even requested fire for tattoo, so fire it is

Here are my pamangkins na makukulit hehehe i love them, they grow so fast Gail - the girl in green stripe is the eldest, dalaga na

San Marcos kids, the younger ones are scared of Jollibee yayayay buti si Thea hindi umiyak

and here she is with a spoon of ice cream

Hey little girl, dont grow so fast ha. I love you much, mwaaah mwaaah.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


We went to Thera for Thea's home program follow up session. When she saw the building she started to cling to A.Yos (her yaya), but this always calms her down.

I love the waiting room. I love the Sensory room. I love Teacher ALta. I love everything because Thea has been most cooperative yesterday. She didnt even cry when she saw Teacher, she walked going to the Sensory room and was following teacher's instructions all the time. She did very very well. Good job Thea!!!

Wasnt able to take pictures while she's doing her tasks because I worked in tandem with teacher. But there's this activity a little girl did that I'd like to do, here it is:
The pegs are immersed in the macaroni shells for tactile then she will go through the tunnel to shoot the pegs in the board. Oh the girl playing at the table is Thea, after her session she went to a pushcart toy full of toy groceries then she'll go to that table as if she's going to sell them. WHen it was time to go home she was upset that we need to packaway the things. We said bye bye and she even sat down on teacher's lap while I put on her shoes, I am a very proud Mommy :D

There's no question she is way way at ease in Thera than in Habilities. I love the people in Hab, they love the kids and are very approachable, but they really as in really need to improve their Sensory/Play room. My girl always put on a fight when it's time to go to Hab. When she sees the green gate she'll start wailing and even throws up just so we'll take her out. We wont let her win ofcourse, therapies cost a fortune and we wouldnt let it go to waste. But going to Hab is really hardwork, the entertainment showcase I got in my bag is usually not enough. Hopefully in a few more sessions she'll learn to like the place.

And here's another picture for you. Just so you know how happy she was. This was taken inside the car going home to Bulacan.

extra: Thea has fever today. I hope she'll feel better na. I dont have yaya on Sundays and it's really hard to make her drink medicine alone. Anyway, I'd like to see her smile like the picture above. She seldom smiles today and it breaks Mommy's heart. Get well na anak ha, Mommy loves you.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is the reason for my busy schedule lately. We've been fixing this room to become Thea's play and learn room. Before it was really difficult to make her go in, thanks to the community's Michaelangelo for the Backyardigans drawing Thea now wants to go there every morning! We will remove the bed but we are still waiting for the Thea's slide and swing to arrive from Brunei. It has been over a month so I guess it will arrive anytime now.

It is a family project. Tatay Henry (my dad) installed the insulation. Tatay Fred (FIL) installed the wall fan. Everything for the little princess.
that's the door
See the whiteboard? We now have a schedule. I noticed kasi she gets bored easily with the same activities everyday, so we need to plan which activity she'll do daily para iwas boredom

and the walls
We minimized the drawings since the goal is to only invite her in. Painting the entire room might just distract her when we do our sessions. SO rainbow and grass is just fine =D
Table and chairs - Check
Cabinet for toys - Check
Next project- soft mat.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Occupational Momma - Thea's Activities

Hi! Been busy lately. Since day one of diagnosis, I've been spending lots of time researching about GDD and ASD. Our twice a week visit to her OT , Teacher Camille, has taught me how to teach Thea how to play with her toys properly. Since she doesnt respond to words yet Thea needs to be prompted. By prompting, I mean I need to show her how to do things like when we do coin banking, you have to show her how to shoot the coin and say "Shoot".

I learned a lot, patience is one of them. Though i cant say I am a super patient mom at least I can say i am learning to be more patient. I also learned that I need to alter my expectations and be happy of what she has achieved. SHe has been trying hard too and i have to commend her for that.

Here are some of our activities:
-Coin banking - Very Good
-Shape sorting - very good as in she can put everything na, before kasi she would just put 4 shapes and then ayaw na nya agad but now she will put everything, Mommy's so proud!
-Animal puzzle - very good though there are times she gets tired na siguro she doesnt want to finish them anymore, so i made it fun by making funny actions like how chickens move etc
-stacking cups - she doesnt like it much. she needs a lot of prompting with this activity
- musical toys - these are the ones she like, her xylophone, barney radio everything that make sound is A-okay for her
-kitchen set plus slice the fruits - the slice toy was introduced by teacher and I (the proactive mommy) went my way to search for the toy hehehe, Thea likes it much she was even asking me to put themm back together para she could slice it again. She still needs to learn how to match the fruits
- I had new toys /activities, clothespin, balls and basket, and a lot more others. I am beginning to be a professional occupational therapist =D

Crawling in a tunnel na gawa sa mattress, I have to improvise since saan naman ako kukuha ng tunnel =D Minsan pwede din yang slide =D

So there, this is my new profession. I am an occupational momma! And like all good OTs I log what we do to keep track, I have a mission and I've written my goals -long term and short term.

Please remind me not be obsessed and have time for myself too. True yun because I might burnout and that's a bigger risk for both of us. With that said I better watch Harry Potter next week with or without a date may mga trabaho kasi mga girlfriends dito and I am only available up to 5pm since yaya goes home.

I've been baking too. The mouth watering, I want more of that cake is still yet to be baked but no worries marami pa kong flour hahaha. I will update you bout my concoctions next time. But tonight I will leave you with another picture.

after OT class Thea played at the kitchen counter toy at habilities

I thank GOD we have habilities near us, as some travels much farther to see their OT. I just hope they will improve their playroom (wink wink) para mas entertaining sa kids =D

Friday, November 05, 2010


I just got Thea's initial evaluation and her proposed home program from her OT at Therabilities. It's overwhelming really, with the 9-page observation/assessment/recommendation I had to catch air to breathe. But all is well, I am thankful that they are taking their profession seriously and they made effort to do an intensive evaluation for my little girl. Makes me realize I still dont have one like that from Teacher Camille, her OT here in Bulacan? Should I ask her? I think so.

So now please pray that I'll be able to draw a good 'specific' schedule for Thea. And also pray that I will not get stressed with all the things that I need to do.

Thanks to Tita Mai, we now have a gym/therapy ball for thea's session. Next thing to do is fix Yeyeng's room and make it a playroom. Initially I was planning to ask someone to paint it with flowers, trees, sun, rainbow etc, but I figured it might distract lang Thea more - nag-agree naman si teacher so isa na lang ipepaint - rainbow na lang plus the door to make it more entertaining for her na pumasok sa room.

So that's it for my update. Hope everything is well with all of you.


Monday, November 01, 2010

Me Time

I am now here in Brunei for a short stay. Short meaning I arrived yesterday and will go home tomorrow night - SHORT. I had to leave my bunny hunny to her lola and yaya to make room for myself.

Did I say room for myself? And why is it that I am still planning things that I have to do once I get to Pinas? Oh well, me time now also means time alone to think, to plan, to set goals and create new hopes. I am now looking at the home program activities at the net. I found one through a friend's blog, hi Clarice! , its therapyforkids. They got loads of activities there which can help my little girl's sensory/motor/etc development. I am excited to try them one at a time.

Going back, I got here 2am yesterday. Had the bestest guy for a date =D Went shopping a bit. Bought the elusive (by elusive I mean I've been looking for it at SM, Robinsons and even duty free but they dont have it) Happy Heart woohoo. AND I got to watch movie yey yey! And of all the movie we decided to watch the pretty Katherine Heigl's Life as we know it. I enjoyed it but it made me miss my little girl more yay. To all mommies and daddies you have to go and see it - NOW.

This visit is for my husband too. I may have had a pretty hard time adjusting with my new schedule in the Philippines but boy hubby surely had plenty of hard times too. Leaving us behind is heartbreaking already but living alone here in Brunei to earn a living is a huge task. To you my dear, know that I appreciate the things that you do for me and Thea. You are a blessing far more than what I hoped for.

Oh and btw, I am thankful for everyone's support. I am sorry for my recent ranting. Though I bet you understood naman how sensitive I can be and how the situation now made me more sensitive I still feel I need to apologize for being annoyed. I guess mommy's like me who's baby got diagnosed get a little more delicate but once they got past the denial stage they tend to be stronger naman. That's me now. I can now take your comments lightly I know now that it's a difficult phase for you too. You also love Thea sooo much and I bet you are in denial too as much as we are in the beginning. So lets just help each other ayt? Comments like "my child is like this when he is 2 blah blah" is now okay. For now, her progress may not be as much as other kids but I am positive with all the help we are receiving we'll get there.

So there, this is me during me time. As much as I want to chronicle the significant things in my life I couldnt. But if i could just like today I blog it. Just so when I look back I can see transformations in my life. In the future I want to read how our little girl get our of her cocoon and blossom into a beautiful butterfly.

have a wonderful day to you!
love - nyem

a Special Momma

This is for me and for everyone who believes that their children are a blessing.

The Special Mother by Erma Bombeck

Most women become mothers by accident, some by choice, a few by social pressure and a couple by habit.This year nearly 100,000 women will become mothers of handicapped children. Did you ever wonder how these mothers are chosen?

Somehow I visualize God hovering over Earth Selecting his instruments for propagation with great care and deliberation. As he observes, he instructs his angels to take notes in a giant ledger."Armstrong, Beth, son. Patron Saint, Matthew.""Forrest, Marjorie, daughter. Patron Saint, Celia.""Rutledge, Carrie, twins. Patron Saint...give her Gerard. He's used to profanity.

"Finally he passes a name to an angel and smiles. "Give her a handicapped child."The angel is curious. "Why this one, God? She's so happy.""Exactly," smiles God. "Could I give a handicapped child a mother who knows no laughter? That would be cruel.""But does she have the patience?" asks the angel."I don't want her to have too much patience, or she'll drown in a sea of self-pity and despair.Once the shock and resentment wear off she'll handle it."

"I watched her today. She has that sense of self and independence so rare and so necessary in a mother. You see, the child I'm going to give her has a world of it's own. She has to make it live in her world, and that's not going to be easy."

"But Lord, I don't think she even believes in you." God smiles. "No matter, I can fix that. This one is perfect. She has just enough selfishness."The angel gasps, "Selfishness? Is that a virtue?"God nods. "If she can't separate herself from the child occasionally, she will never survive. Yes, here is a woman whom I will bless with a child less than perfect.She doesn't know it yet, but she is to be envied. She will never take for granted a spoken word.She will never consider a step ordinary. When her child says momma for the first time, she will be witness to a miracle and know it.I will permit her to see clearly the things I see--ignorance, cruelty, prejudice--and allow her to rise above them. She will never be alone. I will be at her side every minute of every day of her life Because she is doing my work as surely as she is here by my side."

"And what about her Patron Saint?" asks the angel, his pen poised in the air. God smiles. "A mirror will suffice."

And to you my little one Thea, Mommy will always be proud of you. I will do anything - anything anak to give you the best things to make you better. I love love love you.

Friday, October 29, 2010


my dear thea,
You're about to turn 2 years old Mommy will always remember the day you were born.

You are daddy's girl from the beginning because you waited long hours for dad to arrive from Brunei before you said its time to get out of my womb.

You are mommy and daddy's angel. There were no one but us in the room when the nurse brought you from the nursery. We were excited and scared you might wake up coz we dont know how to carry you. But you are an angel. You slept and even made a face, i think its a smile you make for your dad and me, it made both our hearts melt and brought great joy.

You are beautiful. You are loved. And most of all you are a blessing.

I will always look back at that day and see how blessed i am to have you. Know that mommy will always be proud of you. We love you Thea, we always will.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

love letters

Love letter is a lost art. What with the text and all the real time communication gadgets.
if there's anything nice about being apart - they are the random love letters i receive in my inbox.
Love it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Some people thinks i am 0A na, what with the 'firstborn' churva. Comments like my child is like this and that when she's 2yo is piling up with comments that they got better after a while. Friends i love u and i know u love me too but now i need u to consider that we are preventing something huge.
If she is well I am the happiest but if she isnt i dont want to regret that i havent done my part as i should. I wont be able to carry the guilt if i could have done something to change it.
You are tryng to help i bet i can feel it. So u can maybe say 'how can i help' or if u could push farther y not 'you're doing a good job' :) U can also help by giving me things i need to bridge the gap/delay. Books, educ toys or playmates for thea would be great. She needs peers her age cousins are older kasi.
So there i am not mad. I just have so much in my hands and some comments arent helping.
Hugs-mommy nyem


FYI i'm still alive! I just dont have time and my lappy is not with me - i so miss it and its hard to write with a fone when blogging imagine a sore thumb after a hundred word.
Nway, me and thea are here in Pinas indefinitely. She's diagnosed with global developmental delay at risk of ASD one of the causes myt be traveling to and fro brunei-manila. She's having a hard time daw sabi ng doctor kasi walang consistency. Plus walang Occupational therapist sa brunei to help me - that and several other consideration made me decide to stay here indefinitely.
The news was heartbreaking. Yes it is and beyond, i dont know exactly how to describe it. My mind couldnt function right as i have to accept everything that needs to be done. But i have to make myself strong because my girl needs me now more than anything. It is a serious task pm me if u want details, there are other things i cant bring myself to write.
So there, i dont have much time. I want cyber hugs from you and a lot of encouragement. I've been researching na din and the task is overwhelming. Yet i know i can do it, God wont gve this task to me if i cant d ba? So yes, with your help and lots of prayers everything will be okay. So help me God.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

happy 3rd!

Mine is a life of love, blessing, laughter,inspiration and hope when He brought me to you.

Happy 3rd sweetheart! I love u

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog Tip: How to Strike through Text and Put Different Color Font

I have been wondering how bloggers do this tricks (especially during the election time where we have blue, green, orange candidates) but was only able to unveil it recently. I will update you again if there's any other cutee little things we could add to make our blog more interesting.

The html code are as follows:

the code result:

your text goes here

different font color

different background color

the code so you could just copy and paste them: just add the "span style" text
"color:orange">different font color
"background-color:yellow">different background color

Or just go to quack it for the code. you can copy it and paste it in your page and just change the text or the color, whatever. Can't find the strike through there so you just have to type the code from the picture above to use it. Enjoy :D

extra: duds, programmer na ko hehe

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I want to BE?

"What I wanna be, What I wanna be
When I grow up to be big me"
Have you heard that song? It's from Barney - the purple dinosour :D

No, I am not thinking of what Thea could be when she grows up. I am thinking about myself, oh yeah there's still lots of growing up for me too. I don't want to stop dreaming, how then can I tell my daughter to achieve her dreams if I haven't even tried my best achieving mine.

When I was young (younger bleh) I have written things I have wanted to be or do when I grow up. I've checked some of the things already, yey done! Some I still need to have the courage and money to achieve and get. Though some are not likely to be done, not because I gave up but because I just change mind.

Since I dont think you have the eyes of Clark Kent nor you have the capacity to read my very beautiful handwriting (nyaha) I will type them here:

-Go to all the cities - Philippines and the World tiny check - its a very long way if I'd really want to see the world but YES it is a dream so DREAM BIG
-Ride a motorcycle 'alone'
-Drive a car check
-Ride on a plane and Ship check
-Own a Car - i think now I'd like to have a big car =D
-Be seen on TV (this and the 2 that follows will only means positive things ha, hindi yung Emma Regalado nahuling may droga sa HongKong ayaw ko yun haha)
-Be heard on Radio
-Be featured on a newspaper or magazine
-Write a book I promise myself I will before I TURN 40 Amen
-Donate blood (I didnt know that I'm anemic then)
-Go to disneyland
-Run a marathon race
-Ride a jetki
-Dub a song
-Walk at the Great Wall of CHina
-Have a Duet with Gary / Martin (not sure kung and or or) Dear Mr.Gary V and Mr. Martin N. please please make my wish come true mwaaaah i heart both of you much much

next page
-Enroll on a speech class (bulol daw kasi ako)
-Enroll on an IT class
-Marry and have kids 2 check
-Own a ruby ring
-Shake hand with a President
-Play basketball
-Own a house in Baguio
-Cook a good dinner super check
-Plant a tree
-Give poor gifts for Christmas mini check
-Establish a newsletter for the youth (church)
-Paint a picture (Bunny I need your help here)
-Be an officer of a known /prestigious company
-Drink a chocolate drink at Starbucks (I couldnt even go to Starbucks then)check
-Dress like a princess on a costume party
-Enroll voice class
-Plant a tree (again??? dalawang tree na itatanim ko!)
-Play tennis

next page( I am sooo shy you saw my handwriting)
-Fly a kite
-Learn to cut hair
-Own a dog - Blue (dahil sa Blue's Clues, I still dont know about this am not really a dog lover)
in love...
-to marry in Calumpit check
-to have kids 3 up (oh my, binabawi ko na yan - 2 lang) 1 check
-take care of children (full time) when 40 at least meaning not working check at 30yo
-bake a cake to husband check
-vacation at Boracay/Palawan with family
-renew vows at 25th anniversary ayayay matagal pa ito
-date on a romantic beach
-dedicate a song over the radio on Valentines day
-cook a dinner... candlelight

A quote from Pursuit of Happyness
Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. Not even me. All right?
You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period.

I have been thinking about what I really want to be other than being the best mom and wife. I pray that God will lead me and help me find the best place for me. I will attend a class in Manila this month, if Lord wills, this will start a new hobby or business whatever.

Saturday, September 04, 2010


Lots of things to be thankful. One of the thousand things is the additional year God has given me and a promise of another blessed year.

Thank you for the greetings everyone. Every year I list my bday greeters and I will do just the same now!
Texts from Mik, Ate La, Ate Mai, Madear, Yeyeng, Inets, Ate Gladys, Ate Ellen and Nanay A. Facebook greetings from Geng, Kap & Abby, Apple E, Inets & Bim, Chie, Victor Joel, Rodney, Ey, Angel, Elsa, Udette, Jec, Get, Mark T., Apple H., Mon, Trixie, Norizen, Cindy, Jen, Maan, Noyeen, Marivi. And Dm's from Zennia and Tito Lowie

But of course, before all these greetings my two very special love made my birthday a super special one. I think THea knows something is special with August 31st because she will wake up around that time and will sleep late, last Tuesday she slept at 4am. Aaaaaw, sweetie I appreciate the effort but a simple kiss will do haha. Oh well, its alright baka pag malaki na to di na sya gigising ng madaling araw to greet mommy.

Alvin on the other hand had made extra effort since last Saturday. Taking me to Miri for my (not so) surprise trip to Tamam Awam. Unfortunately, the Brunei-Malaysia border was packed with Bruneians and we were at the border for 2 hours - lining up to get our passports chopped. Another hour was spent in Parkson's parking lot. But these mishaps cannot ruin my day. God has given me extra patience and humor to get through all those, tenchu Lord!

Here are some pictures. The hanging bridge isnt passable anymore, sayang. But the walk down the steep stairs made a huge statement "I need to exercise my legs sobra" hehe.
cutie nakangiti ang bebe ko!
overlooking, pero di halata. and medyo takot pa kami baka malaglag yung camera kasi nilagay ko lang sa bakod hehe

Hubby had this super lovely gift, secret muna kung ano.

Cheers to the best year ever. Mwaaah

Friday, September 03, 2010

Protection = Insurance

#18 of our 31 ways to be a better Sahm is about Financial Planning. It says that we have to save, invest and insure.

I am not a financial guru but I try to apply what I learned in school and office to my family's finances.

One of the hardest issues families encounter are about finances. You may not know it, (well - now you will), but I took Financial Engineering as post graduate studies. On one of our subjects we have discussed hedging intensively. Hedging is like offseting risk or moreso preventing it by doing something or buying a product. Yikes, did I just made it more confusing? Let's just state an example eh? It is (like) buying a life insurance, that way when something bad happens your family's financial security will be protected.

Okay so let's just drop the 'hedge' word altogether and discuss insurance. A prudent head of the family needs to know how to secure his family. There are stories of families who once lived a comfortable life but somehow after a tragic event they couldnt even afford to pay the mortgage of their house. No one would want that to happen to his family right?

We are still in our quest to be fully secured and we are doing our best to plan for our future. All I want to say with this entry is insurance - be it life or health - is important. We have our life insurance already but we are still looking for a good health insurance that will cater our needs even when we are not in the Philippines. We have contacted agents and their quotes are reasonable but some doesnt include the country where we are. So if you know an agent who can quote me, just leave a message in the comment box below.

Monday, August 30, 2010

31 Ways to be a Better SAHM

1. Dont fuss the small stuff - by that I mean the small things lying on the floor
that the little one played with.
2. Get a good rest.
3. Have a "ME" time. As in uninterrupted "ME" time, installment "ME" time is not exactly it.
4. Love your husband and treat him like a king. (Waaah sisingilin ako ni Alvin nito) Have you watched Charlene's interview with Aga? When the husband treats his wife as a queen, she(wife) will treat him like a king. (nagexplain???)
5. Find happiness in simple things. E.G. watching barney, backyardigans, even the boring Tomas the Train which surprisingly the children loves (i wonder why, may gayuma?)
6. Reinvent yourself. If you traded your professional career to being a sahm dont fret, it still is a career. You may not have a salary to buy that fancy bag you sooo like but you are well compensated because your time invested with your kids is more precious than you could imagine.
7. Be proud to say you are a MOM. Whenever someone asks you, what do you do? Say that you are a Stay at home MOM, with much pride like when you say you are a Lawyer, a CPA or an Engineer.
8. Do not regret your decision. I think everyone will want to work less when their children are little if they could afford it.
9. Be connected with your girlfriends. Do not cut off yourself with your friends especially your sisterhood.
10. Sign up at N@w (plugging) a social network for wife and moms from the Philippines. You will gain new friends there and loads of tips to any problem.
11. Play with kids. Learn how to value time like they do.
12. Manage your time. cooking, dirty dishes, clothes have to have their own time otherwise you'll go nuts with chores.
13. Hire a help sometime. You need to rest remember?
14. Learn new things. Driving, baking, photo-editing are the new things I learned this year, oh and ofcourse cooking :D
15. Dance! Yes, dance like no one's watching.
16. Know your role. You are NOT there to pay the bills, you are there to keep the home. Both are difficult but they are different roles. Know yours and do not compare.
17. Do not brag about how hard you have to work at the house. You do not know how hard he is working at the office.
18. Have a financial budget. A good SAHM need not be a CPA to know how to plan their finances. Dont be content to meet ends,save and save for the future, invest for education and insure yourself.
19. Write a book, paint,make a scrapbook release your creative side.
20. Forgive and forget. Storms will come your way and you need to know how to forgive darlings.
21. Sense of humour is a must. What is a house without laughter.
22. Write a journal. And see how great the Lord is to you every single day.
23. Buy a big box for toys. Forget about sorting it they will end up in a big box anyway. Sort them when they get older hehe.
24. Be generous in giving compliments.
25. Dress up. You will feel great and so does your hubby.
26. Have a mani-pedi now! I am soooo guilty. I always forget to have my nails done esp my toes, (feeling ko hindi naman nakikita). Remember: when you were still single and you dont want your bf or gf's see your nails undone. If you cant have a pedicure, keep it clean sister!
27. Bawal magkasakit. If you ever get sick, dont fuss about the dishes nor the laundry just rest and enjoy the attention haha!
28. Dont compare your family with others nor your children with others. Children have their own pace and families differ from each other. So dont compare, just dont period.
29. Be thankful.
30. Make a dream list. List down your dreams. Being a SAHM doesnt mean you cant dream, nor being old can stop you from dreaming. Strive to reach your goals and inspire your children to dream and believe (and survive Starstruck! aayayay)
31.Pray and pray a lot. Only Him can give you the strength you need to be the best Mom and Wife you can be.

extra: In a few hours I will be turning 31! Thank you dear Lord for the wonderful years you have given me. I pray for more great happy years ahead with my loving husband and my sweet little girl.

Motherhood is every woman's greatest God-given gift - and challenge. Be inspired and delighted that God will help you find the strength and wisdom you need to be the best mother you can be. A Cup of Comfort - Devotional for Mothers
note to self: dont forget to jump at new places and always have fun in everything you do.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My favorite "me time"

is when I woke up and the little girl is still sound asleep, husband in the office and there is silence in the air. The room might still be in a chaos from last night's mess (oh this girl can mess the room in 60 seconds, how she do that i dont know), but i am alright. You know why? Because it will always be like that, I'd rather see it untidy than not see my little girl happy (Oh I can say that again). Last time she was sick, she doesnt want to play only wants us to carry her, toys are invisible they have no appeal, we are heartbroken - very, really.

Back to this moment, my girl is sleeping and its 10am already. She (well we) slept at around 1am na. She was still in "play mode" at 12am, oh my gulay, while me and hubby are in our "antok mode". This morning I woke up before 9am and went to my usual morning things, breakfast, boil water for thea's bath, clothes into the washer then I opened Star world, hoping there's a replay of yesterday's Ms.U that I soooo missed (that should be another story though i seriously think I cant tell it na walang time), and saw Julia Roberts with David Letterman.

Julia Roberts = EAT PRAY & LOVE! So I just sat there never mind if I still got chores to do, I just sat and watch. SHe is just as lovely as she was before, she always is lovely period, how old is she again 40+ aaaaaw. David asked her again about the Pretty Woman remake, and she said not with these varicose veins. Nyahaha, though I honestly think she doesnt have any I can sooo relate. One Pretty Woman movie is enough. Ayt, so Eat Pray and Love, this is what I've been reading lately. Did I mention I dumped the book after 10 or less pages when I first read it. I felt it was an insult for Christianity she has written so so things about Yoga and churvah. But when I saw in that Julia has already done filming and its about to be released in cinema I just have to finish the book. In the first place I bought the book just because I read that Julia is going to do the movie and I always want to read the book before I watch it in film. So there, I think the movie is now showing everywhere (as if we could watch a movie), we'll probably buy a DVD once a good copy comes out.

Time check: 10:19am. Oooooh I really so very had to wake the girl up. Otherwise it would take a hundred years to let her sleep again later.

Goodbye me time, see you again tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fresh Perspective

I read today's "Cup of Comfort" its a devotional for Mothers and read two words that stuck to the heart > "FRESH PERSPECTIVE"

These past week was, hmmm what adjective best fit lets try, an anxious filled week. Stressed, worried, wanting,

But first Facebook

Joanne's status: I wish i can be a FULL time MOM...

Ivy said: hi joanne. i agree with you. kung kaya naman financially why not? i've been a counselor for years. believe me most problematic kids have parental issues, either their parents are working abroad or they don't spend too much time with their mom and dad. no career would ever compensate that kind of situation right?

Felt like an arrow went straight to my heart. This is what I've been telling myself, my goal is to be a good mom and wife the best mom and wife - and this should always be clear to me.

Being a sahm requires much more than I thought it would take from me but fret not my soul for today God has given you a thing to ponder. You are blessed to be with your family 24/7, many are not as blessed as you are. Be happy and pray for guidance and have a fresh (and better) perspective when you look up to see God's bigger picture

Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 habits of happy couples from Psychology Today

1.Go to bed at the same time
2.Cultivate common interests (at the same time cultivate an interest of your own)
3.Walk hand in hand or side by side
4.Make trust and forgiveness your your default mode
5. Focus more on what your partner does right than what he or she does wrong
6. Hug each other as soon as you see each other after work
7. Say “I love you” and “Have a good day” every morning
8. Say “Good night” every night, regardless of how you feel
9. Do a “weather” check during the day
10. Be proud to be seen with your partner

Friday, August 13, 2010

My little bookworm Thea

My little girl had a book love affair. Here she is last January with 2 disney princesses books. Look closely at the second picture, ok na sana eh seryoso sya magbasa kaso baligtad yung book :D

Thea reads in the car. Here she is reading Baby Jesus books and Little EInstein colors and shapes. These two books plus Jonah are always in the car to keep her entertained during long trips. Di pa naman siguro lalabo mata nya kasi pictures lang tinitignan nya ;)

SHe also loves reading her body parts book. Side kwento, I tried a shirt and I asked Thea if it looks good on me I said "YES or NO", she didnt say a thing she just pointed to her nose, ayayay kala nya NOSE.

But of all the pictures of her reading I sooo love these. Meet the youngest investor in town!!! Graphs and Guide to Investing book, whoa when I saw her reading the book I just have to take a pic. Good thing before she got bored and put it down I was able to take a good photo.

I really hope she would continue to love reading when she gets older. I will definitely not hesitate spending money for books. Excited much for her to use her imagination when she's ready to read Alice in Wonderland or maybe even Percy Jackson hehe.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blessed Ramadhan!

I heard that you shouldn't say "Happy Ramadhan" but "Blessed Ramadhan".

Moon was sighted last night and the fasting began this morning, no food till the moon is up again. Practicing Ramadhan is also their way of living the life of an unfortunate, with this they will know how blessed they are and sharing their blessings will be honed in their character.

No, I will not fast but I will count my blessings just the same. Thank you Lord for the following:

The food, shelter and clothes.

Good health for our little girl Thea, my love and me.

Work for Dadda and friends in the office.

Our community church here in Brunei and our brethrens who welcomed us wholeheartedly.

Families and friends who we miss and love.

Places we've seen and will see.

And most especially for our little family, my loving husband and my sweet girl. thank you very much.

Thank you too for the kind reader who will leave a comment and share a blessing or two.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Garbage Bag Dress!

I was browsing and saw a black dress face-off for J.Lo and Rihanna, I didnt like the material used, it made me think of rubbish.

Here's a similar dress made out of black "garbage" plastic bag =D Twas my shower party, they made the dress and the bouquet.

I wonder if the tree house is still there =D I miss these girls, see you very soon. Handa nyo na gift nyo kay Thea!

Now look at the "Lanvin" dress both artists are wearing. Di ba parang same lang mas makapal lang ang tela. Hmmmm.
photo from

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Recently posted 2 Stat Message at Facebook which received controversial reviews nyaha.

Status Message #1: RULE: When you borrow, you pay.

Story behind: My temperature rose when I was told that someone is hiding from us. It would have been okay if she talks and negotiate with us. We were texting her to no avail. Sent her a message at FB, it didnt work.

My sister texted her that they will visit their store on Wednesday, but come Wed the store is close. They came back and it is still closed. They were told a few days after that the store was open again by Thursday. Coincidence, i dont think so. Someone close to her said she didnt change number. How about her Facebook account? I think its temporarily abandoned.

It has been years girl. And we decided to lower your debt pa hoping you'd consider. We dont charge interest din hahaha. ANyway, now that my fam needs it I think I just need to find another way. But the rule remains the same, when you borrow you pay. AYT?

Extra: please dont wear fancy clothes it irritates me.

Status Message #2: No amount of professional success can compensate for a failure in the home.

I saw it at at an interview with Lucy Torres. I copied and pasted it in Twitter then afer a while I pasted it at FB too. My bad, I didnt put I got it from Lucy Torres, well actually it was from Lucy's mom.

I like the quote it made me think I made a good decision to leave work for my little girl and for our family. (It isnt a decision every mother should do, but it was the best decision for me. Every mom is different, alright?) I was hesitant lang to post it coz they might say I'm sourgraping, but I did post it thinking my FB friends are wise enough to see through it. 5 friends placed a thumbs up sign, meaning they like it. So for a while I thought everything was okay.

Until, someone approached my husband asking if everything is alright with us, our family to be exact. They thought I was talking about my hubby. Alvin has been the best husband and father. He always have time to play with the little princess and he makes sure we go out for our weekly date nights, yep he does take me out every week. Surely, he isnt the one I am talking about on my status message.

Lesson learned: My friends in FB doesnt know me enough and I should be more careful next time when I post a status message. Otherwise, I will have to explain myself again for something I said.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

WHole Brunei celebrates as His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam his 64th birhtday.

I was able to manage to take this photos while inside the car (that explains the dashboard). The city is well lighted almost glittering, the paper says "Brunei dazzles" see link below

I wasnt content with the picture with the car's dashboard so I opened the window put my hand out and click, after 2 shots the lights went green. This one made the cut.

As I've said the paper said the city dazzles and dazzle it is! They wont cut cost for their beloved Sultan. They love him so much their face glow when they see him, plus everybody puts a flag outside their house for respect & greeting without prodding. Ask any Bruneian and you will definitely hear praises.

click here for the Brudirect article I think my photo is better =P

extra: The clock in the middle is a roundabout (rotonda). Roundabouts abound here and for a young driver (uhhhm me?) it makes driving more difficult. (Buti na lang mababait drivers dito)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brunei Twilight

This is Brunei at around 6pm - 7pm. We always have awesome sky here where west side is for the sunset view and the east for the rainbow I've seen a rainbow 3 days in a row now.

Here's the rainbow last Monday. Yep, it is a double rainbow I told you it really is a rainbow country.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Percy Jackson Addiction

The reason I havent written for a while are these...

I read in twitter that its a nice film so I bought a DVD. I find it interesting but I didnt fell in love with it until I read these...

I still have to buy the first book and the last. My gulay, mamumulubi ako dito 1 book is almost 600 pesos sa Pinas 300 lang yata isa. Still I need to buy it I cant sleep, I need to know what happened to Percy and who will he end up with, Rachel or Annabeth.

Oh I watched the movie again last night, Annabeth is super pretty.

I think we'll be going to the city later, hmmmm I would miss GLEE. I am heartbroken. But a book (two books pwede din) can heal a broken heart, ehem ehem. Can I buy the first and the last book na tonight? Puhlease???? :* mwaaah mwaaah

Eureka!!! Treasure at the End of the Rainbow!

If you have been reading my post for a long time you probably know that I am fascinated with rainbows. Rainbows are special. Rainbow reminds me of God's promise that he will always provide, always protect and always love me. I have never seen as much rainbows in my life until we mmoved here in Brunei. ALmost everyday I see one around 5pm after a drizzle a beautiful rainbow will appear.

There was a time my hubby encountered a rainbow, as in within reach rainbow. He was driving when he saw a fab sight, a rainbows end right at Shell's parking lot! He drove the car right through the rainbow!

I've seen two rainbows at once, WikiANswer says If sunlight is passing through a thin stratum of clouds and a stratum of rains simultaneously then you can get 2 rainbows at a time. Not only that their colors are reverse one would have ROYGVIB and the other BIVGYOR! I havent noticed that when I saw them. Below is a pic I got from google.

However, the best of the best rainbow picture ever for me is this:

My treasure at the end of the Rainbow! My wonderful hubby and my lovely girl! I heart rainbows!

Pad Thai is not a spoilt Spaghetti

Pad Thai sauce is really just a spicy version of sweet and sour sauce. Instead of vinegar, however, the sourness is derived from tamarind juice. Shaved palm sugar (panocha) is traditional but brown sugar will do the trick too. from

Our wedding reception was held in a Thai inspired hall, my caterer suggested it might be good if we serve Pad Thai rather than the baked macaroni, I said okay. The day of the wedding a relatives from the province didnt like the pasta but those from the city likes and ate it. You know why? They thought that the pasta is spoiled. "Maasim na daw." Nyay, Pad Thai madammes and monsieurs are supposed to be a litle spicy and I think they thought we served them Spaghetti which should be sweet.

Worse, the story about the spoiled pasta reached another caterer, who btw is a batchmate who now likes to tell our wedding pasta story. Reunion came and he kept bugging my husband that he made a huge mistake not getting his service for our wedding. Mr., I didnt get you as our wedding caterer because I once went to a wedding you did and the service was super duper poor. There were no utensils at the table (soup is served and we didnt even have a spoon what do you want us to do sip it up?), the food is not good, the setup is for a debut not a wedding. Your service might have improved since but I wouldnt bet on it on my wedding day, ayt?

So there, Pad Thai is not a spoilt Spaghetti.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Week Day 7

A daddy is man who used to be a no-brainer in Disney and Nicklelodeon cartoons but after having an adorable little girl he now knows almost every cartoon there is!
Happy Father's Day Sweetheart! Me and THea love you much much!

have a happy special wonderful beautiful father's day from your playhouse disney and nick jr. friends

Father's Day

And to my own Tatay on this special day I pray for more years of good health, more love and a great relationship with Madear and God. God bless you more each day. We love you.

A dad’s someone to turn to
When you need a helping hand —
He’s someone
you can count on
To advise and understand —
A dad’s someone
to laugh with,
Someone kind,
whose smiling face
Convinces you
that no one else
Could ever take his place!

For all your love
and kindness, Dad,
For all your thoughtful ways,
For all your help
and good advice,
For every word of praise,
For doing all the special things
That you find time to do,
This message brings
a world of thanks
And lots of love to you!

Happy Father’s Day ---Emma & Alvin +little Thea

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Week Day 6

What Is Father's Day?

It’s celebrating fathers
and all it means to be
The one who gives
the family strength
and brings security.
It’s celebrating all the love
unspoken through the year
And finding just the perfect way
to really make it clear...

It’s celebrating someone
and that loving way of his -
And knowing in your heart
that he’s the very best there is.

Father’s Day,
and all it stands for,
is a good time to remind you
that warmest thoughts and wishes
are always with you.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father's Week Day 4

Thank you Daddy,

For showing me that there's a big world I can conquer...

Different cultures to study and respect...

And rhythms to dance.


Baby #2: Yes or Not yet?

Me and hubby are contemplating if I will take the depo injection after Thea's 2nd birthday. What say you? Please leave a comment =)

Concern 1: Thea doesnt talk much we believe it is because she seldom see children her age. I mean weekly Sunday Schools is seldom right? A playmate would surely be nice.

Concern 2: I think I want to stop using Depo Injection because of its health and "weight" risk. My waistline is still in its 30+ stage, sure I can wear my fab 29" jeans (fab because my butt and legs looks nice when I wear it) but man the measuring tape still says otherwise (my heart breaks), I think Levis uses a different measure.
Why oh why is it soooo hard to lose those extra pounds in your belly. Super FAIL.

Concern 3: I will turn 31 this August. On my 50th birthday THea will be 22, if I will give birth next year her sibling will be 19. In short I am not so young anymore to buy time.

Concern 4; Geographical. We are not in the most comfortable place to be preggy and give birth. But we do wish to be extended here "forever" hahaha. Maybe I can be preggy here then go home to Manila at the 7th month to give birth. Hospitals here (since it is an 'almost' Muslim country ) doesnt allow husbands to go and see their wives during operation worse he cant even be with you at night at your room (so they say)? WHY? Because he is a male specie, I think the building is a women's only building Huwaaat?

Concern 5: I am a SAHM as in I do the cooking etc and take care of my cutie little girl. I would probably need a permanent helper when I get preggy. Slash big time on budget for the salary and the lodging. Landlord wants us to pay extra 200+ for the maid's room downstairs. Add that to the salary which is 300-400, then ofcourse the food budget will shoot up too :-( SIGH

Concern 6: (Biggest concern)After Birth situation. Where will I lodge after giving birth? I had serious post partum (yeah I didnt tell you that before huh) when I gave birth to Thea. I was okay until hubby left for Brunei and I was left in my in-laws house. Before he left he asked me what I want and where I want to be but I want to please him because I knew he would love Thea to be with her lola so I stayed at their house. HUGE MISTAKE. I was crying all day, they dont see me because I was usually alone in the house with the TV on. No one to talk to. No internet either. (I have to say that they do ask if I'm okay, I always say I am. Well physically I am all healed but emotionally it was still a roller coaster ride) Hubby calls but it is really different when he's around.

Now I know that if you just gave birth your major concern is yourself. Dont underestimate post partum. Back to my story I prayed as in prayed hard then I texted my sister and my mom. I was super feeling low because the only time i see people are during mealtime then at around 8pm when MIL's store is closed. They do give me the food I need, bottles are already cleaned, clothes already washed but dear I wasnt still feeling well all because I dont have my usual girlfriend or sister talks. GF's can only visit on weekends. My sister cant go there daily since children have school. A week after hubby left I asked to be moved to my sister's house.

SCARY or should I say traumatic? I dont know but I would really want to recuperate with my husband next time I give birth because he's the only one who knows how to pamper, errr spoil?, me.

So what say you? Baby #2: Yes or Not yet?

extra: I was,(still am), moved by this statement made by a fellow N@wie:
It's so hard for moms to take care of themselves...we tend to always put our needs and issues last. But when we do, we also end up compromising those that we are trying to protect and care for. by mec ni jojo

Lastly, I do really wanna have another baby though I still dont know when. With all these concerns my heart is really breaking. Should I or shouldnt I. It would be alright if I will just take care of one little girl muna. She's a lovely girl and mommy is always happy to just be with her.

I think I'm lost or maybe I am just scared.

verse of the day