Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Its 10:47 in the evening, we 3 are still up. The baby sleeps late again. I thought her sleeping habits had changed for good after we went home. In calumpit she sleeps at 8pm and wakes up at 6am, she'll go to Nanay and enjoy a little sun then she's off to a hectic day. She plays with her cousins and often refuses nap time, no tantrums whenever she has playmates around. But here, when its already 2pm and she hasnt taken a nap yet a struggle is impending. Mommy just have to make her sleep, often she looks for my milk to sleep and wont take a bottle.

It's breastfeeding month by the way and I am a proud mamma! But I have to admit I am starting to wean her bit by bit. It's really hard to go out of the house if she exclusively breastfeed and I am not so fond of NIP (boys, thats nursing in public). Oh I've done that alryt but only when necessary like when we were at the seria clinic and it's nap time already - I've mentioned she doesnt want to drink from the bottle during nap time right?

did you notice our terno PJ's?

We had nursing sessions, a.k.a. "show time" at the plane, at a posh SG mall, in the car, at church (no we dont nurse at the pews). At home we bond in the morning, during nap time and when everybody's sleeping (like now). We breastfeed while eating breakfast, reading a book, even texting, while facebooking, multiplying and blogging (like right now).
this one's inside the plane

I am not an advocate, I am a breastfeeding mommy because I think it is needed. With swineflu and all that serious bacteria roaming around I want Thea protected and my antibodies are what she needs. When it comes to Thea I am proprietary, and since I am the only one who can breastfeed her its a plus (I can't elaborate on that one now). Me and baby sleeps late... like now =) Its 12:59 and my baby doze off finally. Goodnight everyone este good morning na pala!

extra:Before I end this post, here's a fun ad about the benefits of breastfeeding.

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