Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Sweetwater Fun in Morong Bataan

Summer time started last March for all of us.  And what fun way to have it than go to the beach. 3 years ago we went to Morong at Phi Phi Beach, I already suggested that we go to Sweetwater but my sibs opted to go to PhiPhi so I just kept the idea for next time. Next time came years later when hubby wanted to go to the beach for his birthday with the Regalado peeps. It was Alvin's 35th birthday and he has promised to bring his family to the beach, since uhmmm ewan matagal na hahaha, and there's no greater opportune than this year because his kuya went home to visit.


I got the number from their FB site, I inquired about their rates and how to get there. Following is the direction I got from Paolo, the one who answered my queries, he gave me a number - 09182981078 to call or text but when I needed some answers she - Rose- cant be contacted so i decided to bug him instead. Apparently the one I am communicating is the owner of the resort, I hope she didnt get a reprimand.

Here's his text verbatim:


1. Either you take the more scenic route, via San Fernando and along the National Highway (you'll pass through San Fernando, Bacolor, Guaga, Lubao and Dinalupihan), or via the SCTEX which pretty much gets you to Subic quicker. 
2. From Subic, follow the signs pointing to Ocean Adventure. This road will take you past the airport, FedEx, and lead you towards the Morong Gate. The drive towards the Morong Gate will see you passing a fire station to your right. 
3. Exit Morong gate and drive straight through, following signs for Anvaya Cove. You will encounter a fork in the road, with the main road going up the mountain, and the road to Subic Sweet Water (and other small resorts) will be going down to your right. The Tarp they have at this juncture is torn so keep your eyes peeled. You'll pass a small church to your right, and come upon a gate with the Subic Sweet Water resort tarp. Enter the gate, drive straight through. There you are!

Now that I've seen some of the blogs about the place, it is pretty much the same as the direction from JCBulatao's blog. Errr it's not pretty much the same, it is uhmmm the same!!!

For Subic first timers, you might be needing some more help for directions, here you go:
- You have toll fees at NLEX which will depend what gate you will enter. We went into Pulilan toll gate and our fee was 140 more or less.
- Go Exit at the last Gate, you need to get past Dau, then go straight to SCTex gate. DO NOT turn right to the flyover as that will take you inside Clark Airbase.
- SCTex toll from clark north to Tipo is 161. Once you reach Tipo exit, you are 30 minutes away from your destination. Note: You'll find civilization (haha) and a crossing where one goes straight and one goes right leading to Duty Free shops area, just go straight as that road is easier, but if you need to buy food or chips then turn right and  drop by Puregold :)
- Now you will just need to follow road signs that will lead you to Morong Gate or yes Ocean Adventure until you find a path that leads to both Ocean and Morong, choose Morong path

Today is May and I prolly forgot all those tips I had in mind when we were going there. So just relax and enjoy the ride dont stress too much. Oh btw DO NOT overspeed, at crossroads you need to STOP the car they follow first stop first go rule and follow the speed limit!

Also, you will have to look out for this church. I was looking for a typical spanish inspired (baroque?) older church so I missed this, thinking it's just a simple building and not a church. My bad for not reading, lumampas kami tuloy haha.
Some 5 - 10 meters (I am no engineer so dont shoot me if my estimate is not accurate) away from the church is this gate to your right that's the path to the haven. No tarp on it, we just asked the passing manong, ehem management! And btw, the picture below was taken while we are going out of the gate.

Oh, I haven't told you any about the place. We went there March 30 then went back again April 9, so that meant we had a great time. The place is private and the shore is wide, the kids had sooo much fun. Us, the adults, had a fun fun time too. If you come during peak seasons the rates are non-negotiable, so if it's non peak... go figure :)


no signal for globe subscribers, they only have signal for Smart and on certain areas only.

bring mosquito repellant for babies, the biggest house got so many but the next big house doesnt.

aircon on the big house is good, the ac at the next house arent working well.
the water ain't sweet haha :)

sand is fine and kid friendly

there were sheep pen in the area, fun for the kids to see

if you plan to ride a boat that's P100 per head for the big boat, it can carry 15 people but you can also opt to rent a small boat for 300, make tawad and you can have it at 200, per hour, that's what we did and we had fun rowing the boat.

do not park under a coconut tree ;P


And we are 6!

I am blessed with a man who can put up to my crazy quirks, while last year was planned and a lil fancy, this year was spontaneous and fun. We head to Manila Saturday May 17 a day shy of our anniversary because we go to church on Sundays. On the way we settled we'll go to Luneta, yep the park hahaha. But first I asked him to stop at Philippine Christian Bookstore in West Avenue, I bought a Casting Crown CD for my guy. I got ecstatic too seeing all those beautiful books, some are on sale for only P10! Some books, I took mental note to search in the web or libraries as they can be uhmmm pricey.

Time after PCBS was 12:00, guess where we needed to go? Lunch ofcourse (a hungry stomach will spoil the fun so fill my tummy first will yah). So we headed to timog to look for a resto, good thing we had eaten at home because most of the restaurants are full, no parking until we reached Tramway! There's available space and it looks promising. But promises are made to be broken hahaha. The place is a buffet eat all you can for 200 (?) or was it 180. Alvin was leading me to the other restaurant - italian  - hmmm they dont have rice except for risotto so i refused and decided to stay at the waiting area. Besides it feels like HK Tramway, The Peak, they must be nice (so i thought). Oh well, we felt like we went to a fiesta, coz we have to line up to the buffet area, but I got my rice and I had watermelon shake and I'm happy! Verdict by both of us: Not for anniversaries hehe.

Off to Luneta after eating lunch. Waze ON to ask for direction and it didnt fail. Saw places I havent seen for quite some time, Espana, Quiapo, Manila, felt good to see them again. My request was to ride a Kalesa, horse drawn mini size carriage and a picture at Rizal Shrine. Did I get it? You bet. Major ooopsy, kalesa ride is 250 per 30 minutes. That's 500 an hour. You need to be clear on that one, as they will scheme and take you to places and tell you history so you'll spend more time riding. It was 2 in the afternoon and we probably added more melanin in our skin. It was hot but I didnt complain how could I when the husband who I know was suffering from the unpleasant smell of the horse that pulls us was even eager to give my request. Make that requests, as he also took a picture of me in front of Rizal's monument kahit mainit na mainit!!!

We thank our dear Lord for blessing us with 6 years of marriage. A partnership to parent two beautiful and awesome kids. A union of two individuals whose goal is to live a life for Christ.

To my husband,

(No words can describe how I feel for you. Haha corny ba? )

extra photo for yah

Next day, we went to Hapag Restaurant at Malolos to have merienda. It was featured at KrisTV and we got curious. Verdict: Nice place, good food, service wasnt fast but crew was pleasant, value for money is excellent.

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