Wednesday, May 25, 2011


COnfession of the Momma Queen: I rock climb, I rapel, I even ziplined. I like swings but slide is a no no no. I cant remember going down the slide, be it at the park or at the pool. Slide is a different dimension I couldnt get myself to even try. Maybe because of Tatay's story about the manong who fell down the slide at the pool and lost his life, I was still in elementary and the idea etched in my young mind.

My princess is different. Just see the pics below. She just love the slide. Whenever we drive going to OGDC her face glows knowing that she'll play at the park again.

My not so little girl is enjoying the slide something she didnt get from me.

This slide is like 3x her height. Mommy was scared, but after a while I got tired of following her and I just let her enjoy it.

For some time she's been trying to go down the other slide but somehow she doesnt have the courage yet to take the covered slide. Then she saw other kids doing it so she tried. The first time she did it was super slow, next time she tried - it went fast then faster :) Here she is at the end of the slide, mommy and daddy are proud!

Live, Laugh, Love

Thursday, May 19, 2011

love love love
We are here in Seria, Brunei and will be until the 30th of the month. Her dad gifted her a drumset and she loves it :) love
Family is complete, Playground is near, Thea happy, Mommy and Daddy happy! Next picture is at OGDC - Oil and Gas Discovery Center! We missed this place, Calumpit kids dont have a luxury of a playground neither a park with grass as in none, well you cant count the memorial park can we?

3. love love love
It's our 3rd year anniversary! This time we didnt went to Empire as it was on the 1st and 2nd anniv. It's a bit far and it would affect's Thea's sleep time so we'll move the fancy date this weekend.
We went to Kaizen a japanese restaurant, you dont go wrong with salmon belly teriyaki and scallop teppanyaki, yummyness.

The best part of our vacation here though is how the little girl behaves here.
1 - She eats again with stress SHE EATS!!! Whenever she eats her dad looks at me as if saying "See Thea likes it here more" 2 - She mimics daddy's abc to z, plays with dad and even sings "your eyes your eyes" oh guess what song is that from? Her kind of music amaze me really she likes nursery rhymes but she also likes bruno mars, chipmunks and "hear ye' black eyed peas I gotta feeling :D
i love brunei and having my two best people to be with every single day!

Friday, May 06, 2011

then and now

Mom and Child Pic Contest

Here's my mother with her firstborn. yay kalahati lang si ate mai :D

Next pic is Ate Leng, nope not an entry again, since we couldnt find a pic of nanay and ate leng. Some old pics were lost during the fire :(
Kasing arte ni yazmien
Apple, eto daw ang entry ni Nanay! Please get the 50 pesos from her hihi! This is her and ate lalah!

Alas this is me! Don't I look like my daughter?
(To Apple again, please include this and the next photo, charge it to me on Sunday.)

Ofcourse, Me and the darling princess! Mother's day had a very different meaning since you were born (since you got in my tummy actually). To you I am willing to give everything. And even though I havent actually hear you say those 3 words, I know in my heart when you hug me that you love me much.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Nanay E's Day

Me and Tatay went out for an errand (re:fire department report chuva) morning of Nanay's birthday. When we came home a surprise birthday girl was gifted with a balloon from Thea, and 3 red roses plus an ice cream from Tatay.

Tsup tsup moment! Sweet :D

Water Fun Activity

Thea had her water fun activity with the kids and teachers of Habilities. She was cranky during the first half of the session and the mommy was beginning to think that the 700 pesos that I paid for will go to waste, good thing she catches up at the second half and enjoyed the hoop transfer part.
She loves water and I didnt had any doubt she'll get cranky maybe the culprit is the rumbly tummy :)

Warm up activities first.

There was a fun part and not so :p

Leaving you with a wacky pose. She likes doing that now since she learned that koreana smile, good thing the camera is always there to capture cutie moments.

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